Susan Collins Enabled the Trump Administration’s New Anti-Planned Parenthood Rule

American Bridge released the following statement after the Trump administration issued a new rule that would effectively cripple family planning centers like Planned Parenthood, barring millions of women from accessing affordable reproductive healthcare.

“This cruel and draconian rule was enabled by Susan Collins, full stop,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “She voted to confirm President Trump’s HHS Secretary, who oversaw the issuing of this rule. She voted for multiple Supreme Court justices who are likely to rule in favor of it. And she has consistently failed to stand up to President Trump with any meaningful action. Susan Collins owes Mainers more than her empty rhetoric. If past is prologue, they’re unlikely to get it.”

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BREAKING (but not surprising): McConnell is corrupt

“For the McConnells corruption is a family affair,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “It’s no wonder he’s been an historically obstructionist Senate Majority Leader: he’s been too busy abusing his office in pursuit of sweetheart deals for his political benefactors to get anything meaningful done for the country. That’s about as swampy as it gets.”

Politico: Emails reveal coordination between Chao, McConnell offices
By Tanya Snyder | February 19, 2019

“A trove of more than 800 pages of emails sheds new light on the working relationship between Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, one of the most potent power couples in Washington — including their dealings with McConnell supporters from their home state of Kentucky.”
“Chao has met at least 10 times with politicians and business leaders from the state in response to requests from McConnell’s office…In some cases, those people later received what they were hoping […]

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FLIP FLOP: Cory Gardner on Trump’s national emergency

“Cory Gardner is so terrified of breaking with Trump that he’s done a complete 180 on the President’s national emergency declaration,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “He’s trying and failing to have it both ways — the oldest losing strategy in the book.”

FLIP: “I think declaring a national emergency is not the right idea.”

FLOP: “We certainly have a challenge at the border…Obviously the 1976 [National Emergencies Act] gives the President some authority, and so we’re looking into those authorities.”

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QUICK CLIP: They’re Toast

Don’t take it from us. Even conservatives are admitting President Trump’s national emergency declaration spells trouble for 2020 Senate Republicans.

This weekend, talking heads and pundits filled the airwaves with grim predictions for Senate Republicans who are increasingly between Trump and a hard place as 2020 approaches.

Jennifer Rubin: “I think Susan Collins is going to be toast. I think Cory Gardner is going to be toast. I think Thom Tillis is going to be toast.”

Watch Rubin on MSNBC here:

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Join Sens. McConnell and Thune in the nation’s capital to help kick off Cory Gardner’s Senate campaign

“Cory Gardner has chosen to kick off his reelection campaign with a who’s who of Republican Party bosses in the heart of the Swamp,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “That should tell Coloradans all they need to know about his priorities.”

Colorado Times Recorder: It’s Official: Gardner 2020 Campaign Kicks Off in DC With Leadership Luncheon
By Erik Maulbetsch | February 13, 2019

“Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner is officially running for re-election next year. His 2020 campaign will “kick off” Feb. 27 with a Washington, D.C. luncheon hosted by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), ‘benefiting the reelection campaign of Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO).’”
“In addition to musings that he might step down voluntarily, the first-term senator has drawn fire from his conservative base, including county party officials who have publicly called for a primary challenge to Gardner.”
“The presence of entire Senate Republican leadership team demonstrates the significance of Gardner’s seat. In addition […]

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Despite Claiming ‘Error,’ Ernst Signed Affidavit to Illegally Apply for Multiple Property Tax Breaks

American Ledger: Despite Claiming ‘Error,’ Ernst Signed Affidavit to Illegally Apply for Multiple Property Tax Breaks
By Cole Driver | February 13, 2019

Despite Sen. Joni Ernst’s claims that she illegally received a tax break for Washington homeowners in “error,” records showed that Ernst had to sign an affidavit to get the tax break.

After the Des Moines Register reported Monday that Ernst, R-Iowa, illegally applied for multiple housing deductions for her homes in the capital and Iowa, Ernst attempted to mute the controversy by repaying the District of Columbia.

“Regrettably, this was an error and upon it being brought to her attention, she immediately paid back the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue,” Ernst’s spokesman Brendan Conley told the Register.

However, according to the district’s Homestead Deduction Application, homeowners must sign an affidavit, under penalty of perjury, that they are primary residents of Washington to receive the homestead tax credit.

In […]

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NEW ADS: Eddie Rispone ❤️’s Bobby Jindal

Valentine’s Day-Themed Ads Urge Louisianans to Break Up With Bobby Jindal by Saying “No” to Eddie Rispone

Watch the new ad here

Love is in the air. Today American Bridge is launching new ads in Louisiana highlighting just how much candidate for Governor Eddie Rispone loves unpopular former Governor Bobby Jindal.

“If Louisiana voters want to truly break up with Bobby Jindal and his failed policies, they need to say ‘no’ to Eddie Rispone,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Bobby Jindal left Louisiana with record deficits and massive cuts to education, and Eddie Rispone cheered him on every step of the way. Unfortunately for Rispone, Louisiana voters just aren’t into him or Bobby Jindal anymore.”

The Valentine’s Day-themed ads are the first ads to be run against Rispone and are targeted to undecided voters. They begin today on Facebook and will run through the weekend across Louisiana. American Bridge previously launched a  Read more after the jump.