Trump Encouraging Russian Cyber Attacks On U.S. Elections Draws Condemnation From All Corners

In a press conference this morning, Donald Trump encouraged additional Russian cyber attacks saying, “[I]f you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.” Trump’s borderline treasonous request was instantly met with condemnation from national security experts as well as from fellow Republicans.

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta described Trump’s comments as “outrageous” and “beyond the pale”.


CNN Chief National Security Correspondent Jim Sciutto described the Russian cyber attacks as a form of “low level war” and Russia as an “existential threat to the United States.”


Laura Galante, a cyber security expert found Trump’s comment to be “ground-breaking” and that, “The potential for this to insight aggression in cyber space is a serious risk.”

“Hacking email is a criminal activity. And he’s asked a foreign government — a murderous, repressive regime — to attack not just one of our citizens but the Democratic […]

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TRUMP’S RUSSIA: New Exhibit At American Bridge’s Trump Museum

With Donald Trump today publicly asking Russia to hack and conduct espionage on one of his political opponents — and suggesting that Russia would be rewarded “mightily” for the effort — American Bridge thought it was timely to add a “Trump’s Russia” exhibit to our Trump Museum, which is currently set up in Philadelphia for the DNCC. (RSVP and get more information here.)

Trump’s gone on the record to heap praise on Vladimir Putin and called for the U.S. to withdraw from NATO, which would be a big win for Russian influence around the world. Plus, Trump has ties to the Russian mob, and his campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, has worked for a Ukrainian “ally of Vladimir Putin” and may have had a hand in making this year’s Republican Party platform more pro-Russia.

On Tuesday night, Trump tweeted that he has “ZERO investments in Russia,” but Trump’s definitely […]

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WATCH: Bet Putin Liked Donald’s Doral Press Conference

Donald Trump held a rambling press conference today at his Doral National golf course and the result was a meandering disaster. Coming out of his convention, Trump’s admiration of Putin is well documented — but now Trump has gone a step further by promising rewards to Russia for hacking a political opponent’s emails and making it clear that he would consider recognizing Crimea as Russian and lifting sanctions.

From encouraging additional Russian hacking and denying his close business ties with Russia to shushing a respected journalist, it was a wild ride in Doral. Here are the lowlights:  

“I’ve never met Putin, I don’t know him” Youtube

“I’m not going to tell Putin what to do” Youtube

“I would love to have that power” Youtube

Asks Russia for more email leaks Youtube

On Putin: “I hope he likes me” Youtube

On his business with Russia Youtube

“If Russia has those emails […]

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Trump says “I don’t know who Putin is,” but…

1) Putin “calls me a genius and they want me to renounce him?”

2) “Putin’s said very nice things about me…he actually called me a genius”

3) “I think I would probably get along very well with Putin”

4) “I’ve had a sort of semi-nice relationship with Putin. He’s said very nice things about me.”

5) Trump defending Putin: “He’s always denied it…It’s never been proven that he killed anybody.”

6) “I think that he’s a strong leader. He’s a powerful leader”

7) “I always had a good feeling about him”

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History Made! (Because Trump’s Afraid To Release His Tax Returns)

On Wednesday morning, Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort announced that Donald Trump “will not be releasing [his tax returns],” the latest indication that Trump plans to break the 40 year tradition of major party presidential candidates releasing their tax returns in the interest of being transparent with voters.

Every major party nominee has released his or her tax returns since Gerald Ford, who released a “tax summary” in 1976 in lieu of his full returns. Trump has previously suggested that he can’t — or just won’t? — release his tax returns because he’s “under audit,” but that didn’t stop Richard Nixon, of all people, who voluntarily released his under-audit returns as president in 1973.

There are a number of possibilities why Trump refuses to release his returns. Here are a few:

As Trump himself highlighted on Tuesday night, the returns could show Trump investments in Russia — or conversely, Russian investments in Trump. 
Or Trump’s […]

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Trump May Or May Not Have Russian Investments — But Not For A Lack Of Effort

Amid a number of experts publicly expressing their view that the DNC hacks were sponsored by the Russian government, Donald Trump tweeted out the following, unprompted:

Trump may or may not have investments in Russia, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t tried, according to the Washington Post:

At the end of the day, here’s the real question: Trump may or may not have investments in Russia, but does Russia have investments in Trump?

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