American Bridge’s Marco Roboto & Rubio Talking Point 3000 Take New Hampshire By Storm

American Bridge thought the Marco Rubio campaign might need some backup while they reboot the RubioBot to avoid another debate malfunction. So we’ve sent our own Marco Robotos to New Hampshire through the primary, programmed full of talking points to fend off the press while they fix their version’s glitches.

Take a look at the latest from New Hampshire with American Bridge’s Marco Robotos:

New York Daily News:

Meet The Press:

Gawker: Rubio Bots Showed Up To Greet ‘Marco Roboto’ in New Hampshire This Morning

Mother Jones: Democrats Have Wasted No Time Trolling Marco Rubio for His Debate Malfunction

Jezebel The Slot: Marco Rubio’s First Post-Debate Event Plagued by Robot Protesters

Huffington Post: Marco Rubio Says He’ll Keep Using The Same Obama Attack Line Over And Over Despite Being Mocked

Daily Mail: Marco malfunction! Robot Rubio is roundly mocked for New Hampshire debate after he […]

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American Bridge Statement On Tonight’s GOP Debate

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement ontonight’s GOP presidential debate:

“We’ll say it again: No Republican candidate for president is remotely ready to serve as commander-in-chief. Tonight saw candidates call for the bombing of civilians, enthusiastically endorse inhumane torture methods, and even float closing down mosques. Candidates bragged about their attacks on women’s healthcare, doubled-down on disproportionate tax-cuts for the wealthy few, and re-stated their commitment to anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies — making it clear that the GOP remains an exclusionary party beholden to its ultra-wealthy donors.

“And then there’s Marco Rubio. The Rubiobot got stuck on repeat, offering nothing but canned talking points, and still had no answer when challenged on his lack of accomplishments and failure to show up for work. He needed a big night tonight, but a system glitch had him short-circuiting.”

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RubioBot Blows A Gasket In New Hampshire

Tonight’s GOP debate in New Hampshire was chock full of the usual hateful rhetoric, amateur policy discussions, and petty name-calling that we’ve been seeing for months – but Marco Rubio takes the cake for worst debate performance thus far. Rubio was stuck on repeat, and delivered the same rehearsed, canned answers again and again in a debate performance that pundits called “awkward” and “mind-boggling.”

In case you missed RubioBot’s short-circuit tonight, here’s a quick recap:

@blakehounshell: Rubio’s performance tonight, given his past success, is utterly bizarre.

@igorbobic: Rubio needs to learn how to call an audible

@rebeccagberg: Marco Rubio keeps repeating the same talking point that Christie brutally mocked him for. Mind-boggling.

@RosieGray: did Rubio short-circuit?

@marincogan: Oh man Marco, let the talking point go. Let it go. Let it go.

@igorvolsky: RUBIO = VINE. ON LOOP.

@pbump: “i dont wanna go back out there coach” “you gotta” “i cant. i cant do…” “MARCO. you gotta”

@MikeGrunwald: Rubio […]

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The GOP’s Crusade To Set Women’s Health Care Back Decades

Rinse and repeat. The GOP field is back to boasting about setting women’s health care back decades. And every candidate remains hell-bent on defunding the number one provider of women’s health care in the country: Planned Parenthood. 
From Marco Rubio’s opposition to a woman’s right to choose, even in cases of rape or incest, to Ted Cruz’s support of Personhood, which could ban common forms of birth control, and Donald Trump’s characterization of Planned Parenthood as “an abortion factory,” every single GOP candidate on the stage tonight wants to take personal health care decisions away from women — and they certainly can’t be counted on to fight to protect women’s healthcare rights. That doesn’t play well in a state like New Hampshire, where nearly 50% of Republican primary voters describe themselves as “pro choice.”

In Congress, Republicans have wasted taxpayer dollars on investigations, held countless hearings, and voted time and time to end federal funding for Planned Parenthood.  But […]

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GOP Presidential Field Fails To Offer Real Solutions To New Hampshire’s Growing Drug Crisis

Heroin and opioid abuse has become a crisis across the country – and the problem has become especially acute in New Hampshire. But Granite Staters who were looking for leadership from the GOP on combating drug abuse and addiction are sure to leave tonight’s debate disappointed.

Both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz voted against an amendment that would have put $17.5 billion toward helping people recover from drug addiction and substance abuse, as well as an amendment that would have increased the federal government’s efforts to combat substance abuse by requiring health care pans to cover more than one addiction treatment drug.

More recently, Cruz has adopted Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant, hateful, and ultimately inadequate solution to the growing drug epidemic: building a wall along the southern border.

With records like these, it’s no wonder that the GOP field was light on specifics tonight. They’ve made it clear that they’re not willing to work to combat the growing […]

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GOP To Working Families: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Republicans teeter between opposing any increase in the $15,000 a U.S. worker receives annually on the minimum wage, and opposing a federal minimum wage entirely. Working parents struggle every day to care for their families, put food on the table, and provide a basic level of comfort for their children. It’s hard enough with the minimum wage’s $7.25-an-hour, but Republicans continue to stand with the Koch brothers and in the way of helping working families by giving them a well-deserved raise.

Here’s what GOP presidential candidates debating tonight have to say about the minimum wage:

Ted Cruz has twice voted against raising the minimum wage. Inexplicably, Cruz has gone so far as to claim that increasing the minimum wage would actually be detrimental to workers, saying, “I think [a wage hike] hurts the most vulnerable.”

Marco Rubio’s admitted that “you can’t live on $11 an hour,” but that didn’t stop him from opposing raising it to $9 an hour and  Read more after the jump.

GOP Tax Plans Make Mitt Romney Look Moderate

The 2016 Republican field has done something we once thought impossible: make Mitt Romney’s tax plan look moderate. GOP tax plans have always favored the wealthiest Americans, but this year, candidates are taking that to a new extreme.

Just how skewed to the rich are the GOP plans?

Marco Rubio is pushing what was once considered a “fringe idea,” ending capital gains and dividend income taxes. Under that plan, Romney wouldn’t pay a dime of federal taxes. Yet, there’s little evidence that cutting capital gains taxes would have a significant economic impact.

Donald Trump would lower the income tax rate for top earners to its lowest level since 1931, while only giving small cuts to lower-income Americans. Over ten years, Trump’s cuts would equal $10 trillion in lost government revenue, and it’s still unclear how he would make up the difference.

Ted Cruz is pushing a regressive flat-tax plan that would increase tax rates for […]

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