Jeb To Become His “Own Man” At George W., Dad-Hosted “Jeb Celebration”

Getting “Trumped” in the polls, Jeb “my own man” Bush is calling his big bro and dad off the bench to help rescue his flailing campaign. According to the Wall Street Journal, Bush 41 and 43 will host a fundraiser for Jeb this fall, called — we couldn’t make this up — the “Jeb Celebration.” (At least he didn’t call it the Bush Celebration?)

Is there a clause that says that when half your money comes from legacy donors your family has to attend events for you? After getting terrible press for his revisionist Iraq War history, you’d think his advisers would know better… except that 19 of 21 of them also worked for his father or brother’s administrations.

One thing seems clear: W.’s little brother, Jeb, is just another Bush.

Wall Street Journal: Jeb Bush to Hold Fundraiser with Father, Brother

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Jeb Bush’s Insecurity: Hiding His Plans For Social Security

These days, it’s hard to say where Jeb Bush stands on Social Security.

A few months ago, Bush seemed to show support for George W.’s 2005 Social Security plan that would privatize parts of the entitlement.

But Jeb Bush’s Social Security privatization history runs over a decade: Way back in 2005, Jeb was a strong supporter of George W. Bush’s partial privatization overhaul, and he even contributed to his brother’s privatization sales pitch. And in 2008, Jeb said he was disappointed George W. was unable to secure the GOP congressional support to get his Social Security agenda passed.

Then, just last week, Jeb seemed to reverse course — but did he simultaneously suggest that he might go even further than W.’s plan?

Either way, Jeb today doubled-down on his plans to dramatically change Social Security. Here’s what George W.’s younger brother had to say:

“Well, the world’s changed. And we’ve made some modifications on Social Security, but we’re going to have […]

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PolitiFact: Jeb Bush selectively recounts details of Iraq and ISIS

But Bush’s look back at U.S. failures in Iraq doesn’t tell the whole story. A review by PolitiFact shows he leaves out some key turning points.

“We had an agreement that the president could have signed that would have kept 10,000 troops, less than we have in Korea, that could have created the stability that would have allowed for Iraq to progress,” Bush said in May. We rated that claim Mostly False.
The so-called Status of Forces Agreement to which he was referring was created in 2008, before Obama took office. President George W. Bush and then-Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki agreed U.S. forces would leave the country by the end of 2011. There were no stipulations about leaving a certain number of troops in Iraq beyond then, although negotiators assumed a new agreement would be hammered out when the old one expired.
Obama, who during his 2008 presidential campaign made promises to […]

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WATCH: Ron Don: Make Wisconsin Great Again

Ron Johnson’s new campaign strategy? WWDTD: What would Donald Trump do?

The Wisconsin senator is doing his best to channel the Donald in his bid for re-election. This week Johnson said he thinks his candidacy is “appealing” in the same way as “what’s resonating about Donald Trump.” Those “classy” inner city school kids comments and his carefree “I don’t think it’s a big deal” attitude on an ethics complaint weren’t blunders — RoJo was emulating Trump all along! Watch American Bridge’s new video:

Ron Don: Make Wisconsin Great Again

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Ayotte Lends An Ear, Kochs Spend Big

Since she’s been in the Senate, Kelly Ayotte has lent an ear to the Koch brothers. Now, the billionaire brothers are bankrolling campaign ads for Ayotte’s uphill re-election battle. Shocked? Neither are we, considering Ayotte voted to keep $40 billion in oil tax breaks.

The Kochs are quick to the rescue and more than happy to help out Ayotte as she faces a tough election ahead. Ayotte is too busy representing the special interests in Washington to care about the Granite State.


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Mission Accomplished?

Hoping that no one Googles him and discovers not just his last name, but also his support for his brother’s foreign policy and invasion of Iraq, Jeb will this evening give a foreign policy speech in which he plans to somehow whitewash his family’s history with Iraq.

Since his brother, President George W. Bush, decided to invade Iraq, Jeb has been a full-throated supporter of the invasion — even saying several months ago that despite knowing what we know now, he would still have authorized the Iraq war. Having 19 of his brother and father’s foreign policy advisors doesn’t help his cause. (And the irony of them writing his speech tonight? Come on.)

We look forward to Jeb addressing all of this and more this evening, but won’t be holding our breath.

Watch American Bridge’s video on Jeb calling his brother his top foreign policy advisor in the Middle East:



In 2003, Bush […]

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The GOP College Affordability Rhetoric Just Doesn’t Add Up

The GOP presidential candidates profess their interest in making college affordable. They claim they want to increase access to the opportunities fostered by a college degree. But when it comes down to it, when there are clear policy solutions that would reduce the crippling strain of student debt and improve college affordability, Republican opposition to substantive reform speaks volumes.

The GOP presidential field opposes solutions such as student loan reform and forgiveness. They decry plans for debt-free college and free community college as “free stuff.” Some of them have even advocated slashing education funding. And some of them have succeeded: Scott Walker’s 2015 Wisconsin budget cut $250 million from Wisconsin’s public universities.

These Republicans oppose increased investment in higher education, and even call for divestment. They claim they want to improve access to quality, affordable education, but they don’t offer much in the way of substantive solutions.

It’s all empty rhetoric — and it doesn’t add up.


Jeb Bush
Opposed Free […]

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Rubio, For-Profit College Beneficiary, Supports Plan Benefiting For-Profit Colleges

Absentee U.S. Senator and for-profit college beneficiary Marco Rubio this morning went on Fox & Friends to talk about college affordability. Here’s what he had to say:

The problem we have today isn’t just that college is too expensive, it’s that college, our system, is outdated. We need a flexible system that allows people who have to work full time, like single mothers who are raising children and are working also need flexible ways to go back to school.

Perhaps in his eagerness to criticize, Marco neglected to mention his long-time advocacy for and support of for-profit colleges. And Marco neglected to mention that his own proposed college affordability overhaul would specifically benefit for-profit colleges — institutions with a reputation for willfully misleading students, targeting veterans, in particular.

Perhaps he forgot to mention his advocacy on behalf of Corinthian Colleges — a school that, according to Bloomberg Politics, “was fined $30 million by the Department of Education for a scheme […]

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Trumping Fox?

After last night’s debate, Donald Trump is being written off…just like he was after attacking John McCain, calling Mexicans “rapists” and a littany of other sins. But based on the reaction from conservative activists, it looks like Trump didn’t just survive a Fox-fueled hit– he’s thriving.

Take a look:

Donald Trump was the runaway winner in the Drudge Report’s post-debate poll, with an impressive 45.95% (with 226,862 votes!) that bested the second place candidate by a whopping 30%.

MSNBC: Far Right Crowd Goes Wild For Trump At RedState Gathering
MSNBC’s Benjy Sarlin reported that Donald Trump got rave reviews and loud cheers from the right wing crowd at the RedState Gathering 2015.

National Journal: How Donald Trump’s Debate Performance Played for the Red State Crowd
But with Donald Trump, nothing is predictable, and it’s there that the “Red State Gathering” crowd offered up a […]

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