Kasich: “You’re Gonna Have To Get Over” Lower Social Security Benefits

If you’re concerned about your Social Security benefits, John Kasich has a message for you: “Get over it.”

Talking to a voter on New Hampshire’s NH1 News Network, Kasich said that if he’s elected, people would have to just accept cuts to their earned benefits. To make matter worse, when an audience member expressed legitimate concerns over his callous position, Kasich, being Kasich, just laughed:

“Now, what if I told your initial [Social Security] benefit was going to be lower, to try to save the program? Would that drive you crazy? Oh, it would upset you?” 

“OK, well, you’d get over it. And you’re gonna have to get over it.”

Watch the video here:

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Jeb! Doesn’t Support Reauthorizing VRA, Continues Support of Disenfranchisement

Jeb Bush made clear that he fully reversed course on his “lose the primary to win the general” strategy, coming out against re-authorization of the Voting Rights Act at a forum in Des Moines this morning. Calling it an antiquated and out-dated policy, Bush is appealing to the elements in the Republican Party that seek electoral gain through putting up barriers to the ballot box. It’s an indefensible position, but not exactly a surprise considering Jeb’s long history of support for disenfranchising Floridians and Americans generally.

Watch the clip below:

…and read up Jeb’s record on voting rights. Low-lights include:

U.S. Commission On Civil Rights Condemned Florida’s Barriers To Voting For African-Americans During 2000 Election

Commission Issued Report: Black Ballots Thrown Out More Often Than White

Commission Accused Bush Of Ignoring Racial Voting Problems, Called For DOJ Investigation Under Voting Rights Act

Bush’s Policies Set Off A New Wave Of Voter Disenfranchisement Across The Country

Florida Gov. […]

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New Hampshire Can’t Trust Ayotte To Protect Medicare

More than 230,000 New Hampshire residents were Medicare beneficiaries in 2012, according to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Yet Senator Kelly Ayotte voted to privatize the current Medicare system in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Siding with special interests at the risk of seniors, Ayotte supported the Paul Ryan budget, which would replace Medicare with a voucher system for future retirees. New Hampshire can’t trust Ayotte to protect Medicare.


2013: Ayotte Voted For Replacing Medicare With A Premium Support Plan As Part Of The FY 2014 Ryan Budget. In March 2013, Ayotte voted for replacing Medicare with a premium support plan, as part of House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) proposed budget resolution covering fiscal years 2014 to 2023 According to the House Budget Committee, “Beginning in 2024, for those workers born in 1959 or later, Medicare would offer them a choice of private plans competing alongside the traditional fee-for-service option on a new Medicare Exchange. Medicare would provide a premium-support […]

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GOP Solution For Gun Violence: Do Nothing

Jeb Bush kick-started the Republican Party’s conversation on doing nothing to protect our children from gun violence when he dismissed the role of government in creating safe communities by saying, “stuff happens,” but this is a common theme from other candidates. Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, and the rest of the GOP field have parroted Bush this week, blaming victims, mental health issues, or both.

Even today, Bush argued that more guns in more hands is the solution, saying in Muscatine, Iowa, “I think it reduces crime to have people have concealed weapons permits.” But, as the Washington Post reported, it’s “a stretch to say such laws are a slam-dunk reason for why crimes have decreased.”

Here’s what the GOP field has to say about gun violence:

Jeb Bush: “It’s just — it’s very sad to see, but I resist the notion, and I did — I had this challenge as governor. […]

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Karl Rove “Spending Big Bucks” To Save Kelly Ayotte

Another one of Kelly Ayotte’s special interest backers is spending millions this week to try to save her campaign.

NH1 reports, “One Nation… will launch a 17-day $1.4 million broadcast, cable, digital and radio ad campaign in the Granite State.”

Who is One Nation?

One Nation is part of Karl Rove’s “constellation of Crossroads organizations” and is specifically focused on saving vulnerable Republican senators in 2016. Already this year, this dark money group spent $2 million propping up Republican senators, including Kelly Ayotte, that back their anti-middle class agenda. Now, Rove is pouring another $1.4 million into New Hampshire to attempt to mask Ayotte’s record of voting to defund Planned Parenthood.

Like American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, One Nation is headed up by Steven Law, who also chairs the Senate Leadership Fund, another arm of the Rove “empire.”

While it’s been reported that One Nation is a “new” (c)4 addition to the Crossroads network, […]

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Kelly Ayotte Puts Big Banks Ahead Of NH Students

In a laughable attempt to cover up her terrible record on college affordability, Kelly Ayotte introduced a new bill that has been called a “handout to the loan industry.” The senator apparently hopes New Hampshire voters will pay more attention to that bill than her actual record.

And let’s be real. Ayotte’s record on college affordability is insulting to borrowers with student loans and students trying to afford a college education with the help of Pell Grants.

Ayotte has voted multiple times to cut funding to Pell Grants. She skipped voting on a bill that would have made a huge difference to borrowers with student loans. Instead of providing much needed support to families and students in New Hampshire and across the country, Ayotte is helping special interests and big banks.


2013: Ayotte Voted To Cut Pell Grant Funding As Part Of A Proposed Repeal Of The ACA And The 2010 Reconciliation Act. In March 2013, Ayotte voted […]

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