American Bridge Running Twitter Ads To Remind Folks Of New Mitt’s Old Record

​Back To The Old Etch-A-Sketch…

Mitt Romney is set to deliver a speech tonight — apparently 2016 Mitt: Now Authentic!™ is a foreign policy expert who is set to enlighten us. But that’s rich (pun intended) coming from Mitt, considering his previous iterations of self were plagued by a slew of foreign policy gaffes. In fact, he once argued that it was “not necessary for a president to be an expert in international matters.”

And of course, he’ll continue to drone on with his message of job creation helped him win his presidential reelection in 2012 and create 11 million private sector jobs over the past four years. Oh wait, that was a different guy — Mitt was the one who had Massachusetts at 47th in the nation in job growth and warned of economic ruin if President Obama won another term.

To remind folks about the old Mitt Romney, American Bridge is running Twitter ads […]

How Morally Bankrupt is the GOP? Bob Ehrlich’s Running For President

Just how bankrupt is the Republican effort to ditch their brand?  NH1’s Paul Steinhauser writes for the National Journal that the presidential field is so big that even former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich is running:

Ehrlich plans to make his fourth visit to New Hampshire on Feb. 24, after meeting last week with more than 100 top donors in New York to discuss financing a potential campaign. At those meetings, he discussed setting up a leadership PAC, as a bunch of other probable candidates have done in recent weeks.

It should come as no shock that the GOP is tolerating the sleazy tactics, voter suppression, and convictions in would-be candidate Bob Ehrlich’s record:

 Ehrlich’s Police Commissioner Indicted For Misappropriating Money From Charitable Account On “Expensive Meals, Hotels, Gifts […] Romantic Encounters With Several Different Women.” [Washington Post, 12/11/03]

Once In Office Erlich’s Campaign Advisers Set Up Nonprofits And Offered “Private Receptions With Ehrlich For As Much […]

Scott Walker’s Priorities: Rolls Out Presidential 527, Big Budget Cuts to UW

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is making his priorities clear, rolling out a Presidential vehicle for himself on the same day his budget proposal slashes $300 million from the University of Wisconsin system.  Walker’s 527, Our American Revival, will offer donors the ability to give unlimited amounts of money with only annual disclosure requirements.  Walker himself will face restrictions on his involvement with the committee once he formally files for office, not that coordination rules have stopped him before.

American Bridge 21st Century President Brad Woodhouse issued the following statement in reaction to Walker:

“What a week for Scott Walker, from pandering to Steve King in Iowa to kissing the Koch brothers’ ring in California to proposing a $300 million budget cut to Wisconsin’s public universities while rolling out a new vehicle for his Presidential ambitions.  Being President is about priorities, and Scott Walker’s willingness to hurt the middle […]

VIDEO: Jeb Bush, Greetings From Iowa

Jeb Bush didn’t make an appearance at last weekend’s Iowa Freedom Summit, but that didn’t stop attendees from feeling his presence. The speakers who did make the trek to Des Moines for Steve King’s presidential testing field were sure to invoke Jeb plenty. But unfortunately for Mr. Bush, most of those references were either thinly veiled or direct shots at the former governor — and those shots were invariably met with rousing applause from the summit-goers.

Jeb Bush may be a temporary media darling when it comes to the Republican presidential primary, but he’s hardly experiencing the same embrace from the party’s base.

Check out our video:

American Bridge President Brad Woodhouse On The Kochs’ 2016 plans

“The Kochs are planning to spend an outrageous amount of money on the 2016 election, more than the RNC did in 2012, and nearly $1 billion in total, because they’ll stop at nothing to purchase a government that grows their profits, weakens pollution standards, and maintains tax breaks for big oil- all at the expense of investing in middle class families and an economy that works for everyone.”

American Bridge Launches Web Ad On Christie’s Already-Dead Campaign

A Leadership PAC Can’t Buy Political Relevance

This morning, Chris Christie announced that he is forming a leadership PAC, the closest he’s come to officially declaring what we have all known for years — he really wants to be president. But it seems the closer Chris Christie comes to announcing that he’s running, the further he gets from relevance. Between his fiery temper, his awful economic record, his damaging scandals, and his penchant for putting his own interests ahead of his constituents’ well-being, Chris Christie’s candidacy doesn’t appear overly formidable.

And some folks are putting it more bluntly: Delving into the polling data, FiveThirtyEight ran a piece this morning with the headline, “Everybody Hates Chris Christie,” while others are saying he’s already “politically dead.”

Watch our new web ad:

MEMO: GOP Candidates Paying Steve King’s Ransom for Primary?

TO: Interested Parties

FR: Brad Woodhouse, American Bridge

SU: GOP Candidates Paying Steve King’s Ransom for Primary?

It goes to show just how sharply the Republican party has moved to the right that serious presidential hopefuls are spending today kissing Steve King’s ring.

Chris Christie calls anti-immigrant crusader King “a very good friend” but he hasn’t said if he supports the federal DREAM Act, and he hasn’t said if he’d repeal the president’s executive action on immigration.  And Scott Walker?  Silent on the federal DREAM Act as well.

But even without answering those questions their actions are going to have consequences, because general election voters also happen to have eyes and ears.

American Bridge is going to hold these candidates accountable all election cycle, and after appearing on the stump with people that say things like this, it will be crystal clear to voters where they stand:

Steve King (and remember– he’s […]

American Bridge Bracketing Steve King Sweepstakes With Twitter Ads, Video, Trackers, Press Call

GOP Presidential Candidates Will Be Held Accountable For Bowing To The Most Extreme Wing Of The Republican Party

Steve King’s Iowa Freedom Summit tomorrow will be replete with GOP presidential candidates courting his favor — Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson and more are slated to attend. It goes to show just how sharply the party has moved to the right that its most serious presidential hopefuls are spending their weekend hoping to flatter the most notoriously anti-immigrant member of Congress, not to mention palling around with the likes of Donald Trump and Sarah Palin.

But their desperate attempts to endear themselves to the conservative base will not come without consequences, namely because general election voters also happen to have eyes and ears. American Bridge is holding these candidates accountable for their lunges to the far right.

This morning, we released a new […]