Jeb’s Rhetoric on W. Crashes Into Reality

Memo to Jeb:  You can run from W all you want, but you can’t hide from your record.

From Politico’s Florida Playbook:

Overall, bottom-line budget spending increased nearly 46 percent in his eight years in office, growing from nearly $48.9 billion to about $71.3 billion. The state’s debt increased as well (in part due to voter-approved environmental and class-size reductions measures)….

‘BIG GOVERNMENT REPUBLICAN?’ – “Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors: 2006,” by Cato’s Stephen Slivinski: “Real per capita general fund spending has grown an annual average of 5 percent over the past two years, making Bush one of the biggest spending Republican governors in this report card. Bush is seen by many as an attractive candidate for higher office. He certainly has a solid record on taxes. But the one glaring question that his second-term budget record has produced is whether he’s turned into a big government Republican.” 

From MSNBC’s Maddow Blog:

The […]

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Bush Tells Voters To Get Over His Name, Voters Comply

Bush to Voters: I Love My Brother, Get Over It

Before a question was even asked at a round-table event here, Jeb Bush delivered blunt advice to those who view his last name as a burden: Get over it.

Voters: Oh, We Are

Iowa Republicans say they feel overwhelmed by the large number of potential candidates at this stage of the 2016 presidential nominating contest and are waiting for the field to shrink before they focus on the race. But they share one concern: Jeb Bush’s viability.

Instead, they said Bush’s loyalty to his brother, former President George W. Bush, and his stumbles in saying whether he would have invaded Iraq may weaken his chances for the nomination as well as his ability to beat Hillary Clinton if she is the Democrats’ 2016 nominee.

Elected Officials: Us, Too

If presidential hopeful Jeb Bush was counting on his famous family’s legacy in New Hampshire […]

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Like Protege, like Mentor: Rubio and Bush are BOTH Running from their Miserable Records

It’s not just Jeb Bush who is feeling the heat for his unprincipled positions this week. Marco Rubio backed up his mentor in a deja vu – inducing swing on whether he would have invaded Iraq in 2003. This is reminiscent of Rubio’s immigration reform flip-flop and it’s raising questions about his preparedness for the presidency. Rubio’s panicked sprint from his own immigration bill continues to haunt him after he tied his political fate to the bill’s success. Rubio and Bush — protege and mentor — can’t hide from their past positions.

Check out Rubio's brutal headlines to prove it.

RNC Sticking With Its Signature Brand of Bigotry on RFRA.

Keeping with its narrow-minded ways, the Republican National Committee will vote to put its full support behind discriminatory ‘religious freedom’ laws today at its spring meeting. While the majority of Americans are against Indiana-style RFRA laws, the GOP continues to double down on its signature brand of bigotry. Back in April, 2016 contenders Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, and Ben Carson all stood with Gov. Mike Pence.

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VIDEO: ‘Misoverestimated': Jeb Bush’s Terrible Week

Jeb Bush isn’t even a candidate for president but he’s already close to ruining his chances. His week could be best described as a series of amateur, unforced errors and stark revelations about the former governor’s views on foreign policy and the Iraq War. What’s clear is that Jeb isn’t his “own man.” More worrisome, his failures on the campaign trail makes one wonder: Will he be an even worse president than his brother?

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‘Misoverestimated': Jeb Bush’s Terrible Week

It’s only Thursday and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say Jeb Bush has had the worst week of any presidential candidate this cycle. He’s aligning himself with his brother’s disastrous foreign policy, running scared from the conservative wing of his party, flubbing answers to simple questions and, unsurprisingly, tanking in the polls. Speaking in the language coined by his brother, Bushism, it looks like we “misoverestimated” Jeb and his bid for the White House.

Take a look at Bush’s wince-inducing week:


Politico: Was Jeb dropped on head as a child?: “So to fully appreciate the importance of Jeb’s revelation that George W. will be his chief adviser when it comes to the Mideast, you’ve got to keep in mind that Jeb’s entire campaign is built around one selling point: Jeb is the smart one in the family.”

New York Times: Wow, Jeb Bush Is Awful: “The bottom line is that so far he seems to be a terrible candidate. He couldn’t keep his ‘I’m-my-own-man’ mantra going through the spring. He over-babbled at a private gathering. He didn’t know how to answer the Iraq question, which should have been the first thing he tackled on the first day he ever considered that he might someday think for even a minute about running for president.”

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Fourth Time’s a Charm? No One’s Buying Jeb’s Iraq War Shifts

After four days and four different answers from Jeb Bush on the Iraq War, no one’s buying Jeb’s Iraq War “shifts.” It’s like he’s not related to the president who made that decision…or hasn’t heard about it’s disastrous consequences… or hasn’t been thinking about running for president for years. His team wants you to think he’s unprepared, but he’s not: Jeb is unprincipled and no one is buying his Iraq war “shifts.”

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Run, Walker, Run: Scott Walker Flees Press and State Budget Woes

Where in the world is Scott Walker? This week, he’s in Israel, conveniently far away from the press and Wisconsin’s budget woes. Not that Wisconsinites or the press should expect anything else — the governor has a habit of disappearing when things get tough and his advisers are likely terrified of another foreign policy slip up.

Between his flub-filled trip to London in February and comparing hard working union members to ISIS, Walker already has more than his fair share of gaffes. But that’s no excuse for leaving the country when his state’s budget faces severe cuts to education, health care, and emergency services. Walker is just too busy not running for president to take care of his governing responsibilities. It looks like, for now, Wisconsin will have to fend for itself.

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ICYMI: Jeb Backed Yucca Mountain

As he campaigns in Nevada, a reminder of Jeb Bush’s record of supporting Yucca Mountain, the latest in a long line of positions that would hurt the same people he wants to vote for him:

During this same period, Bush signed letters opposing interim waste sites, including joining a bipartisan group of 17 governors in 2006 in a letter to Congress that argued it was “a giant step backward for ratepayers in our states and others who have contributed more than $14 billion into the Nuclear Waste Fund.”

What’s more, those emails Bush recently released show he was fully briefed on Yucca Mountain during this time, so he shouldn;t have a reason to study it now…Bush can’t avoid his past on the repository, which was finally approved by a guy with the same last name in the White House.I don’t believe in the sins of the brother being visited on the brother, but Jeb appears to have had the same position as W.

Jeb was once part of nuclear industry group pushing Yucca Mountain