WATCH: Senator Burr And The Donald: The Burr-st Of Friends

Donald Trump has a not-so-secret admirer: Richard Burr. A resounding endorsement of Donald Trump came from the vulnerable Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina — who apparently thinks that publicly endorsing Donald Trump’s xenophobic demagoguery is his best bet at re-election. That’s right, he’s gone all in for his Burr-st friend and publicly confirmed that he’ll support Trump.

“Donald Trump has done a tremendous job,” Burr said. “I think Donald Trump has brought a level of passion to running for office that I’m delighted to see.”
“A level of passion” — well, that’s one way of putting it, Senator…

Watch American Bridge’s new latest video: “Trump: The Burr-fect Candidate!

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With An Unquenchable Thirst To Offend, Jeb Triples-Down On “Anchor Babies,” Denigrates Asian Americans

Tripling-down, an unapologetic Jeb Bush yesterday “bungled” another attempt to explain his offensive use of “anchor babies” to describe American citizens born to immigrant parents.

Bush defended his previous use of “anchor babies,” and went even further, clarifying that he had also intended to diminish the Asian American community.

And to be clear: This is an expansion on Jeb’s earlier “anchor baby” comments, not a clarification. Despite his claims to the contrary, Jeb was 100% talking about Latino”anchor babies” up until yesterday. This is no walk back — Jeb’s just cranking up the inflammatory rhetoric.

These days, in trying to prove he’s an interesting, exciting candidate, Jeb’s channeling his inner Donald Trump — offending first and griping about political correctness second. Who will Jeb think to alienate next?

Read more on Jeb Bush’s disparaging comments about Asian Americans and his “anchor babies” triple-down:

ABC News: Jeb Bush Says ‘Anchor Babies’ Comment Was ‘More Related to […]

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Another Swing, Another Miss: Jeb Flailing For Excuses On “Anchor Babies”

Never fear, Republican establishment! Jeb Bush totally didn’t mean that insensitive thing that he said (and repeated, and defended) about Latinos last week. He was talking about Asians instead!

Watch Jeb try and fail with his latest excuse, then channel Donald Trump by telling the press to stop being so darn politically correct:

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Gov. Waffler Goes Silent On Opposition To 14th Amendment-Guaranteed Citizenship

Once thought to be in the driver seat of the GOP clown car, Scott Waffler — er, Walker — certainly isn’t in control at this point.

Just this Monday, Walker sprinted to the right on immigration and explicitly called for ending birthright citizenship, taking a cue from the most prolific immigration wonk in conservative politics: right wing xenophobe and GOP front runner Donald Trump. Not that it’s something that can be simply and unilaterally “ended,” as it’s guaranteed by the 14th Amendment — but the Waffler has never been one for nuance.

Now, though, the Worldly Waffler is dancing around the issue and refusing to take a position, even though he called for ending birthright citizenship just four days ago. As Politico writes, “Scott Walker just can’t make up his mind on birthright citizenship.”

So, after taking a strong position on the issue, Walker says he’s “not taking a position one way or the other.”

But that’s […]

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WATCH: Trump Pushes The GOP Towards Extremism On Birthright Citizenship

The offensive term “anchor babies” used to live on the far-right fringes of the Republican Party — now stopping birthright citizenship and revoking the 14th amendment seems to be the party’s platform. Driving the crazy train is none other than bald-eagle-toting Donald Trump, but he’s closely followed by Jeb Bush. 

Hey Jeb, since when is using “a slur” an “act of love?” 

Watch American Bridge’s new Spanish-language video on the GOP’s immigration extremism:

Washington Post: Jeb Bush: ‘Anchor babies’ isn’t offensive

A feistier, combative Jeb Bush said Thursday that he doesn’t believe the term “anchor babies” is offensive and blamed Democrats for perpetuating the idea that it’s a loaded term.

In one of his most aggressive exchanges with reporters to date, Bush dismissed suggestions that the two-word term deemed offensive by many Hispanics and denounced by Democrats is improper.

