GOP’s Immigrant Song: Xenophobic Rhetoric — And No Path To Citizenship

Donald Trump’s 35% win in New Hampshire confirmed it: xenophobic, anti-immigrant red meat and policies are what win over the Republican base these days. Offensive, anti-immigrant policy proposals and rhetoric have been a constant the entirety of the GOP presidential primary — their prominence and consistency perhaps only rivaled by Donald Trump’s months-long polling dominance.

Trump may have ratcheted things up the most with his unabashed demagoguery and offensive characterization, but it’s not like it started with him. The rest of the GOP field has similar views — and, like Trump, not one candidate supports a pathway to citizenship.

Here’s a rundown of the GOP field’s anti-immigrant views and positions:

Ted Cruz opposes both legal status and a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. He might support self-deportation, and he definitely opposes DACA and the DREAM Act. Cruz has also expressed support for Arizona’s “papers please” law.
John “Finish the Wall” Kasich opposes a path to citizenshipDACA, and sanctuary cities. Latinos are hardworking, Kasich’s said, “and, uh, that’s why […]

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GOP Field Heavy on Hateful Rhetoric, Light on Commonsense Immigration Reform

With Donald Trump way ahead in New Hampshire, it’s no surprise that the GOP field has continued to mimic his hostile, anti-immigrant rhetoric tonight. Every single candidate on stage has made it clear that they oppose any kind of pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

As they continue to criticize President Obama’s deportation protections and oppose a pathway to citizenship, the GOP’s rhetoric has only gotten more inflammatory. Just this week, Ted Cruz suggested that immigrants were responsible for the drug epidemic when he advocated for building a wall along the southern border to deal with the drug addiction crisis.

Here’s a rundown of the GOP field’s Trump-inspired immigration ideas:

Ted Cruz opposes both legal status and a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. He might support self-deportation, and he definitely opposes DACA and the DREAM Act. Cruz has also expressed support for Arizona’s “papers please” law.

Chris Christie opposes a path to citizenship and DACA.
John “Finish the Wall” Kasich opposes a path to citizenshipDACA, and  Read more after the jump.

Ted Cruz’s Trump-Inspired Drug Epidemic “Solution”: The Wall

Donald Trump has made his candidacy about anti-immigrant xenophobia — promises to “build the wall” and finally stop the immigrants who he claims are, among other things, “bringing drugs.”

Eight months later, Donald Trump’s still running in first place and the rest of the field is continuing to chase him on immigration — Ted Cruz more than almost anyone else.

Today, Cruz found a novel, new issue to inject Trump’s trademarked anti-immigrant demagoguery into: substance abuse. What’s Cruz’s policy proposal, rather than provide adequate funds to pursue treatment programs and other solutions?

“If we want to turn around the drug crisis we have got to finally and permanently secure the border,” Mr. Cruz said. “We need to solve this problem, we need to build this wall.”

Cruz may have beaten out Trump in Iowa, but he’s still about 22% behind Trump in New Hampshire, and showing no sign of backing off his […]

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Scott Brown Found His Candidate To Combat Ebola-Wielding Immigrants

One of Scott Brown’s signature issues in his (second) failed senate bid was fear-mongering over the Ebola-wielding undocumented immigrants pouring over the Mexican border.

So it only makes sense that Brown would endorse the candidate most willing to do what it takes: Build The Wall. 

Donald Trump has rallied far-right Republicans across the country with his promise to build a wall along the southern border, and make Mexico pay for it. Now, it seems Brown is lending his border expertise to Trump in the home stretch before New Hampshire votes next Tuesday.

Gotta hand it to Scott Brown — after losing his last two Senate races, he had his pick of all the presidential candidates since he hosted them at backyard BBQs throughout the campaign. Endorsing Trump and his commanding lead — after earning seven delegates to Ted Cruz’s eight in Iowa — means endorsing a fellow far-right extremist touting similarly out-of-touch policies.

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Anti-Immigrant GOP Establishment: Our Anti-Immigrant Muse Is A RINO

Here’s the latest evidence that Donald Trump-inspired anti-immigrant xenophobia has taken over the Republican Party — from the base, all the way to its DC upper echelon:

Members of the GOP establishment pulled together a $1 million ad-buy arguing that Trump — Mr. “We’re going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it” — is far too much of a liberal on immigration to represent the Republican Party in 2016.

Apparently, the “Mexican immigrants are ‘rapists,’ who are bringing drugs” rhetoric just isn’t inflammatory enough.

Apropos of nothing: Good luck with that rebrand, Reince…

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GOP Field: We’re Just Like Trump On Immigration, Please Vote For Us

For months, the Republican presidential primary has been fueled by anti-immigrant rhetoric. Donald Trump may have built the fire, but he’s got the rest of the field is huddling around it to stay warm. 

