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Ron Johnson

WATCH: Ron Johnson’s $$$ Scandals

A new video from American Bridge 21st Century lays out the basics on Ron Johnson’s recent and mounting tax-related scandals. Earlier today, Johnson told HuffPost that it’s a “hit job” to point out, as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did last week, that he paid less than his fair share of state income tax in 2017. But that […]

Joe Biden

Round-Up: Overwhelming Support For President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda

This week, workers, families, and city officials are once again praising President Biden and congressional Democrats’ bipartisan Build Back Better agenda that will expand education, invest in child care, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and help the communities hit hardest by COVID-19. Stories from across the country, in key swing states […]

Ron Johnson

Refusing to Avoid Devastating Consequences, Ron Johnson Plays Politics on Debt Limit

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson is leading the charge to discourage Republicans’ from preventing a debt default and an ensuing economic crisis with “devastating consequences.” Johnson has organized his colleagues against raising the debt ceiling, even though — among other things — “Failure to raise the debt ceiling in time could halt payments that millions of Americans […]