Walker’s DOT spends taxpayer dollars on Flintstone-era training video

Governor Scott Walker’s got a joke for Wisconsin taxpayers. A bunch of actors in “Flinstones” cars walk into a roundabout, and…. Wait, never mind. That’s the punchline.

According to the Wisconsin Reporter, Walker’s Department of Transportation spent $30,000 in 2013 on a new instructional video for navigating traffic roundabouts. In making the $30,000 video, WisDOT opted for a throw back to a fictional Stone Age and have actors walk around wearing cardboard car cutouts while the narrator describes proper roundabout protocol. That’s right, a driver training video that uses the same technology as Fred Flintstone did for his commute to work on a dinosaur crane. It’s a farce you have to see to believe.

Beyond the mere fact that taxpayer dollars were spent on reenacting a ’60s cartoon, the video is redundant; there exists a roundabout safety video from 2008 on the WisDOT website. And the 2008 video even uses that newfangled invention… […]

What “War on Women”?

The one where Republicans not only don’t trust women to make their own health care decisions, they feel a need to legislate that only what they view as “legitimate rape” entitles a woman to receive health care services. That war on women, folks.

Republicans may talk about their rebrand, claim their 2014 victories show their problems with women have evaporated, but don’t listen to the spin. Nothing has changed in the two years since failed Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin made his infamous comment about “legitimate rape.”

Case in point? A Missouri legislator named Rick Brattin who has proposed a bill that would, as reported by Mother Jones, “force a woman who wants an abortion to obtain written permission from the father first—unless she was the victim of “legitimate rape.””

Back in 2012, American Bridge first reminded you that it wasn’t just Todd Akin (or Richard Mourdock) who held such extreme […]

WEB AD: Welcome To The GOP Primary, Jeb

On Tuesday, Jeb Bush officially threw the first hat in what’s soon to be a very crowded ring, announcing his formation of a Leadership PAC and his interest in running for president. Already, his entrance in to the race is being met with headlines like “Jeb Bush, Meet Your Many Conservative Critics” and fomenting the kind of party infighting that is certain to characterize the 2016 GOP primary. Jeb’s Romneyesque private equity issues make him an appetizing potential opponent for Democrats, but first he’ll have to win over a base that he’s hardly endeared himself to for a chance at the nomination.

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Feel Free To Actively Explore Our Initial Jeb Bush Research

This morning, Jeb Bush announced in a facebook post that he’s “actively exploring” running for president. The announcement is hardly a surprise and will no doubt satiate GOP voters’ burning desire for another establishment Republican millionaire with a tangled web of problematic financial ventures. For starters, feel free to familiarize yourself with American Bridge’s Jeb Bush chapter from our 2016 Scouting Report here or below. And rest assured, this is the tip of the iceberg. If Jeb Bush wants to be scrutinized under the microscope of the presidential vetting process, that’s his prerogative, but he does so at the peril of his reputation.

Let’s just say, it’s going to be an interesting two years. We agree with Jeb — onward!

Under Scott Walker, Wisconsin Taxpayers Footing The Bill For Private Company’s Mine Review

Scott Walker has spent his political career ostensibly crusading for taxpayers (mostly wealthy ones) and lamenting the persistence of government waste. In fact, Walker overhauled the Wisconsin budget to give massive tax cuts to the rich at the expense of education funding — an overhaul that has led to huge budget shortfalls.

But when it comes to facilitating a controversial iron mining project — one that happens to benefit a company that gave massive donations to help Walker and other Republicans during their 2012 recall elections — suddenly Walker’s concern for Wisconsin taxpayers vanishes.

The mining company behind the project, Gogebic Taconite, contributed $700,000 to Wisconsin Club For Growth in 2011 and 2012, who spent heavily to save Walker and GOPers in the state legislature. Gogebic used their influence to help craft the legislation that would loosen the state’s environmental standards and allow them to move forward on their $1.5 billion endeavor.