Hardline opposition to a path to citizenship, DACA, and the DREAM Act have become the GOP’s new normal. Those doing best in the polls also happen to support anti-immigrant profiling and spout xenophobic rhetoric in line with Donald Trump’s own.

To meaningfully criticize Trump on immigration is political suicide, because he has the GOP base in his corner. To be labeled as “pro-amnesty” or “weak on immigration” is a death sentence.

But this isn’t pandering on their part: Cruz, Rubio, and the rest agree with him. That’s why they’re proposing the same xenophobic rhetoric and policies that have Trump polling at 35%.


Here’s a slew of Republicans trying to do their best Donald Trump impressions:

Ted Cruz opposes both legal status and a  Read more after the jump.

The Year Trump Took Over, Pt. 2: Trump’s Discriminatory Policies

Though he ratcheted up the rhetoric more than anyone, Trump wasn’t the Republican field’s first anti-immigrant candidate to advocate anti-immigrant ideas. But the egregious anti-Muslim and anti-refugee policies that have saturated the GOP primary? Those are all his…

The disgraceful, fascist-tinged policies and rhetoric Trump’s influenced the field to adopt with respect to Muslims — both refugees and American citizens. No matter how offensive and discriminatory Trump gets, the rest of the field eagerly matches his every move — increasingly timid in their refusal to offer substantive criticism. Not one GOP candidate used the most recent debate to meaningfully criticize Trump’s proposed Muslim ban — very clearly living in fear of the 60% of GOP voters who support his proposal.

But there’s a more obvious reason they’ve refused to go beyond saying they “disagree” with his plan: Their own discriminatory proposals are equally rooted in xenophobic fear-mongering — this is the Party of Trump. Their Islamaphobia and calls […]

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The Year Trump Took Over, Pt. 1: Anti-Immigrants

He may not have won “Person of the Year,” but as far as the Republican Party is concerned, Donald Trump is the center of the universe. The Summer of Trump turned to autumn, then winter, and he’s continued to thrive through pundit-predicted fall, after fall, after fall — because the GOP base loves him and everything he stands for.

To commemorate the year Trump took over — his dominance and uncanny ability to influence the rhetoric and policy positions of the rest of the GOP field — American Bridge is closing out 2015 with a five-day countdown of the extreme, far-right policies that Donald Trump has reinforced and left as his legacy.

Donald Trump was late to the party when he called Mexicans “rapists.” Trump’s campaign kick-off might have crystallized the GOP’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, but he’s definitely not the first one to espouse far-right conservative policies against immigrants.

If anything, Trump was playing catch up in June […]

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Goodbye Graham — No Republicans Support Path To Citizenship

Jessica Mackler, president, American Bridge 21st Century: “Now that Marco Rubio and John McCain’s fellow Gang of Eight’er, Lindsey Graham, is out of the GOP presidential race, not a single Republican candidate supports a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

“It’s clear that the conservative dynamics, where opposing comprehensive immigration reform has become a litmus test, favor Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump’s hardline positions at the expense of ruining the party’s credibility with one of the largest voting blocs in the general election. It’s mind boggling how far the Party of Donald Trump has run to the extreme, far right fringes and failed to even acknowledge the GOP rebrand, much less implement any of its moderating elements.”


GOP Opposes Path To Citizenship


Donald Trump

Donald Trump Opposed A Path To Citizenship For Undocumented Immigrants. According to PBS NewsHour, “Immigration: No path to citizenship for undocumented workers. Allow more European immigration and a legal status to those […]

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In Rubio v. Cruz Immigration Fight, Both Are Losers

Ted Cruz might pick a fight with Marco Rubio over his immigration bill, but it hides the truth that both are running on an extreme anti-immigrant platform with almost no daylight between them or Donald Trump.

Opposing President Obama’s DACA executive order covering young undocumented immigrants:

Rubio: “DACA is going to end…It cannot be the permanent policy of the United States.”
Cruz: “I think we should use any and all means necessary to prevent the president from illegally granting amnesty.”

Opposing comprehensive immigration reform:

Rubio: “The time has passed.”
Cruz: “I led the fight to defeat [comprehensive immigration reform] in the United States Congress.”

Opposing the DREAM Act:

Rubio: The DREAM Act is “much broader and is not the right approach to that issue. In fact, it makes having a legal immigration system that works harder to accomplish.”
Cruz: “I do not support the DREAM Act and categorically oppose amnesty.”

Support for Arizona’s ‘Papers Please’ law:

Rubio: “The second [version] that passed hit the right note. Yes,” he would have […]

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