“Childish and Unappealing,” “Sexist,” “Petty”: What Arizonans Are Saying About Martha McSally’s Debunked Campaign Ads

Arizona Daily Star: Letter: What is McSally saying?
By Bette E. Bunker Richards | September 12, 2018

“As a family member who has supported and assisted active duty military members my entire life, I am thoroughly disgusted with Martha McSally’s political ads.”
“Does she think that military family members do not also serve our country? My family members fought — and sometimes died — for the right of Americans to protest any and all government actions.”
“Obviously, McSally thinks I, and other military family members, have no right to protest and she did not fight for that.”
“Why doesn’t she talk about her record as a representative instead of only her past military experience?”

Read the full letter here.

Arizona Daily Star: Letter: Open letter to the Honorable Martha McSally
By Cindy Soffrin | September 12, 2018

“Let’s be clear, you were performing your military service […]

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Quick Clip: Rick Scott’s Immigration Pander-monium

Rick Scott raised eyebrows across Florida this weekend after WBFS exposed the two very different ads his campaign is running on immigration.

In South Florida, Scott is portraying an “understanding and friendly tone” on immigration. Meanwhile, up north, Scott refers to an “immigration mess,” and blames Senator Nelson for “the catch and release policy that’s allowed 900,000 illegal immigrants caught here to stay here.”

“This is exactly the type of transparent political pandering that voters detest,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “And it’s further proof that Rick Scott will say and do anything to get elected — including making reductive assumptions about Floridians.”

Watch WBFS expose Scott’s contradictory ads:

Watch the full clip here.

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Senate Brief: Republicans On Kavanaugh Assault Allegation: Ignore, Dismiss, Distract

Week of Monday, September 17.

IN BRIEF: A sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is putting Republican Senate candidates in a pickle.

After months of blind support for Kavanaugh’s nomination, GOP candidates will face increased scrutiny on a nominee they thought was airtight. And if their reactions so far are any indication, don’t hold your breath for Republicans to do the honorable thing.

Josh Hawley was dogged by questions from reporters after the first Missouri Senate debate last Friday. Asked about the allegation, Hawley said the Senate should move forward and vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination. Asked “Do you believe the woman?,” he refused to answer and made a quick exit.
Dean Heller doubled down on his support for Kavanaugh in a local radio interview conducted hours after the allegation was made public, saying “America will be better off” […]

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Heller: “America Will Be Better Off” With Justice Kavanaugh

Last Friday Dean Heller doubled down on his blind support of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, praising Kavanaugh’s credentials hours after a sexual assault allegation against the judge surfaced.

In a radio interview with KKOH’s Dan Mason Show, Heller called public confirmation hearings “unfortunate,” said Kavanaugh’s confirmation was a “no brainer,” predicted “America will be better off” because of Judge Kavanaugh, and agreed that Kavanaugh’s qualifications were “just not questionable.”

Listen to Heller go all in for Brett Kavanaugh: Part 1, Part 2.

Part 1:

HOST: “Is the debate on the floor going to be as silly as some of the stuff we’ve already seen?”

HELLER: “Well my prediction hasn’t changed. By the end of the month we’ll have a Justice Kavanaugh, and America will be better off because of it.”

HOST: “We would be better off if we stopped […]

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QUICK CLIP: In Painfully Awkward Interview, Scott Struggles To Walk The Line On Trump Support

Scott was pressed on Trump’s lies about the Hurricane Maria death toll

In an interview with local press today, Rick Scott had a really, really tough time walking the line on his support for President Trump. Scott has recently been called out for dampening his gung-ho support for the President.

Pressed on Trump’s false denial of Hurricane Maria’s death toll, Scott stammered his way through an awkward position, while his staff urgently tried to stop the interview.

REPORTER: [0:53] Do you think it’s presidential behavior for him to be tweeting lies and making things up like that?

SCOTT: Well I– I’m gonna — I’m — I’m going to do what I do. I represent Florida. When I agree with the President I’ll agree with him and when I disagree with him I’ll disagree with him.

STAFFER: Last question.

SCOTT: I’m appreciative that we’ve gotten our money to fix the dike at Lake Okeechobee. […]

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New American Bridge Video: You Might Be Racist If…Your Name is Ron DeSantis

Watch here

American Bridge released a new video today on Congressman Ron DeSantis’s numerous racism scandals. After kicking off the general election by calling his African American opponent a “monkey,” Ron DeSantis has faced story after story (see herehereherehere, and here for a small sample of the coverage) about his views on race and affiliations with white supremacists.

“A day can’t seem to go by without another story about Ron DeSantis’s ties to white supremacists and hate groups,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Someone with Ron DeSantis’s racist affiliations and backwards views has no business being Governor of one of the most diverse states in the country.”

Watch the new American Bridge video below:

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Donald Trump Says Puerto Rico Deaths Were Made Up: Does Ron DeSantis Agree?

This morning, President Trump tweeted that contrary to, well, the truth, 3,000 people did not die in 2017 from the hurricanes that devastated Puerto Rico. This raises an obvious question – does Trump’s biggest supporter, Ron DeSantis, agree? DeSantis has previously praised Trump’s handling of the Puerto Rico hurricanes.

“Ron DeSantis has staked his entire candidacy around his record of being a spineless yes-man for Donald Trump in Washington,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Considering he is on record praising Trump’s handling of the storms that devastated Puerto Rico, DeSantis needs to answer if he agrees with Donald Trump that 3,000 people did not die in the Puerto Rico hurricanes.”

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