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Boston Globe: Chris Sununu’s “Big Problem Over Abortion”

A new report from the Boston Globe’s James Pindell highlights the fact that New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu will be in a very tough spot defending his hardline anti-choice budget should he decide to run for U.S. Senate in 2022. Sununu signed the strict provisions into law despite vocal opposition from New Hampshire medical providers, who say the […]


Sununu Calls Anti-Choice Budget “Phenomenal”

Earlier today, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu called his latest budget “rock solid” and “phenomenal,” but let’s take a closer look at the anti-choice behemoth that Sununu quietly signed into law last Friday. Sununu’s “phenomenal” budget includes: A controversial school voucher program that critics say could jeopardize funding for public […]

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Ron Johnson Filibusters Effort To Strengthen Voting Rights And Elections

Earlier this month, Republicans filibustered the Paycheck Fairness Act,and they filibustered the establishment of a bipartisan Jan. 6 Commission in May, after uniformly voting against the American Rescue Plan in March U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson today blocked debate on a package of voting rights legislation and electoral and ethics reforms that will strengthen our […]

Senator Ron Jonson participates in a Senate hearing.
Ron Johnson, Senate

Ron Johnson Doubles Down On Opposition To Tax Cuts For Working Families

Ron Johnson: “I’m all for families, but…” Previously: Johnson delayed and then voted against the American Rescue Plan which included the up to $300-per child-per month tax cut payments for working families, $1,400 stimulus checks, and critical relief for schools and small businesses   With 39 million American families next month set to start receiving monthly tax cut checks of up […]