Congressman Ralph Abraham: Ever Heard of Him?

Washington Republicans’ 4th Choice to Run for Louisiana Governor voted to take away health care for Louisianans with pre-existing conditions

Steve Scalise “rejects run for Governor”

John Kennedy “won’t run for Governor of Louisiana”

 Jeff Landry “won’t run for Governor”

John Kennedy says Abraham can’t win


Steve Scalise John Kennedy Jeff Landry Congressman Ralph Abraham announced his campaign for Louisiana Governor today. We know what you’re thinking, “Ralph who?”

Well, to start, Abraham’s fellow Republican, Senator John Kennedy, spent the last few weeks telling every reporter who would listen that Abraham can’t beat Governor John Bel Edwards. And for once, Senator Soundbite is making sense: Congressman Abraham can’t win. Here’s are some of the many reasons why.

Last year, Congressman Abraham voted to take away health care for Louisianans with pre-existing conditions. Had […]

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After New Revelations, Mark Harris’s Campaign Must Be Transparent About What Leslie McCrae Dowless Did On Their Behalf

More alarming connections have emerged between Mark Harris and Leslie McCrae Dowless Jr., the Bladen County official at the epicenter of allegations of election fraud in North Carolina’s 9th congressional district, and the Harris campaign owes transparency and answers to the public.

Last week Andy Yates, Harris’s lead strategist, confirmed that Dowless – a felon previously convicted and incarcerated for fraud – was paid by Yates’s firm, Red Dome, to do “grassroots” work helping the Harris campaign.

And today, The Charlotte Observer reported that Harris himself not only knows Dowless but introduced him and recommended his services to another candidate for office. This came to light at the same time as the news that of 162 Bladen County absentee ballot envelopes reviewed by Popular Information, a large majority of them, 130, had witness signatures from a […]

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American Bridge Statement on Senator Soundbite John Kennedy Not Running for Governor

American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson released the following statement on Senator John Kennedy’s announcement that he will not be running for Louisiana Governor:

“Considering he failed to pass a long term extension of the National Flood Insurance Program last week, we’re glad John Kennedy realizes he doesn’t have the accomplishments or work ethic to actually serve as Louisiana’s Governor. Kennedy’s flirtation with running for Governor should be viewed for what it was: a year-long publicity stunt to distract from the fact that he is either uninterested or unable to actually do his job. Senator Soundbite once again made clear with this announcement that he is more interested in garnering cheap headlines than actually working to help the people of Louisiana. Kennedy’s record in the Senate speaks for itself: over a hundred media interviews, zero accomplishments.”

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Statement on Voter Irregularities Under Investigation in NC-09

The North Carolina Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement has voted – for the third time – not to certify the outcome of the election in North Carolina’s 9th congressional district due to “claims of numerous irregularities and concerted fraudulent activities related to absentee mail ballots.”

American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates released the following statement: “The shocking discoveries made public in recent days warrant a complete investigation that is free of any partisan interference whatsoever. It is crucial that this election not be tainted by criminal activity, and the allegation that a Bladen County official was on the payroll of Mark Harris’ campaign and stood to be paid a $40,000 bonus if Mark Harris won the county is profoundly disturbing.  It is also telling and disappointing that after years of spewing wild-eyed and unsubstantiated theories about voter fraud the Republican Party of North Carolina has […]

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New Ads and Website Featuring Bobby Jindal Show “Senator Soundbite” John Kennedy What to Expect if He Runs for Governor

Watch the ad here

See the new website,

American Bridge launched its first ads of the 2019 election cycle today to show Washington’s “Senator Soundbite” John Kennedy what he can expect should he decide to run for Louisiana Governor. Kennedy says he will make his decision by December 3.

The digital ads begin running today in Louisiana, including in Senator Kennedy’s hometown of Madisonville. They also feature a glowing endorsement of Kennedy from one of the most unpopular politicians in Louisiana, failed presidential candidate Bobby Jindal. The ads coincide with the launch of a new website, to chronicle how in Washington, John Kennedy is focused on promoting himself, not helping Louisiana families. While he has no major legislative accomplishments to speak of, Kennedy has been very busy promoting himself on national television.

Just this year alone, Kennedy […]

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American Bridge Launches Radio & Digital Ads Featuring Don Cheadle Urging Florida Voters to Reject DeSantis’s Racism, Elect Andrew Gillum

 Listen to the radio ad here, watch the digital ad here.

American Bridge is launching new radio and digital ads featuring award-winning actor Don Cheadle as part of a five-figure campaign to urge Florida voters to vote for Mayor Andrew Gillum on November 6. The radio ads will run on African American radio stations in Jacksonville. The digital ads will run on social media in Jacksonville and are targeted to African American voters. The ads highlight just some of the numerous racism scandals DeSantis has faced since he became the Republican nominee for Governor.

DeSantis started off his general election campaign by calling Mayor Gillum a “monkey.” Since then, a day practically hasn’t gone by without a new story about DeSantis’s racist views and affiliations.

Among the many racism scandals DeSantis has faced:

DeSantis moderated a racist facebook group.
DeSantis refused […]

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Josh Hawley Worked An Average of 4.85 Hours Per Week As AG In 2017, 2.8 Hours Per Week In 2018

Hawley claims his calendars bear out his dedication to an aggressive agenda

Today in response to a bombshell Kansas City Star report that revealed Josh Hawley allowed the Missouri Attorney General’s office to be run by his D.C. political consultants, Hawley claimed:“From Day One, we’ve made combating human trafficking, taking on the opioid industry, protecting Missouri consumers a top priority. And I came into office wanting to do that and you can see that reflected in everything, from our notes, our meetings, our calendars, all of that from the very first.”

American Bridge received copies of Hawley’s official office calendars via a public records request. The calendars reveal Hawley worked an average of 4.85 hours per week during his first year in office and 2.8 hours per week through July 2018 — a lightweight schedule that just doesn’t square with the aggressive agenda he claims he pursued “from Day One.”

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