Trump Trouble On Immigration For GOP Senate Candidates

Shock: Donald Trump’s alienating and offensive rhetoric is alienating and offending…and tarring an entire political party in the process. Trump’s anti-immigrant demagoguery is quickly cooling the Latino community to the GOP — and it’s putting their efforts in key Senate seats at risk.

In Nevada, Colorado, and Florida, and others, Talking Points Memo’s Tierney Sneed reports, “some of the [GOP] candidates in those races have been expected to weigh in on Trump’s antics, which involve labeling Mexicans ‘rapists’ and calling for the end of birth citizenship.”

And they haven’t been great about handling the pressure. In Nevada, for example, Joe Heck said, “I think [changing birthright citizenship] needs to be part of the discussion,” when asked about Trump and others’ proposals to end 14th Amendment-guaranteed citizenship.

Other GOP candidates are in the early stages of Trump Trouble, too. Wisconsin’s Ron “Ron Don” Johnson and North Carolina’s Richard Burr are both […]

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Scott Walker’s Jobs Agency STILL Giving Tax Credits To Outsourcing Company

In a shock to no one, today brought yet another controversy for Scott Walker’s hugely ineffective, taxpayer dollar-draining jobs agency, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC).

Just a month ago, the WEDC was in the news for being mired in criminal scrutiny surrounding shady loans. Within that same week emerged a troubling report of yet another bad WEDC loan to an individual whom a federal judge had identified as having “all the earmarks of fraud,” according to the Associated Press.

And now, this: Eaton Corporation, a company that shipped 163 jobs to Mexico in 2013 and 93 jobs there in 2015 is still receiving WEDC tax credits — and now Eaton’s outsourcing 83 more jobs from its Pewaukee plant.

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Women’s Equality Day Reminder: These Senators Voted Down Equal Pay

Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Scott Walker, and Marco Rubio have all proven more than a few times that they’re on board for the GOP’s war on women. But it’s not just the presidential candidates who are bad for women.

Ms. Ayotte? “Nay.”

Mr. Burr? “Nay.”

Mr. Blunt? “Nay.”

Mr. Boozman? “Nay.”

Mr. Kirk? “Nay.”

Mr. Johnson? “Nay.”

Mr. McCain? “Nay.”

Mr. Paul? “Nay.”

Mr. Portman? “Nay.”

Mr. Toomey? “Nay.”

Kelly Ayotte, Richard Burr, Roy Blunt, John Boozman, Mark Kirk, Ron Johnson, John McCain, Rand Paul, Rob Portman, and Pat Toomey all voted against equal pay legislation.

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WATCH: Jeb! Leads The GOP Rebrand

Thirsty for controversy, Jeb Bush just can’t get enough.

Taking it upon himself to lead the GOP rebrand, Jeb’s insatiable thirst for controversy and proclivity for accidental revelations of his right-wing values continue to mount up — and it’s resetting decades of GOP outreach, not to mention dooming any shot the party has in 2016.

The RNC establishment can’t be too happy with Jeb right now — but the GOP base just can’t get enough of the extreme rhetoric.

Watch American Bridge’s new web ad: “Jeb! Leads the GOP Rebrand

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WATCH: Senator Burr And The Donald: The Burr-st Of Friends

Donald Trump has a not-so-secret admirer: Richard Burr. A resounding endorsement of Donald Trump came from the vulnerable Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina — who apparently thinks that publicly endorsing Donald Trump’s xenophobic demagoguery is his best bet at re-election. That’s right, he’s gone all in for his Burr-st friend and publicly confirmed that he’ll support Trump.

“Donald Trump has done a tremendous job,” Burr said. “I think Donald Trump has brought a level of passion to running for office that I’m delighted to see.”
“A level of passion” — well, that’s one way of putting it, Senator…

Watch American Bridge’s new latest video: “Trump: The Burr-fect Candidate!

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With An Unquenchable Thirst To Offend, Jeb Triples-Down On “Anchor Babies,” Denigrates Asian Americans

Tripling-down, an unapologetic Jeb Bush yesterday “bungled” another attempt to explain his offensive use of “anchor babies” to describe American citizens born to immigrant parents.

Bush defended his previous use of “anchor babies,” and went even further, clarifying that he had also intended to diminish the Asian American community.

And to be clear: This is an expansion on Jeb’s earlier “anchor baby” comments, not a clarification. Despite his claims to the contrary, Jeb was 100% talking about Latino”anchor babies” up until yesterday. This is no walk back — Jeb’s just cranking up the inflammatory rhetoric.

These days, in trying to prove he’s an interesting, exciting candidate, Jeb’s channeling his inner Donald Trump — offending first and griping about political correctness second. Who will Jeb think to alienate next?

Read more on Jeb Bush’s disparaging comments about Asian Americans and his “anchor babies” triple-down:

ABC News: Jeb Bush Says ‘Anchor Babies’ Comment Was ‘More Related to […]

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Not so fast, Jeb

Jeb Bush might be talking about Asian “anchor babies” today, but it’s pretty clear he was talking about Hispanic “anchor babies” right up until this afternoon.

To the tape!

Jeb today: “What I was talking about was the specific case of fraud being committed where there’s organized efforts and frankly, it’s more related to Asian people coming into our country, having children in that organized efforts.”

Jeb Wednesday: “Look, Mr. Trump has made a proposal — six pages of suggestions on immigration — I applaud him for having more specific ideas. I think these ideas aren’t practical. I’ve written a book about this, I have clear plans on how to enforce the border, practical plans that won’t shut down our relationship with our third largest trading partner. Trading partner, by the way that we export more than we import. He wants to, in effect, have a trade sanctions against our third largest trading partner. There’s […]

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