After this insane immigration speech, can we finally stop pretending Trump will change?

Statement from Jessica Mackler, president of American Bridge 21st Century:

“Are we done pretending Donald Trump will ever change? Fifteen months after calling Mexicans rapists, Trump wailed about the same exact mass deportation and immigration policies that he’s been yelling about this whole time. He’s appealing to people’s worst fears and nativism. Trump’s policy are far from humane and are practically and fiscally irresponsible.

“Just hours after meeting the Mexican president and proving that he’s nothing more than a scared bully who choked on the international stage, Trump reminded Americans why he is dangerous and unfit to be Commander in Chief. Republicans who still support Donald Trump after tonight ran out of excuses — they’re actively endorsing Trump and his hatred that would make the United States less safe.”

Trump’s mass deportation policy outlined tonight:

“Within ICE, I am going to create a new deportation task force.” Video here.

“Anyone who has entered the United […]

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Darryl Glenn’s Trumpian Immigration Policies Will Damage CO GOP

The Republicans’ chances of winning the Senate race in Colorado quickly disappeared when Darryl Glenn won the nomination. Glenn’s campaign has been focused on partisanship, gridlock, and extremism since the beginning. He’s successfully emulated Donald Trump in nearly every policy position, including immigration.

Don’t expect a “softening” from either of these immigration hardliners though. Both Glenn and Trump are proudly standing by their extreme, xenophobic policies:

Just like Trump, Glenn says “we need to build a wall and enhance technology.”
Just like Trump, Glenn opposes the bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform legislation and bills like it.
Just like Trump, Glenn is against President Obama’s executive actions that keep families together, including deportation protections like DACA and DAPA.
Just like Trump, Glenn is against sanctuary cities and encourages racial profiling. He’s even referred to Denver as a sanctuary city. 
Just like Trump said he was “hardening” his immigration stance, Glenn said he was a “hardliner” on immigration. 
Glenn supports making English the national language, which Vice President candidate Mike Pence has also shown his […]

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Trump Tells Mexico To Pay For The Wall, Gets Laughed Out The Country (Probably)

Racist taco bowl-enthusiast Donald Trump seems to think his trip to Mexico this afternoon will help him make up lost ground with the Hispanic voters he’s persistently maligned and alienated over the past year.

Not so.

It’s a last ditch political stunt aimed at mid-western white voters; a transparent attempt to signal that he’s not quite as racist as they think he is. 

Trump’s “man-of-action afternoon” in Mexico City is a laughable, desperate attempt to save his failing candidacy — and voters, the media, and the Mexican people are seeing right through it.

(It says it all that Trump reneged on the promise his campaign manager made this morning that he’d do a joint press conference and didn’t bring his traveling press corps.)

Here are some of the headlines Trump’s earned in the hours leading up to tonight’s immigration policy speech, during which he’s sure to reiterate the same hardline anti-immigrant and pro-mass deportation rhetoric and […]

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MEMO: Donald Trump Is Committed To These Dangerous Immigration Views

Donald Trump will head to Phoenix to deliver another teleprompter speech outlining the latest variant of his immigration plan. Despite the efforts of his staff to broaden Trump’s appeal and rescue his sinking electoral hopes, Trump has made it clear that he has no desire to alter his approach to immigration policy. 

Much to the chagrin of Establishment Republicans and Trump’s own advisers, there will be no pivot from Trump’s outlandish immigration proposals. For the past year, the Republican nominee has called Mexican immigrants rapists and drug dealers, threatened to take away U.S. citizenship from children born in this country, and insinuated that all Muslims hate America. Through all of that, Trump has made it clear that he won’t change. He’s described his immigration proposals as “a very hard-line position” and it won’t be easily abandoned. Despite pleas from Republican […]

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Memorándum: Cómo Marco Rubio le ha fallado a Florida

Cuando Marco Rubio rompió con su promesa de no postularse para la reelección en la Florida, demostró que su camino estaría atado a la mentalidad valemadrista de Donald Trump. Lo que no sabíamos en ese momento era la fuerza con la cual Rubio apoyaría a Trump y cómo se convertiría en un seguidor de sus políticas racistas y xenófobas que son tan peligrosas para nuestro país.

Rubio está elevando más aún su apoyo hacia Trump: dice que está dispuesto a aparecer en la campaña con Donald Trump.Recientemente, el Sun Sentinel reportó que Rubio “el jueves por la noche dio un fuerte discurso electoral – en favor de elegir a Donald Trump a presidente.”

A pesar de creer que Trump no se puede confiar con los códigos nucleares y de negarse a decir que Trump está calificado para ser el Comandante en Jefe, Marco Rubio sigue apoyándolo y está dispuesto a […]

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MEMO: How Marco Rubio Has Failed Florida

When Marco Rubio reneged on his pledge to not run for reelection in Florida, it was clear that his path would be linked with Donald Trump’s bull-in-a-china-shop mentality. What we didn’t know at the time was just how forcefully Rubio would support Trump and become an advocate for his racist, xenophobic policies that are dangerous to our country.

Rubio is now taking his Trump endorsement to the next level: He says he’s open to campaigning with Donald Trump. Recently, the Sun Sentinel reported that Rubio “delivered a strong election pitch Thursday night — to elect Donald Trump president.”

Despite believing that Trump cannot be trusted with the nuclear codes and refusing to say that Trump is qualified to be Commander in Chief, Marco Rubio is still supporting him and willing to campaign on his behalf. That’s just one reason why Marco Rubio has failed Florida during his term in the Senate. From […]

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MEMO: Three Examples That McCain Is No Longer A Maverick

Primary Day is over in Arizona, but John McCain can’t rest easy. Three decades in Washington have changed Senator McCain — and Arizona knows it. McCain has morphed in to a partisan senator who does what is most politically expedient instead of representing his constituents. Arizona deserves a senator, who’s going to be strong, stand up and protect what’s important for the people of the Grand Canyon State. 

The “maverick” who worked across the aisle is long gone, replaced by a party loyalist who puts the GOP before the USA. While that attitude helped him win tonight, the general electorate won’t be so easily fooled.  McCain has abandoned his bipartisan immigration reform efforts, back peddled on earmarks, and repeatedly supported the nativist, xenophobic Trump.

Take a look at how McCain has traded Arizona for Washington partisanship:

McCain has abandoned his immigration reform principles. 

After working with the Gang Of Eight on Comprehensive Immigration Reform that passed the […]

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