Dean Heller has ANOTHER Horrible Health Care Week

Dean Heller has had another horrible week. After a summer of flip flops and broken promises on health care, his latest attempt at repealing the Affordable Care Act, the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson bill, is intensely unpopular with an approval rating of only 24 percent and numerous major patient and medical groups opposing it. Heller’s own Republican Governor, Brian Sandoval, also joined a group of governors opposing the bill earlier this week saying “flexibility with reduced funding is a false choice.” Sandoval’s desertion came after Heller told Nevadans he’d only support a healthcare bill Sandoval got behind. Then, just today, Arizona Senator John McCain, whose support was vitalcame out against the bill and argued for bipartisan solutions.

“It’s hard to find anyone who likes Dean Heller’s horrendous last ditch effort to take away health […]

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ICYMI: Kim Guadagno’s 8-Year Partner In Crime Throws Her Under The Bus

For 8 years, Kim Guadagno and Chris Christie have been partners in crime — working closely together to earn the most credit downgrades of any gubernatorial administration in U.S. history. Just a few weeks ago, Guadagno reportedly told GOP donors that Christie has been a godsend to New Jersey while Christie himself “smiled as his protégé spoke.”

But now it sounds like Chris Christie has given up on Guadagno’s flailing campaign. Asked in an interview about Guadagno’s odds, Christie listed everything Guadagno has going against her. When asked if he thought that meant she would lose, Christie said: “I’m not saying that — I’m saying that’s what history tells us.”

Christie’s not the only one giving up on Guadagno’s campaign. Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball just changed the race rating to Safe Democratic, and a Quinnipiac Poll shows her trailing […]

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QUICK CLIPS: Morning Joe: Flake Admits New Disastrous Health Care Bill He Supports Will Hurt Arizonans…. And He Hasn’t Even Completely Read the Bill

Today in a Morning Joe interview about the new, disastrous Graham-Cassidy-Heller health care bill, Senator Jeff Flake, who supports the legislation, admitted it would leave some of his constituents worse off:

Mark Halperin: “Be honest with your constituents, some will be worse off, right?
Sen. Flake: “That’s right.”

And then, Flake conceded he hadn’t even read the entire thing:


Mike Barnicle: “Have you read the current bill that you’re going to be voting on?”
Sen. Flake: stammering “oh..ah..we’re…I’ve read a lot of it. We’re all looking at it.”
Mike Barnicle: “How long is it? 2-3 pages?”
Sen. Flake: “I don’t know the..the.. number of pages.”

“By Jeff Flake’s own admission, many of his constituents would be worse off if this disastrous bill was passed, yet still he supports it,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “That’s the height of negligence. If Flake read the entire bill, he […]

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American Bridge Releases New Ad Highlighting Heller’s Broken Promise to Get Gov. Sandoval’s Support for Health Care Bills

American Bridge today released a new Facebook ad highlighting Dean Heller’s latest broken promise to only back health care legislation supported by Republican governors in Medicaid expansion states– like his own governor, Brian Sandoval.

In June, at a joint press conference with Governor Sandoval, Dean Heller said: “If you want my support on this legislation on health care that fixes the state of Nevada that supports these people that are on expanded Medicaid, you’ve got to make sure that the Republican Governors that have expanded this Medicaid sign off on it.”

But when Heller introduced a new disastrous health care bill last week, he couldn’t answer questions about whether Sandoval supported it, and this week, Sandoval came out against Heller’s latest legislation, sending a letter to Senate leaders asking them not to consider the bill.

Watch the ad here

“Dean Heller outright lied to Nevadans when he […]

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American Bridge Responds to Bruce Rauner’s Statement On Cassidy-Graham

Bruce Rauner is digging himself a deeper hole with his latest non-response to Republicans’ disastrous healthcare plan. After twice failing to join other Republican governors in a public letter opposing Trumpcare, Rauner claimed he had “expressed” his “concerns to members of Congress and members of the administration” — but he’s refusing to even say who he has contacted.

Here’s what we do know: Rauner has not contacted Dick Durbin, Illinois’ senior senator, about the bill, twice failed to join other governors in speaking out, and did not respond to Illinois representatives who called on him to oppose a past iteration of Trumpcare.

American Bridge Spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Yet again, Bruce Rauner has shown he’s not up to the task of standing up to Trump. Rauner’s response is too little, too late, and driven purely by his personal interests […]

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Pearce Flunks Trumpcare Leadership Test

On Wednesday, Steve Pearce’s silence on the latest version of Trumpcare became all the more deafening when a new report showed the bill would kick 230,000 New Mexicans off of their health insurance. Even as his constituents have called on him to speak out against Graham-Cassidy, Pearce has remained silent — failing to oppose a bill that would wreck havoc on New Mexicans’ healthcare and economy.

The Graham-Cassidy bill is the worst version of Trumpcare yet. The bill would kick 230,000 New Mexicans off of their health insurance and rob the state of $3.4 billion in federal funding over the next ten years. It ends Medicaid as we know it, guts protections for people with preexisting conditions, paves the way for an age tax on the elderly, and defunds Planned Parenthood. The American Medical Association, AARP, The American Heart Association, and  Read more after the jump.

Kim Reynolds Endorses Plan To Kick 172,000 Iowans Off Their Health Insurance

A new analysis out Wednesday shows Kim Reynolds is supporting a bill that would cost 172,000 of her constituents their healthcare. On Tuesday, Reynolds signed a letter supporting Cassidy-Graham, the latest version of Trumpcare. On Wednesday, a new analysis found that Reynolds’ chosen plan would kick 172,000 Iowans off their health insurance.

Cassidy-Graham is the worst version of Trumpcare yet. Over the next ten years, it would rob Iowa of $2.3 billion in federal funding and kick 172,000 Wisconsinites off their health insurance. The bill also ends Medicaid as we know it, guts protections for people with preexisting conditions, and bars funding for Planned Parenthood. The American Medical Association, AARP, The American Heart Association, and 35 anti-cancer advocacy groups all oppose the bill.

American Bridge Spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Kim Reynolds is siding with Washington Republicans over Iowa families. She’s championing a […]

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