VIDEO: Jeb Bush: CPAC’s Persona Non Grata

CPAC 2015. Thousands of attendees, hundreds of speakers and panelists, and upwards of a dozen GOP presidential hopefuls. And yet, a singular, overwhelming theme from the Conservative confab — unmistakable rancor for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. All three days of the conference found Conservatives landing jab after jab on Jeb, from Laura Ingraham to Chris Christie to Donald Trump.

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MEMO/VIDEO: Floundering Republican Candidates Are Desperate To Right The Ship At CPAC

It’s CPAC time. That means thousands of Republicans are descending on National Harbor over the next few days. And at this rate, it seems that about half of them will run for president. Now all they need is one viable candidate.

The 2016 Republican presidential primary began unexpectedly early, when Jeb Bush made the December declaration that he was “actively exploring” a run at the White House, accelerating his rivals’ timeline in the process. Maybe they shouldn’t have jumped the gun. If the last couple months have shown us anything, it’s how wildly unprepared for primetime this cast of presidential hopefuls truly are.

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VIDEO: Scott Walker: The Fringe Candidate

The good news for Gov. Scott Walker is that a new poll shows him right in the mix of what promises to be a dogfight for the Republican presidential nomination. The bad news for the GOP is that Walker, the party’s would-be flag-bearer, is quickly proving himself a fringe candidate. The governor has spent February delighting the most radical wing of the GOP as he refused to answer simple questions, like whether evolution is real or Barack Obama is a Christian. In the media, his gutlessness has yielded him a major headache.

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VIDEO: Jeb Bush, Greetings From Iowa

Jeb Bush didn’t make an appearance at last weekend’s Iowa Freedom Summit, but that didn’t stop attendees from feeling his presence. The speakers who did make the trek to Des Moines for Steve King’s presidential testing field were sure to invoke Jeb plenty. But unfortunately for Mr. Bush, most of those references were either thinly veiled or direct shots at the former governor — and those shots were invariably met with rousing applause from the summit-goers.

Jeb Bush may be a temporary media darling when it comes to the Republican presidential primary, but he’s hardly experiencing the same embrace from the party’s base.

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American Bridge Launches Web Ad On Christie’s Already-Dead Campaign

A Leadership PAC Can’t Buy Political Relevance

This morning, Chris Christie announced that he is forming a leadership PAC, the closest he’s come to officially declaring what we have all known for years — he really wants to be president. But it seems the closer Chris Christie comes to announcing that he’s running, the further he gets from relevance. Between his fiery temper, his awful economic record, his damaging scandals, and his penchant for putting his own interests ahead of his constituents’ well-being, Chris Christie’s candidacy doesn’t appear overly formidable.

And some folks are putting it more bluntly: Delving into the polling data, FiveThirtyEight ran a piece this morning with the headline, “Everybody Hates Chris Christie,” while others are saying he’s already “politically dead.”

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True Life: The Kochs Started My Trajectory; Now I’m Giving The GOP State Of The Union Response

It has just been announced that Sen. Joni Ernst will deliver the Republican Party’s State Of The Union response next week — and what a revealing choice it is. In case you aren’t familiar with Ernst from her recent Senate run, let us give you a quick primer, and we’ll start right from the beginning.

As Joni Ernst put it herself at the Koch brothers’ secretive billionaires retreat last summer, the Koch network “really started my trajectory.” And boy, they couldn’t be prouder with the politician she grew into. Staying true to the Koch agenda, Ernst has stood behind eliminating the Department of Education and gutting the EPA argued against having any federal minimum wage, and she seems eager to privatize Social Security and student loans.

And believe it or not, Ernst’s extreme views go far beyond her ultra-conservative policy platform.

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MEMO: Chris Christie’s Terrible Economic Record

Tonight, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will deliver his State of the State address. We hope he uses this chance to come clean about his serious money problems: his credit has been downgraded eight times. He hasn’t saved enough for retirement. And his security detail is costing him 18 times what it did 5 years ago.

Why should he talk about his money problems during the State of the State? Because they have nothing to do with his bank account – we’re talking about New Jersey taxpayers’ money here.

Since Chris Christie took office in 2010, he’s been playing fast and loose with taxpayer money. He has mismanaged the budget, resulting in New Jersey’s credit has been downgraded eight times – no New Jersey governor had ever presided over that many downgrades. He’s spending 18 times more on his personal security today than when he took office, for a total of almost $1 million, or nearly $33,000 per month. He’s cut $2.4 billion in pension payments he promised to make because his budget projections were wrong.

And the list goes on…

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