Progress Ohio and American Bridge Launch TrumpScrewedMe.Com In Ohio

Progress Ohio and American Bridge have teamed up to launch in Ohio to bring to light stories of Ohioans who have been taken advantage of by Donald Trump and his multiple failed business ventures and scams.

The website is being promoted throughout the state through online digital advertisement with an emphasis on Cincinnati, where Donald Trump was sued for racial bias and housing discrimination after he allegedly refused to rent to African American would-be tenants.

Read more on the Cincinnati housing lawsuits and the project from the Cincinnati Enquirer.

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Pence Meets With White Nationalist-Founded Anti-Immigrant Group

Late last week, Governor Mike Pence met with ProEnglish, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated an “active anti-immigrant group,”

ProEnglish was founded in 1994 by John Tanton, a known “white nationalist, according to the SPLC. More recently, the group was led by another white nationalist, Robert Vandervoort, who was before his ProEnglish tenure “the organizer of the white nationalist group, Chicagoland Friends of American Renaissance, while he lived in Illinois.”


The connection is noteworthy, given the Trump’s campaign’s increasing alignment with so-called “Alt-Right” racists, and considering Trump’s enjoyed the support of high-profile white nationalists, including former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.

In an August 22, 2016 press release, the active anti-immigration reform group describes Pence as “a longtime advocate of official English [i.e., making English the U.S.’s ‘official language],” and praised him for reiterating his support for their movement.


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WATCH: The Trump-Duke Ticket

What is it about Donald Trump’s candidacy that is so appealing to racist white nationalists? Why does the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke emphatically support Donald Trump?

The closing of U.S. borders, demonizing immigrants, saying we must protect “our” country, and attacking the media as disgusting–these are all shared views of Trump and Duke. Trump refused to disavow Duke’s support and even insinuated that he’d vote for Duke in his U.S. Senate race depending on who his Democratic opponent was. 

Trump has mainstreamed the hate espoused by Duke more than Duke was ever able to. 

Watch David Duke praise Trump in his own words:

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Donald Trump, White Nationalist Hero

With the hiring of Breitbart’s Steve Bannon as his campaign’s chief executive, Donald Trump has fully embraced the hateful alternate reality inhabited by the self-stylized “alt-right”. While they may identify under a new banner, their ideas and rhetoric are the same as their white nationalist and neo-Nazi forerunners. Trump’s candidacy has emboldened a resurgence in political discourse that had been considered unacceptable in American politics for more than a generation: including language which is virulently anti-Semitic.

From terming conservative commentator Bill Kristol a “renegade Jew” to a parade of anti-Semitic tweets directed at former Breitbart editor-at-large Ben Shapiro, Trump’s fans on the white nationalist fringe reveal another ugly truth of Trumpism-Populism. Whether it’s Hispanics, Syrian refugees, or Jews, anyone who doesn’t fit within the narrow constructs of the alt-right’s identitarian framework is fair game.

This is the rebranding of neo-fascism and white nationalism, and they’re running Trump’s campaign. […]

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Trump’s African American “Outreach” Plan: Patronize, Insult, Gloss Over History of Racism

Donald Trump’s new pitch to African American voters: “You live in your poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed. What the hell do you have to lose?

Hardly, is that a compelling message — particularly in conjunction with Trump’s hardline “law and order” platform that would assuredly accelerate rather than address mass incarceration. And then there’s Trump’s history of running businesses that have discriminated against blacks.

In the 1970s, the Justice Department “filed a civil rights case that accused the Trump firm…of violating the Fair Housing Act of 1968.”

Why? Because federal investigators discovered that “Trump employees had secretly marked the applications of minorities with codes, such as…’C’ for “colored” and “allegedly directed blacks and Puerto Ricans away from buildings with mostly white tenants, and steered them toward properties that had many minorities.”

Later on, in the 1990s, Trump […]

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Latino Republicans Have Long Abandoned Donald Trump

Latino Republicans Have Long Abandoned Donald Trump
Republicanos Latinos Se Hartan De Trump

With only 76 days left before Election Day, Donald Trump is making a last ditch effort to con Latinos into believing he’s “softening” his deportation force and racist rhetoric.
Faltan 76 días para la elecciónes y Donald Trump quiere convencer al electorado latino que su postura migratoria y retórica racista se han “suavizado.”

It’s too late though.
Pero es demasiado tarde.

There is no way Donald Trump can recover and come back from calling an entire community rapists and drug dealers. Not even the GOP Latino establishment will back him after the last 15 months.
No hay forma de que Donald Trump pueda recuperarse después de insultar a toda una comunidad llamándola violadores y narcotraficantes. Ni los líderes latinos republicanos lo apoyan después de todo lo que ha dicho.


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Why Does Toomey Support Pro-Kremlin, Anti-Ukraine Trump?

How on earth can Pat Toomey even show his face today at Philly’s Ukrainian Independence Day celebration when he stands behind pro-Kremlin, anti-Ukraine Donald Trump? Until Toomey stands up to Trump the bully, he is allowing Trump continue his dangerous pro-Russia posturing that threatens our economic and national security. Toomey is proving over and over again that he is nothing more than a cowardly politician contorting himself into politically expedient positions because he’s facing an uphill battle to win reelection.

Toomey stood by while Trump continues to prove that his presidency would threaten Ukraine and advance Vladimir Putin’s anti-U.S. agenda:

Trump threatened to disband NATO and abandon our allies like Ukraine if Russia invaded.

Trump specifically questioned the U.S.’s need to be involved in Ukraine.

Trump pledged to recognize Crimea as part of Russia, despite U.S. and international opposition — seeing it as a Ukrainian territory invaded by Russia in 2014.

Trump promised to improve relations […]

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