Donald Trump’s Dark Demagoguery

Last night Donald Trump delivered the darkest acceptance speech of any party nominee in modern politics. Stoking fears with falsehoods, Trump was angry, predictably fact and policy free, and failed miserably to broaden his appeal.

Friday’s reactions were nearly unanimous in the adjective used to describe Trump’s speech–dark: 

“Given a chance to replace the empty sloganeering and self-aggrandizement of his primary campaign with solid proposals worthy of Americans’ trust, Mr. Trump made clear that he instead intends to terrify voters into supporting him, who will protect them from violence, a word that occurs over and over in his remarks.” New York Times Editorial Board, “Donald Trump’s Campaign of Fear

“It was the most disturbing, demagogic and deluded acceptance speech by any major party nominee in the modern political era. It’s no wonder so many Republicans — including Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Ohio Governor John Kasich — are refusing to […]

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“Destruction Of Evidence”: Trump Org. Deleted Emails Sought In Lawsuit

Trump University and Trump Institute fraudster Donald Trump was accused of “destroying data and evidence” that pertained to a 2006 lawsuit.

It turns out that the Trump Organization “destroyed old computers and emails” on a “routine” basis, with “no records from 1996 to 2001,” according to a USA Today report on the lawsuit and related allegations that Trump destroyed evidence.

Unintentional or not, this episode fits into a larger pattern of Donald Trump’s willingness to muddle the truth and withhold information that voters have a right to know.

Every major party nominee since 1976 has released his or her tax returns — until now. Donald Trump, for some reason, continues to refuse. As the Washington Post’s Editorial Board put it this week, Trump’s unprecedented lack of openness is “evading transparency and eroding one of the country’s essential democratic norms.”

Voters deserve to know what kind of person they’re electing to the White House, […]

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Trump’s Real Record On Women and Working Families

Tonight Ivanka Trump claimed that Donald Trump would be fantastic for working families. Following in the footsteps of her father, Ivanka is distorting reality and trying to mislead the American people. You’d have to be incredibly naive to believe such a claim given Trump’s record. In November Trump absolutely trashed pay equality, calling it socialism. He also described pregnant women as an “inconvenience” for employers and called a woman “disgusting” for breastfeeding.

“Donald Trump would be an absolute disaster for American women and working families,” said American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Mackler. “Trump has never spoken on the campaign trail about the need to close the wage gap or provide affordable child care. Ivanka is cynically distorting her father’s record. Trump’s record and policy proposals are clear: he’d be an economic disaster.”


Trump Opposed Equal Pay Legislation 
2011: Trump Suggested Mothers Did Not Deserve To Be Paid As […]

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Trump’s Foreign Policy Is Reactionary, Naive, And Extremely Dangerous

“Statements like these make the world dangerous and the United States less safe.” 

Tonight, Donald Trump is showing that Senator Lindsey Graham’s take on Trump’s irresponsible comments on NATO can be applied to the nominee’s entire foreign policy platform. Trump’s complete lack of knowledge of foreign affairs is a danger to Americans and our allies abroad.

Trump has regularly “emotionally reacted” to terrorism activity. His facile understanding is made clear by his proposals that cut America off from the world and “bomb the sh*t out of” our enemies. Instead of outlining detailed strategies for taking on ISIS, Trump simply says “I’m good at war,” and promises that he has a “very beautiful” plan to defeat them. He falls back on the use of nuclear weapons but doesn’t even seem to know what the nuclear triad is. He wants to force our military into the use of war crimes, entirely abandoning the […]

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Trump Is Still The Outsourcer In Chief

Tonight, Donald Trump is using his usual hypocritical arguments on American economics: a “trade war” would be good for Americans and he knows how to make “great deals.” But a “trade war” and those “great deals” aren’t good for the average hard working American — they’re good for Trump. On the occasion that he makes a good point — like that we should manufacture in America instead of in other countries — his own hypocrisy discredits him.

While he argues that things should be made in America, his own clothing line is made overseas in Mexico, China, and Bangladesh. He lambastes Nabisco, Carrier, and Ford for outsourcing, but that didn’t stop him from investing and profiting off of those same companies. Even his winery brought in foreign workers instead of employing Americans.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he welcomes financial turmoil from global shakeups like Brexit and the housing market crisis, […]

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Trump’s Economic Agenda Is Good For Trump — But It’d Wreck The Economy

Donald Trump’s economic agenda is great for him. Top income-earning households would get the “largest cuts” under Trump’s tax plan — “an average tax cut worth over $1.3 million, nearly 19 percent of after-tax income” for the top 0.1%, according to the Tax Policy Center.
That’s a great deal for Trump and his billionaire friends and donors, because they get a disproportionate boost while the lowest income-earners are left with “an average tax cut of $128.”

Here’s the catch: Trump’s tax plan “would make the national debt skyrocket by $10 trillion or more.”

Moody’s Analytics reports that Trump’s tax reform proposal and trade policies could very well bring about a “lengthy recession,” and notes that Trump’s “Who the hell cares if there’s a trade war?” bravado is naive, because such a trade war would render “the U.S. economy…isolated and diminished.”

Trump only cares about enriching himself and will act to give himself a […]

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Trump’s Anti-Immigration Policy Has Forever Scarred The GOP

Tonight, Donald Trump is re-upping his belief that Mexican immigrants are “bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” Trump has made it clear since hour one that he doesn’t care about alienating Latino voters.

He uses offensive language including “anchor babies” and “illegals.” He wants to build a wall on the Mexican-American border and deport millions by force. He thinks that Judge Curiel cannot preside over the Trump University case simply because he is Mexican-American. His idea of outreach is tweeting a picture of himself eating a taco bowl on Cinco de Mayo. In response, Hispanics are revolting against his candidacy, refusing to support him, and leaving the GOP altogether.

Republican Lionel Sosa, a Latino outreach veteran of the Reagan administration and both Bush presidencies irecently denounced Trump. In an op-ed for the San Antonio Express News appropriately titled“Farewell, my Grand Old Party,” Sosa writes that Trump’s rhetoric and racism is forcing him […]

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