Latino Republicans Have Long Abandoned Donald Trump

Latino Republicans Have Long Abandoned Donald Trump
Republicanos Latinos Se Hartan De Trump

With only 76 days left before Election Day, Donald Trump is making a last ditch effort to con Latinos into believing he’s “softening” his deportation force and racist rhetoric.
Faltan 76 días para la elecciónes y Donald Trump quiere convencer al electorado latino que su postura migratoria y retórica racista se han “suavizado.”

It’s too late though.
Pero es demasiado tarde.

There is no way Donald Trump can recover and come back from calling an entire community rapists and drug dealers. Not even the GOP Latino establishment will back him after the last 15 months.
No hay forma de que Donald Trump pueda recuperarse después de insultar a toda una comunidad llamándola violadores y narcotraficantes. Ni los líderes latinos republicanos lo apoyan después de todo lo que ha dicho.


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WATCH: Make America Mass-Deport Again

If there’s any issue on which Donald Trump has been laser-focused and unfailingly consistent, it’s his promise to build a wall on the Mexican border and deport millions of immigrant workers and families.

Trump has been clear that he’s not “flip-flopping,” he’s sticking with a punitive deportation plan that “has to be very firm.” Even his son, Eric, batted away the notion of a “pivot,” saying, “My father hasn’t flip-flopped on anything.”

Don’t take it our word for it, take Donald’s.

Watch: “Trump/Pence Make America Mass-Deport Again!”

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WATCH: Ron Johnson Confirms He Trusts “Reckless” and “Erratic” Presidential Candidate With Nuclear Codes

After 50 Republican national security experts came out against Donald Trump, and numerous senators refusing to say whether or not they would trust their party’s nominee with the nuclear codes, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson has come out with another full-throated endorsement of Trump.

Yesterday at a campaign event, Johnson was asked if he trusted Donald Trump — who Republican national security experts have called “reckless” and “erratic” — with the nuclear codes. Johnson responded with a resounding “Certainly.”


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WATCH: Chuck Grassley Stands Firm In Support of Trump TODAY After Offensive, Violent Remarks

Chuck Grassley has been one of Donald Trump’s staunchest supporters, from appearing with him at a rally back in January to working behind the scenes to obstruct President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination and hold the seat open for a potential Trump nominee.

Grassley has said time and time again that he supports Trump — even after Trump attacked a Gold Star family. But yesterday, Trump crossed yet another line when he made the dangerous, reckless suggestion of violence against his political opponent.

This morning at a town hall meeting, Grassley reaffirmed his support for Trump even as the GOP’s presidential nominee takes heat from both sides for his inexcusable and unacceptable suggestion of violence yesterday.

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WATCH: Did Trump Just Call For An Assassination?

“Did he really just say that?”

“More than a speed bump.”

“Donald Trump’s most outrageous statement yet.”

“If someone else had said that outside the hall, he’d be in the back of a police wagon now.”

Responses to Donald Trump’s dangerous rhetoric in alluding to assassinating Hillary Clinton drew a chorus of responses filled with disbelief and outrage.


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Trump Winning The Hearts And Minds… Of The Russian People

Donald Trump’s praise for Vladimir Putin and pivot to a shockingly pro-Russia foreign policy doctrine has made him quite the hero in the Russian media, according to a new CNN report:

Much of what Trump says about Russia has left U.S. allies aghast, but has found a welcoming audience in Moscow.

Donald Trump’s own foreign policy pronouncements have won him plenty of friends here in Russia: His recent suggestion that he wouldn’t necessarily defend NATO allies in the event of a Russian attack, raised eyebrows both in the U.S. and here; and his vow to look again at recognizing annexed Crimea as part of Russia must have put a smile on the faces of many Kremlin supporters.


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Trump’s Trade Fever Dream Threatens Americans

Among Donald Trump’s many dangerous fantasies is his claim that a trade war would be good for working Americans. The truth is Trump’s trade proposals could lead to a “lengthy recession,” according to Moody’s Analytics.

Trump puts on a show of railing against companies that outsource and ship jobs out of the U.S. Trump says he opposes outsourcing, but his Trump-branded clothing, “as well as eyeglasses, perfume, cuff links and suits,” are all manufactured overseas, in “Bangladesh, China, Honduras and other low-wage countries.” Just as bad, Trump invests in and profits off those very same companies that he criticizes for outsourcing.

Trump’s call for a “trade war” reveals how dangerously naive Donald Trump is about international trade. Donald Trump is a lying con man, who’s consistently put his own interests and profits first, no matter who has to get hurt. 

Watch here for the worst of Donald Trump’s trade hypocrisy:

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WATCH: Trump Train Plunges Off The Tracks

The Trump Train is coming off the rails. As Trump’s support craters and prominent GOP voices–though, notably, no vulnerable candidates up for reelection–continue to distance themselves from the GOP nominee, a cursory glance at what 24 hours on the Trump Train looks like demonstrates why:

In a Washington Post interview, Trump wouldn’t endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan against his primary challenger.
Trump claimed Russia “isn’t in Ukraine” though they’ve occupied Crimea and Russian troops are active in areas of eastern Ukraine. 
Trump mused that he “always wanted a Purple Heart”, but having one gifted to him was “much easier”. 
Trump’s staff is in disarray and Paul Manafort is “mailing it in”. 
Trump said women should find a different career path if sexually harassed
He accused Khizr Khan of being “bothered” by Trump’s “plan” to keep terrorists from coming to the United States. Trump also claimed that he had no regrets about […]

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Trump says everything in PA and OH “is rusting and rotting”

Benevolent dictator Donald Trump is in Ohio today and said — with a straight face — that “They call it the Rust Belt for a reason: Because everything is rusting and rotting!”

Don’t expect many in the Rust Belt to agree with Trump’s characterization that “everything is rusting and rotting.” Trump might see it that way from his perch in Trump Tower, but he won’t be able to insult his way through this campaign.


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