Ted Budd Used Office To Take “Lavish Trips” Funded By Billionaire Backers

In case you missed it, on Friday, a new report from WGHP-TV highlighted that North Carolina U.S. House Republican Ted Budd “took advantage of his position” to take “lavish trips” paid for by the billionaire backers now funding his run for the open Senate seat. 

According to the story, from 2017-2020 Budd frequently visited “an ultra-posh resort on the Atlantic in West Palm Beach, Florida, where minimum room rates hit about $900 per night,” spent thousands traveling to New York City, and even scored a trip to Oslo, Norway where the candidate cuddled up with the same special interests who spent millions of dollars to get him through an ugly, contentious Republican primary. 

In the run-up to the general election, Budd received millions in spending from corporate billionaire-backed Club for Growth and its affiliates. Now, those groups are spending millions more to buy the Senate seat. In turn, Budd has done their bidding in Washington by regularly voting against North Carolinians’ best interests:

Read the full WGHP-TV report here.