American Bridge Launches Radio & Digital Ads Featuring Don Cheadle Urging Florida Voters to Reject DeSantis’s Racism, Elect Andrew Gillum

 Listen to the radio ad here, watch the digital ad here.

American Bridge is launching new radio and digital ads featuring award-winning actor Don Cheadle as part of a five-figure campaign to urge Florida voters to vote for Mayor Andrew Gillum on November 6. The radio ads will run on African American radio stations in Jacksonville. The digital ads will run on social media in Jacksonville and are targeted to African American voters. The ads highlight just some of the numerous racism scandals DeSantis has faced since he became the Republican nominee for Governor.

DeSantis started off his general election campaign by calling Mayor Gillum a “monkey.” Since then, a day practically hasn’t gone by without a new story about DeSantis’s racist views and affiliations.

Among the many racism scandals DeSantis has faced:

DeSantis moderated a racist facebook group.
DeSantis refused […]

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Josh Hawley Worked An Average of 4.85 Hours Per Week As AG In 2017, 2.8 Hours Per Week In 2018

Hawley claims his calendars bear out his dedication to an aggressive agenda

Today in response to a bombshell Kansas City Star report that revealed Josh Hawley allowed the Missouri Attorney General’s office to be run by his D.C. political consultants, Hawley claimed:“From Day One, we’ve made combating human trafficking, taking on the opioid industry, protecting Missouri consumers a top priority. And I came into office wanting to do that and you can see that reflected in everything, from our notes, our meetings, our calendars, all of that from the very first.”

American Bridge received copies of Hawley’s official office calendars via a public records request. The calendars reveal Hawley worked an average of 4.85 hours per week during his first year in office and 2.8 hours per week through July 2018 — a lightweight schedule that just doesn’t square with the aggressive agenda he claims he pursued “from Day One.”

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WATCH: Hawley on Election Night 2016: “Consultants…your day is over”

Fresh off his 2016 win in the Missouri Attorney General’s race, Josh Hawley gave an *inspirational* speech in which he decried the influence of the “political class” on Missouri politics:

“To the political establishment in Jefferson City, those of you, consultants and the lobbyists and the professional political class who’ve gotten used to running our state — your day is over, business as usual is done.”

That’s pretty rich coming from someone who farmed out his Attorney General office to D.C. political consultants two months later.

Watch Hawley’s hypocrisy here:

Watch the full clip here.

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BREAKING: Hawley Left Running Of His AG Office to DC Political Consultants

“Missourians already knew Hawley had abdicated his Attorney General responsibilities to climb the political ladder,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Now it appears he outsourced the work of ‘Missouri’s chief law enforcement officer’ to a bunch of DC political consultants just TEN days after taking office. That’s disgraceful and irresponsible.”

The Kansas City Star/McClatchy: Out-of-state political consultants helped direct Josh Hawley’s Missouri AG office
By Lindsay Wise, Jason Hancock, and Steve Vockrodt | October 31, 2018

“Josh Hawley pledged to Missouri voters in 2016 that he was not the kind of career politician who would use ‘one office to get to another.’”
“But within weeks of Hawley’s swearing in as the state’s top law enforcement official, the high-powered political team that would go on to run his U.S. Senate campaign had stepped in to help direct the office of the Missouri attorney general — and raise his national profile.”
“Hawley’s out-of-state political consultants gave direct guidance […]

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If Bob Hugin is a “different kind of Republican,” I’m the queen of England

“Bob Hugin’s claims to be a ‘different kind of Republican’ are total hogwash,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “His collective millions in donations to Donald Trump and far right wing groups prove that underneath the moderate facade, he’s just another Trump yes-man.”

American Ledger: Records: Hugin Gave More Than $570K to Anti-Abortion, Anti-LGBT Causes
By Mitch Harle | October 25, 2018

“Bob Hugin has consistently claimed to be a ‘different kind of Republican,’ who supports marriage equality and a woman’s right to choose. But campaign-finance and nonprofit records — as well as Hugin’s past rhetoric — tell a different story.”
Hugin and his wife, Kathleen, “have contributed more than $570,000 in the last decade to various anti-abortion and anti-LGBT candidates and organizations across the country, the records show.”
“While a student and later as a trustee at Princeton University, Hugin fought vigorously to prevent women from joining the all-male dining clubs on campus and worked to […]

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New GOTV Ad Featuring Creepy Bill Schuette Video Urges Michigan Women to Vote Nov. 6

Watch the new ad here

American Bridge launched a new GOTV ad in Michigan today featuring the infamous video of Creepy Bill Schuette sexually harassing a female reporter. The original footage was released by American Bridge earlier this month. Since then, Schuette’s campaign has struggled to regain its footing.

Yesterday news broke that Schuette’s campaign was canceling most of their remaining television ads. But Schuette’s awful day didn’t stop there. Huffington Post reported yesterday that Schuette’s campaign lied about the video’s origin in an odd attempt at damage control. Schuette’s campaign originally tried to downplay the video’s significance, dismissing it as “heavily edited” and old news. Both those claims have now been proven false.

The GOTV ad featuring the video also highlights Schuette’s comments in a debate that his sexually harassing the reporter was simply him “trying to be funny.” The […]

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Trump Administration Abandons Farmers Devastated By Trade War

“The Trump administration’s abandonment of farmers devastated by a reckless trade war is just one more broken election year promise,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “North Dakotans suffering from the trade war deserve a Senator who will put them ahead of political allies. They can’t count on Kevin Cramer to be that leader.”

Reuters: U.S. agriculture chief says no plan to extend farm aid to offset tariffs
By Humeyra Pamuk | October 29, 2018

“The U.S. Department of Agriculture is not planning to extend an up to $12 billion aid package for farmers into 2019, Secretary Sonny Perdue said on Monday, to mitigate farmer losses due to the imposition of tariffs on American exports.”
“The Trump administration in July authorized the aid to shield farmers and ranchers from the repercussions of trade disputes between the United States and China, the European Union and others.”
After the United States levied tariffs on Chinese goods, “Beijing retaliated by hitting $110 […]

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