American Bridge Running Twitter Ads To Remind Folks Of New Mitt’s Old Record

Back To The Old Etch-A-Sketch…

Mitt Romney is set to deliver a speech tonight — apparently 2016 Mitt: Now Authentic!™ is a foreign policy expert who is set to enlighten us. But that’s rich (pun intended) coming from Mitt, considering his previous iterations of self were plagued by a slew of foreign policy gaffes. In fact, he once argued that it was “not necessary for a president to be an expert in international matters.”

And of course, he’ll continue to drone on with his message of job creation helped him win his presidential reelection in 2012 and create 11 million private sector jobs over the past four years. Oh wait, that was a different guy — Mitt was the one who had Massachusetts at 47th in the nation in job growth and warned of economic ruin if President Obama won another term.

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POLITICO: Santorum Mailer Highlights Limbaugh Praise

On March 13, 2012, POLITICO reported:

Limbaugh, who has been at the center of the last month’s political firestorm over contraception, is quoted saying: “I know that if Rick Santorum were elected president, I wouldn’t have one doubt any day what he would be fighting for, not one. And it would be great if he could get there.”

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Romney’s Campaign #Fails: Southern Edition

Once again, Mitt Romney had the GOP nomination in his grasp — only to see it slip through his fingers as the votes came in. Despite a superior organization and outspending his opponents many times over, Romney showed he just can’t get it done.

Here is our newest video recounting Romney’s embarrassingly disappointing night down south.

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