“Childish and Unappealing,” “Sexist,” “Petty”: What Arizonans Are Saying About Martha McSally’s Debunked Campaign Ads

Arizona Daily Star: Letter: What is McSally saying?
By Bette E. Bunker Richards | September 12, 2018

“As a family member who has supported and assisted active duty military members my entire life, I am thoroughly disgusted with Martha McSally’s political ads.”
“Does she think that military family members do not also serve our country? My family members fought — and sometimes died — for the right of Americans to protest any and all government actions.”
“Obviously, McSally thinks I, and other military family members, have no right to protest and she did not fight for that.”
“Why doesn’t she talk about her record as a representative instead of only her past military experience?”

Read the full letter here.

Arizona Daily Star: Letter: Open letter to the Honorable Martha McSally
By Cindy Soffrin | September 12, 2018

“Let’s be clear, you were performing your military service […]

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Senate Brief: Republicans On Kavanaugh Assault Allegation: Ignore, Dismiss, Distract

Week of Monday, September 17.

IN BRIEF: A sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is putting Republican Senate candidates in a pickle.

After months of blind support for Kavanaugh’s nomination, GOP candidates will face increased scrutiny on a nominee they thought was airtight. And if their reactions so far are any indication, don’t hold your breath for Republicans to do the honorable thing.

Josh Hawley was dogged by questions from reporters after the first Missouri Senate debate last Friday. Asked about the allegation, Hawley said the Senate should move forward and vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination. Asked “Do you believe the woman?,” he refused to answer and made a quick exit.
Dean Heller doubled down on his support for Kavanaugh in a local radio interview conducted hours after the allegation was made public, saying “America will be better off” […]

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Senate Brief: Healthcare Looms Large for GOP Senate Candidates

Week of Monday, September 10.

IN BRIEF: After nearly a decade of thwarted efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Republicans are showing no signs of letting up — even as voters say healthcare is top of mind this election cycle. Let’s break it down:

Kaiser Health Tracking Poll shows strong support for key elements of the Affordable Care Act, specifically the law’s guaranteed protections for pre-existing conditions coverage. A whopping 75% of the public polled say it is “very important” that the ACA’s pre-existing conditions protections remain law.

Meanwhile, 20 Republican state Attorneys General are engaged in a lawsuit against the federal government, the outcome of which could invalidate the ACA, including the protections for pre-existing conditions coverage. State Attorneys General Josh Hawley and Patrick Morrisey are co-counsels on the suit and many other GOP candidates have expressed support for the litigation.

And […]

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Virtually Every Republican Senate Candidate Is Lying About Pre-Existing Conditions

“Republican Senate candidates’ pathetic excuses for protecting pre-existing conditions coverage are a master class in political pandering,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Republicans are hoping voters aren’t paying attention to their long record of deception on this issue. We’re here to make sure every voter between now and Election Day learns just how empty Republican promises are.”

Huffington Post: GOP Senate Candidates Are Scrambling To Rewrite Their Record On Pre-Existing Conditions
By Jonathan Cohn and Kevin Robillard | September 2, 2018

Josh Hawley “says he is all about making sure anybody can get health insurance, regardless of their medical status: ‘We need to cover pre-existing conditions,’ he said earlier this summer.”
But Hawley “is one of the 20 state officials who has signed onto a new lawsuit seeking to eliminate the Affordable Care Act’s guarantee of coverage, which they argue is unconstitutional. Hawley is also […]

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Martha McSally Is Silent As Trump Slashes Pay for Over 32,000 Arizona Workers

The Trump Administration announced executive action yesterday that would rob over 2 million federal civilian employees of a built-in pay raise next year — and cited the federal deficit as an excuse.

But Congresswoman Martha McSally — the ultimate Trump rubber stamp — has refused to stand up for the over 32,000 Arizonan federal civilian employees who stand to lose their hard-earned raise. 

The workers not getting a built-in pay raise include Customs and Border Patrol agents keeping our border secure, and over 8,000 Arizonan VA workers fighting for our veterans. As of 2016, approximately one-third of federal employees were veterans.

