Donald Trump Layers Lies On Top Of Lies

Donald Trump shamefully billed an infomercial for his hotel as a press conference this morning, and then, after a stark (alleged) reverse on his racist birther conspiracy theory, he lied twice more and then refused to take any questions from the press.

Matthew Yglesias summarized the event like this:

@mattyglesias: Trump acknowledged no factual error, expressed no remorse, and introduced new misinformation about the subject.

And Trump faced immediate, across the board criticism from the media. Watch more below:

Katy Tur, NBC Correspondent

MSNBC: Trump said “that Hillary Clinton started this, which is not true, and that he ended it, which is also not true.”

Jake Tapper, CNN Anchor

CNN: “It’s hard to imagine this is anything other than a political rickroll.”

Rina Shah, Republican Strategist

Fox News: “He is a serial liar.”

Katy Tur, NBC Correspondent

MSNBC: “He did make a false statement on that stage.”

John King, CNN Chief National Correspondent 

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Ryan Lied About A Wisconsin Plant That Closed In 2008

Janesville Gazette: “Obama Wasn’t President When The Plant Closed.” According to the Janesville Gazette, “Rep. Paul Ryan took an example from his hometown Aug. 16 when discussing energy policy in Ohio. Some have questioned his facts. Ryan told the Ohio audience that the Janesville General Motors plant closed in 2009, and he said President Barack Obama’s policies were, in part, to blame. Obama wasn’t president when the plant closed. Production ended in December 2008.” [Janesville Gazette, 8/28/12]

Washington Post: Despite Careful Wording, Ryan Implication Inaccurate Because Plant “Largely Closed In December 2008.” According to the Washington Post, “In his acceptance speech, GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan appeared to suggest that President Obama was responsible for the closing of a GM plant in Ryan’s home town of Janesville, Wis. Obama gave his speech in February 2008, and he did say those words. But Ryan’s phrasing, referring to the fact the plant did not last another year, certainly suggests it was shut down in 2009, when Obama was president. Ryan, in fact, issued a news release in June 2008, urging GM to keep the plant open after the automaker announced it would close it. The plant was largely closed in December 2008 when production of General Motors SUVs ceased — before Obama was sworn in. A small crew of about 100 workers completed a contract for production of medium-duty trucks for Isuzu Motors, a contract that ended in April 2009. Note that Ryan called the plant ‘locked up’ rather than ‘shut down.’ That’s because the plant has not been completely shut down; it remains on ‘standby’ and could reopen if GM production reaches the right level, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.” [Washington Post, 8/30/12]

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VIDEO: Watch Mandel Argue with a Video Tape

After grabbing an American Bridge tracker’s camera in an elevator, Josh Mandel has repeatedly attempted to accuse our tracker of initiating contact. The only problem is, witnesses and a video recording of the incident tell a very different story. Despite clear proof to the contrary, Mandel continues to inexplicably lie every chance he gets.

But he can’t shove the truth into a corner.

BRIDGE BRIEFING: The Truth About Massachusetts’s Bond Rating Increase

Romney Increased Massachusetts’s Bond Rating Through “Tax Increases And The Closing Of Tax Loopholes.” According to the Wall Street Journal, “Former Gov. Mitt Romney boasted this week that when he led Massachusetts, he presided over an increase in the state’s bond rating, a contrast to President Barack Obama, who saw Standard & Poor’s downgrade U.S. debt. But Mr. Romney had an advantage that Mr. Obama sorely wanted but could not get from Congress: tax increases and the closing of tax ‘loopholes.’ Documents obtained by The Wall Street Journal Wednesday through the Freedom of Information Act show the Romney administration’s pitch to S&P in late 2004 included the boast that ‘The Commonwealth acted decisively to address the fiscal crisis’ that ensued after the terrorist attacks of 2001. Bulleted PowerPoint slides laid out the actions taken, including legislation in July 2002 to increase tax revenue by $1.1 billion to $1.2 billion in fiscal 2003 and $1.5 billion to $1.6 billion in fiscal 2004; tax ‘loophole’ legislation that added $269 million in ‘additional recurring revenue,’ and tax amnesty legislation that added $174 million. The final bullet: ‘FY04 budget increased fees to raise $271 million yearly.’” [The Wall Street Journal, 8/10/11]

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VIDEO: The Tale Of Tommy And Mitt

Recently, Tommy Thompson has been lamenting his falling poll numbers, blaming Mitt Romney for the dramatic turnabout. Perhaps instead of seeing similarities between their falling poll numbers, Thompson should look at the similarities in their policy positions.

“Tommy Thompson’s collapse in the polls cannot be blamed simply on Mitt Romney’s slide. They are both tanking because they both espouse similarly unpopular proposals,” said Matt Thornton, Senior Communications Adviser for American Bridge 21st Century. “As long as Thompson and Romney are talking about destroying Medicare and accusing half of America of being freeloaders, they will face a similar fate on Election Day.”

MEMO & VIDEO: Romney’s Circus Of Lies

During the Republican presidential primary debates, a telling pattern emerged. Mitt Romney, who first ran for public office back in 1994, called Rick Perry a “career politician.” Mitt Romney, who owned stock in and profited from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, criticized Newt Gingrich for working for Freddie Mac. Mitt Romney, who lobbied for funding for the Salt Lake City Olympics and has many of DC’s top Republican lobbyists intimately connected to his campaign, attacked Rick Santorum as a lobbyist. It seemed that each attack that Mitt Romney leveled at his opponents was done before they had an opportunity to say it about him.

If precedent holds, then the best way to interpret Romney’s charge that Obama will “say things that aren’t true” is that he is attempting to inoculate himself against the abundance of falsehoods he plans on espousing at the debates.

Mitt Romney’s propensity for flip-flopping long ago passed into self-parody, perfectly epitomized by his own campaign’s reference to an etch-a-sketch. But it is important to remember that his ability to say one thing one day and say the opposite the next with a straight face is rooted in his casual relationship with the truth.

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VIDEO: Josh Mandel’s Flaming Pants

Washington DC – Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mandel has amassed a long trail of maliciously misleading and inaccurate statements – which is bad enough – but he did have one moment of brutal honesty lately. When confronted with his penchant for dishonesty, Mandel vowed to repeat his lies “again and again,” seeing no downside as reported by the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“Josh Mandel is so committed to rapidly advancing his career that he will stop at nothing – including shirking his responsibilities to the state of Ohio, appointing political cronies to positions of responsibility, and trampling the truth – to gain higher political office. It is a sad day when an elected official vows to continue lying to voters for political gain even when proven wrong,” said Matt Thornton, spokesman for American Bridge 21st Century.

You can view the video here: