Republican Senators just voted with Donald Trump to gut their constituents’ healthcare 

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement after Republicans in the Senate voted with Donald Trump to take healthcare from millions of Americans:

“Every Republican in Washington will own this plan to gut healthcare for the American people in order to cut taxes for the rich. Pushing this reckless plan, while exempting themselves from the pain they plan to inflict upon the country, just to give the scandal-plagued President a poisoned political ‘win’ is a gross display of misplaced priorities, and the country isn’t going to stand for it. Today Republicans chose to ignore the country’s overwhelming opposition to Trumpcare, and the consequences will be felt by every Republican running for Senate or House in 2018 — and for years to come.”

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Heller Sold Out Nevadans on Health Care and Has Forever Lost Their Trust

Following Dean Heller’s announcement today that he will vote yes to open debate on the GOP’s health care bill, American Bridge President Jessica Mackler made the following statement:

“With his announcement today, Dean Heller has proven to Nevadans that he will always put himself first, and them last, even at the expense of their families’ health and economic security. Make no mistake about it: Heller’s vote today is a vote to undermine the entire American healthcare system, forcing millions Americans off their health care, weakening protections, and raising costs for millions more. Despite promising to oppose legislation with exactly these outcomes, Heller sold out Nevadans and put his own political career first. Nevadans didn’t trust Dean Heller yesterday, and today he has lost their trust forever.”

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Trump’s Broken Promises Are Failing Youngstown And the Nation

Donald Trump is today headed to Ohio, where — despite his “we’re going to bring back jobs” promises — 8,612 workers have received pink slips since he took took office in January. Across the country, 144,752 American workers have been impacted by layoff announcements since Trump took office, and 646 Ohio workers are going to feel the effects of the Trump Economy in the next week alone.

But rather than focus on large-scale infrastructure investment, which Democrats continue to advocate, or introduce a jobs plan that’d expand opportunity for American working people, Trump is instead teaming up with congressional Republicans to take away 22 to 32 million Americans’ health insurance.

“Trump and Republicans only care about helping themselves and their corporate special interest donors. That’s why they’re ignoring layoffs that continue to happen in Ohio and across the country, and instead forcing through a healthcare bill that’d gives CEOs and billionaires […]

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Health Experts Alarmed By GOP’s Underhanded “Skinny” Repeal

Health policy experts immediately warned that the desperate new plan Republicans developed for repealing the Affordable Care Act – which the American people overwhelmingly support keeping and improving on a bipartisan basis – would strip health coverage from millions, force premium costs to skyrocket, and cause insurance markets to collapse.

“Republicans have falsely howled about markets ‘collapsing’ under the ACA, but now we know where they really stand. When it comes to the ability of insurance markets to serve the American people, this last-minute Trojan Horse ploy is like intentionally putting poison in a patient’s IV.  This cowardly approach would take health coverage from millions and make premiums spike as it roiled markets and eventually sank them, leaving the American healthcare system in chaos,” ​said American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates. ​

Jacob Leibenluft, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities – 7/25/2017: “Best way to think of this: as a Trojan […]

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NEW STUDY: ACA repeal would cost U.S. over 1 million jobs

“Today is a moment of truth: do Republicans vote to save healthcare for 32 million Americans and prevent over 1 million jobs being killed, or do they cave to Donald Trump? There’s only one right thing to do, and the American people will remember this vote for years to come,” said American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson Andrew Bates. 

Washington Post – Wonkblog: 1 million jobs on the line as Senate votes on health care
By Heather Long July 25 at 9:34 AM

America could lose more than a million jobs if the Senate votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act on Tuesday.

That’s according to a report from George Washington University’s Milken Institute School of Public Health and the Commonwealth Fund.

“This legislation could single-handedly put a big dent in health care job growth,” said Leighton Ku, the lead author of the report and the director of the Center […]

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American Bridge Calls On Ed Gillespie To Apologize For Lying About His Cynical Political Attacks on Virginia’s Bipartisan Transportation Bill

Ed Gillespie got caught attacking Virginia’s historic, bipartisan transportation bill – and now he’s lying about it. First, Gillespie criticized his opponent for supporting the transportation bill, which provided critical funding for Virginia’s transportation system and was signed by Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell, whose campaign Gillespie once chaired.

After facing sharp criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike, Gillespie denied ever launching the attack – turning a dishonest talking point into a flat-out lie.

“Partisan Hack Ed Gillespie got caught being himself – a political opportunist who will say or do anything to advance his own career – and now he’s lying about it,” said American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price. “Virginians deserve better, and Gillespie owes them an apology.”

Gillespie Attacked Northam For Supporting Bipartisan Transportation Bill. According to Richmond Times-Dispatch, “Gillespie wants you to know that Democrat Ralph S. Northam voted for ‘the largest tax increase in Virginia history.’ But Gillespie is conveniently leaving out a big […]

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American Bridge Response to Trump’s Unhinged ACA Remarks 

American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah responded to Donald Trump’s remarks about the Affordable Care Act and Trumpcare today with the following statement:

​”Donald Trump​’s​ unhinged ravings demonstrate he knows nothing about the Affordable Care Act – including the year it was passed – which the overwhelming majority of the American people want him to work across party lines to improve.  What’s worse, nearly everything he said about Trumpcare is a blatant lie, and it flies in the face of warnings from America’s doctors, hospitals, and patient advocacy organizations like the American Cancer Society. Trump’s lies can’t hide the truth: any Senator who votes yes tomorrow will be choosing tax cuts for the wealthy over the well-being of tens of millions of Americans.”

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