American Bridge Statement on Speaker Paul Ryan’s Retirement

American Bridge spokesperson Andrew Bates released the following statement after news broke that Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Atlas Shrugged) would retire from Congress as Republicans face a mounting blue wave:

“Even though he once told the American public the truth about how unfit Donald Trump was to be commander-in-chief, Paul Ryan defined his speakership by putting party above country and abandoning Congress’s constitutional responsibility to our system of checks and balances.

“So it’s fitting that months after leaving us with crushing increases in debt and healthcare costs all to give a tax windfall to the rich – his lifelong obsession – Ryan is cutting and running as Trump’s scandal-diseased agenda has left Republicans facing furious constituents and a blue wave all over the country.

“What’s more, Ryan’s cowardly failure to defend the special counsel appointed by Trump’s own deputy attorney general will be remembered as one of the most repugnant disgraces in American political history.”

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QUICK CLIP: GOP #WISEN Candidates Are “Trading Barbs” As “Hardly Any Voters Know Who They Are”

After a Marquette University poll of Wisconsin’s Republican U.S. Senate primary came out yesterday on Kevin Nicholson and Leah Vukmir showing that “more than 80% of voters are unable to provide a favorability rating for either candidate,” the gloves are coming off in this race-to-the bottom.

New audio of Leah Vukmir has emerged, in which she trashes Nicholson — despite signing a “Unity Pledge” earlier in the campaign. Vukmir called Nicholson a “DC candidate” which led Nicholson’s campaign to fight back and call Vukmir a “consummate insider.”

Watch the full clip here.

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Before SOTU, American Bridge releases web ad calling out Spineless Scott Walker

Just a few short years ago, Scott Walker once chastised President Obama after his 2015 State of The Union speech, saying, “Our American revival is not going to be led by a lame duck president who would rather pick fights with Congress.” Will Scott Walker stand by his words by using the same measure of judgement to call out Donald Trump for picking fights with Congress, the media, and pretty much anyone else? Not. A. Chance.

Today, American Bridge launched a web ad highlighting Scott Walker’s hypocrisy in the face of Donald Trump’s belligerence when it comes to fighting with the very people he needs to enact his own agenda.

Does Scott Walker stand by his words?

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Scott Walker has supported Trump throughout his Presidency and nothing Donald Trump does – no matter how bad it gets – will […]

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Numbers You Won’t Hear in Gov. Scott Walker’s State of the State Address

Today, Scott Walker will give the final State of the State address of his second term. He will undoubtedly throw some numbers around to try and convince Wisconsin voters that he deserves another term as their governor. But after 8 years in office, there are some numbers about Wisconsin that Walker would rather you ignore today.

42 – In 2017, U.S. News Ranked Wisconsin 42nd in Economic Growth in 2017
47 – Wisconsin ranked 47th in economic growth of the state’s young population.
25 – Out of the 25 largest states in the country, Wisconsin ranked last in startup activity in 2017.
49 – Wisconsin’s roads ranked 49th in 2017, the state ranking 37th in total infrastructure.
45 – Pew ranked Wisconsin 45th highest in income inequality in 2014.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:
“As Scott Walker pathetically attempts to tout his failed […]

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Will Scott Walker Continue to Stick With Trump Despite Mismanaging the Opioid Crisis?

A recent cavalcade of stories have reported on Trump’s mismanagement of Drug Policy – putting a 24 year-old whose only experience was working on Trump’s campaign in one of the most senior positions at the drug policy epidemic in the midst of a nation-wide opioid epidemic. Meanwhile, Gov. Walker has been sitting on the sidelines of this crisis – and his silence speaks volumes.

In Wisconsin, opioid-related deaths have nearly doubled in the past decade.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“As Wisconsin faces an alarming opioid epidemic that is only getting worse, Gov. Walker has failed to stand up to Donald Trump’s mismanagement of the opioid crisis. Will he continue to stick with Trump’s administration as more and more of his constituents are dying?”

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Walker campaigned for alleged blackmailer Greitens in 2016

You may have heard something about Gov. Eric Greitens, who allegedly blackmailed and slapped the woman he was having an affair with in 2015. Now, he faces a criminal investigation.

