VIDEO: GOP Field Agrees To Indefinitely Postpone Party Rebrand

Jeb Bush, in fifth place and polling at 7%, is in no danger of being mistaken for the front-runner. But he’s still leading the field in one respect: Jeb’s directing the GOP rebrand — or, leading the effort to bring it to a grinding halt.

The GOP candidates don’t all get along, but they’re in agreement when it comes to abandoning any effort to make the Republican Party more inclusive.

Watch American Bridge’s latest video: “Jeb’s GOP Rebrand: Indefinitely Postponed.”

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Kirk Campaign Fights To Suppress Senator’s Alleged Abuse Of Staff Members

Vulnerable Senator Mark Kirk has been making a lot of news over the last week — though not for reasons he’d like.

Kirk allegedly bullied staff members, subjecting them to both physical and verbal abuse — or so reports a thus-far-unpublished Tribune investigation, according to the Associated Press.

Predictably unhappy about the story, Kirk’s campaign launched an “unusual” counter-attack — threatening “legal action” against the Tribune in an attempt to suppress the report, the AP reported.

But the Kirk campaign’s effort backfired: The threatened lawsuit became public, and Mark Kirk is now publicly defending himself over the alleged bullying.

Here’re some coverage highlights:

Associated Press: Kirk campaign launches unusual attack on Chicago Tribune

Huffington Post: Senator Mark Kirk’s Campaign Pre-Emptively Bashes Chicago Tribune Ahead Of Negative Story

Sun Times: Mark Kirk’s office launches preemptive strike against reporter

Politico: Kirk camp goes on offense against upcoming Chicago Tribune story

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More Anti-Immigrant “Anchor Babies” Rhetoric From Jeb Today?

Will today bring more Jeb Bush anti-immigrant, “anchor babies” alarmism?

According to the Associated Press, a new study‘s found that “over the next 50 years, Asians will have surged past Hispanics to become the largest group of immigrants heading to the United States.”

Given Jeb’s history of using the “anchor babies” slur to disparage American citizens born to Asian immigrant parents, it’s a safe bet to expect more outrage from him today, right?

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WATCH: Speaker-In-Waiting Cruz On Boehner’s Retirement

Shadow Speaker Ted Cruz didn’t mince words when asked about John Boehner’s retirement, saying “presumably he’ll land a cushy K Street job, after joining with the Democrats to implement all of President Obama’s priorities. That is not the behavior one would expect of a Republican speaker of the House.”

Tortilla Coast sure will be busy as the House Freedom Caucus plots its next move.

Watch here:

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Jeb Bush, Ben Carson Push Extremism

Doc Carson Prescribes A Double Dose Of Callous Extremism

If Ben Carson’s behavior is any indication, the GOP’s summer of farcical nativism and right-wing extremism is far from over. Carson had a Tuesday event crowd in stitches with an apologist slavery “joke,” quipping cheekily: “[L]ike nobody else had it.

Then, if that weren’t enough,he proceeded to facetiously diminish the “slaughter” of “all the Indians” and internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Fully warmed-up, Dr. Carson got waist-deep in some revisionist history:

Fact of the matter is: The vast majority of Indians — or, Native Americans — were slaughtered by the diseases that were brought here, against which they did not have immunity.

“Is Rob Portman’s connection to Ben Carson a problem?” asked a recent Cincinnati Enquirer headline.

Here’s a better question: Is the damage Ben Carson and Donald Trump are doing to the GOP repairable?

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The Pope Vs. The GOP

From climate change to immigration, nearly every GOP policy position goes against the pope’s teachings and it seems like Republicans are purposefully picking a fight this week. Republican Congressman Paul Gosar plans to boycott Pope Francis’s address, comparing the Catholic leader to “a leftist politician” who “is free and clear to be criticized like the rest of us.” At the same time, Ben Carson made sure every other GOP candidate will be asked whether they’d support a Muslim candidate for the White House. If these headlines are any indication, Republicans should be worried about more than just their commutes as Pope Francis’s D.C. visit draws closer.

CNN: The Pope vs. the GOP

New York Times: Republicans’ Comments Put Them on Other Side of Pope’s Message

Washington Post: The Daily 202: Pope Francis visit puts Republicans on the defensive

The Hill: GOP braces for Pope Francis

Newsweek: Why Pope Francis Makes […]

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Just Another Far Right Republican: How To Campaign Against Carly Fiorina

Last night’s GOP debate confirmed what we already knew: Jeb Bush and Scott Walker are on the way out, and nervous establishment Republicans are giving Carly Fiorina a second look. But they’ve seen this movie before, and they should really know better.

On issues like choice and immigration Carly Fiorina is just as right-wing as the rest of the Republican field — but putting that aside, she’s got a Mitt Romney problem that would make Romney himself recoil.

After earning recognition of as one of the “Worst American CEOs Of All Time,” she’s probably best known for being blown out in the 2010 California Senate race.

Carly Fiorina’s easily beaten once voters learn about her extreme record. Here’s a reminder from Senator Barbara Boxer of what it’s like to campaign against her:

In English:

“‘The Facts’ about Carly Fiorina’s Failure at Hewlett-Packard”

“‘Workers’ – Carly Fiorina laid off 30,000 at Hewlett Packard”

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Second Debate Proves The 2016 GOP Candidate Will Repeat 2012 Mistakes

As the dust settles after last night’s painfully long debate, it’s clear that there were at least two out-of-touch issues that every candidate agrees on: defunding Planned Parenthood and playing to the far-right with extreme anti-immigration stances. Unfortunately for the GOP, these are the same issues that they lost on in 2012.

First, each candidate attempted to one-up each other on their anti-women’s health agendas and how much they had (or would) defund the number one women’s health provider in the nation, Planned Parenthood:

Then, the contenders spewed hateful, anti-immigrant rhetoric:

So, how’s that rebrand going again?

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WATCH: Jeb! Leads The GOP Rebrand

Thirsty for controversy, Jeb Bush just can’t get enough.

Taking it upon himself to lead the GOP rebrand, Jeb’s insatiable thirst for controversy and proclivity for accidental revelations of his right-wing values continue to mount up — and it’s resetting decades of GOP outreach, not to mention dooming any shot the party has in 2016.

The RNC establishment can’t be too happy with Jeb right now — but the GOP base just can’t get enough of the extreme rhetoric.

Watch American Bridge’s new web ad: “Jeb! Leads the GOP Rebrand

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