ICYMI: Buzzfeed – Nothing About The House Intelligence Committee Drama Is Even Close To Normal

“Rep. Nunes broke with the standard protocol yesterday and destroyed his credibility in the process.  The House Intelligence Committee can no longer oversee an unbiased investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia – we need a 9/11 style commission to investigate,” said American Bridge spokesperson Sabrina Singh.

Buzzfeed – Nothing About The House Intelligence Committee Drama Is Even Close To Normal

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Statement on Trump Bullying The GSA At The Expense Of The American People

American Bridge spokesperson Kevin McAlister released the following statement on Donald Trump benefiting from his DC hotel lease as an elected official with the General Services Administration, despite the GSA ruling otherwise earlier today:

“Donald Trump has a long history of micromanaging everything touching his business and profits, so we have every reason to believe Trump pressured GSA to rule his way at the expense of the American people’s best interests. And if Trump is pressuring other agencies that he has control over to do his bidding to the detriment of the American people, the White House needs to come clean.”

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So, about that Trumpcare vote…

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement in reaction to the House delaying the Trumpcare vote:

“TrumpCare is a disaster and the President has no one to blame but himself – he told us he was one of the world’s best negotiators, but he can’t even successfully negotiate with his own party.  Booting 26 million Americans from their insurance just to cut billions in taxes for a few millionaires would be a catastrophe our country can’t afford.”

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What Trumpcare Will Do To Real People

We know Trumpcare is such a disaster in Washington it may actually fail today in the House, but the bill’s coverage across the country provides a clearer picture of just how catastrophic it would be if it passes.

La Crosse Tribune: “Ryan’s Obamacare replacement could boost some La Crosse rates 855 percent”

Denver Post: “Before Obamacare, nearly two-thirds of the patients at Denver Health were either uninsured or on Medicaid” 

Quad-City Times: GOP health plan’s credits help younger, wealthier 

Portland Press Herald: Small-town Maine could see premiums jump sevenfold under the House plan.

Here are the stories state and local newspapers are reporting on the individuals who will be severely worse off if Trumpcare becomes law.

In Michigan, a 28-year-old mother told the Detroit Free Press she turned to Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act when she was uninsured and learned she […]

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American Bridge Offers to Buy Jeff Flake’s Internet History

Today, the Senate voted for Sen. Jeff Flake’s plan to allow internet service providers to sell their customer’s internet history without consent to, well, anyone.

This means consumer’s entire internet browser history would be at risk, including “geo-location data, financial and health information, children’s information, Social Security numbers, Web browsing history, app usage history, and the content of communications,” reports Ars Technica.

In response to Jeff Flake’s reckless plan, American Bridge President Jessica Mackler made the following statement:

“Jeff Flake wants to let internet service providers sell their customer’s personal data for a profit. Senator, I’ll make you an offer: we’ll buy your personal browser history today.

“That includes every website you and anyone in your family has visited and almost anything they have searched for on the internet, including your health and financial information. Oh, and by the way, we’re sure you won’t mind if we re-sell this data to […]

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Spicer Questions: Make Or Break Edition

Today’s the day: Trumpcare’s political fate hangs in the balance as do the lives of the 26 million people who would lose insurance if this bill becomes law. Additionally, the steady drip of controversy surrounding the ongoing Russia scandal continues and Democrats are planning to filibuster Judge Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah says “This may be the worst week yet for Donald Trump,” and calls on White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to answer the following questions:

1. How does removing “essential benefits” like pregnancy and newborn care, pediatric care, substance abuse services, and prescription drugs coverage possibly make this a better bill let alone more likely to pass?

2. Do you know that the extra $60 million in taxpayer dollars for Trump’s Secret Service costs could cover 10,135 Pell Grants or Meals On Wheels deliveries for a year for 21,699 seniors? Does the White House […]

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Everyone Agrees the AHCA Is A Disaster. Everyone But Trump and Ryan.

“There’s overwhelming opposition to Trumpcare because everyone knows it’s reckless policy that would boot 26 million Americans from their insurance just to cut taxes for a few millionaires. Donald Trump and Paul Ryan ought to open their eyes,” said American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah.


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