American Bridge Kicks Off the 2016 Presidential Campaign with New Book:  2016 Scouting Report – American Bridge’s Media Guide To The Republican Presidential Field

Democratic Opposition Research Playbook Will Be Shared with Allies, Press and the Public and Represents the Most Comprehensive Early Look Ever at a Presidential Field

Washington, D.C. – American Bridge is setting the stage for the 2016 Republican primary contest today by releasing the first-ever presidential playbook on the wide field of potential GOP candidates. At nearly 200 pages, 2016 Scouting Report: American Bridge’s Media Guide to the Republican Presidential Field is the most comprehensive early look ever assembled and will give allies and operatives a head start on defining the 2016 field.

This playbook represents the first glance at some of the critical intelligence American Bridge’s researchers have begun to assemble on 20 potential Republican candidates. 2016 Scouting Report exposes some of the GOP field’s biggest vulnerabilities and foreshadows impending lines of attack against them. It will be shared with allies, the press, and the public as a reference point for […]


Since Chris Christie’s Bridgegate scandal first broke, threatening his 2016 ambitions, he has been desperately trying to sweep it under the rug, and not just with public statements about its triviality.

A new report from the New Jersey Assembly’s special Bridgegate committee makes it clear that Christie and his office made every effort to stonewall the investigation. The report states plainly that Christie “repeatedly refused ” to comply with subpoenas, raising “continued and ongoing concerns about the completeness of [the Office Of Governor]’s productions.” The report goes on to say that “several key witnesses have declined to cooperate in the Committee’s work or were otherwise unavailable to provide testimony and other evidence.”

From major discrepancies between Christie’s story and the actual record, to aides deleting text message exchanges with Christie and lying about them under oath, the Bridgegate scandal is still replete with suspicious behavior and unanswered questions. If Christie and his office […]

BREAKING: Christie Aide Deleted Texts To Governor, Lied About It In Testimony

In July, one of Chris Christie’s top aides, Regina Egea, was called to testify before the legislature’s Bridgegate committee. At her hearing, Egea disclosed under oath that she had sent one unreturned text message to Chris Christie during the Port Authority’s testimony in December of 2013, and insisted that the message was “not at all substantive.” This, of course, was the testimony at which the Port Authority’s David Wildstein was eviscerated for his bogus “traffic study” explanation for the Fort Lee bridge closure.

Even at the time, Egea’s deleted text message story raised eyebrows and was rebuked by many as a clear attempt to hide something.  Here’s how the Star-Ledger editorial board summarized her dubious narrative:

Last November, Egea — Christie’s top liaison to the Port Authority at the time — helped polish Bill Baroni’s traffic-study remarks to the Legislature’s Bridgegate committee. Baroni, you’ll remember, was Christie’s top staffer […]

VIDEO: The New Voice Of The GOP On Immigration

If you believed that Republicans controlling both houses of Congress meant that they would make efforts to work with President Obama and prove they could govern, I’ve got a bridge to sell you (but I’m going to need to see your papers first).

Nearly a year and a half ago, the Senate passed a balanced, bipartisan bill to fix our broken immigration system. All the Republican House “Leadership” had to do was put it up for a vote. But they’ve proven that that’s never going to happen, so President Obama used executive action to make progress.

So how would House Republicans respond? Did they finally pass their own comprehensive immigration reform bill? Of course not. Wednesday, they handed the microphone to de-facto Speaker Ted Cruz, Steve King, Michele Bachmann and friends, and yesterday, they voted to rebuke the President’s actions and call for more deportations. Some things never change.

Watch our video:

NEW VIDEO — Vitter Hypocrisy Alert: Common Core

Sen. David Vitter made headlines yesterday when he announced his new-found distaste for Common Core standards. The flip-flop by Vitter constitutes a transparent attempt to pander to the right ahead of his gubernatorial primary, proving his political compass is as unsteady as his moral one. Luckily for the voters, they can take a look at just how empty his new course reversal really is — here are just a few highlights of Vitter defending Common Core: