A Thursday Morning Koch Hangover For GOP Senate Candidates

Yesterday morning, newly released audio recordings from a secretive Koch brothers summit earlier this year offered an even clearer window into just how cozy today’s Republican candidates are with the Kochs and their powerful network.

Speaking with rare candor, key Republican senate nominees thanked the billionaires for getting them to where they are today, lavished the entire Koch community with praise, and doubled down on their adherence to the Kochs’ extreme, anti-working family agenda.

Mitch McConnell, Joni Ernst, Cory Gardner, and Tom Cotton all gave speeches at Koch summit in June. Yesterday, they had less to say. But the coverage spoke for itself, and it wasn’t pretty — check out the brutal headlines and key passages below from Wednesday’s reporting:

At Koch Retreat, Top GOP Senate Candidates Credited Koch Network For Their Rise

Huffington Post // Sam Stein

None of the three candidates returned a request for comment for this article. But their [...]

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New Video — Joni Ernst: Trajectory

Newly released audio recordings from the Koch brothers’ summit of billionaires and bought candidates this week reveals the extent to which candidates like Joni Ernst are inextricably tied to the oil lords and their anti-working families agenda.

Ernst did not parse words in crediting the Kochs and their extensive network for getting her to where she is today. Now, the billionaire brothers are reaping the benefits of their investment, as Joni Ernst, the Republican nominee in a key senate race, sings the Koch gospel on issue after issue.

From her philosophical opposition to the Renewable Fuel Standard to her support for privatizing social security, from her assertion that having a federal minimum wage is “ridiculous” to her call to close the doors to the Department of Education, Joni Ernst is in lock-step with the Koch brothers decades-long extreme platform. And she’s at odds with Iowa.

Watch American Bridge’s new video:

At Secret Koch [...]

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American Bridge Welcomes Scandal-Scarred, Self Interest-Serving Scott to the General Election

With primary season now in the rear view, Floridians have 10 weeks left to examine Rick Scott’s record. That’s bad news for Rick Scott, who you may recall isn’t a big fan of being scrutinized. But then again, you wouldn’t be either if you had his record.

Scott was elected four years ago amidst a Tea Party wave, promising to carry out a Tea Party agenda, and delivering on that promise. But these days, Scott’s trying to sell a different version of himself — a version that is clearly undermined by his record — and nobody is buying it.

In honor of the first day of the general election, American Bridge is pleased to bring you a list of the top 5 things Rick Scott does not want to talk about for the next 69 days:

1. His record of putting special interests first

2. Medicare Fraud

3. The 

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Doug Ducey’s Rocky Road To Defeat

To: Interested PartiesFrom: Brad Woodhouse, President of American Bridge 21st CenturyRe: Doug Ducey’s Rocky Road To DefeatDate: Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Primary season has come to an end in Arizona, and former Cold Stone Creamery CEO Doug Ducey managed to hole up down the stretch and emerge as the Republican nominee for governor. The Tea Party favorite poured nearly $3 million into his own campaign and skipped a slew of debates en route to his unceremonious victory tonight. But the shady businessman can hide no longer — and when the spotlight shines on his record, his political ambitions are bound to melt away.

Ducey has touted endorsements from the likes of Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz, but was spurned by conservative Governor Jan Brewer, who opted to support a less extreme candidate to be her successor. Perhaps health care is at the root of their chasm — Brewer worked to expand Medicaid [...]

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BREAKING: Devastating Revelations From New John Doe Docs For Scott Walker

A new batch of John Doe docs was released today in the ongoing investigation of Scott Walker’s role in a criminal scheme focused on the illegal coordination of campaign spending. The new documents reveal the extent to which Scott Walker was at the center of this scheme.

These docs show compelling evidence that Scott Walker called for money to be funneled to the Wisconsin Club For Growth so as to have a centralized hub of outside cash with an ability to control messaging.

Additionally, in an email from Katie Doner, a fundraising consultant, sent to Scott Walker himself, as well as campaign consultant and Wisconsin Club for Growth adviser RJ Johnson, and other Walker aides. Doner specifically suggests that Club For Growth “take the Koch’s money” and “get on a plane to Vegas and sit down with Sheldon Adelson. Ask for $1m now.” Moreover, Doner directly called for the creation of a new [...]