But just 14 months ago, Gov. Walker campaigned for Greitens, who he said he was “just so impressed” by. In footage of Walker introducing Greitens in 2016, he said that Greitens “understands that actions speak louder than words.”

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Scott Walker praised Eric Greitens for understanding that actions speak louder than words, so mere words won’t allow Scott Walker to weasel his way from his hand-picked candidate in Missouri. Walker’s stunning silence on Greitens speaks volumes.”

October 2016: Walker Campaigned For Greitens At Three Rallies

Greitens: ‘Scott Walker Is Coming To Missouri On Sunday To Support Our Campaign!’

[Facebook – Eric Greitens, 10/24/16]

Walker Campaigned For […]

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Brothers in Arms? Nicholson and Roy Moore Have the Same Billionaire Sugar Daddy

“Kevin Nicholson’s favorite out-of-state megadonor is also one of disgraced ex-judge Roy Moore’s biggest supporters. Illinois billionaire Dick Uihlein is spending lavishly to defend Roy Moore against credible accusations from nine women of sexual misconduct — including a girl as young as 14. That might be acceptable to Dick Uihlein, but it’s not acceptable to the people of Wisconsin. Kevin Nicholson needs to reject his sugar-daddy’s tainted support or prove himself a special interest puppet willing to go along with anything his wealthy campaign donors want,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

The Daily Beast: Roy Moore Super PAC Financier Finally Revealed
Newly released documents show Illinois businessman Richard Uihlein is the moneyman behind a group seeking to send Moore to the Senate

By Lachlan Markay, 11/27/17

“The chief financier of a leading pro-Roy Moore super PAC is a deep-pocketed Republican businessman who dropped eight figures on 2016 races alone and is […]

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Wisconsin Workers Boo Scott Walker’s Failed Record on Jobs

Yesterday, at a Glenn Grothman town hall in Two Rivers, Wisconsin workers booed Scott Walker’s failed jobs record. After constituents talked about their own struggles with finding work, Grothman defended Scott Walker, at which point the room erupted into loud boos.
American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following comment:
“It’s no surprise Wisconsin workers are fed up with Scott Walker–he’s failed to fulfill his promises of job creation as Governor and by doing so, has failed Wisconsin.”
Check out the footage below.

Wisconsin worker: “Ironworks closed their doors. I worked there for 45 years since I was 18 years old. I’d like to know why you and the rest of the Republicans in this state didn’t even bother coming to help us and try to save this company of 123 years. Everybody talks about jobs, jobs, jobs – you just did. What about saving the jobs we have? These […]

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REPORT: Walker’s Dismal Economic Record in Wisconsin

Today, Vice President Mike Pence and Governor Scott Walker are campaigning together – to tour a manufacturing company before attending a fundraiser in Milwaukee.

Although the events are not open to the public or press, Pence is sure to tout the tax reform plan that would raise taxes on millions of middle class Americans to pay for a tax cut for the rich. The Republicans claim doing so would create jobs, but standing next to Walker while making that case is laughable — Walker’s record of creating jobs in Wisconsin is atrocious.

A few highlights from the report:

Scott Walker promised to create 250,000 Wisconsin jobs in his first term. Not only did he fail to do that, he has still – 6 years in – failed.

Scott Walker promised to create 10,000 new businesses in Wisconsin in his first term. Walker claimed he met his goal, but 80% […]

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Scott Walker Endorses Plan To Kick 414,000 Wisconsinites Off Their Health Insurance

A new analysis out Wednesday shows Scott Walker is supporting a bill that would cost 414,000 of his constituents their healthcare. On Tuesday, Walker released a letter supporting the latest version of Trumpcare, Cassidy-Graham. On Wednesday, a new analysis found that Walker’s chosen plan would kick 414,000 Wisconsinites off their health insurance.

Cassidy-Graham is the worst version of Trumpcare yet. Over the next ten years, it would rob Wisconsin of $2.9 billion in federal funding and kick 414,000 Wisconsinites off their health insurance. The bill also ends Medicaid as we know it, guts protections for people with preexisting conditions, and bars funding for Planned Parenthood. The American Medical Association, AARP, The American Heart Association, and 35 anti-cancer advocacy groups all oppose the bill.

American Bridge Spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Scott Walker is throwing 414,000 Wisconsinites under the bus to advance the one thing […]

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