Where does Martha McSally stand on Arizona’s new junk insurance plans?

Arizona’s Republican governor signed a bill into law this week allowing insurance companies to offer plans exempt from the ACA’s pre-existing condition protections — which could lead Arizonans suffering from cancer or diabetes to be dropped by their insurance at a moment’s notice. Watch one Arizona mother talk about her daughter’s pre-existing condition here.

As a failed Senate candidate in 2018, Martha McSally falsely claimed she was “leading the fight” to force insurers to cover pre-existing conditions — then turned around and voted to confirm Chad Readler, a key player in Trump’s efforts to gut the ACA, to the Circuit Court.

McSally is no stranger to flip-flopping, but Arizonans deserve to know what their Senator is doing to keep her campaign promises on pre-existing conditions. Where does Martha McSally stand on Arizona’s new junk insurance plans?

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McSally Refunds $120,000 of Excessive Contributions

“Arizonans deserve a senator who can focus on them, not on digging out from repeated campaign finance violations,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman.

AP: McSally Refunds $120,000 of Excessive Contributions

By AP | March 5, 2019

PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona Sen. Martha McSally has refunded more than $120,000 in excess campaign contributions after the Federal Election Commission asked her campaign to explain them.

Federal candidates can collect $2,700 from a single donor during a primary election, followed by an additional $2,700 from the same person during the general election. But in January the federal agency flagged dozens of contributions to McSally from more than 60 donors that appeared to exceed those limits during the 2018 campaign.

McSally’s campaign told the FEC in a response dated Monday that excessive contributions from 55 people were refunded. The campaign also said it re-attributed another $14,000 to the original donor’s spouse and explained that […]

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Coming to a feed near you: McSally’s McShady highlight reel

Martha McSally’s first month as the unelected senator from Arizona came to a close last night with wall to wall TV coverage of her campaign finance woes. Arizonans tuned into story after story after the AP reported the FEC flagged McSally’s failed Senate campaign for $270,000 in illegal excess contributions.

Watch the highlight reel here:

Check it out on Twitter here.

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NEW: FEC flags Martha McSally for excessive campaign donations

“McSally’s growing list of campaign finance infractions suggest she’s taken a sloppy and cavalier attitude toward the law. At worst, she’s actively flouting campaign finance regulations as if the rules don’t apply to her. The FEC must investigate this potentially illegal scheme and McSally must be held accountable if she’s found guilty of any wrongdoing,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman.

AP: Feds flag Arizona senator for excessive campaign donations

By Brian Slodysko | January 31, 2019

Arizona Sen. Martha McSally, whose fundraising practices have drawn scrutiny in the past, appears to have accepted more than $270,000 in excessive campaign contributions during the recent midterm campaign, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Federal candidates can collect $2,700 from a single donor during a primary election, followed by an additional $2,700 from the same person during the general election.

But the federal agency flagged dozens of contributions to McSally from more than 60 […]

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QUICK CLIPS: McSally dodges 3 Trump questions in 1 interview

Last night on Arizona PBS, unelected Senator Martha McSally gave an impressive number of non-answers when confronted with questions about Trump, shutdowns, and national emergencies. But her subtext was clear: in spite of her own campaign blaming her loss in November on her loyalty to Trump, McSally is choosing to stand by him.

Watch the clips below:

DODGE: McSally dodges a question about another Trump shutdown:

DUCK: McSally doesn’t condemn a national emergency to fund Trump’s vanity project:

DIP: McSally sides with Trump over the intelligence community:

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Well This Is Awkward…  

In case you missed it — This weekend, the Arizona Republican Party voted in Kelli Ward as their new party chair. Yep, the very same Kelli Ward who lost to unelected Senator Martha McSally in the GOP Senate primary last year.

As McSally gears up for a run in 2020, she’s going to have to play nice with Ward, who now has control of the Arizona GOP’s election strategy next cycle. But these two have a lot of bad blood.

Check out some of the things Ward had to say about McSally in 2018 — then ask yourself how in the world McSally will win back the trust of Arizona Republicans before 2020.

Watch the video here.

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Senate Brief: 1 Week | Closing Arguments

Week of Monday, October 29

IN BRIEF: One week out from Election Day, Republican Senate candidates are en route to fall far short of expectations. Here’s why:

This cycle’s map was supposed to be a Republican juggernaut. After the 2016 election, onlookers predicted a Republican sweep of 10 Senate seats held by Democratic Senators in states that Trump won.
But multiple recruitment failures, a deeply unpopular president, and Republican ineffectiveness have evened the playing field. States once thought to be in play — Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin — are effectively off the map. And even in redder states like Montana and West Virginia, flawed Republican candidates have failed to overtake popular incumbents.
The GOP has failed to find any meaningful message on which to campaign. Democrats have displayed across-the-board message discipline on the cycle’s #1 issue — healthcare — forcing Republicans to play defense on policies […]

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QUICK CLIP(S): McSally Totally Loses It When Confronted With Her Horrible Healthcare Record

Martha McSally is caught in a downward spiral of her own making, thanks to her multiple votes to weaken protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions.

On the campaign trail yesterday, McSally got into a heated argument with reporters who dared to confront her about her record. Instead of owning up to her votes against pre-existing conditions, McSally demanded that they “talk about the things that matter to most voters.” (Reminder: healthcare is the number one issue for voters this cycle.)

Watch McSally break down and lash out over her healthcare record:

Watch the full clip here, and read more on McSally’s pre-existing conditions pickle below.

Politico: GOP alarmed Obamacare attacks could cost them the House
Bloomberg: Clash on Health Care Takes Center Stage in Arizona Senate Race
Roll Call: McSally Defends Health Care Record in Testy […]

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McSally Snubbed By Home District Newspaper

Today Martha McSally’s home district newspaper the Arizona Daily Star endorsed her opponent in a major snub. The Daily Star endorsed McSally back in 2016, calling her a “strong, smart and pragmatic representative.” These days? Not so much. Read on below to see what they had to say about McSally’s extreme shift rightward.

Arizona Daily Star: Star Opinion: Kyrsten Sinema for the U.S. Senate
October 18, 2018

“The race to represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate is one of the most watched in the country, with good reason.”
“Martha McSally’s Arizona follows the Trump agenda, embraces tax cuts for the wealthy, values veterans, wants a border wall, seeks to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and is itching for a fight on trade, tariffs, immigration, foreign relations and the environment.”
“We have found her determined march to the political right, and her alignment with President Trump, alarming.”
“In her quest for a Senate seat, […]

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Rhetoric vs. Reality: McSally Distorts Her Own Record During the AZ-SEN Debate

Martha McSally had a doozy of a debate last night. Defensive and desperate, she distorted her record over and over again. Instead of focusing on the issues, McSally peddled debunked lies. Her debate performance is the clearest proof yet: McSally will do or say anything to get elected.

Below, we break down some of her most egregious falsehoods.

RHETORIC: McSally denied that she put Arizonans’ privacy at risk by voting to allow anyone to buy or sell private information online: “What are you even talking about? Of course, I did not do that.”

REALITY: McSally voted to repeal rules that would prevent internet service providers from selling users private browsing data and received nearly $100,000 from the telecom industry.

RHETORIC: McSally said: “I voted to protect people with pre-existing conditions to make sure insurance companies were forced to give them healthcare, had no caps on insurance, and couldn’t cancel it.”

REALITY: McSally voted for […]

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