Miami Based Spanish-Language Paper Highlights Rubio’s Anti-Immigrant Extremism

Since abandoning his 2012 attempt at immigration reform in order to politically cash in on the issue, Marco Rubio has adopted the harsh GOP line against deportation protections and a pathway to citizenship and Spanish-language press is taking notice. A Spanish-language paper based in his hometown, the Miami Diario, highlighted last week’s protests outside of Rubio’s offices because of the senator’s extreme anti-immigration policies.

Read more in the Spanish-language article translated by American Bridge:

Miami Diario: Immigrants In Miami Protest Against Marco Rubio: Clearly, he is not with us

“Our families will not forget who blocked DAPA, who backed that demand.”

Pro-immigrant groups protested in front of the offices of Senator Rubio during the one year anniversary of President Obama’s executive actions. The actions could benefit 253,000 families in this state.

“We are here today to remind our communities of those who are with us and those who are against us,” said María Bilbao […]

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Steve King Defends Cruz’s Anti-Immigrant Policies

With his Ted Cruz endorsement today, Steve King made sure far-right conservatives know there’s no space between him and Cruz on immigration. Sure, everyone already knew they both occupy the same extreme fringes of the Republican Party — where offensive rhetoric flies about Latino immigrants as having “calves the size of cantaloupes because they’re hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert.”

But now, King is explicitly defending Cruz from recent attacks against his out-of-touch immigration platform and naming immigration as one of his key reasons for backing Cruz.

Cruz is consolidating the evangelical and far-right conservatives he’ll need in Iowa, South Carolina, and beyond, but he’s doing it with a divisive and backwards message that is destroying the GOP from the inside out.




Cruz Supported Repealing DACA
Cruz Sponsored Legislation To Defund The Department Of Homeland Security In Response To DACA And DAPA

December 2014: Cruz Sponsored Legislation To Block FY 2015 Government Funding Bill Because It Funded President Obama’s Allegedly […]

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GOP Field Quickly Goes Extreme On Immigration

We’re not even through the first hour and the GOP field has already found a way to be offensive and out-of-touch on immigration with front-runner Donald Trump leading the way. Ted Cruz was quick to dismiss his question on earned benefits in order to talk his extreme policies, and even Jeb Bush managed to get a word in edgewise.

Despite their bickering, it’s clear: every candidate on stage is against a pathway to citizenship and out-of-touch with the American people.


Even “Mainstream” GOP Candidates Hold Backward Views On Immigration
Bush Called For Better Enforcement Against “Anchor Babies”

Jeb Bush: “If There’s Abuse, If People Are Bringing — Pregnant Women Are Coming In To Have Babies Simply Because They Can Do It, Then There Ought To Be Greater Enforcement. That’s [The] Legitimate Side Of This. Better Enforcement So That You Don’t Have These, You Know, ‘Anchor Babies’, As They’re Described, Coming Into The Country.” According […]

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Univision: DACA Will Die Under Rubio

“DACA va a morir” or “DACA will die” is what influential Univision anchor Jorge Ramos told his more than 2 million viewers last night in a segment about Marco Rubio’s immigration policies. Yesterday, Rubio said he would end the important protection for children of immigrants whether or not Congress passed immigration reform if he’s elected president. Even then, Rubio has said he doesn’t believe immigration reform will happen for 10-12 years. This latest development proves Rubio is as extreme and out of touch on immigration policy as the rest of the Republican Party.


Watch the full segment:

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El Universal: Marco Rubio: An Anti-Hispanic Hispanic?