CNN: Sorry Jeb, ‘anchor babies’ is a slur

Despite his family ties to the Latino […]

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Jeb Just Trumped Himself On “Anchor Babies”

Jeb Bush, sliding in the polls and looking for answers — seriously, anything — yesterday enlisted himself on the Trump Anti-Immigrant Task Force.

Jeb used the offensive and disparaging term “anchor babies,” to describe children born in the United States (read: American citizens).

Today, he defended his language when asked if he thought it was overly bombastic, telling members of the press to “give me another word” and declining to say he regretted using it.

Jeb, Jeb, Jeb.

If you keep this up, the Donald might just adopt you, and you’ll finally be able to drop that pesky “Bush” last name.

Watch the clip here:

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Second Tier Jeb Starts Punching Up to Trump

In the battle of Donald Trump vs. Jeb Bush, there was only one classy and masterful winner tonight. After scheduling his New Hampshire town hall to compete with Jeb Bush “because Bush draws so poorly, I figured it would be a good time to draw a crowd,” Jeb was relegated to true second tier status.

The contrast couldn’t have been more stark. Trump hosted nearly 1,000 people in a packed auditorium and was carried live on Fox, CNN, and MSNBC, while Jeb (hoping to break through the noise) spent more than two minutes punching up to Trump.

In what might be a first for this cycle, Jeb Bush actually got ahead of Trump on one thing: Calling to enforce the border to prevent “anchor babies.”

It was only four months ago when Bush said, “tearing down other people won’t help at all,” but watch Bush spend two minutes attacking Donald Trump here:

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Scott Walker And Fellow Under-Performers Do Their Best Trump Impressions

Republicans trust Donald Trump more than any other candidate on top issues, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.

Trump’s opponents have taken note. Holding on for dear life as he leaves them in the dust, they’re going toe-to-toe with the Donald on policy extremism, hoping to come along for the ride. It’s their only chance, no matter how slim, at winning the GOP nomination.

Scott Walker is trying harder than anyone: “Sinking in the polls here, Scott Walker started on Monday to sound very much like the man he is now chasing in the Republican presidential race, Donald Trump,” as Reuters described his last-ditch pandering.

Walker’s opponents see it, too. They’d do well to follow suit and start throwing around the red meat the GOP base is craving, even if it’s policy positions and rhetoric that are ultimately unsustainable.

It’ll all be disqualifying in the general election, but it’s the only shot they’ve got.

Read […]

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Scott Walker, Channeling Opponents, Sprints To The Right On Immigration

It feels like just yesterday that Scott Walker co-opted a page from immigration policy wonk and thought-leader Rick Santorum’s playbook, and went all in for restricting legal immigration

Now Walker’s come out hard in favor of ending birthright citizenship — this time, borrowing from demagogic xenophobe and anti-immigrant extremist Donald Trump, apparently hoping some of the Donald’s front-runner magic will rub off on him.

MSNBC: Scott Walker: End birthright citizenship

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A Trump-Inspired Jindal Calls For Mayors Of Sanctuary Cities To Be Arrested

Hoping to pull the spotlight to his ill-fated presidential campaign, Bobby Jindal is now calling for mayors of sanctuary cities to be arrested. Nearly the entire GOP field, including Jeb Bush, have recently come out in opposition to sanctuary cities. Jindal’s latest comments and the field’s sprint to the right on sanctuary cities are clearly Trump-inspired. How long will it take the field to agree with Jindal at tonight’s WMUR New Hampshire non-debate in a desperate attempt to please their Trump-loving base on immigration?

BuzzFeed News: Bobby Jindal: Mayors Of Sanctuary Cities Should Be Arrested

By: Andrew Kaczynski, 8/3/2015

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal told Boston Herald Radio on Monday morning that mayors of sanctuary cities should be arrested.

“Absolutely, I would hold them as an accomplice. Make them criminally culpable,” the Republican presidential candidate said when asked if he’d arrest mayors of sanctuary cities . “I’d also make them civilly liable so that families, […]

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