Bridge Project Digital Ad — TRUMP: 28 DAYS LATER

American Bridge today released a new digital ad entitled “28 Days Later,” which, like the horror movie, depicts the terrifying 28 days following a world shaking event, in this case Donald Trump taking the oath of office.

“Just 28 days after taking taking the oath of office, the Trump administration has been plagued by scandals, lies, and a series of embarrassing public defeats. The gross incompetence displayed by Donald Trump and his administration poses a serious threat to the interests of the American people and puts our national security at risk,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler.


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Fossil Fuel Puppet Scott Pruitt Will Give Polluter Donors Free Rein

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on the confirmation of Scott Pruitt for EPA director:

“Scott Pruitt is bought and paid for by the fossil fuel industry. He took their money, then repeatedly backed polluters in lawsuits against the very agency he will now lead. Republicans may have been able to force Pruitt’s confirmation today, but in the coming weeks they won’t be able to stop the American people from seeing exactly how Pruitt colluded and schemed with big oil special interests when he thought no one was looking.” 

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American Bridge Response to Trump Campaign Event in Charleston South Carolina

“With his new administration in chaos, Donald Trump was greeted by protests in Charleston one day after an unhinged press conference provided the American people with only more questions – and no answers – about his deeply concerning ties to the Russian interests stole documents and interfered in our election.  As Donald Trump comes to Boeing for closed-door meetings, American families are also being left in the dark about the critical question of whether he will indeed begin a trade war that sharply raises prices on working people,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler.

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Newspapers Across the Country Call on Congress to Investigate Trump’s Ties to Russia

Editorials Call an Investigation an “urgent obligation,” “duty to the American people,” and a “dire need”

As Donald Trump flees to Mar-A-Lago this weekend, he can’t escape the scathing headlines and editorials from newspapers across the country calling for a thorough and independent investigation of Trump and his aides’ connections to the Russian interests that stole documents to influence our election. This week it we learned Trump’s campaign  was in “constant communication” with Russian intelligence officials and his National Security Advisor was forced to resign after lying about potentially illegal conversations he had with Russia about lifting sanctions.

The New York Times – Bring On the Special Prosecutor

“In light of the stunning events of the past week, the question is not whether the Trump administration’s ties to the Russian government need to be investigated immediately and fully — clearly they do. It’s who will be in charge of that […]

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NEW AD: Senator Heller, Nevada Is Calling

Today, American Bridge 21st Century released a new digital ad targeting Senator Dean Heller. The 30-second spot will run next week, as Dean Heller continues to duck the tough questions his constituents are asking.

Heller has not scheduled a single town hall for next week’s Senate recess. Heller hasn’t even held a single public event in Nevada in 2017, and refuses to hold a town hall with his constituents. (Sometimes, Heller hides behind tele-town halls, where the hard questions he’s scared of are screened out by his staff – but he hasn’t publicly announced any of those either).

Statement by American Bridge President Jessica Mackler:

“Either Dean Heller has forgotten he works for the people of Nevada, or he just doesn’t care what they think. Heller has been avoiding his own constituents all year, and now he’s going to take a week vacation without a single town hall […]

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Taxpayers On The $11.8M Hook For Trump’s Weekend Getaways

Donald Trump has had a few strenuous weeks — what with multiple investigations into his campaign’s communications with Russia, his Labor Secretary getting spiked by fellow Republicans, his Muslim Ban stalled in federal court, and his National Security Advisor resigning for “trust” issues (not potentially illegal talks with Russians) — so we can understand why he’d want to get out of Washington, DC. Every. Single. Weekend.

But taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for his weekend jaunts to Mar a Lago just because Trump is incompetent and needs to go on vacation three of the four weekends of his first month on the job.

In total, Trump’s trips will have cost taxpayers at least $11,796,000 and at least $2,240,000 in lost revenue to local businesses, including:

$200,000 per hour to fly Air Force One.

More than $3,000,000 from the federal government for each round trip to Mar a Lago.

More […]

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Five Ways Donald Trump’s Russia Scandal Got Worse Following His Press Conference

Donald Trump’s press conference was a disaster on many levels and did nothing to stabilize a White House reeling from public defeats and resignations, and mired in a growing scandal that threatens national security.

1: Trump lied about his campaign staff talking with Russian interests during the election, as Russia was stealing documents to aid his campaign.

Trump: “Nobody that I know of” from his campaign was in contact with Russia.

Fact: New York Times: Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence & CNN: Trump aides were in constant touch with senior Russian officials during campaign

2: Trump lied about the accuracy of the news reports on his Administration’s ties to Russia and potentially illegal act that forced the resignation of his National Security Advisor.

Trump: “The leaks are absolutely real. The news is fake

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