“Martha McSally endorsed a tax bill that gave massive handouts to the ultra-wealthy and will add trillions of dollars to the national debt,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Now, she’s silent as Donald Trump cuts workers’ wages — including Customs and Border Patrol and VA employees — […]

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NEW AD: Martha McSally Is Deeply Damaged Following “Ugly” Arizona Senate Primary

Immediately following the Arizona Senate primary election, American Bridge released a digital ad targeting newly minted Republican Senate candidate Martha McSally. The ad asks Arizona voters — if McSally’s fellow Republicans have so thoroughly denounced her, how can any voter have confidence in her candidacy?

The 30-second ad will play this week on social media in Arizona, targeted to Republican midterm voters.

“Martha McSally heads into the general election deeply damaged thanks to months of attacks over her blatant pandering and flip-flopping, and voters won’t forget what they learned about her in the lead up to her ‘victory’ tonight. With the primary over, Arizonans will be rightfully questioning if they can support a candidate whose own party labeled her a flip-flopping political opportunist,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman.

WATCH McSally’s Republican opponent tell Arizonans exactly why they shouldn’t vote for her for Senate:

Watch the full ad […]

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Senate Brief: Breaking Down AZ-SEN’s “Trumpian Hugfest”

Week of Monday, August 27.

IN BRIEF: The “Trumpian hugfest” in Arizona’s Republican Senate primary is thankfully less than 36 hours away from being over forever. Let’s take a look at our contenders.

Martha McSally has distinguished herself with a string of egregious flip-flops on issues from DACA to Donald Trump. Faced with brutal attacks from the GOP’s right wing, outside groups have been forced to spend at least $4 million to drag her over the finish line. Expect her wishy-washy record to follow her through to November, where she’ll have to explain her ever-shifting positions to a much less forgiving electorate.
Kelli Ward is criss-crossing the state on a bus tour with a who’s who of conspiracy theorists and MAGA Twitter. When asked by MSNBC about guest speaker Mike Cernovich’s belief that “diversity” is “code for white genocide,”  Read more after the jump.

Arizonans Bash McSally’s Maneuvering: “Why would you believe anything she says?”

“In the final week of the primary Martha McSally’s campaign is being defined by her shameless flip-flopping and hypocrisy — and Arizonans are calling her out,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Wealthy special interests are pouring cash into Arizona to save McSally, but no amount of money will help her shake her self-inflicted label as a career political opportunist. Even if McSally scrapes by next Tuesday, her reputation as a disingenuous panderer will haunt her come November.”

This week, American Bridge released a new digital ad highlighting McSally’s self-serving, flip-flopping record. The ad is running on social media in Arizona, targeted to Republican primary voters.

Arizona Republic: Kelli Ward is right about one thing: Her message has never changed
By Elvia Diaz | August 23, 2018

“Rep. Martha McSally, the favorite of the Arizona and Washington Republican establishment, is either really afraid of [Kelli] Ward or is draining […]

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American Bridge Calls on Martha McSally to Give Up the $2,700 Her Campaign Got from Indicted Congressman Duncan Hunter

American Bridge is calling on Rep. Martha McSally to immediately part with the thousands of dollars she accepted from Rep. Duncan Hunter, who was charged yesterday with fraud and the misuse of over a quarter million dollars of his campaign funds for lavish personal expenses.

Since 2014, McSally has accepted a total of $2,700 from Hunter’s political action committee, the Peace Through Strength PAC.

“Duncan Hunter is the latest poster boy for the Republican culture of corruption in Washington, and Martha McSally should immediately give up the tainted campaign donations Hunter gave her,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “McSally has used her position in Congress to back an out-of-touch agenda that sells out working families and the American middle class, and running on that kind of record with money from an accused felon is outrageous.”

Hunter is the second Republican member of Congress to be charged with a felony this month after Rep. Chris […]

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NEW AD: Ahead of Primary, American Bridge Slams McSally’s Twists and Turns

American Bridge launched a new digital ad today in advance of next Tuesday’s Arizona Senate primary. The ad targets Rep. Martha McSally for her demonstrated record of self-serving flip-flops on issues from DACA to President Trump’s wall.

The ad will run on social media statewide in Arizona, targeted at likely Republican primary voters and likely independent general election voters.

WATCH McSally twist and turn on key issues:

Watch “Twist” here.

“Whichever way the political winds are blowing, Martha McSally is sure to follow,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Arizonans deserve better than McSally’s twists and turns, putting cheap politics over principle. And regardless of what happens next Tuesday, McSally will exit the primary race irreparably damaged.”

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