Senator Walsh?

Former Congressman Joe Walsh just refuses to fade into obscurity, telling WROK Radio that he is considering a Senate primary against Senator Mark Kirk. His challenge will likely have Kirk running to the right to shore up his conservative bona fides as Walsh touts his Tea Party platform.

American Bridge will be here to hold both candidates accountable to their promises.

Check out Walsh’s highlight reel below:





American Bridge Reaction to Ted Cruz Presidential Campaign

It’s official: Tea Party Republican Ted Cruz is running for president, setting the stage for a long and bloody primary that reveals the extreme nature of Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and the rest of the field as they struggle to keep up with Cruz’s radical streak.

“Ted Cruz shut down the government in a tantrum, opposes marriage equality, denies climate change, and opposes a woman’s right to choose even in cases of rape or incest. He’s everything voters hate about the modern Republican Party in one candidate, and the entire field is already signing on to his positions,” said Brad Woodhouse, President of American Bridge 21st Century.

American Bridge has been scouting Cruz for years. Our full scouting report on Cruz is available here, including biographical info and what to watch for in his campaign.

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CO Flashback: Coffman Called Social Security “Ponzi scheme”

With news breaking today that the national GOP is trying to draft Congressman Mike Coffman to run for Senate in Colorado, a reminder from 2011 that his record isn’t likely to pass the smell test:

POLITICO: Coffman on board with ‘Ponzi scheme’

Second-term Colorado GOP Rep. Mike Coffman is on board with Rick Perry’s characterization of Social Security, calling it a “Ponzi scheme” on a local radio show.

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VIDEO: GOP’s Reckless Iran Letter Backfires

The walking disaster that is the GOP leadership has outdone themselves. Senator Tom Cotton’s letter to the Iranian government encouraging Iran’s leaders to dismiss the ongoing nuclear talks with the United States is insolent, reckless and plainly stupid. Oh yeah and it might be a felony.
Does the GOP they really think they are going to score political points by cozying up to Ayatollah Khamenei?

Horrendously, every member of the Republican Senate leadership signed the letter, as did GOP presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio. Rubio’s even fundraising off of this treacherous political embarrassment.

Check out our new video, and the brutal headlines for the GOP after the jump.

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Iowa Ag Summit Shines Light on Glaring Flaws in GOP Field

The Republican field had a chance to stand out at this weekend’s Iowa Ag Summit, but instead displayed the same political skill that cost them the Presidency in 2012. Scott Walker focused on promoting his extreme positions, Jeb Bush ran a failed play from Mitt Romney’s playbook, and the #GOPRebrand hit new lows as Rick Perry compared immigrants to tracking UPS packages and Rick Santorum repeated his opposition to legal immigration.

Rick Perry

Compares Immigrants to UPS Packages

Mike Huckabee

Says Immigrants Come “Because They’ve Heard There’s A Bowl of Food Just Across the Border”
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Walker flailing on ISIS

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker revealed over and over again at CPAC yesterday that he’s not up to the task of confronting ISIS and doesn’t understand the threat. How bad was it? Even Rick Perry and the National Review thought he went too far.

First, Walker compared thousands of middle class Wisconsinites who protested his destructive policies to ISIS terrorists.

Then, trying to do damage control, he said that no, he didn’t meant to compare the two, but that the intensity was similar.

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MEMO/VIDEO: Floundering Republican Candidates Are Desperate To Right The Ship At CPAC

It’s CPAC time. That means thousands of Republicans are descending on National Harbor over the next few days. And at this rate, it seems that about half of them will run for president. Now all they need is one viable candidate.

The 2016 Republican presidential primary began unexpectedly early, when Jeb Bush made the December declaration that he was “actively exploring” a run at the White House, accelerating his rivals’ timeline in the process. Maybe they shouldn’t have jumped the gun. If the last couple months have shown us anything, it’s how wildly unprepared for primetime this cast of presidential hopefuls truly are.

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VIDEO: Scott Walker: The Fringe Candidate

The good news for Gov. Scott Walker is that a new poll shows him right in the mix of what promises to be a dogfight for the Republican presidential nomination. The bad news for the GOP is that Walker, the party’s would-be flag-bearer, is quickly proving himself a fringe candidate. The governor has spent February delighting the most radical wing of the GOP as he refused to answer simple questions, like whether evolution is real or Barack Obama is a Christian. In the media, his gutlessness has yielded him a major headache.

Watch our new video:

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Frontrunner to Fringe: Scott Walker’s Tumble

Just a couple weeks ago, it looked like Scott Walker had catapulted himself to frontrunner status in what remains a comically crowded and flawed Republican primary field. But we quickly learned that Walker isn’t quite ready for primetime.

Since being dubbed the leader of the GOP pack, Scott Walker has managed to marginalize his candidacy with an astounding display of gutlessness. First, he was asked flatly if he believed in evolution, and refused to answer. Then, he stood beside Rudy Giuliani as the former mayor raised racially-tinged questions about Barack Obama’s patriotism. Asked point-blank, Scott Walker was not willing to concede that the president of the United States of America in fact loves America.

Then, Walker took his act one step further when he claimed not to know whether Barack Obama was a Christian because he’s “never asked him” that. Perhaps Walker was inspired by his meeting earlier last week with birther-in-chief Donald Trump. All this has been enough to make Democrats yearn for 2008 and the comparative civility of John McCain.

But Scott Walker’s willingness to entertain such radicalism in order to avoid political risks is more than just a sign of his utter lack of a leadership. It’s a sad commentary about the party he belongs to — a party in which Scott Walker and the fringe have become mainstream.

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