What Exactly Would Jeb Bush Be Defunding? Hint: It’s Not Abortion

This afternoon Jeb Bush told a Nashville audience that he believes the “next president should defund Planned Parenthood” and that he is “not sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues.” Considering Bush is hoping to be the next president, it’s safe to say that Bush would defund Planned Parenthood if elected. So what exactly would Bush be defunding?

Federal funding makes up about 40 percent of Planned Parenthood’s budget according to Vox, but none of those funds are allocated to abortion. In fact, they legally can’t help pay for abortion and abortion services only make up about 3 percent of their annual budget, according to the Washington Post.

When Jeb and the GOP field talk about defunding Planned Parenthood they are talking about taking away funding for important procedures for low-income women such as cancer screenings and STD testing and treatment — not abortion. 

According to Vox,

Most of this […]

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Jeb Bush Doesn’t Think We Should Fund Women’s Healthcare

This afternoon, in three sentences, Jeb Bush made it very clear — women’s healthcare access will be hurt if he becomes president.

“The next president should defund Planned Parenthood.”

“We did defund Planned Parenthood when I was governor.” 

“I”m not sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues.” 

These latest comments prove that Jeb is no moderate. On women’s issues, he’s just as extreme and out of touch as the rest of the field. 

Watch Jeb on women’s healthcare below:

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New Research Shows Anti-Choice Group’s Extremist Ties and Potentially Illegal Activity

In light of today’s newly-released video from the extremist Center for Medical Progress attacking Planned Parenthood, here’s what new research reveals about the group with a history of subversive activities: They have ties to anti-choice extremism — including to groups that supported health worker harassment and that were sympathetic to a doctor’s killer — and allegedly performed other illegal activity.

The Center For Medical Progress — as innocently-named, as it is maliciously motivated — is, as The Huffington Post reported:

“[N]othing more than a front organization for the anti-abortion group Live Action. That is not how the IRS understood it when considering the group’s application for tax-exempt status, and not how the group originally presented itself to the public in soliciting donations.” 

That’s right: Center for Medical Progress seemingly misrepresented itself to the IRS as a biomedicine charity, whereas it is nothing more than a bona fide, anti-choice hit squad that, as The Huffington Post’s Laura Bassett put it, “appears […]

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Awful Scott Walker Awfully Extreme On Women’s Health

In his latest unabashed testament to his far-right extremism, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker today signed into law a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks — even in cases of rape and incest.

For years, Walker has been working hard to make abortion illegal in all instances — including in cases of rape and incest, and even where necessary to save the life of the mother, according to PolitiFact.

But Walker isn’t too worried about the lack of exceptions for pregnancies that arise from incest or rape; in fact, he’s fairly confident that women will just get over it. According to The Daily Beast:

“In June, Walker, who is not a woman and who cannot get pregnant, said publicly, ‘I think for most people who are concerned about that, it’s in the initial months when they’re the most concerned about it.’”

Given Walker is a long-time supporter of taking women’s health decisions out of their hands, […]

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Failed Planned Parenthood Hit Job Political From The Beginning

Outrage, I say! Turns out two senior House Republicans, who went ballistic after a misleading and heavily edited video was released yesterday, had seen the video weeks ago. The chairman of the Energy and Commerce subcommittee, who’s holding a hearing, knew this was coming weeks ago but did nothing.

Keep this in mind when the House investigation comes to politically-motivated conclusions. They’ve been colluding with anti-choice hacks since before any of us even knew there was a video.

Roll Call: Lawmakers Knew About Planned Parenthood Video Weeks Ago

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Deceitful Video Just The Latest Part Of War On Women’s Right To Choose

Planned Parenthood has long had a target on its back. The recently released bogus video and deceitful accusations that came with it are just the latest attacks in a long-standing campaign by extreme anti-choicers to defund Planned Parenthood.

Over the years extreme conservative organizations have accused Planned Parenthood of genocide, sex-selective abortion, and even said the group was teaching teens to cover up signs of domestic abuse — all un-grounded and false political ploys.

It hardly seems coincidental that just days after a new study reports that 95 percent of women who have abortions did not regret their decision, the anti-choice attack mill turned out another misleading video. Despite the numbers against them, Republicans have ignored the facts entirely, instead waging war on women’s health and their right to choose. 

Read more about the duplicitous attacks on Planned Parenthood here.

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2016 GOP Field Seizes On Dishonest Excuse to Target Planned Parenthood

Republicans have been trying for years to undermine Planned Parenthood and women’s access to healthcare, be it through efforts to defund the organization, legal restrictions inserting employers into healthcare choices, or TRAP laws designed to push clinics out of business.

Now, they’re turning to an even more extreme and dishonest method, a deceptively edited and misleading video targeting Planned Parenthood staff.  Unsurprisingly, the 2016 field isn’t interested in the facts — they’re using this video hack job as one more excuse to embrace their real cause:  destroying Planned Parenthood for political gain.

The 2016 Republican Field On Defunding Planned Parenthood
Jeb Bush


2001: Jeb Bush Vetoed Funding For Family Planning Services Provided To Poor Women Through Planned Parenthood. According to the St. Petersburg Times, “Even the most powerful state lawmakers […]

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Kelly Ayotte Goes Full Washington

Kelly Ayotte is launching her reelection campaign as one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the country. Granite Staters don’t trust Ayotte to put them first ahead of the special interests bankrolling her campaign, and it’s easy to see why after five years in D.C.

Ayotte’s resume reads like a who’s who of out-of-touch Republican positions:

  • Ayotte supports raising the retirement age and cutting Social Security benefits.
  • Ayotte voted to roll back Wall Street reforms, while her largest donors are Wall Street execs.
  • Ayotte opposes equal pay measures and voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act.
  • Ayotte voted to voucherize Medicare in the Ryan Budget.
  • Ayotte is anti-choice and would overturn Roe v. Wade.
  • Ayotte voted to defund Planned Parenthood.
  • Ayotte would allow employers to make health care decisions for female employees by supporting the Blunt Amendment and Hobby Lobby decision.
  • Ayotte opposes marriage equality and same-sex adoption.
  • Ayotte voted against allowing people to refinance their college loan debt.

It’s no wonder that Republicans are already vowing to shatter previous New Hampshire spending and groups like Karl Rove’s are jumping into the race to prop up Kelly Ayotte. Special interests are doing everything they can to keep Ayotte in D.C. because she’s a rubber stamp for their priorities.

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MEMO/VIDEO: Bully Seeking Pulpit

Chris Christie enters the race as a brazen, outspoken bully hoping to use the 2016 pulpit to pull his GOP opponents like Jeb Bush further to the extreme right. With nine credit downgrades and a 30 percent approval rating under his belt, Christie has made the calculation that his charming personality alone won’t do the trick in the wake of Bridgegate.

American Bridge is also releasing a new video that shows Christie is now aligning himself with the extreme wing of his party in an attempt to gain traction.

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The Truth: McCrory Can’t be Trusted

The Charlotte Observer editorial board has it right: North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory isn’t just spinning the truth or misleading voters, he’s flat out lying. McCrory has repeatedly broken his unequivocal promise from his 2012 campaign not to sign any new restrictions on a woman’s right to choose and is now set to betray the women of North Carolina again. Earlier this week, the governor announced he will sign a new law tripling abortion waiting periods and putting new mandates on clinicians to share the results of ultrasounds with state government agencies.

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