WATCH: Jeb! Leads The GOP Rebrand

Thirsty for controversy, Jeb Bush just can’t get enough.

Taking it upon himself to lead the GOP rebrand, Jeb’s insatiable thirst for controversy and proclivity for accidental revelations of his right-wing values continue to mount up — and it’s resetting decades of GOP outreach, not to mention dooming any shot the party has in 2016.

The RNC establishment can’t be too happy with Jeb right now — but the GOP base just can’t get enough of the extreme rhetoric.

Watch American Bridge’s new web ad: “Jeb! Leads the GOP Rebrand

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Jeb Continues His War On Women, Doesn’t Think Planned Parenthood Does “Women’s Health Issues”

Excitedly enlisting in the GOP’s second war against women, Jeb Bush has abandoned his stance of “not sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues,” to take on an even more extreme and hurtful one. Today, Jeb Bush told a townhall that he doesn’t think “Planned Parenthood ought to get a penny… because they’re not actually doing women’s health issues.”

Here’s a helpful reminder that in fact, Planned Parenthood is the leader in “doing women’s health issues.”

According to Planned Parenthood’s 2013-2014 annual report:

Health centers provided 487,029 breast exams
87,988 women whose cancer was detected early or whose abnormalities were identified
Over 1.4 million emergency contraception kits provided
516,000 unintended pregnancies averted by Planned Planned parenthood contraceptive services
Over 704,000 HIV tests conducted
Over 169,000 STIs diagnosed

Watch Jeb’s shameful comments below:

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WATCH: Senator Burr And The Donald: The Burr-st Of Friends

Donald Trump has a not-so-secret admirer: Richard Burr. A resounding endorsement of Donald Trump came from the vulnerable Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina — who apparently thinks that publicly endorsing Donald Trump’s xenophobic demagoguery is his best bet at re-election. That’s right, he’s gone all in for his Burr-st friend and publicly confirmed that he’ll support Trump.

“Donald Trump has done a tremendous job,” Burr said. “I think Donald Trump has brought a level of passion to running for office that I’m delighted to see.”
“A level of passion” — well, that’s one way of putting it, Senator…

Watch American Bridge’s new latest video: “Trump: The Burr-fect Candidate!

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With An Unquenchable Thirst To Offend, Jeb Triples-Down On “Anchor Babies,” Denigrates Asian Americans

Tripling-down, an unapologetic Jeb Bush yesterday “bungled” another attempt to explain his offensive use of “anchor babies” to describe American citizens born to immigrant parents.

Bush defended his previous use of “anchor babies,” and went even further, clarifying that he had also intended to diminish the Asian American community.

And to be clear: This is an expansion on Jeb’s earlier “anchor baby” comments, not a clarification. Despite his claims to the contrary, Jeb was 100% talking about Latino”anchor babies” up until yesterday. This is no walk back — Jeb’s just cranking up the inflammatory rhetoric.

These days, in trying to prove he’s an interesting, exciting candidate, Jeb’s channeling his inner Donald Trump — offending first and griping about political correctness second. Who will Jeb think to alienate next?

Read more on Jeb Bush’s disparaging comments about Asian Americans and his “anchor babies” triple-down:

ABC News: Jeb Bush Says ‘Anchor Babies’ Comment Was ‘More Related to […]

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Scott Walker And Fellow Under-Performers Do Their Best Trump Impressions

Republicans trust Donald Trump more than any other candidate on top issues, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.

Trump’s opponents have taken note. Holding on for dear life as he leaves them in the dust, they’re going toe-to-toe with the Donald on policy extremism, hoping to come along for the ride. It’s their only chance, no matter how slim, at winning the GOP nomination.

Scott Walker is trying harder than anyone: “Sinking in the polls here, Scott Walker started on Monday to sound very much like the man he is now chasing in the Republican presidential race, Donald Trump,” as Reuters described his last-ditch pandering.

Walker’s opponents see it, too. They’d do well to follow suit and start throwing around the red meat the GOP base is craving, even if it’s policy positions and rhetoric that are ultimately unsustainable.

It’ll all be disqualifying in the general election, but it’s the only shot they’ve got.

