EXPOSED: GOP’s Dazzling Display of Hypocrisy

Republicans have been quick to point the finger after the recent e-mail controversy. But attempts to score quick political points has only invited scrutiny into their questionable e-mail practices. They should look in the mirror before reciting their talking points.

Check out these articles calling out the GOP for their humiliating hypocrisy.

MSNBC: Jeb Bush owns his own email server

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush owns the server that runs, the personal email account he used as governor to conduct official, political and personal business.

Asked who controls the server that operates that email address, Bush spokeswoman Kristy Campbell responded: “He owns it.”

The server was housed in a state-owned office building during the years that Bush served as governor, from 1999 until early 2007. A Bush source familiar with the situation said there were “digital security” measures in place to protect Bush’s emails, but declined to elaborate on how the server and its data were physically and digitally kept from harm.

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Scott Walker’s Hypocritical Attack

American Bridge 21st Century Vice President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s hypocritical attacks:

“The past few weeks have revealed Scott Walker to be the least prepared, least knowledgeable Republican presidential wannabe, but now he’s making a run at being the most hypocritical, too. These cheap, political attacks are ignorant of Governor Walker’s record–and reality.”

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GOP Hypocrisy Revealed: Jeb Bush Releases Less Than 10% of Private Email


RNC Spokesman Sean Spicer says Jeb Bush has released all of his private emails. [CNN, 3/4/15]


Jeb Bush Said He Got 2.5 Million E-Mails On His Public Account And 550,000 On His Private Account During His Eight Years As Governor. According to the Naples Daily News, “Jeb Bush learned plenty during his eight years as Florida governor, he told a crowd at a United Christian Giving fundraiser in Fort Myers on Thursday. The president’s little brother and former president’s son took few partisan shots, mostly entertaining the crowd with stories from ‘Mount Tallahassee.’ […] Bush said he got 550,000 e-mails on his private account and another 2.5 million on his public account during his eight years as governor. That helped him stay in touch with the people of the state even though the capital is far removed geographically from most of the population.” [Naples Daily News, 7/12/07]

Jeb Bush Said He Would Launch A Website On Which He Will Make Available About 250,000 E-Mails From His Time As Governor. According to the New York Times, “Jeb Bush said he would launch a website on Tuesday on which he will make available about 250,000 emails from his time as governor of Florida, as well as the first chapter of an e-book about his administration. The emails, which were obtained by a number of news media organizations through a public records request in December, show Mr. Bush’s style in communicating with both his staff and his constituents.” [New York Times, 2/9/15]

How Morally Bankrupt is the GOP? Bob Ehrlich’s Running For President

Just how bankrupt is the Republican effort to ditch their brand? NH1’s Paul Steinhauser writes for the National Journal that the presidential field is so big that even former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich is running:

Ehrlich plans to make his fourth visit to New Hampshire on Feb. 24, after meeting last week with more than 100 top donors in New York to discuss financing a potential campaign. At those meetings, he discussed setting up a leadership PAC, as a bunch of other probable candidates have done in recent weeks.

It should come as no shock that the GOP is tolerating the sleazy tactics, voter suppression, and convictions in would-be candidate Bob Ehrlich’s record…

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MEMO: Chris Christie’s Terrible Economic Record

Tonight, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will deliver his State of the State address. We hope he uses this chance to come clean about his serious money problems: his credit has been downgraded eight times. He hasn’t saved enough for retirement. And his security detail is costing him 18 times what it did 5 years ago.

Why should he talk about his money problems during the State of the State? Because they have nothing to do with his bank account – we’re talking about New Jersey taxpayers’ money here.

Since Chris Christie took office in 2010, he’s been playing fast and loose with taxpayer money. He has mismanaged the budget, resulting in New Jersey’s credit has been downgraded eight times – no New Jersey governor had ever presided over that many downgrades. He’s spending 18 times more on his personal security today than when he took office, for a total of almost $1 million, or nearly $33,000 per month. He’s cut $2.4 billion in pension payments he promised to make because his budget projections were wrong.

And the list goes on…

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Happy Anniversary, Chris Christie!

It’s been one whole year since the words “time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” rang ’round the world and we found out that the George Washington Bridge lane closures were initiated by people very close to you, causing four days’ worth of traffic jams. Time sure goes by fast, doesn’t it?

