Hey, Jeb! Why Don’t You Put Your $$$ Where Your Mouth Is?


1994: Jeb Bush Said Charities Were An Alternative To Welfare

Bush Cited “Marriage […], Work […], Going To Charitable Organizations” As Three Non-Welfare Options For The Poor That Justify Putting A Hard Time Cap On Receiving Welfare Benefits.

Bush Claimed That Within A Two Year Window, “If People Are Mentally And Physically Able To Work […] They Should Be Able To Get Their Life Together And Find A Husband, Find A Job, Find Other Alternatives In Terms Of Private Charity.”

Bush Said Marriage Is One Way, Along With Finding A Job And Help From Private Charities, For Women To Get Off Welfare.

2006: Bush Vetoed Projects That He Said Could Be Funded By Charities

Bush Said, “The Budget Contains Many Worthwhile Projects That I Believe Are More Appropriately Funded From Private Organizations And Charities Or Local Governments Rather Than By State Funds.”


2003-2013: Bush Donated 1.5% Of His Income To Charity; Half The National Average

2003-2013: […]

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Republicans can try to laugh off Donald Trump. They can refuse to comment on his incendiary views. They can attempt to not take him seriously. But while they desperately wish he would just go away, he’s going nowhere but up in the polls and straight to a debate stage in Cleveland.

Watch the latest from American Bridge:


From The Boston Globe today:

Whether New York businessman Donald Trump is serious about running for president or just serious about getting publicity, his groundswell of support in recent weeks is hard to ignore.

Since announcing his bid for president in mid-June, Trump has climbed to second place among the Republican field in New Hampshire, Iowa, and nationwide, according to separate polls in recent days. No other Republican has numbers as good in all three metrics.

A Quinnipiac University poll of Iowa Republicans released Wednesday found that Trump had consistent support from all parts of […]

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What To Expect At The Western Conservative Summit

The long road to the Republican nomination is winding through America’s highest-profile home for Illuminati and Reptoids this week with Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee and more attending the Western Conservative Summit.  Here’s what to expect from this weekend’s cattle call:

1. The New GOP Litmus Test:  Gay Marriage

The Western Conservative Summit made news earlier this year when they barred the Log Cabin Republicans from attending their conference, but their backwards attitude towards the LGBT community won’t stop there.  Summit Gala headliner Scott Walker has already doubled down on his call for a constitutional amendment, and panelist Tony Perkins went on an epic Twitter rant Friday, calling the ruling a “shocking abuse of power” and promising it would “supercharge” opposition to gay marriage.  Don’t take Perkins’ word for it: Rick Santorum didn’t even wait for his speech to begin teeing off, telling Denver radio station KNUS that the ruling was the court’s attempt to be “trendy” with marriage equality and would lead to polygamy.

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Faith and Freedom Roundup — Social Conservative Edition

The Republican candidates’ extreme positions on social issues were front and center this weekend at the Faith and Freedom Road to Majority, cosponsored with Concerned Women for America. American Bridge was on site, through the bomb threat and all, to document Jeb Bush touting his role with Terri Schiavo, Chris Christie bragging that he vetoed Planned Parenthood funding, and Marco Rubio talking up religious discrimination.
For more from this weekend, let’s go to the tape:

Thursday, June 18th

  • Marco Rubio‘s dog whistle to religious conservatives on Hobby Lobby and religious discrimination laws. YouTube
  • Ted Cruz announces 2016 will be the “religious liberty election.” YouTube
  • Steve King calls for civil disobedience over gay marriage. YouTube
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MEMO: Social Issues Front and Center at Faith and Freedom Conference

The gravitational pull of religious conservatives at this weekend’s Faith and Freedom Conference in D.C. is too much to resist for the Republican presidential field. Look no further than their partner, Concerned Women of America, to see that social issues will be front and center. For a primer on the Koch-backed CWA, read Bridge Project’s just-released report here.

Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and the rest of the GOP contingency (remember Chris Christie?) will be speaking in between breakout sessions on “The War On Christianity: How Religious Freedom Is Under Attack” and “Tolerance Vs. True Love: When it Takes Courage to Protect Your Conscience & Compassion to Reach the Lost.” Attendees will be demanding their speeches focus on social conservative issues; after all, that’s why they’ve all trekked to Washington.

Here are the top issues we expect Republicans to face this weekend.

Jeb! In NH: Privatizing Social Security? My Brother Tried, ‘Next President’ Will Too

Speaking in New Hampshire today Jeb! showed that his ties to his brother’s unpopular policies don’t stop with Iraq.  Watch American Bridge tracking footage of Jeb! taking passive-aggressive shots at Social Security and telling voters that while his brother tried and failed to privatize it, the “next president” would “try again.”

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The Uncompassionate Conservative: Vicious Headlines for Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush’s campaign shakeup this week hasn’t changed his pattern of being unprepared for simple questions and his penchant for creating terrible headlines for his not-yet campaign. After reports surfaced this week that Bush had lauded the merits of publicly ridiculing unwed women — among other eyebrow-raising proposals — in a 1995 book, Bush refused today to repudiate or apologize for his crude views.

With days to go before announcing his official candidacy, voters Googling “Jeb Bush” are going to read some interesting headlines:

The Huffington Post: Jeb Bush In 1995: Unwed Mothers Should Be Publicly Shamed

Gawker: Remember When Jeb Bush Proposed Public Shamings for Unmarried Moms?

The Washington Post: Jeb Bush’s recipe for a better society: Shame

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Shady Ayotte Allies Behind Factually-Challenged Attack on Hassan

Senator Kelly Ayotte is battling trouble on multiple fronts, from her awkward attempts to distance herself from onetime ally Frank Guinta to her experiment in legislation to cover up her anti women’s health record and getting busted in a lie about a campaign film crew at a taxpayer-funded event.  Now, she’s turning to a pair of shady old allies to try and rough up Governor Maggie Hassan with misleading claims about her record.  Read more about Ayotte’s ties to this shady special interest group in the Bridge Project’s Conservative Transparency database:

Impact America Action is a shadowy right-wing organization that first popped up in the 2014 Nebraska gubernatorial election.  In that election, the group ran $200,000 in ads against then-candidate Pete Ricketts “for once supporting a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants during his 2006 U.S. Senate race” despite Ricketts’ reversal on that position in 2014, according to the Omaha World-Herald.

Virtually no information is available about the organization, and IAA’s website provides little more than a boilerplate endorsement of “pro-growth solutions.”

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Pat McCrory, A Record of Broken Promises

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory can’t keep his word. During his 2012 campaign, he said he would not sign any additional abortion restrictions into law, only to turn around in 2013 and do just that. Now, McCrory has announced that he will sign a bill with some of the state’s most extreme restrictions yet. The legislation will extend the 24-hour waiting period for abortions to 72 hours and give the state government access to women’s ultrasounds and private medical records. McCrory’s latest betrayal is an egregious overstep of government control into one of the most private aspects of a woman’s life.

Watch the clip of Governor McCrory’s promise here:

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Rick Perry For President 2: Another Sequel No One Asked For

Are his infamous “hipster” glasses causing Rick Perry to misread the polls, or has he fallen prey to the same affliction as the producers of Grease 2 and Hot Tub Time Machine 2? Today, Perry adds to America’s epidemic of sequels no one asked for with the announcement of his second presidential run.

Despite his (literally) guns blazing approach, Rick Perry hardly enters the race as a top-tier candidate and will be lucky to even have a chance to remember that third agency at a national debate this round. However, Perry has proved he has a formidable fundraising network and could pose a threat to the multiple candidates hoping to get a monetary bump from their Lone Star State connections.

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