Read […]

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Scott Walker, Channeling Opponents, Sprints To The Right On Immigration

It feels like just yesterday that Scott Walker co-opted a page from immigration policy wonk and thought-leader Rick Santorum’s playbook, and went all in for restricting legal immigration

Now Walker’s come out hard in favor of ending birthright citizenship — this time, borrowing from demagogic xenophobe and anti-immigrant extremist Donald Trump, apparently hoping some of the Donald’s front-runner magic will rub off on him.

MSNBC: Scott Walker: End birthright citizenship

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#TBT: Jeb’s Mitt Moments

First, the Iraq War wasn’t a mistake. Then, Americans should work longer hours. Next, let’s ‘phase out” Medicare. After that, Black Lives Matter is a “slogan.” Last week, he was “not sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues.”

Last night, it happened again.

Adding to his long list of gaffes, Jeb “disappointed” a registered Republican and veteran who asked if the long wait for adult siblings and parents to immigrate would be shortened under his policies. Bush responded that it was “not gonna happen.” So much for appealing to voters on immigration.

Here’s a Throw Back Thursday look at Jeb’s Mitt Romney moments:

Mission Accomplished?

ABC News: Jeb Bush: People Need to Work Longer Hours

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said Wednesday that in order to grow the economy “people need to work longer hours” — a comment that the Bush campaign […]

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Questions For The Varsity Lettermen

At this evening’s 5 pm kids’ table debate, the JV candidates were racing to the right — doing and saying whatever they could to get some attention.

Their outrageous comments and proposals — putting mosques under surveillance?! — raise some questions that the 9 pm varsity lettermen need to address:

1. Donald Trump — What more need we say… “[He’s] dominating the conversation.” He’s sure to dominate the conversation — the rest of the candidates don’t stand a chance.

2. The Donald’s driving the immigration dialog — Early debaters were bitter about the Donald’s big lead, but it sure seemed like they agree with him on immigration. It’s safe to assume the varsity candidates agree with him, too.

3. Assault on earned entitlements and benefits — 5 pm debate candidates were gunning for entitlements. Trump and co. are sure to agree.

4. Tax cuts for the wealthy to address poverty? It doesn’t make sense, but we’re sure to here more of this […]

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MEMO: It’s Opening Day And The Donald Is Already Batting A Thousand

TO:                 Interested Parties
FROM:           Jessica Mackler, President, American Bridge 21st Century
RE:                 It’s Opening Day And The Donald Is Already Batting A Thousand
DATE:            August 6, 2015

Tonight is opening day for the GOP’s Cleveland Clowns, and all-star slugger Donald “Classy” Trump — hot out of spring training, already batting a thousand — is sure to bring his A-game. His greatest strength? It doesn’t matter how many errors he commits tonight — they only make him stronger.

Despite Trump’s absence at Monday’s forum, his YOOOGE presence was felt: Rotating through the batting order, each and every candidate did their best to channel the Donald’s far right extremism, from immigration to defunding Planned Parenthood and bashing earned benefits. Demonstrating how laughably out-of-touch they are with Americans, the candidates made just three mentions of the middle class, four mentions of women, and […]

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Ayotte’s Embarrassing Record On Women’s Health

Senator Kelly Ayotte’s record on women’s health ignores the hard working families of New Hampshire. Siting heavily edited and misleading video footage, Ayotte voted once more last night to defund Planned Parenthood and the care it provides women in the Granite State. Ayotte’s record on women’s health is down right embarrassing. 

But this is hardly the first time Ayotte voted against Planned Parenthood and commonsense women’s health programs. 

Instead of voting for New Hampshire women and families, Ayotte has stood by Hobby Lobby and sponsored legislation to allow employers to refuse employee contraception coverage and other preventive care. Last night is another example of Ayotte’s shameful past on on women’s health.


Planned Parenthood

2011: Ayotte Twice Voted To Eliminate Federal Funding For Planned Parenthood. In April 2011, Ayotte voted for prohibiting any funds appropriated in the recently-passed bill funding the government through the end of fiscal year 2011 from being made available to Planned Parenthood or […]

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