Joe Heck Calls For Voter Fraud

Joe Heck–still hiding from the public–made a series of objectionable comments at a private Las Vegas fundraiser last week. While Heck’s “I really want to support Donald Trump” comment was revealing, his condescension of Democratic voters and flippant encouragement of voter fraud are even more objectionable.

Audience: I plan on voting twice for you, Joe.

Heck: I appreciate that. If you get away with it a second time, try for a third.

Heck’s long embrace of Donald Trump is unforgivable, and his dismissive attitude to Nevada voters and laughing encouragement of voter fraud further disqualifies him from representing Nevada in the United States Senate.

Listen to Joe Heck insult Nevada voters and joke about voter fraud.

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American Bridge 21st Century and Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada Release “Heck Trumps Nevada”

This week, American Bridge 21st Century and the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada Action (PLAN Action) are releasing a new digital ad highlighting Joe Heck’s spineless silence in the face of Donald Trump’s broadsides against Asian Pacific Americans.

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has viciously attacked immigrants and made disparaging remarks against both US-born citizens and immigrants from Asia. From calling US citizens “anchor babies,” to imitating and mocking stereotypical Asian accents — “We want deal” to insulting a Gold Star mother because of her religion, Heck never once condemned Trump.

Trump proposed capping the number of Filipino immigrants to the United States, claiming that the country had been compromised by terrorism and going so far as to call Filipino immigrants “animals.” Joe Heck has aggressively courted Asian American and Pacific Islander voters in Nevada, but he chose to stand by silently while […]

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WATCH: McCrory Has His Kelly Ayotte Moment, Calls Trump A Role Model

Governor Pat McCrory — sticking with Donald Trump even after he bragged about assaulting women — calls Trump a “Role Model.”

Chuck Todd: Any part of him make him a role model?

Pat McCrory: I think what makes him a role model is where he does stand strong on certain issues that need to be said, especially outside Washington D.C.


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WATCH: New American Bridge Digital Ad “Congressman Joe Heck’s Debatable Judgement”

No matter which Donald Trump shows up at Sunday night’s town hall in St. Louis, there’s no recovering from his botch job at last week’s debate. Trump’s fat shaming women, admitting he’d never paid taxes, and insulting veterans with PTSD — yet, vulnerable GOP Senate candidate Joe Heck is still fully embracing the Party of Trump.

“No amount of debate prep can help Donald Trump. With his toddler-level temperament on full display, it’s clear he’s unfit to be Commander in Chief. Trump continues to make a fool of his party, raising levels of racism and sexism in American presidential politics more fit for the 1950s than the 21st century,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler.

“Everyday, Trump further proves what voters already know: he can’t be allowed anywhere near the nuclear codes. Yet, Congressman Joe Heck and Washington Republicans are ready to hand over the keys, giving their stamp of approval to his erratic behavior and dangerous foreign and economic agenda. If […]

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Watch: Kelly “Absolutely” Ayotte Confirms She’s Voting For Trump AGAIN

Last night, Senator Kelly Ayotte said that Donald Trump was “absolutely” a role model for children. Now, after reading the disastrous headlines, she’s trying to say she misspoke (perhaps Ayotte needs to look up the definition of “absolutely” as well as “support”). But Ayotte’s bumbling backtrack won’t hold water — not as long as she’s still voting for Donald Trump and his dangerous policies.

WATCH: Senator Kelly Ayotte Is Voting For Donald Trump

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WATCH: Mike Pence is Donald Trump’s Clean-Up Man

Ahead of tonight’s vice presidential debate, American Bridge is releasing “Donald Trump’s Clean-Up Man,” a new digital ad that highlights Mike Pence’s futile efforts to smooth over Donald Trump’s racist, sexist, and conspiracy theorist outbursts.

It’s Pence’s job to make Trump look more “presidential,” but he’s an abject failure in that regard, because all he does is agree with and try to justify Trump’s immaturity and divisiveness.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement ahead of tonight’s VP debate:

“Mike Pence consistently defends Trump’s mass-deportation, racial profiling, and Muslim ban. And when Trump said that Putin is a stronger leader than President Obama, Pence readily agreed. Pence has even laughed off Trump’s incitement of violence against Clinton, calls for Russia to conduct cyber-espionage in the U.S., and claim that the President is the ‘founder of ISIS.’ Rather than admonish Trump, Pence has stood by him throughout, calling him […]

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Trump: Misogynistic To The Core

On the biggest stage of his life, Donald Trump couldn’t resist falling back into the anti-woman rhetoric that’s defined his public life. 

Unable to move on from his history of calling women slobs, degenerates, pigs, and a slew of other insults, Trump took aim at someone well acquainted with Trump’s scorn: Alicia Machado. 

The next morning, Trump again couldn’t help himself, going on the offensive against Machado, claiming that she gained a “massive amount of weight“‘ and three times describing her as “the worst.”

“Trump failed on the debate stage, but he failed even more miserably in the hours following,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “Body-shaming and his anti-woman rhetoric are automatic responses for Donald Trump. Trump is well qualified to be a radio shock jock, but he’s woefully unqualified to be President of the United States.” 

Trump is Trump–misogynistic to the core.


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WATCH: McCrory-Made Recession

Governor Pat McCrory’s job-killing HB2 continues to wreak havoc on North Carolina’s economy. Every week the discriminative law accrues more damages — from the NCAA pulling out of the state to more than 50 big investors calling for its repeal, but even as it sinks him in the polls, McCrory won’t back down.

NC Republicans and McCrory could take action to repeal the legislation, but they are too busy blaming everyone else for the problems it’s caused to take responsibility for the catastrophic consequences. No wonder it’s being called a McCrory-made recession.

Watch the latest:

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