In case you’ve forgotten what it felt like to read the headlines that day, we’ve compiled them here for your reading pleasure. Maybe it will help take your mind off all the bad press you’re getting for over your ethics problems with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones? Enjoy!

New York Times: Christie Faces Scandal on Traffic Jam Aides Ordered

“The mystery of who closed two lanes onto the George Washington Bridge — turning the borough of Fort Lee, N.J., into a parking lot for four days in September — exploded into a full-bore political scandal for Gov. Chris Christie on Wednesday. Emails and texts revealed that a top aide had ordered the closings to punish the town’s mayor after he did not endorse the governor for re-election.”

New York Post: Christie could face criminal probe over ‘Bridgegate’

“‘This smells of corrupt use of government authority at the highest levels,’ said Democratic State Sen. Ray Lesniak, who called for a federal grand-jury probe, rather than a state investigation that could be influenced by the Christie administration.”

Wall Street Journal: Bridge-Spat Emails Pose Questions For Christie

“…[T]he image of a popular Republican governor punishing a less-powerful Democratic mayor and his constituents for a political reason threatens to undermine one of Mr. Christie’s central arguments for himself.”

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Chris Christie, Call Your Lawyer.

A year ago today, the nation was introduced to the now infamous line, “time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” as emails were released from Chris Christie’s deputy chief of staff, Bridget Anne Kelly. Despite Christie’s continued insistence that his Bridgegate nightmare is over and he absolved of wrongdoing, the scandal and connected incidents keep bringing new travails for the governor. This morning, the Wall Street Journal reported that federal prosecutors have subpoenaed Christie’s reelection campaign in relation to meetings Christie cancelled after a Democratic lawmaker refused to endorse him in his reelection bid. You have to hand it to the guy, when it comes to retribution, he truly is an elite politician.

Meanwhile, there are new developments in Christie’s latest fiasco surrounding his ethically dubious journeys to Jerry Jones’ box for Cowboys games. According to the Asbury Park Press, the New Jersey State Ethics Commission “has received, and is reviewing, the complaint filed by American Democracy Legal Fund” regarding a potential ethics violation from Christie. It seems the governor “personally pushed” for a government contract to go to a firm partially owned by Jerry Jones, then turned around and accepted gifts from Jones in the form of travel, tickets, and awkward hugs. (okay, the hugs may be legal)

All this is leading some in the press to say, “perhaps Chris Christie’s first 2016 hires should be lawyers?”

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Video: Chris Christie’s Cowboy Ethics

For Chris Christie, it’s the story that just won’t die. In fact, it keeps getting worse. The focus of Christie’s trip to Dallas was once just his awkward hug with Jerry Jones and the sacrilege of being Cowboys fan who represents Giants/Eagles territory, but it’s evolved into a very real ethics issue for the governor. Christie has made quite the habit fleeing New Jersey, and may head to Green Bay for Sunday’s game, but no matter where he goes, he can’t seem to escape the heat.

Check out the national and local media frenzy following the Cowboys superfan-in-chief:

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A 3rd & Long Day of Bad Press for Cowboys Superfan Governor Chris Christie

From his hometown editorial board to the pages of Sports Illustrated, New Jersey Governor “Cowboys’ Mojo” Chris Christie was greeted again this morning by a slew of bad headlines questioning the ethics of his attending last Sunday’s Cowboys’ game on Jerry Jones’ dime, given that Jones has a business relationship with the Port Authority of NY/NJ. Even fellow Republican governor — and potential 2016 rival — Scott Walker of Wisconsin joined the pile on.

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Pat McCrory Doesn’t Seem To Like Questions About Ethics…

Pat McCrory seems pretty irritable these days. Yesterday, he got into yet another tiff with an AP reporter trying to get to the bottom of his latest debacle. The governor continues to respond with utter contempt to questions about the eye-brow raising payout he received from a mortgage broker whose board he sat on as he took office in 2013.

McCrory’s response since this story broke has been damning enough — the innocent are rarely so defiant. But his history of ethical shortcomings raises even more flags. We’ve already learned that he’s downplayed his ties to an internet sweepstakes executive under indictment, and that he had a financial stake in Duke Energy when they spilled 39,000 tons of coal ash into the Dan river after McCrory helped loosen their regulations.

It seems the more you dig, the more Pat McCrory conflicts of interests you uncover, so it’s no wonder he gets a little short when you start asking questions.

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