VIDEO: Senate Republicans Made Promises on Health Care… …They Were Lying

As the first news reports rolled in about the Senate Republican health care bill, one thing became clear: Senate Republicans were lying when they promised Americans better health care.

“Republican Senators have spent years promising their constituents a replacement for the Affordable Care Act that would lower costs and provide high quality care. Now, anyone who watched the news last night knows neither is true. This isn’t a health care bill — it’s a tax cut for the wealthy, financed by gutting care for everyone else,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

See the video here.

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Dean Heller Has Already Sold Out Nevadans’ Health Care, Over and Over Again


Following Dean Heller’s statement on the Senate GOP’s health care bill, American Bridge President Jessica Mackler made the following statement:

“Nevadans will see through Dean Heller’s cowardly attempt to save his political hide. After months of promising to “get to a yes” and repeal Obamacare, Heller has been given a last-minute pass by his party bosses in Washington. But Nevadans know Dean Heller’s record. Heller has voted over 20 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which millions of Nevadans depend on. Just as bad, has voted repeatedly to gut Medicaid and has voted eight times to defund Planned Parenthood. Dean Heller has already sold out Nevadans’ health care, over and over again. Next November, trust Nevadans to hold Heller accountable.”


Heller’s Opposition To ACHA Is A Craven Attempt To Save His Political Career
Heller’s Career Is On The Line With ACHA Vote
Heller Is In A Political Bind With The ACHA Vote

The Hill: Heller, […]

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Dean Heller’s Hellish Healthcare Week

It’s been a hellish week for Dean Heller. After years of Heller’s empty promises to Nevadans about improving their healthcare, it turns out the Senate health care bill, developed in secrecy and released earlier this week, was even worse than the House version. It makes deep cuts to Medicaid, guts critical funding for opioid addiction treatment, and tears health care coverage away from millions of Americans. Experts from around the country have condemned the bill and Heller is feeling the heat nationally and at home.

“The devastating health care bill that Dean Heller is poised to vote for would strip lifesaving treatment from hundreds of thousands of Nevadans and raise costs on countless more,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “It’s no surprise he’s had a disastrous week, and he’ll continue to be […]

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Rauner Hammered By Local Press For Silence On Mean-Spirited Health Bill

As Rauner continues to shirk his responsibility to Illinois by staying silent on the health care bill that could ravage the state’s Medicaid rolls, he gets hammered by editorials and columns. The bill shifts much of the rule-setting of health insurance to the states, which means that Rauner himself would have a lot of say in how Illinois enacts the reforms… just with less money this time. The bill has been described as “wrong-headed,” stripping Medicaid funds from the state, putting more strain on hospitals and the state’s budget… if that even existed.

And yet “Rauner is AWOL,” as the Chicago Sun Times summed up. Rauner has been slammed as abdicating his responsibility, “disappointing in his reluctance to take a firm stand,” and failing to fight for his state.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“True to form, Governor Rauner has refused to stand up for […]

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Trump Confirms Comey’s Testimony About Obstruction of Justice

During a Fox and Friends interview this morning, President Donald Trump bragged that his “strategy” of claiming that he surreptitiously recorded a meeting with former FBI Director James Comey successfully compelled Comey to tell the truth during Senate Intelligence Committee hearing where Comey, among other things, repeatedly called Trump a liar.  Comey also detailed a pattern of actions by the President that appear to be obstruction of justice. 

Beaming with self-satisfaction, Trump explained that claiming he had tapes of their conversation ensured that Comey “has to tell what actually took place at those events” — seemingly confirming that the contents Comey’s testimony, including that Trump asked Comey for a loyalty pledge then tried to obstruct an FBI investigation, is true.

“In bragging that he successfully bullied Comey into telling the truth, the President of the United States just confirmed Comey’s testimony,” said American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah. “Trump just copped […]

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American Bridge Calls BS On Senate GOP’s Empty Health Care Rhetoric

In response to the Senate GOP’s fake disagreements over their health care bill today, American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp made the following statement:

“The stakes today are too high to accept Mitch McConnell’s dishonest kabuki theater at face value. The Republican Senate’s health care bill would strip health care from millions and raise costs for even more — and the entire GOP, from Ted Cruz to Dean Heller — is poised to vote for it. Dean Heller’s mealy-mouthed statement today doesn’t change the fact that he’s voted repeatedly to end Medicaid expansion and defund Planned Parenthood. Everyone knows what Dean Heller’s real agenda is.”

On health care, moderates quiet while conservatives put their foot down
By Caitlin Owens | 6/22/16 4:25 PM

Only hours after the release of the Senate health care bill, four conservative senators put out a statement saying they can’t support the bill in its current […]

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New Layoffs at Boeing Plant Trump Visited; Carrier to Layoff Hundreds Next Month

Hundreds of American workers are going to be laid off from a Boeing plant where President Trump promised that, as long as he’s president, “American workers will always win.” Trump visited Boeing’s North Charleston, South Carolina Dreamliner plant in February and pledged to “put our great people back to work.”

Boeing today announced new layoffs at that same Dreamliner facility and other Boeing facilities in North Charleston  In fact, since Trump’s February speech at the facility, Boeing has laid off 1,343 workers nationally, not counting the nearly 200 that were just-announced. And Boeing isn’t the only firm that’s continued to lay off workers on Trump’s watch: Carrier is set to begin laying off 600 more employees next month, despite Trump’s rewarding the firm with Indiana taxpayer-funded incentives last year.

“Despite Trump’s campaign promises, the career outsourcer has watched more than 122,000 […]

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