VIDEO: GOP Field Agrees To Indefinitely Postpone Party Rebrand

Jeb Bush, in fifth place and polling at 7%, is in no danger of being mistaken for the front-runner. But he’s still leading the field in one respect: Jeb’s directing the GOP rebrand — or, leading the effort to bring it to a grinding halt.

The GOP candidates don’t all get along, but they’re in agreement when it comes to abandoning any effort to make the Republican Party more inclusive.

Watch American Bridge’s latest video: “Jeb’s GOP Rebrand: Indefinitely Postponed.”

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More Anti-Immigrant “Anchor Babies” Rhetoric From Jeb Today?

Will today bring more Jeb Bush anti-immigrant, “anchor babies” alarmism?

According to the Associated Press, a new study‘s found that “over the next 50 years, Asians will have surged past Hispanics to become the largest group of immigrants heading to the United States.”

Given Jeb’s history of using the “anchor babies” slur to disparage American citizens born to Asian immigrant parents, it’s a safe bet to expect more outrage from him today, right?

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With the news that Speaker Boehner is resigning in the face of another Republican government shutdown and another coup attempt, Speaker Cruz is furiously whipping votes to ensure his ascendancy to the position he’s been working in the shadows all along.

Click to view his campaign website.

Also, the conservatives at Values Voters Summit couldn’t be more happy. Watch their reaction here (Hint: There’s a lot of standing and yipping)

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WATCH: Speaker-In-Waiting Cruz On Boehner’s Retirement

Shadow Speaker Ted Cruz didn’t mince words when asked about John Boehner’s retirement, saying “presumably he’ll land a cushy K Street job, after joining with the Democrats to implement all of President Obama’s priorities. That is not the behavior one would expect of a Republican speaker of the House.”

Tortilla Coast sure will be busy as the House Freedom Caucus plots its next move.

Watch here:

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Doc Carson Prescribes A Double Dose Of Callous Extremism

If Ben Carson’s behavior is any indication, the GOP’s summer of farcical nativism and right-wing extremism is far from over. Carson had a Tuesday event crowd in stitches with an apologist slavery “joke,” quipping cheekily: “[L]ike nobody else had it.

Then, if that weren’t enough,he proceeded to facetiously diminish the “slaughter” of “all the Indians” and internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Fully warmed-up, Dr. Carson got waist-deep in some revisionist history:

Fact of the matter is: The vast majority of Indians — or, Native Americans — were slaughtered by the diseases that were brought here, against which they did not have immunity.

“Is Rob Portman’s connection to Ben Carson a problem?” asked a recent Cincinnati Enquirer headline.

Here’s a better question: Is the damage Ben Carson and Donald Trump are doing to the GOP repairable?

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WATCH: The GOP’s Plan To Steal & Erase Healthcare For Millions

The GOP field relies on disingenuous, anti-Affordable Care Act red meat to generate outrage and rile up their base. But their call to “repeal and replace” is nothing beyond a plot to steal and erase millions of Americans’ access to quality, affordable healthcare — raising prescription drug prices and returning those Americans with pre-existing conditions to a disadvantaged status.

American Bridge today launched video web ads in Florida and Iowa targeting the GOP field — holding the candidates accountable for their misleading attacks and exposing the reality behind their rhetoric.

Watch American Bridge’s latest video: 

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Jeb Bush: “We Should Not Have A Multicultural Society”

Appearing to have abandoned his “lose the primary to win the general” strategy, Jeb is…chasing Ben Carson and Donald Trump’s voters? Jeb, who has previously talked up his cultural ties to Mexico, is now tacking hard to the right and saying “we should not have a multicultural society.”

Watch Jeb’s latest attempt to win over the far right:

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Walker Said Anti-Union Agenda Was State Issue Five Months Ago

Ah, how time flies. It was only last April when Scott Walker told a woman asking about his anti-union record that she didn’t have to worry because it’s a “state issue.” She asked, “Do you intend to do that for the whole country?” and Walker responded, “No it’s up to a state issue.”

Fast forward five months and Walker’s doing the opposite. His anti-working families plan to end public sector unions and the National Labor Relations Board is exactly what he told the New Hampshire woman he wouldn’t do.

Watch American Bridge’s footage here:

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