NEW: “Missouri’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer” Josh Hawley Defects to Oklahoma

Josh Hawley didn’t go into his taxpayer-funded job as “Missouri’s chief law enforcement officer” today. He didn’t even hit up a campaign stop somewhere around the state, as he is wont to do during working hours.

Nope, he went across state lines to Oklahoma. Listen to Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe tell a Tulsa crowd that: “It happens to be that Jeff [sic] Hawley is upstairs now.”

So while Senator McCaskill used her Friday to discuss healthcare with Missourians, Josh Hawley skipped town to Tulsa.

Listen to the audio here.

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QUICK CLIP: Tarkanian Tells The World About Heller’s Trump Flip-Flop

The morning of the Nevada Senate debate, Congressional candidate and one-time Dean Heller primary opponent Danny Tarkanian took to national television to remind the world that Heller has performed some truly impressive flip-flops on his support for Donald Trump.

After telling Chuck Todd he was recruited by Trump’s allies to run against Heller, Tarkanian underscored Heller’s brazen flip-flop: “I know that he became very supportive of President Trump after I got in the race. I don’t think he would have had a chance to win in this race if he hadn’t.”

Ouch. 19 days out from the election, this probably isn’t the message Heller wants delivered to Nevadans by a fellow Republican.

Watch Tarkanian highlight Heller’s Trump flip-flop:

Watch the full clip here.

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On Debate Day, American Bridge Launches New Website Exposing Scott Walker’s Swamp of Scandals highlights eight years of corruption
and mismanagement from Scott Walker

Ahead of tonight’s Wisconsin Governor debate, American Bridge is launching a new website exposing Governor Scott Walker’s numerous scandals over the last eight years. Walker’s tenure as Governor has been an unmitigated disaster for taxpayers as he has repeatedly used the office to benefit himself and his friends. Walker has abused state resources and tax dollars for personal benefit, been implicated in numerous pay-to-play schemes, and received illegal dark money campaign contributions. will serve as a one-stop shop to educate Wisconsin voters on the countless scandals Walker has been implicated in throughout his eight years as Governor.

“There’s a reason why Scott Walker is losing in the polls and four of his secretaries have come out against him,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Wisconsin families are sick and tired of eight years of scandal, corruption, and incompetence from Scott […]

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SAY IT AGAIN: Josh Hawley Is Trying To Take Your Healthcare

Josh Hawley has a lot to answer for at tonight’s Missouri Senate debate. At the top of that list? His campaign to undermine affordable healthcare.

We’re betting Hawley will attempt to distract from his horrific record on this cycle’s #1 issue. So here are the facts:

Hawley is one of 20 state Attorneys General suing the federal government to gut the Affordable Care Act. Hawley put his name on a lawsuit that would effectively nullify the ACA, including protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions — a provision that Hawley has claimed he’d protect, in direct contradiction to his actions.
Hawley’s political allies have spent nearly a decade attempting to overturn the Affordable Care Act. And just yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said his Republican caucus will try to repeal the ACA again, after the midterms.
Hawley’s healthcare alternative is a load of baloney — and it’s dangerous. Hawley wrote an op-ed proposing […]

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McSally Snubbed By Home District Newspaper

Today Martha McSally’s home district newspaper the Arizona Daily Star endorsed her opponent in a major snub. The Daily Star endorsed McSally back in 2016, calling her a “strong, smart and pragmatic representative.” These days? Not so much. Read on below to see what they had to say about McSally’s extreme shift rightward.

Arizona Daily Star: Star Opinion: Kyrsten Sinema for the U.S. Senate
October 18, 2018

“The race to represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate is one of the most watched in the country, with good reason.”
“Martha McSally’s Arizona follows the Trump agenda, embraces tax cuts for the wealthy, values veterans, wants a border wall, seeks to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and is itching for a fight on trade, tariffs, immigration, foreign relations and the environment.”
“We have found her determined march to the political right, and her alignment with President Trump, alarming.”
“In her quest for a Senate seat, […]

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American Bridge FOIAs Florida Governor’s Office For Documents Corresponding to Rick Scott’s Post-Hurricane Michael Ad

Today American Bridge submitted a public records request to the Florida Governor’s office requesting documentation corresponding to a Scott for Florida campaign ad that appears to use video footage of Hurricane Michael recovery efforts obtained using state resources.

Download the request here.

The request is three-fold: email correspondence between the Office of the Governor and the Scott for Florida campaign between October 10, 2018 and October 16, 2018; email correspondence between the Office of the Governor and the Scott for Florida campaign that mentions visual materials of Hurricane Michael recovery efforts; and a list of any expenses accrued by the Office of the Governor in filming Hurricane Michael recovery efforts.

“The Hurricane Michael death toll is still climbing, thousands are without power, and Rick Scott is already taking a victory lap on his recovery efforts,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Scott’s campaign ad not only defies common decency; it […]

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NEW VIDEO: Cruz Throws In The Towel, Campaigns With Trump

American Bridge is launching a new social media video before Ted Cruz rallies with Donald Trump on October 22.

The video reminds voters that Cruz and Trump pulled no punches as primary opponents. Some of their best lines include:

“Donald, you’re a sniveling coward.” –Cruz
“I watched Ted Cruz this morning. Oh, I can’t listen. So dramatic: aah uuh-aah.”-–Trump
“He’s a pussy.” –Trump
“If I were in my car and getting ready to reverse and saw Donald in the backup camera, I’m not confident which pedal I’d push.” –Cruz


The video ends with Cruz waving the white flag to campaign with Trump, and asks Texans to throw in the towel on Cruz come Election Day.

Watch Cruz throw in the towel here:

Watch the full video here.

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