Marco Rubio still isn’t helping the GOP win over any Hispanic voters. Take a look at the latest from Spanish-language publication El Universal (translated by American Bridge):

Nevertheless, despite his bilingualism, Rubio will have to explain a number of things to the Hispanic community. First, he should address his extreme positions in regards to immigration reform. Rubio could talk all the Spanish he wants, but he continues to be a radical with immigration. He will also have to clear up whether he’s thinking about defending the Hispanic agenda more broadly or if he plans on concentrating his interests on the Cuban community in Florida, because that is precisely what he has done in the past few months. The perfect example of this is his shameful opposition to the confirmation of Roberta Jacobson, the best and highest American diplomat when it comes to Latin America, to the embassy in Mexico. Together with […]

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Rubio, Trying To Trump Donald, Signs On To Vitter Anti-Immigrant Bill

So much for Marco Rubio saving the GOP from Donald Trump and the rest of the presidential field’s runaway anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Today, the Senate is taking up a Marco Rubio co-sponsored bill — a bill “favored by the party’s staunchest immigration opponents, to crack down on so-called sanctuary cities,” according to Politico. The bill’s “spearheaded by Sen. David Vitter (R-La.), one of the most hard-line opponents of looser immigration policies,” and Marco Rubio wants everyone to know that he’s all-in: His campaign spokesman touted that Rubio rushed to co-sponsor the bill at the very earliest possible moment — “as soon as it was available,” Politico reported.

Marco Rubio’s tried to play up his potential to win over Latino voters, but he looks to be abandoning that effort entirely.

Rubio surpasses Donald Trump in rhetorical elegance, but his far-right actions are just as jarring — and today, he’s casting his lot with some of […]

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High Energy At Last, Jeb Finds Passion In Alienating Voters

Lead administrator of the GOP rebrand postponement plan, Jeb Bush’s taking it upon himself to carry on the GOP’s time-honored tradition of alienating minority voters. Jeb’s latest target: Native Americans.

1. “Redskins” Offensive? “I’m missing something here, I guess”

Discussing the Washington Football Team’s controversial mascot on Sirius XM’s POTUS Channel 124, Jeb said: “It’s a sport, for crying out loud. It’s a football team…I’m missing something here, I guess.”

What’s he missing? We’d refer Jeb to ABC News’ report on his comments: “Native American groups have organized protests for years to force the franchise to change the team name away from a term that’s viewed by many as racially offensive.” 

But, sure, maybe Jeb knows better. Perhaps Dan Snyder’s $100,000 donation to Jeb’s super PAC proved informative.

Here’re some other things Jeb’s been missing lately:

2. “Free Stuff” and “[Black Lives Matter] Is A Slogan”

Jeb last week offensively suggested that the support of African American […]

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VIDEO: GOP Field Agrees To Indefinitely Postpone Party Rebrand

Jeb Bush, in fifth place and polling at 7%, is in no danger of being mistaken for the front-runner. But he’s still leading the field in one respect: Jeb’s directing the GOP rebrand — or, leading the effort to bring it to a grinding halt.

The GOP candidates don’t all get along, but they’re in agreement when it comes to abandoning any effort to make the Republican Party more inclusive.

Watch American Bridge’s latest video: “Jeb’s GOP Rebrand: Indefinitely Postponed.”

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More Anti-Immigrant “Anchor Babies” Rhetoric From Jeb Today?

Will today bring more Jeb Bush anti-immigrant, “anchor babies” alarmism?

According to the Associated Press, a new study‘s found that “over the next 50 years, Asians will have surged past Hispanics to become the largest group of immigrants heading to the United States.”

Given Jeb’s history of using the “anchor babies” slur to disparage American citizens born to Asian immigrant parents, it’s a safe bet to expect more outrage from him today, right?

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The GOP Gives Pope Francis The Cold Shoulder

From the very start of Pope Francis’ first visit to the United States, GOP presidential candidates and members of Congress have not hesitated to publicly criticize His Holiness. Primarily taking issue with his concerns about climate change and call for the acceptance of immigrants and refugees, a range of high-profile Republicans have earnestly seized any opportunity available to air their grievances.

Here’s what Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and Steve King had to say:

Huffington Post: Jeb Bush: The Pope Shouldn’t Discuss Climate Change Because ‘He’s Not A Scientist’

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) said he disagrees with Pope Francis’ call to fight climate change and thinks the Pope should not delve into the issue because he “is not a scientist.” “He’s not a scientist, he’s a religious leader,” Bush said, according to a video posted by the Democratic opposition research group American Bridge.

Politico: Trump: Pope is wrong on climate […]

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