Toomey Talks Out Of Both Side Of His Mouth

Sen. Pat Toomey talks out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to a government shutdown.

A few weeks ago he said he didn’t think shutting down the government was a good idea, but this week he voted to shut the government down.

Today, Toomey proved he’s too partisan for Pennsylvania and cares more about shutting down the government than finding a compromise to keep the government open.

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Jeb Bush’s Energy Plan: Just Another Republican Big Oil Giveway

Already being compared to “Mitt Romney’s energy platform,” Jeb Bush is rolling out his energy plan in Pittsburgh this afternoon.

In response to Jeb’s plan, American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement:

“Jeb Bush says his energy plan will help grow jobs, but it’s just another Republican giveaway to big oil. His plan completely ignores how clean energy, such as solar and wind, can benefit the economy while combating climate change. Instead, he has promised to reverse any progress the Obama administration makes by reducing carbon emissions. Jeb Bush is introducing his policy at Rice Energy, a company with a history of environmental infractions, making it clear he could care less about protecting the environment. Just like his big brother, Jeb Bush’s shortsighted plan shows he cares more about helping big oil than the welfare of the American people.”

From the Huffington Post:

Republican presidential candidate Jeb […]

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Jeb Bush, Ben Carson Push Extremism

Doc Carson Prescribes A Double Dose Of Callous Extremism

If Ben Carson’s behavior is any indication, the GOP’s summer of farcical nativism and right-wing extremism is far from over. Carson had a Tuesday event crowd in stitches with an apologist slavery “joke,” quipping cheekily: “[L]ike nobody else had it.

Then, if that weren’t enough,he proceeded to facetiously diminish the “slaughter” of “all the Indians” and internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Fully warmed-up, Dr. Carson got waist-deep in some revisionist history:

Fact of the matter is: The vast majority of Indians — or, Native Americans — were slaughtered by the diseases that were brought here, against which they did not have immunity.

“Is Rob Portman’s connection to Ben Carson a problem?” asked a recent Cincinnati Enquirer headline.

Here’s a better question: Is the damage Ben Carson and Donald Trump are doing to the GOP repairable?

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Jeb Bush: “We Should Not Have A Multicultural Society”

Appearing to have abandoned his “lose the primary to win the general” strategy, Jeb is…chasing Ben Carson and Donald Trump’s voters? Jeb, who has previously talked up his cultural ties to Mexico, is now tacking hard to the right and saying “we should not have a multicultural society.”

Watch Jeb’s latest attempt to win over the far right:

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The Pope Vs. The GOP

From climate change to immigration, nearly every GOP policy position goes against the pope’s teachings and it seems like Republicans are purposefully picking a fight this week. Republican Congressman Paul Gosar plans to boycott Pope Francis’s address, comparing the Catholic leader to “a leftist politician” who “is free and clear to be criticized like the rest of us.” At the same time, Ben Carson made sure every other GOP candidate will be asked whether they’d support a Muslim candidate for the White House. If these headlines are any indication, Republicans should be worried about more than just their commutes as Pope Francis’s D.C. visit draws closer.

CNN: The Pope vs. the GOP

New York Times: Republicans’ Comments Put Them on Other Side of Pope’s Message

Washington Post: The Daily 202: Pope Francis visit puts Republicans on the defensive

The Hill: GOP braces for Pope Francis

Newsweek: Why Pope Francis Makes […]

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Just Another Far Right Republican: How To Campaign Against Carly Fiorina

Last night’s GOP debate confirmed what we already knew: Jeb Bush and Scott Walker are on the way out, and nervous establishment Republicans are giving Carly Fiorina a second look. But they’ve seen this movie before, and they should really know better.

On issues like choice and immigration Carly Fiorina is just as right-wing as the rest of the Republican field — but putting that aside, she’s got a Mitt Romney problem that would make Romney himself recoil.

After earning recognition of as one of the “Worst American CEOs Of All Time,” she’s probably best known for being blown out in the 2010 California Senate race.

Carly Fiorina’s easily beaten once voters learn about her extreme record. Here’s a reminder from Senator Barbara Boxer of what it’s like to campaign against her:

In English:

“‘The Facts’ about Carly Fiorina’s Failure at Hewlett-Packard”

“‘Workers’ – Carly Fiorina laid off 30,000 at Hewlett Packard”

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Walker Flexes “Foreign Policy” Muscles With Anti-Working Families Proposal

One of the most worldly presidential candidates of all time, polling-at-two-percent Scott Walker, flexed his “foreign policy” muscles Monday by unveiling a brave new strategy to take down American working people.

Walker first unveiled his dueling labor-foreign policy chops at CPAC when he compared unions to ISIS, saying, “If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world.” He followed that successful endeavor with his claim that the “Soviet Union started treating [Ronald Reagan] more seriously” when Reagan ordered the firing of 11,000 air traffic controllers.

That earned Walker a “Pants on Fire” rating from PolitiFact, which took pains to note his ludicrous characterization of the firings as “one of the most important foreign policy decisions ‘made in our lifetime.’” And just last week, one of Walker’s foreign policy advisers suggested that though he lacks practical experience in diplomacy, Walker’s face-off with Wisconsin public employee unions gives him the credibility to execute a forceful […]

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Jeb To Become His “Own Man” At George W., Dad-Hosted “Jeb Celebration”

Getting “Trumped” in the polls, Jeb “my own man” Bush is calling his big bro and dad off the bench to help rescue his flailing campaign. According to the Wall Street Journal, Bush 41 and 43 will host a fundraiser for Jeb this fall, called — we couldn’t make this up — the “Jeb Celebration.” (At least he didn’t call it the Bush Celebration?)

Is there a clause that says that when half your money comes from legacy donors your family has to attend events for you? After getting terrible press for his revisionist Iraq War history, you’d think his advisers would know better… except that 19 of 21 of them also worked for his father or brother’s administrations.

One thing seems clear: W.’s little brother, Jeb, is just another Bush.

Wall Street Journal: Jeb Bush to Hold Fundraiser with Father, Brother

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