Pat McCrory Calls Donald Trump “The Best Of America”

That’s right, at the Trump rally in Wilmington, Governor Pat McCrory said that the GOP nominee who has attacked Gold Star families, made fun of a disabled reporter, and bragged about sexual assault, is “the best of America.” Hardly surprising from a governor who torpedoed North Carolina’s economy with the discriminatory HB2 law.

See for yourself:

Trump: Come here, Governor. He’s been loyal to Trump from day one.

McCrory: We need an outsider to clean up Washington, D.C. Just like we had an outsider to clean up Raleigh, North Carolina. This is the best of America. God bless y’all. Thank you very much.

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WATCH: Trump/Putin 2016: From Russia With Love

“Will [Putin] become my new best friend?” — Donald Trump

Not exactly. It’s worse than that.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has had his eye on Donald Trump for quite sometime now — but for something much more nefarious than friendship: he’s been “cultivating” Trump in order to use the GOP nominee for Russia’s benefit.  Trump’s ties to Russia run much deeper than his campaign would like voters to believe.

The latest news — that the Russian government has been working to assist Trump for 5 years; FBI is investigating former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s ties to Russian oligarchs; that more and more Trump has been using pro-Kremlin talking points in his speeches —  shows Trump’s connections are a danger to our national security.

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Flip-Flop-Flip, Joe Heck Thinks Trump Would Be A “Good Commander In Chief”

Joe Heck will not be remembered for displaying bold leadership after next Tuesday. In a desperate bid to court spurned Donald Trump voters, Heck — in a stunning flip (to add to his previous flop) — described Trump as “qualified to be president” and added he thinks that Trump will make “a good commander in chief.”

“If you meet the constitutional qualifications and you’re selected by the Republican party then you’re qualified to be president.

“I think that Donald Trump will be a good commander in chief.

During Nevada’s only senatorial debate, Heck described his decision to cut ties with Trump as “extremely personal.”  If Heck was so deeply offended by Trump’s description of his proclivity for sexual assault, why is he now returned to praising Trump as qualified to be President and a promising prospect as commander in chief? What happened to Heck’s claim that a […]

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Trump Supporter Ron Johnson: “I’m in total agreement with our nominee”

A week out from Election Day, Trump supporter Ron Johnson isn’t wavering on his steadfast backing of the GOP nominee, despite months of Trump’s racism and even the recent revelation that Trump brags about sexually assaulting women.

“I’m in total agreement with our nominee,” Johnson insisted emphatically this morning, endorsing Trump’s plans to bring back waterboarding and be “vicious”; break up families and forcibly deport 11 million; racially profile Muslims and African Americans; and appoint anti-choice justices, among other divisive and un-American policy proposals.

Donald Trump is temperamentally — and otherwise — unfit to be commander in chief, but Johnson can’t wait for Trump to get his tiny little hands on the nuclear codes.


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Heck And Trump: From “Completely Supporting” To Secretly Completely Supporting

If the Trump endorsement was too hot, and the disavowal was too cold, Joe Heck is hoping his latest strategy of “I’m not telling” is just right to placate and dupe Nevada voters. But whatever strategy he attempts, Heck can’t shake his months-long embrace of Donald Trump.

Despite his desperate effort to distance himself from Trump (but not too far) two weeks from Election Day, nothing changes the fact that Heck “looked past” Donald Trump’s hateful comments–including Trump’s constant attacks on women, vilification of a Gold Star family, and suggestions that veterans who suffer from PTSD aren’t mentally strong.  Heck was able to “look past” Trump’s portrayal of Mexicans as rapist and criminals, his call to ban all Muslims from the country, and his nonchalant approach to nuclear proliferation for the majority of their respective campaigns. Heck punched his ticket for the Trump Train long ago and that’s a ride […]

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VoteVets and American Bridge Digital Ad Hits Pat Toomey’s Trump Cowardice

Philadelphia Veteran Criticizes Toomey’s Craven Refusal to Stand Up to Trump

VoteVets and American Bridge are today releasing a new 60-second digital ad highlighting Senator Pat Toomey’s cowardly refusal to disavow Donald Trump as his party’s nominee.

“Pat Toomey: Too Weak to Stand Up for Pennsylvania” features Dave Henderson of Philadelphia, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is concerned by Toomey’s craven lack of leadership in standing by Trump, who lacks the leadership, knowledge, and temperament to be commander in chief.

Statement from Hazel Diaz, Pennsylvania outreach coordinator for VoteVets and a Marine Corps veteran:
“Pat Toomey puts politics above all else. His gutless fear of standing up to Donald Trump, because it might cost him Trump voters, is no profile in courage. Unlike principled Republicans who have stood up to Trump, Pat Toomey appears all too ready to stand by and do nothing as Trump insults and endangers our troops. If […]

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Joe Heck Calls For Voter Fraud

Joe Heck–still hiding from the public–made a series of objectionable comments at a private Las Vegas fundraiser last week. While Heck’s “I really want to support Donald Trump” comment was revealing, his condescension of Democratic voters and flippant encouragement of voter fraud are even more objectionable.

Audience: I plan on voting twice for you, Joe.

Heck: I appreciate that. If you get away with it a second time, try for a third.

Heck’s long embrace of Donald Trump is unforgivable, and his dismissive attitude to Nevada voters and laughing encouragement of voter fraud further disqualifies him from representing Nevada in the United States Senate.

Listen to Joe Heck insult Nevada voters and joke about voter fraud.

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American Bridge 21st Century and Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada Release “Heck Trumps Nevada”

This week, American Bridge 21st Century and the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada Action (PLAN Action) are releasing a new digital ad highlighting Joe Heck’s spineless silence in the face of Donald Trump’s broadsides against Asian Pacific Americans.

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has viciously attacked immigrants and made disparaging remarks against both US-born citizens and immigrants from Asia. From calling US citizens “anchor babies,” to imitating and mocking stereotypical Asian accents — “We want deal” to insulting a Gold Star mother because of her religion, Heck never once condemned Trump.

Trump proposed capping the number of Filipino immigrants to the United States, claiming that the country had been compromised by terrorism and going so far as to call Filipino immigrants “animals.” Joe Heck has aggressively courted Asian American and Pacific Islander voters in Nevada, but he chose to stand by silently while […]

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WATCH: McCrory Has His Kelly Ayotte Moment, Calls Trump A Role Model

Governor Pat McCrory — sticking with Donald Trump even after he bragged about assaulting women — calls Trump a “Role Model.”

Chuck Todd: Any part of him make him a role model?

Pat McCrory: I think what makes him a role model is where he does stand strong on certain issues that need to be said, especially outside Washington D.C.


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