Joe Heck Sold Out To The Gun Lobby And It’s Costing Him Big League (New Audio)

According to Public Policy Polling, Joe Heck’s opposition to prohibiting terror suspects from purchasing firearms, as well as his opposition to background check legislation, is costing the congressman major support in Nevada. Heck won’t abandon these unpopular positions, however, because the gun lobby is pumping big dollars into his campaign (voters don’t like that either.)

(Full polling memo from PPP here)

The NRA is propping up Heck with a major investment:

And they know what they’re getting in return.

Days after this infusion of cash, Heck visited the NRA-ILA in Reno and thanked the NRA for opposing Nevada’s popular Question 1.

“So thank you, thank you for what you’re doing for the election, for this country, on behalf of the NRA, to defeat Question 1. Uh, I appreciate it. I look forward to coming back up here…”

Heck is putting his own electoral prospects ahead of the will of […]

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NEW REPORT: Blunt Took Over $2.5 Million From Companies That Outsourced Missouri Jobs

Senator Roy Blunt has taken more than $2.5 million in campaign contributions from companies that outsourced Missouri jobs. Blunt regularly calls himself a jobs champion — but the only jobs he’s helping create are ones in Mexico, China, and India.

According to a new report by American Bridge, Blunt received donations from companies that sent more than 5,300 Missouri jobs overseas, supporting policies that hurt American workers and even veterans.

From the report:

Companies that outsourced at least 5,348 Missouri jobs contributed $2,532,814 to Blunt’s campaigns and PACs. Many of the jobs for which was data were available went to Mexico, China, and India.
Blunt voted against studying the effects of outsourcing and voted repeatedly to protect companies that moved overseas in order to avoid paying taxes in the United States.
Blunt has also voted against denying tax benefits to companies that moved their money overseas, effectively incentivizing offshoring. By doing so, […]

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Todd Young Gets Fitted With His Puppet Strings Via $24.3 Million

More than $24.3 million from outside groups has been spent boosting up GOP Congressman Todd Young in his Senate race. Who gave the man with a 94% AFP score for the 114th Congress all of that money? Washington insiders and the Koch brothers.

Mitch McConnell’s PAC has “spent more than $10.6 million to help get Young elected” and Koch affiliated groups have funneled in $3 million on “television and digital ads, mailers and phone banking.”

The Kochs and McConnell’s cronies (aka Koch cronies) are clearly setting up Young to be another puppet for them in Washington. Hoosiers deserve someone who puts their interests first — not a special interest puppet.

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Senator Burr, Brought To You By Special Interests

After more than 20 years in Washington, Senator Richard Burr is bought and paid for by corporate special interests. Big energy and oil, for-profit colleges, the Koch brothers — they all have purchased stock in the Washington insider to ensure they get what they want, no matter how it might hurt North Carolina.

Instead of serving the Tar Heel state, Burr has spent his decades in Washington beefing up his own bank account:

Burr and his wife enjoyed adding stamps to their passports on extravagant trips to Europe funded by the corporations he voted to help. In fact, his family has enjoyed making money off of his political career — Burr paid nearly $200,000 to his family and in-laws through campaign funds.
“The coal, oil and natural gas industries, along with executives and lobbyists for electric utilities and nuclear power companies that Burr also has supported, have rewarded him with nearly $1.7 million in campaign […]

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Joe Heck’s Big Oil Koch Cash

Joe Heck’s Senate campaign has received an unprecedented level of support from the Koch brothers’ political machine, including over $7 million in negative advertising from Freedom Partners Action Fund and the first instance of the Kochs’ LIBRE Initiative “explicitly backing” a candidate. In return, Heck has been a loyal puppet, consistently supporting the Kochs’ interests at the expense of environmental protections and the development of clean energy jobs in Nevada. While preaching steadfast opposition to “crony capitalism,” the Kochs have an interest in preserving tax breaks for big oil, an interest unsurprisingly protected by Heck.

Joe Heck, fearing backlash from his wealthy patrons, has taken every available opportunity to undermine clean energy in Nevada–arguing that the government should “get out of the business” of investing in renewables–while protecting government subsidies for fossil fuels. There’s no question that Heck would continue his fight against renewable energy in the United States Senate.


Koch Spending […]

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Reminder: Blunt Still Receiving Unethical Support From Cable Companies Son Represents

Senator Roy Blunt will spend the evening with one of his favorite companies with special interests. Blunt is set to attend a fundraiser with AT&T PAC tonight in Washington, DC. Blunt has raked in cash from telecommunications firms, with his campaign and PAC, ROYB PAC, receiving more than $200,000 over the past 18 years. In return, the senator has voted in favor of the companies over consumers. Earlier this year, he signed onto a letter that said the FCC should not increase their internet speed requirements after service providers protested.

His political career isn’t the only thing that’s benefited from their support. In a direct conflict of interest, Blunt’s son and campaign manager, Andy is a lobbyist for cable telecommunications in Missouri. Blunt has made it clear he doesn’t have time to do his job and hold Supreme Court hearings, but he is still fully committed to special interest agendas — no matter […]

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??For Mardi Gras, AB21 Presents the Krewe of Fat Cats? ?

Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday“, is a time of excess, revelry, and celebration. These GOP Senators are backing special interests all year long, but today AB21 wanted to make sure they got the proper roll out on their Krewe of Fat Cats. The Senate GOP “throws” include votes to fill the pockets of Wall Street, chaos in financial markets, and knocking down the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 

While the middle-class suffers, expect a full on second line from these Senate GOPers as they celebrate with Wall Street campaign cash and the Koch brothers:  Kelly Ayotte, Rob Portman, Pat Toomey, Joe Heck, Mark Kirk, Richard Burr, Roy Blunt, and John Boozman.

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte has received nearly $1 million from the securities and investment industry. Ayotte has also received more than $1 million in support from the Koch group Americans for Prosperity. In 2015, Ayotte voted against an amendment that would have helped protect consumers from […]

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Portman’s Priorities: Special Interests, Not Ohio Seniors

Over his last twenty years in Washington, Rob Portman has supported anti-Social Security and anti-Medicare policies. Portman’s earned benefits cuts would benefit large corporations while hurting Ohio seniors:

In 2001, Portman worked with the George W. Bush administration as a “leading spokesman” for their efforts to fully privatize Social Security — a deal that would have been “the largest windfall gain in American financial history” for Wall Street.

Last year, he voted twice to cut $430 billion from Medicare, even though it was unknown where the cuts would come from.

In 2012, Portman supported raising the Medicare eligibility age to 67.

“If Senator Portman had his way, his anti-Social Security and anti-Medicare policies would have eliminated financial security for Ohio’s seniors. This is just the latest example of Sen. Portman prioritizing special interests over the Buckeye state,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “Instead of fighting for what’s best for Ohio’s seniors, Washington Republican Sen. Portman is trying to grow […]

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Rick Scott: Good for Special Interests, Bad for Florida

Last week, Rick Scott hastily approved Florida Power & Light (FPL)’s bid to build two new nuclear plants in South Florida. That means massive new transmission towers and power lines, which, as described by CBS Miami, “are not at all typical. Most of the 88 miles of poles would rise the equivalent of ten to fifteen stories high with the girth of a big oak tree.
Needless to say, many residents from the affected area were outraged, claiming that in addition to the aesthetic nightmare, this will damage property values and the environment. But per usual, Rick Scott was more concerned with special interests than his constituents. The Miami Herald reported that FPL has given “nearly $3 million to the campaigns of the governor, the Cabinet and the Republican Party of Florida.”

Scott has taken a beating in the local press. See for yourself in American Bridge’s new video above.

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