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Nobody Arraigning On Rick Perry’s Koch-Parade

Rick Perry was due to appear in court in Texas today for the formal reading of his two felony charges after being indicted for an abuse of power. But Perry thought to himself, why waste time at my arraignment in Travis County when I could be flying to New Hampshire to appear at an event with the Koch brothers’ Americans For Prosperity? 

That anyone could think Rick Perry might be able rehabilitate his image to the point of being a viable presidential candidate in 2016 is stupefying. Perry’s 2012 campaign went down in flames, and since then, he’s compared homosexuality to alcoholism and been indicted on multiple felony charges. But clearly Perry is still eying that impossible comeback, because YOLO.

Why else would Perry, the governor of Texas, be flying to New Hampshire to stump with Koch cronies about the state’s business tax rate? The trip highlights Rick Perry’s Tea Party priorities, for sure. But worse, it’s yet another indicator [...]

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FOX and Friend (Scott Brown)

This was Scott Brown just last week.

Brown was utterly incredulous when it was suggested that FOX News would be any more favorable to his campaign just because he worked there. He pointed out that he was nothing more than a (very well paid) part-time employee.

Coincidentally, FOX decided to do an apocalyptic special titled “Live Free Or Die: The Affordable Care Act in New Hampshire.” This is the only special FOX has done focused on a single state all cycle. It offers a doomsday view of the new healthcare law in the Granite State, before entering savior Scott Brown in the final minutes to chronicle his heroic campaign to defeat Jeanne Shaheen and repeal the law.

And FOX isn’t the only outside help Scott Brown is getting in Mission: Tell Everyone ACA Will Destroy Their Lives — the Koch Brothers’ AFP has run [...]

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Rick Scott Pretends To Listen To Scientists (NEW VIDEO)

Ever since Rick Scott’s buffoonery on climate change was thrust into the national spotlight — and promptly ridiculed — he’s been desperately trying to rehabilitate his image on the subject. The other week, he even strung together an environmental tour in which he purported to be an environmentalist.

Well the charade has continued. Yesterday, Rick Scott finally met with climate scientist and he listened with all the focus and alacrity of an eighth grader on the last day of school. His faux interest in climate change (paired with his steadfast rejection of its causes) didn’t fool the scientists that met with him and it isn’t fooling the voters.

The truth for Floridians is that there is only one way to get your governor to care about climate change — and that’s a governor change.

Watch our new video:


Things Mitt Romney Could Talk To Bruce Rauner About While In Illinois

Mitt Romney will be in Chicago this afternoon as part of Paul Ryan’s book tour, where the two can reminisce about that time they lost Illinois by 17 points en route to a landslide defeat two years ago. Perhaps while Mitt is in town, he should take some time to talk to his political doppleganger, Bruce Rauner. After all, the two would have SO much to talk about, like:

  • How annoying it is when the public demands to see your tax returns
  • What a lovely place the Cayman Islands is for stashing millions to avoid paying US taxes
  • How hard it is to keep track of your net worth once you pass the first couple-hundred million
  • What is “touch” and why do people keep saying we are so “out of” it? (HINT)
And this is only the tip of the golden iceberg. So we truly hope that Romney has time to step away from Paul Ryan’s “Ideas That Already Lost A National Election Tour” to spend a few minutes with his unpolished understudy, Bruce Rauner.
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American Bridge Submits FOIA Request For Gov. Corbett’s Phone Records

It isn’t every day that the chief executive of a state admits that he expressly operates in a manner to skirt transparency laws. But that’s exactly what Governor Corbett has done.

As the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported last week, Corbett has gone to incredible lengths to conduct business outside of the public eye:

“The governor said he rarely uses email because he knows reporters would file Right-To-Know requests to get them. Instead, he said, he uses the telephone. He said he needs the freedom to be able to express opinions that he may later want to change. Mr. Corbett said he deletes his emails about once a week.”

That’s a stunning concession and one that demonstrates contempt for the spirit of open democracy. As such, American Bridge is issuing a FOIA request for Governor Corbett’s official phone records. The people of Pennsylvania deserve to know exactly what their governor has made such a concerted effort to conceal.

Click here to view FOIA request.