New Video: Robotic Rick Scott Has Really  Memorized His Stump Speech  

Rick Scott has memorized his stump speech — big time. As he tours Florida promoting his campaign for higher office, he gives the same speech, no matter who he talks to.


American Bridge’s new video highlights how, at staged event after staged event, Rick Scott repeats the same meaningless, poll-tested speech, while hiding from the public and refusing to answer questions from the press.


“Rick Scott refuses to answer questions from the media or Floridians, but he can recite his poll-tested stump speech like a machine. Unfortunately for Scott, it’s going to take more than poorly delivered — and overwhelmingly false — talking points to persuade Floridians to promote him to yet another political office,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.



Watch Rick Scott stumble through the same memorized lines, again and again here:


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Wynn, Broidy, Bolton: Instead of Cracking Down on Men Who Harass Women, Adam Laxalt Cashes Their Checks

In the latest sign that there is literally no one whose money he will not accept, Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt is raising money with incoming Trump aide John Bolton in New York City tonight. Bolton has a long record of displaying threatening behavior towards women, including going on a “warpath” and harassing a female employee who had the audacity to request maternity leave. Bolton also allegedly chased another woman through her hotel and threw things at her in a fit of rage.


So, naturally, Adam Laxalt is raising money with him. After all, tonight’s glitzy fundraiser comes just after Laxalt faced criticism for accepting $10,000 in contributions from a disgraced former RNC official who paid $1.6 million in hush money to a Playboy model he impregnated. Laxalt has also counted disgraced casino executive Steve Wynn as one of his biggest supporters. Earlier this year, the Wall Street Journal reported devastating allegations […]

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Rick Scott seeks extension to disclose personal finances

“Rick Scott has proved yet again why Floridians don’t trust him. Instead of being transparent and disclosing his financial interests, Rick Scott is continuing to hide what are likely massive conflicts of interest. The fact that his net worth increased $46 million while he’s been in office speaks volumes and raises serious questions he must address. What is he trying to hide?” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.


Tampa Bay Times: Rick Scott seeks extension to disclose personal finances

He had until May 15 but now could take until July 29.


By Alex Leary | April 25, 2018

“Gov. Rick Scott will not be detailing his personal finances any time soon after the U.S. Senate candidate on Tuesday filed an extension.”
‘”Rick Scott requested an extension of time for filing the annual Public Financial Disclosure Report. The report was originally due on May 15, 2018,’ reads a page on the Senate financial disclosure website.”
‘”Pursuant to section 101(g) of the Ethics in […]

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American Bridge Launches New Ad, “Steve Pearce’s The Misogynist Tale”

American Bridge launched a new digital ad today highlighting Republican candidate for NewMexico Governor Steve Pearce’s backwards views on women. The ad, titled “The MisogynistTale,” highlights Steve Pearce’s vision for a New Mexico where wives “voluntarily submit” to their husbands as “a matter of obedience.” Those aren’t our words — they’re Steve Pearce’s.The launch coincides with today’s premier of Season 2 of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, a fictional portrayal of a dystopian society where women are viewed as property and subjects to men.

But Pearce’s antiquated views on the role of women in society don’t stop there. He said he opposes equal pay for equal work legislation because if “women will stand their ground, we’re so short of employees coming up, that they will get their just rewards – because we need the people.” Pearce said providing women contraception “attacks the very concept of what it is to be American.” He even compared abortion to slavery.

“Sadly these misogynistic ideas aren’t from a fictional television show, they’re Steve Pearce’s backwards vision for New Mexico,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “If Steve Pearce had his way, wives would submit to their husbands, women […]

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Corporate Donations Flowed To Rick Scott — After Millions in State Money Went to Them

breaking story this afternoon reveals that Rick Scott’s super-PAC took $150,000 in campaign contributions from corporate executives following massive — and highly lucrative — state pension investments in their firms.

“Rick Scott looks out for himself and his wealthy campaign contributors — and today, Floridians learned of yet another egregious example,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.“His acceptance of a six-figure contribution from executives benefiting from the state pension system is just another example of Rick Scott using his position as Governor to further his higher political ambitions.”

Capital and Main: Rick Scott Super PAC Donations Challenge Federal Anti-Corruption Rule
The Florida governor led a group that raked in cash from Wall Street firms after Scott’s administration gave them pension deals.

By David Sirota and Andrew Perez | April 19, 2018

“A super PAC led by Florida Gov. Rick Scott raked in donations from two private equity executives after Scott’s administration directed lucrative […]

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Something Rick Scott Actually Said Today: “I’ve Been Very Transparent With Regard to My Net Worth”

American Bridge Files Sunshine Law Request For All Correspondence Between Josh Hawley’s Campaign and A.G. Office

Today, American Bridge filed a request under Missouri’s Sunshine Law (Sec. 610.011.1, RSMo Supp. 2006) requesting copies of all incoming and outgoing correspondence between Josh Hawley’s U.S. Senate campaign and the Office of Missouri Attorney General.

Today, National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar reported that Josh Hawley’s campaign “said that it was planning to release fundraising numbers last Wednesday, but got distracted by breaking Greitens news.” And Jake Sherman of Politico added, “the campaign should have absolutely no involvement with the Greitens issue.”

This represents a startling on-the-record admission from Josh Hawley’s political campaign that it was involved in Hawley’s law enforcement actions against Gov. Eric Greitens.

“Why is Josh Hawley’s political campaign involved in law enforcement decisions at the highest levels of Missouri government?” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Hawley took $50,000 in campaign contributions from Gov. Greitens in 2016, and now Hawley’s next campaign is involved in Hawley’s decisions regarding the Attorney General’s office. Hawley needs to come clean […]

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