How ‘Bout That Colorado Republican Senate Primary

The description that the Colorado GOP Senate primary is “an insult to burning dumpsters everywhere” gets more accurate by the day.

A Denver 7 reporter finally caught up with the woman who helped collect those 13 apparently forged signatures and one dead voter for Jon Keyser’s campaign petition. Watch:

Jon Keyser hasn’t commented since the video was posted, but we’re willing to bet we already know what he’ll say.

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Will Trump Make Good On The $6 Million He Lied About Raising For Veterans?

Will Trump Make Good On The $6 Million He Lied About Raising For Veterans?

And where’s the $1 million that Trump claims to have personally donated?

This weekend, the Washington Post reported that Donald Trump flat-out lied about how much money he raised at a January event billed as benefiting veterans’ organizations.

Trump repeatedly claimed to have raised $6 million. Now, facing scrutiny, Trump’s campaign confessed to the Washington Post that he actually raised far less. Meanwhile, Trump said he personally contributed $1 million to veterans’ groups as part of the fundraiser, but he’s refused to name any specific organizations that benefited from his donation.

“Donald Trump has made a career of scamming and cheating everyday Americans — seniors, small business owners, employees, and now veterans. Trump bragged about raising $6 million for veterans groups, but came up short and now he won’t say where he directed his personal donation, which seriously calls into question whether he […]

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Asian Americans Are Looking For Inclusion, Donald Says ‘We Want Deal’

Yesterday, Asian And Pacific Islander American Vote released its spring Asian American voter survey. Asian Americans represent a rapidly expanding voting bloc, and things don’t look good for Donald Trump. Trump is currently viewed unfavorably by 61% of respondents and viewed favorably by a meager 19%, 42 points underwater. 

What could be behind these numbers? The study reveals that Asian Americans are shifting toward the Democratic Party and, “exclusionary rhetoric is a likely cause.” Donald Trump has engaged in such “exclusionary rhetoric” regularly throughout his campaign, often adopting an offensive “Chinese accent” when discussing trade with China. Trump has used his offensive Chinese accent–imitating Chinese negotiators saying, “We want deal.”

Trump’s offensive rhetoric about Hispanics and Muslims is well documented, but his bigotry doesn’t stop there. His offensive parodies of the Chinese, as well as South Asians, is being noticed by minority communities, and the electoral implications are […]

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WATCH: Is The Miss Universe Winner Trump Called “Miss Piggy” Voting For Him?

In 1996, Trump ridiculed her as “Miss Piggy” and an “eating machine,” and publicly shamed her by forcing her to attend workout classes and inviting the media to watch. (In the clip below, the misogynist explains “he’d probably do the same thing with” then-wife Marla Maples, if she gained weight.)

Former Miss Universe-winner Alicia Machado isn’t the only woman to be bullied and humiliated by Donald Trump, but his cruelty toward her was particularly public and repugnant.

Machado was featured on last night’s Inside Edition. Watch here:

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Trump Profits As Working People Lose Their Jobs And Homes

In 2006, Donald Trump hoped for a housing market crash: “I sort of hope that happens because then people like me would go in and buy.” Trump’s wish came true, and millions of Americans lost their homes and jobs — presumably as he padded his pockets.

Ten years later, Trump is still making money off working people losing their jobs.

Donald just revealed he’s profited off an investment in United Technologies, the parent company of Carrier, an air-conditioning manufacturer that recently laid off 2,100 Indiana workers in order to shift its production to Mexico.

Working families were losing their jobs and Trump was hypocritically criticizing the company for outsourcing, but he kept on making money.

Ten years after he wished for a recession, hoping to profit off a housing crisis, Donald Trump is still making money while working people pay the price.

At least he’s paying his fair share in ta- oh […]

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Where’s Jon?

Jon Keyser has had a rough couple weeks in Colorado;  being hounded about dead petition signatories and forged signatures must be exhausting.

Keyser has sought refuge in the nation’s capital, taking a meeting with the king of absenteeism, Marco Rubio.

Keyser can hide out in DC, (no question Duke will hold down the homestead in CO) but questions about the nefarious methods employed to secure ballot access aren’t going away.

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Make Donald Rich Again

On the trail, Donald Trump repeatedly decried companies that outsource jobs from the United States. Carrier, Nabisco, Ford, and Apple were always favorite targets of Trump on the stump; in private, they’re favorites in his financial portfolio. While threatening these companies with tariffs on the trail, Trump has been profiting from investments in each and every one. Trump’s Personal Financial Disclosure exposes his phony position on these companies. He’s getting richer while working families suffer. There’s only one word for Trump’s two-faced high-wire act: hypocrisy.


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