The Art Of Self-Dealing & Pay-For-Plays: Pence Still Defends Trump The Con Artist

Pence wants to talk charitable foundations and pay-to-play schemes? There’s only one foundation at issue that’s under investigation.

Mike Pence has lost all credibility by defending Donald Trump’s serious legal issues over bribing elected officials with his Trump Foundation. Only one presidential candidate has been fined by the IRS for using his Foundation in a pay to play scheme, and that’s Donald Trump.

On Monday, the Trump Foundation was ordered to cease fundraising by the New York attorney general. This latest development is unsurprising, considering that Trump’s used it as a slush fund. The GOP nominee has been taking other people’s money and spending it on personal giftspolitical pay-to-play bribes, and his for-profit company’s legal settlements for years.

Then there’s the presidential campaign that Mike Pence is second in command on. Once again, fueled by other people’s money that Trump used it to fill his […]

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