Can anyone spare a life vest? Asking for some friends in GOP leadership…

As Speaker Boehner continues to flail in an attempt to fund the Department of Homeland Security, the political fallout is seemingly endless. Boehner, Congressional Republicans’ already low approval ratings, and even relations between the House and Senate GOP caucuses all continue to take on water over the struggle to pass a clean DHS funding bill.

Today’s maneuvering is just the latest humiliation for the GOP, raising doubts that the Republicans can even function as a majority party. Some conservatives are even leading a whisper campaign to oust Speaker Boehner.

Speaker Boehner’s inability to manage this internal discord and dissension may not merely lead to his downfall, but that of his party as well. But don’t take our word for it — check out these no good, very bad headlines raking Boehner and the GOP over the coals…

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Jeb Bush, Who Opposed The Auto Bailout, Set To Roll Out Economic Vision In Detroit

Jeb Bush is set to unveil his economic vision of “reform conservatism” in Detroit this morning. It’s an ironic if not insulting decision considering Bush flatly opposed the auto bailout, assailing it as “a form of capitalism where the government intervenes in a very muscular kind of way.” Of course, the former Lehman Brothers consultant and Barclays Capital adviser didn’t feel the same way about the bank bailouts.

The truth is, this the only economic vision Jeb Bush has subscribed to throughout his career:

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American Bridge Running Twitter Ads To Remind Folks Of New Mitt’s Old Record

Back To The Old Etch-A-Sketch…

Mitt Romney is set to deliver a speech tonight — apparently 2016 Mitt: Now Authentic!™ is a foreign policy expert who is set to enlighten us. But that’s rich (pun intended) coming from Mitt, considering his previous iterations of self were plagued by a slew of foreign policy gaffes. In fact, he once argued that it was “not necessary for a president to be an expert in international matters.”

And of course, he’ll continue to drone on with his message of job creation helped him win his presidential reelection in 2012 and create 11 million private sector jobs over the past four years. Oh wait, that was a different guy — Mitt was the one who had Massachusetts at 47th in the nation in job growth and warned of economic ruin if President Obama won another term.

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Scott Walker’s Priorities: Rolls Out Presidential 527, Big Budget Cuts to UW

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is making his priorities clear, rolling out a Presidential vehicle for himself on the same day his budget proposal slashes $300 million from the University of Wisconsin system. Walker’s 527, Our American Revival, will offer donors the ability to give unlimited amounts of money with only annual disclosure requirements. Walker himself will face restrictions on his involvement with the committee once he formally files for office, not that coordination rules have stopped him before.

American Bridge 21st Century President Brad Woodhouse issued the following statement in reaction to Walker:

“What a week for Scott Walker, from pandering to Steve King in Iowa to kissing the Koch brothers’ ring in California to proposing a $300 million budget cut to Wisconsin’s public universities while rolling out a new vehicle for his Presidential ambitions. Being President is about priorities, and Scott Walker’s willingness to hurt the middle class so that his ambition and his financial backers can benefit couldn’t be more clear.”

American Bridge Launches Web Ad On Christie’s Already-Dead Campaign

A Leadership PAC Can’t Buy Political Relevance

This morning, Chris Christie announced that he is forming a leadership PAC, the closest he’s come to officially declaring what we have all known for years — he really wants to be president. But it seems the closer Chris Christie comes to announcing that he’s running, the further he gets from relevance. Between his fiery temper, his awful economic record, his damaging scandals, and his penchant for putting his own interests ahead of his constituents’ well-being, Chris Christie’s candidacy doesn’t appear overly formidable.

And some folks are putting it more bluntly: Delving into the polling data, FiveThirtyEight ran a piece this morning with the headline, “Everybody Hates Chris Christie,” while others are saying he’s already “politically dead.”

Watch our new web ad:

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GOP busted in immigration doublespeak days before 2016 hopefuls kiss King’s ring

After American Bridge busted Republicans speaking out of both sides of their mouths on immigration reform last night, the Washington press corps is taking note of one of the most cynical political ploys you’ll ever see.

And remember– this is just days before 2016 hopefuls fly to Iowa to kiss Steve King’s ring. King, for his part, didn’t mix messages last night, sticking to calling one of the president’s guests “a deportable.”

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MEMO: Scott Walker’s Mess

Scott Walker is set to give his State of the State address tonight, and the truth is, he doesn’t have much good news to report. Walker rode into Madison in 2010 dead-set on giving the state a massive Tea Party makeover. And he did.

Walker’s vision for economic growth in Wisconsin consisted largely of massive tax cuts for the wealthy and the privatization of state’s economic development program. To pull off his tax overhaul, Walker, implemented the largest education cuts in state history. But even that wasn’t enough — now the state faces an astonishing $2.2 billion budget shortfall. And just in case you questioned his ideological rigidity, Walker insists that slashing property taxes remains his number one priority this year. So what programs will he cut next to try to solve his colossal budget problem? That remains a mystery.

As for his privatized economic development agency, well that hasn’t gone much better. WEDC has been wrought with controversy, giving Wisconsin taxpayer dollars to companies that ship jobs overseas, and tearing through executives. Moreover, Walker didn’t even come close to delivering on his promise to create 250,000 jobs in his first term, and Wisconsin continues to lag behind other states in the midwest and across the country when it comes to employment growth.

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Another Chris Christie Fumble

Chris Christie hasn’t had much to smile about over the last couple years — eight credit downgrades, a massive ongoing traffic scandal, falling approval ratings, and a slew of negative headlines about his volatile temper. But the controversial governor finally had a moment of bliss yesterday, as he left New Jersey for Dallas to watch his beloved Cowboys eke out a victory in the NFL playoffs. Unfortunately for Christie, his jump for joy last evening quickly turned into a morning of bad press. It seems a Jerry Jones bro-hug is about the only love Chris Christie is seeing these days.

Check out the twitter storm that Christie’s antics invited, as well the bevvy of stories below:

Asbury Park PressChris Christie hug of Cowboys owner costs taxpayers
“So, how much did the trip to Dallas this past weekend cost for the Christie party and his security detail? The Cowboys play next week in Green Bay, Wisconsin – if Christie makes the trip, how much will taxpayers pay?”

New York Daily News: Chris Christie denied high five by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones after win over Lions
“The lifelong Cowboys fan, who has been a regular in Jones’ box this year, wasn’t done partying as Fox cameras caught him practically floating into the Cowboys locker room.”

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BREAKING AUDIO: Perdue’s Closing Argument

Asked today about whether his company was closing down American plants as they opened others overseas, Perdue quickly responded, “Sure, we closed down plants all the time…”

Listen to the breaking audio above.

It’s an interesting closing argument — no pun intended — to cap off what’s been a disastrous last month for David Perdue’s campaign, as a series of events shed light on both his business career and his worldview. His downward spiral began when an old deposition surfaced, revealing that Perdue himself had admitted, “I spent most of my career” outsourcing.  Asked the next day how he would defend that record, Perdue looked shocked — “Well defend it? I’m proud of it!” he replied.

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