Mitt Romney And Doug Ducey: Ice (Cream) Cold Businessmen

Mitt Romney is continuing his consolation tour of the nation, touting the ideas that handed him a decisive loss two years ago and “boosting” candidates around the country. Today, he’s taking his talents to Mesa, where he’ll campaign with Doug Ducey, a man with whom he has all too much in common.

The two slick-looking businessmen have made a lot of money in their careers, but neither of them seem to have workers in their best interests. As Governor of Massachusetts, Romney belied a campaign promise by vetoing a minimum wage increase, which was promptly overridden by unanimous votes in both chambers of the state legislation. That kind of audacity must impress a man like Doug Ducey.

Ducey has consistently spoken out against raising the minimum wage, and even went so far as to institute his famed singing-for-tips policy at Cold Stone Creamery, in part to avoid paying higher wages to his [...]

ICYMI: Chris Christie Is “Tired of Hearing About The Minimum Wage”

At a Chamber of Commerce event today, Chris Christie – ever the everyman sharing working families’ concerns – came right out and said what we’re sure many Republicans have been thinking this year: “I’m tired of hearing about the minimum wage, I really am.” American Bridge has the video, watch for yourself here:

Christie may be ‘tired’ of hearing about the minimum wage, but he can’t be anywhere near as tired as the millions of hardworking men and women around the country who deserve a raise. The truth is that the average minimum wage earner in this country is 35. Christie should know that, given he’s proudly touted his past veto of a bill to increase New Jersey’s minimum wage. Americans deserve better than Christie’s reliance on a trite and repeatedly debunked Republican talking point about this critical issue.

But wait, there’s more… of the LePage-Cutler bromance (VIDEO)

Tonight’s Maine gubernatorial debate had several memorable moments. Governor LePage claimed that $100,000 is “not that rich” (never mind that that’s over twice the state’s median income). He admitted that “I cannot create jobs,” while in the same breath bragging about putting 3,500 Mainers out of work through his hiring and firing power.

But we’d be remiss if we didn’t especially highlight even more touching examples of the LePage-Cutler bromance that took place tonight at USM. Eliot Cutler had the Governor’s back, snapping that “this is your problem, not the Governor’s,” while LePage went out of his way to say “Eliot, I agree with you.” But actions speak louder than words, and Governor LePage tenderly patting Eliot Cutler’s arm pretty much says it all.

Watch for yourself:

The Greedy Outsourcing Party

It’s no secret that Mitt Romney’s checkered business career was part of what doomed his election hopes in 2012. When people looked at Mitt Romney, they saw a vulture capitalist who was willing to close down American plants, lay off workers, and ship jobs overseas, so long as it helped their bottom dollar.

Having run for president, Romney’s business practices are likely the most infamous among Republican politicians, but he’s hardly alone. This year, key GOP candidates in close senate and gubernatorial races espouse the same self-interested philosophy — reaping profits while hurting American workers.

In Georgia, David Perdue’s campaign was rocked as POLITICO reported that Perdue had stated plainly in a 2005 deposition that he had “spent most of his career” outsourcing. This statement itself would have been severely damaging to Perdue’s candidacy, but what was even more detrimental, perhaps because it was so revealing, was Perdue’s dumbfounded response to the [...]

Bill Cassidy Blatantly Lies About Voting Against VA Medical Center

Listen to it for yourself — this is a direct quote from Rep. Bill Cassidy:

“Well first, I chuckle when Senator Landrieu, for example, says I voted against the VA hospital in New Orleans. I wasn’t in Congress when the VA hospital was voted on. I’m not sure if it’s a half-truth, I think it’s a lie.”

There is only one person lying, and it’s Bill Cassidy. No, he wasn’t in the United States House of Representatives at the time. Neither was the bill. It was a state legislative bill in Louisiana when Cassidy was a Louisiana State Senator. He voted against it. There isn’t much more to it.

VIDEO: The LePage-Cutler bromance blossoms

High-fives, hugs, applauding each other — the hallmarks of a certified bromance, and yet, also of the Maine gubernatorial debates, thanks to Governor LePage and Eliot Cutler’s mutual admiration society. Indeed, in response to a question last night about whether he’d sign a bill raising the governor’s pay, Cutler gushed “not mine, but I’d increase… Paul’s!” Swoon.

It’s unusual to see candidates, seemingly adversaries, palling around in a debate. But it’s less surprising that LePage and Cutler are so supportive of each other during the debates when you consider that a vote for either candidate gets you the same result: another four years of Paul LePage.

See the Maine bromance for yourself:

VIDEO: Scott Walker: Working for the Kochs, Not For Wisconsin

Scott Walker made both local and national headlines yesterday when he bluntly stated that his opinion is that the minimum wage “serves no purpose.” Thousands of minimum wage workers across Wisconsin would probably disagree with that assertion. But Scott Walker isn’t looking out for them — he’s looking out for the Koch brothers and his other wealthy allies.

And the Koch brothers are pretty pleased with Walker’s extreme agenda. His Tea Party makeover of Wisconsin has been an economic disaster that has left his reelection hopes in unexpected danger. But for the Kochs, it’s been a dream come true: massive tax cuts for the wealthy paid for by gutting education funding, an assault on public employees, a refusal to accept federal money to expand Medicaid, and the list goes on.

In fact, the President of the Kochs’ Americans For Prosperity, Tim Phillips, just told Bloomberg Politics that Scott Walker [...]

Rick Scott Delays Debate Over A Fan

At tonight’s Florida gubernatorial debate, incumbent Republican Governor Rick Scott delayed – and nearly refused to participate in – tonight’s debate because of the presence of a regular old fan.

We here at American Bridge were stunned (like just about everyone else in the country following the debate). So we tried to come up with a list of reasons why Scott could have been so afraid of a fan. Here’s our best college try:

Top 7 Reasons Rick Scott Could Have Been Afraid of a Fan

1. They’re so distracting

2. They’re hard to hold onto