LATEST in NV-SEN: Dean Heller Now Facing A Legal Complaint for Campaign Payments to His Son

“In Dean Heller and his campaign’s haste to explain away unethical payments to Heller’s son, they’ve backed themselves right into legal trouble,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Dean Heller can’t even seem to orchestrate a coverup right.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Dems say work by Dean Heller’s son violates campaign law

By Ramona Giwargis | May 24, 2018

“State Democrats are accusing GOP Sen. Dean Heller of failing to report potentially illegal discounted services his campaign received from his son’s music production company.”
Heller “admitted to receiving ‘a cheap discount’ from Harris Heller for creating content for his campaign, including photos, videos and social media posts. The campaign paid Heller’s son’s production company, Heller Enterprises, $52,500 for its services since 2016. The campaign paid another digital advertising firm more than $50,000 for ads in a single month.”
“If the price of the services from Heller Enterprises was reduced, federal election law requires it must be reported […]

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Will Adam Putnam and Florida GOP Return Thousands of Dollars in Donations From Dog Shooter?

This morning, the Tampa Bay Times reported that special interest insider and “proud NRA sellout” Adam Putnam was holding a fundraiser hosted by Chris Comins, a man who was videotaped shooting dogs. Putnam’s response evolved in the hours after the story posted. First, his campaign responded by equating his receiving money from a dog shooter to his opponent receiving money from a registered Democrat (the horror). Then, Putnam’s campaign said the candidate himself was no longer attending the event. Minutes later, they announced that the fundraiser was being canceled all together. What was missing from Putnam’s numerous responses to a story that is only hours old? Putnam didn’t mention whether or not he was returning the contributions he has already received from the dog shooter. Putnam received $2700 just two months ago from Comins. The Republican Party of Florida has also received money from Comins.

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QUICK CLIP: Mike Braun’s Missing Financial Disclosure

This morning, Indiana’s WTHR highlighted Senate candidate Mike Braun’s failure to file a personal financial disclosure form by the federal deadline, saying the missed deadline was “kind of a big deal.”

Braun is required by federal ethics rules to file a personal financial disclosure by May 15, and could face a fine for his failure to meet the deadline.

“Hoosiers curious about Mike Braun’s murky past have been forced to stay in the dark by Braun’s failure to file a simple disclosure,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Voters have already read about Braun’s bad business practices and his record of enriching himself and his donors — how many more skeletons are in his closet?”

Watch WTHR question Mike Braun’s missing financial disclosure:

Watch the full video here.

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QUICK CLIP: Rick Scott Under Fire for Alleged Voter Suppression

Today Floridians woke up to reports of a lawsuit pending against GOP Senate candidate Governor Rick Scott for alleged voter suppression.

In 2013, Governor Scott refused to allow early voting on state college campuses — claiming campuses didn’t meet the definition of “government-owned community centers.” Now he’s being taken to court for making it “difficult and in some cases impossible” for young people to vote this fall.

“Voter suppression is a cynical tactic used by politicians worried about their electoral chances. Unfortunately for Rick Scott, it’s also illegal,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman.

WATCH Florida’s CFN report on Scott’s alleged voter suppression:

Watch the full video here.

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NEW AD Features Beholden Mike Braun Campaigning with Lobbyists Aligned with Indiana Outsourcers

American Bridge launched a new digital ad today featuring exclusive footage of Indiana Senate candidate Mike Braun exiting a fundraiser at Washington, DC lobbying firm BGR Group.

BGR Group lists among its clients United Technologies, the parent group of Carrier, which outsourced over 500 Indiana jobs to Mexico.

“Mike Braun called DC politicians ‘beholden…to lobbyists, PACs, and the people who finance their campaigns.’ But now that he’s won the primary he apparently has no qualms about rubbing shoulders with Washington insiders. A week of high-dollar fundraisers with a who’s who of the Swamp makes one thing clear: Mike Braun is committed to flooding the Swamp, not draining it,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman.

WATCH “Beholden Braun” strolling down K Street:

Watch the full ad here.

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DAMAGE CONTROL: After Saying He Wouldn’t Spend Money on Ads During Primary, Adam Laxalt Forced to Go On TV to Defend Support of Alleged Rapist Sheriff

Las Vegas Sands Review-Journal employee Victor Joeks “reported” today that Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt will be launching television ads next week. This comes just days after Laxalt told a group of supporters he would not be spending money on television ads until the general election.

At the same event, Laxalt was asked about his support for alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser, Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro. While Laxalt ran away from the question, the pressure didn’t stop there. The very next day American Bridge launched new ads against Laxalt on his standing with sexual predators over female victims. The ads followed previous Facebook ads American Bridge launched against Laxalt over his support of misogynists and sexual predators. Nevada women have also protested outside Laxalt’s offices in Las Vegas and Reno over the last few weeks.

“Adam Laxalt is […]

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Faux-outsider Rick Scott Won’t Promise Not to Vote the “Party Line”

Scott’s hypocrisy comes on the heels of a new campaign ad criticizing Bill Nelson for hewing too closely to Democratic leadership


Florida Governor Rick Scott’s new ad criticizes Sen. Bill Nelson for walking the “party line.” But today at a press conference in Jacksonville, Scott was unable to answer how he’d differentiate himself from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and GOP leadership if elected to the Senate.

A reporter asked Scott, “Governor, obviously you’ve got an ad right now for Bill Nelson, painting him as a party line voter. But you’ve been raising money across the country. Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader and other people have been helping. If you get elected as Senator, are you going to vow not to be a party line voter? Where would you deviate from Republican leadership in votes? How would you demonstrate political independence?”

And Scott fumbled to respond: “I think my track record over […]

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