Rubio Campaign Follows Trump In Taking Credit After Terrorist Attack

Marco Rubio’s campaign team is following Donald Trump’s example and taking credit for “predicting” terrorist attacks.

Alex Conant, former director of communications for Rubio’s presidential campaign and current consultant to his senate re-election effort, tweeted several articles claiming that the ever-absent senator “predicted” yesterday’s bombing in Instanbul:

Rubio’s finance director Anna Rogers Duncan also highlighted the article on her Twitter page:

Rubio has a history of using terrorism to his political advantage —  not the least of which includes citing the Orlando shooting to revitalize his run for re-election. Shortly after the Paris attack, Rubio callously said he thought the event was a “positive development.” The day after saying he wouldn’t “spurn” Trump, it’s unsurprising to see Rubio’s campaign using the same techniques as the dangerous demagogue.

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When D-Money Comes To Town

As Paul LePage–America’s “craziest governor“–prepares to greet Donald Trump in Maine, it’s worth remembering how these courageous crusaders have selflessly pointed out the “real racists” in our midst.

LePage hasn’t been shy about exposing the “real racists” in his own state. While running for governor in 2010 he lamented that “There is a lot of racism in Maine.” Perhaps LePage’s statement earlier this year that drug dealers named “D-Money, Smoothie, Shifty … come up here, they sell their heroin, and they go back home,” only after, of course, they,  “impregnate a young, white girl before they leave,” was simply meant to illustrate the racism of others.

Donald Trump is no stranger to exposing “real racists” either. This week, Trump exposed another racist–Elizabeth Warren. Though he’s been widely criticized for calling the Massachusetts senator “Pocahontas”, Trump mused that, “I think she’s a racist, actually, […]

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A Predictable Election Year Reversal

After voting to defund Planned Parenthood last August, Executive Councilor Chris Sununu sought to distance himself from his record today, voting to restore funding to the organization. After putting health services relied on by over 13,000 Granite Staters at risk, Sununu’s election-year reversal rings hollow.

Sununu’s August vote to defund women’s health services in New Hampshire granted legitimacy to a deceptively edited video which in no way implicated Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. Sununu’s claim that Planned Parenthood of Northern New England was, “Under criminal investigation on a federal level,” was as false then as it is now.

Sununu today stood by his vote to cut health services funding based solely on the Daleiden videos. Basing state policy on fake videos produced by a third-rate conman should raise serious questions about Sununu’s judgement and fitness for office.

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Donald Trump’s Pivot Has Died More Ways Than Spinal Tap Drummers

Don’t believe us?  Just look at the highlights from tonight’s speech in St. Clairsville, Ohio:

On building the wall YouTube
On waterboarding: “I like it a lot” YouTube
“We have to support our children, so I bought something in Scotland: Turnberry” YouTube
Calls TPP the “rape of our country” YouTube
To audience member: “You want a job? I’ll give you 10% less” YouTube
On his first job in Cincinnati YouTube

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American Bridge ​21st Century ​President​’s​ Statement On The Colorado Primary

American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Mackler released the following statement in response to the Colorado GOP Senate Primary results:

“The Colorado primary may be over, but the dumpster fire isn’t. Darryl Glenn has spent the last few months collecting endorsements from Washington elites like Ted Cruz who are at the heart of Congressional dysfunction and gridlock. Instead of supporting a minimum wage increase and comprehensive immigration reform, Glenn is backing Donald Trump and his dangerous, hateful, and uninformed policies.  With the nomination of Glenn, the GOP’s chances in November have gone up in hot garbage flames.”

Embraces Donald Trump And His Hateful Rhetoric


March 2016: Glenn Said He Would Support The Republican Nominee For President, Despite His Concerns About All Three Candidates [Trump, Cruz, And Kasich]. According to The Hotline, “El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn (R) said he’d support ‘the Republican,’ but that he […]

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Financial Turmoil: Bad For Us, Good For Trump

In 2006, Donald Trump hoped for a housing market crash: “I sort of hope that happens because then people like me would go in and buy.” Trump’s wish came true, and millions of Americans lost their homes and jobs — presumably as he padded his pockets. Trump doubled down on those statements reiterating on the trail that, “That’s the kind of thinking we need,” and, “If it goes down, it goes down.

In a similar line of reasoning, Trump callously asserted last week that “If the pound goes down, more people are coming to Turnberry, frankly.

As global markets continue their steep decline this week, Donald Trump is only concerned with his bottom line and congratulating himself for making the “correct call” on Brexit. There’s no separation between Trump’s campaign and his business interests. “, millions are watching their retirement accounts take a hit. […]

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Trump First: Trump’s Economic Policies Would Help Him, But Tank The U.S. Economy

Who the hell cares is there’s a trade war?” That’s Donald Trump’s nuanced take on ensuring the U.S. economy’s stability.

It’s no shock that Trump doesn’t understand the dangerous implications of a trade war. But the truth is, it would leave “the U.S. economy…isolated and diminished,” according to Moody’s Analytics. And, in conjunction with the rest of Trump’s agenda, could lead to a “lengthy recession.”

A key component of Trump’s larger economic platform is his tax plan that would disproportionately boost top income earners — including the the top 0.1% — over working, middle-class families.

So, despite his claims, Trump’s policy proposals don’t put “American First”; Trump is his own number one priority.

Donald Trump’s dangerous economic ideas would jettison the U.S. economy and balloon our national debt to upwards of $11.5 trillion, all while Trump and his billionaire friends reap the benefits of his massive tax cuts on the wealthy.

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