Yo bro, I think you got a problem…

Every younger sibling has to deal with hand-me-downs, but for most this ends at some point. That’s not the case for Jeb Bush and he doesn’t seem to mind. As the Washington Post noted today, “Far from running from or downplaying the views once expressed by his brother, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush is embracing them — and emphasizing them.” This might seem odd to anyone who lived through Bush’s two terms; it doesn’t even make sense to W:


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ICYMI: Roll Call: Marco Rubio’s Opening Speech Had a Goof

The problem with the senator’s statement is that the government is neither taxing, nor borrowing, nor regulating like it did in 1999. In fact, in 1999 there was a surplus, shrinking the debt owned by the public.

Taxes were much higher in 1999 — 19.2 percent of gross domestic product, versus 16.7 percent in 2013, with President Barack Obama agreeing to permanently extend the Bush-era tax cuts for 99 percent of taxpayers at the end of 2012.

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Jeb Bush is hiding from Ohio’s auto workers

Jeb Bush is in Ohio today rubbing shoulders with business leaders, but it’s not the first time he’s chosen the business elite over middle class workers. Bush opposed the auto rescue and would’ve let 850,000 jobs that are tied to the auto industry disappear.

Not exactly a winning message from Bush: Protecting his Wall Street allies and leaving Ohio workers to fend for themselves.

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MEMO: Polling Proves Marco Rubio Has the Wrong Priorities for Latinos

TO: Interested Parties
FROM: Brad Woodhouse, President, American Bridge 21st Century
RE: Polling Proves Marco Rubio Has the Wrong Priorities for Latinos
DATE: April 11, 2015

Marco Rubio jumps into the presidential race facing a skeptical conservative base. As a darling of the Tea Party, Rubio’s quick rise through the U.S. Senate seemed pre-ordained. But he has faced right wing, conservative, criticism from the GOP base for changing his positions when it’s politically convenient, as he did on immigration.

Rubio’s core electability message to right wing Republicans is his supposed strength with Latinos in the general election. We agree with Rubio that Latinos are a key demographic he will need to win over if he has any chance of becoming president. However, we disagree – and the polling backs this up – that Latinos are ready to side with Rubio.

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VIDEO: Univision and Telemundo on Jeb’s voter registration

Jeb Bush landed in trouble across Latino TV last night for registering as “Hispanic” on his 2009 voter form. From Univision to Telemundo, Bush was subjected to more negative coverage that added to his headaches.

Jeb isn’t exactly winning over Hispanics, either. A new ABC/Washington Post poll shows him trailing Hillary Clinton by a 3 to 1 margin, 71-21, among Hispanic voters.

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Jeb’s Self-ID Problem Draws Widespread Mockery

Jeb Bush’s self-identification problem had the political world scratching its head Monday. After registering as “Hispanic” on his 2009 Florida voter registration form, the presumptive presidential candidate was hard-pressed to explain the error. Instead he tried to poke fun at the mistake, which would have been a savvy move had the entire national press corps not beat him to the punch.

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Hispanic Jeb? (VIDEO)

Jeb Bush started off his week on the wrong foot when the New York Times reported that he checked the “Hispanic” race box on his 2009 Florida voter registration application. Bush speaks Spanish, lived in Venezuela for two years, and married a Hispanic woman … but as Andrea Mitchell said today, “Jeb Bush is a white guy.”

Check out our round-up video of press attention on Hispanic Jeb:

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Bad Money with Rand Paul (VIDEO)

As Senator Rand Paul prepares to ask GOP primary voters to support him for President, it’s important to note that this isn’t the first time he’s given voters bad advice. Paul has indulged in outlandish theories that have rendered him foolish by some in his own party. Here’s how a few of his economic predictions turned out:

Bad Money with Rand Paul

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