People hate Rubio’s tax plan so much that Glenn Beck would rather vote for Obama

Congratulations, Marco Rubio. Rather than pleasing anyone, you managed to offend just about everyone with your shiny new tax plan. Glenn Beck thinks it’d be better to vote for Barack Obama.

Economists and blowhards on the left, center, and right are all singing kumbaya and writing off Rubio’s plan for making laughable assumptions about tax revenues. Or is it the child tax credit that actually excludes poor families? Maybe it’s that his tax cuts didn’t go far enough?

It’s tough keeping track of the endless criticisms, but here’s a sampling of what’s wrong with Marco Rubio’s tax plan.

Marco Rubio: Pro People, Anti “Events”

Anyone tuned into Marco Rubio’s interview with FOX News’ Sean Hannity last night could be forgiven for not realizing that “events” consist of human participants. Trying to have it both ways on legislation that makes it easier to discriminate against LGBT persons, Rubio produced this nonsensical garbage: “There’s a difference between discriminating against a person and saying, ‘I don’t want to offer services to an event.’ A same sex wedding is an event; it is not a person it is an event that is going on.”

Well, OK then…

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VIDEO: Marco Rubio: New Face, Same Old Problems

Marco Rubio’s presidential announcement should trigger yawns from anyone who has followed his career. A typical politician, Rubio is plagued with personal scandals, has burned his bridges with key constituencies, and transparently puts his own ambitions first over doing his job. There’s nothing unique or new about the real Marco Rubio. Watch the latest from American Bridge, “Marco Rubio: New Face, Same Old Problems.”

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Prime time? Not so much

Rand Paul failed at damage control last night with Megyn Kelly. Rand wasn’t interested in answering any of Kelly’s questions:

Do you regret shushing the one reporter and jumping in?

The question some people are asking about you is whether you’re ready for prime time?

Did you get overly emotional?

People are accusing you now of being too thin-skinned.

Rand continued to prove that he doesn’t want to be held accountable to his extreme positions. He’s trying to trick viewers into writing off past statements like ending all foreign aid to Israel or a complete ban on a woman’s right to choose as “editorializing” by reporters.

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Rand Paul REALLY doesn’t like reporters asking him about his extreme positions

Add Savannah Guthrie to the list of reporters who have been shushed or berated by Rand Paul for asking him questions about his past right-wing positions. Rand shushed CNBC anchor Kelly Evans recently and hung up on Howie Carr. Guess Rand hasn’t mellowed out.

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, listen. You’ve editorialized, let me answer a question. You ask a question and you say, ‘Have your views changed?” instead of editorializing and saying my views have changed.” — Rand Paul

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The Real Rand Paul

Rand Paul tries to portray himself as a libertarian crusader, but he’s missed the mark along the way. His views range from wacky to downright egregious. Unfortunately, the harm that his policies would do to middle class families, women, seniors, and civil rights are all too real.

Now that he’s officially a candidate, Paul promises to drive the Republican primary even further to the right, but his immediate concern is how to distance himself from his past. Paul has proposed ending foreign aid to Israel, called for eliminating the Department of Education, and won’t even say how old the Earth is. He might rally a subset of the Tea Party, but don’t expect him to win over large swaths of the electorate.

We’ll give him points for creativity, though — here are Rand Paul’s most radical positions and moments.

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GOP Civil War Brewing Over Discriminatory “Religious Freedom” Bills

After a week of disastrous headlines, Republicans are at each other’s throats over controversial “religious freedom” legislation.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence, who ignored public outcry to sign the bill in a secret ceremony with anti-gay activists, caved to overwhelming public pressure– including from Mitch Daniels— and asked for a “fix” only to see GOPers in the business community tell him that wasn’t enough, either.

The damage doesn’t stop with Pence, though.  The 2016 Republican presidential field backed Pence’s original law (well, depending on what room they were in), further highlighting just how far the party has to come from their now-farcical 2012 autopsy.

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