VIDEO: Why Ted Cruz Is Choice of Right-Wing GOP

American Bridge is introducing a new digital ad targeting New Hampshire. After Ted Cruz’s Iowa win earlier this week, the ad shows in their own words why Cruz is the first choice of right-wing Iowans — and why the establishment should be worried about him in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and beyond.

Cruz has based his brand on radical policies and red meat messaging. But it’s not just his extreme conservatism that propelled him to victory in the Hawkeye state. Cruz is also fueled by the anti-establishment movement that coalesced around him in 2013 when he read Green Eggs and Ham to shutdown the government. Marco Rubio and Chris Christie have proven that the entire GOP believes in extreme anti-immigrant, anti-woman, and anti-Muslim policies, but Donald Trump and Cruz take it to a whole new level.

With less than a week to the New Hampshire primary, Cruz is continuing to push his extreme and […]

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WATCH: Iowa Debate Review: GOP Needs Trump

We knew it would happen but we didn’t think it would be just this boring:  Donald Trump overwhelmed a sleepy Republican debate without even stepping on stage just days before the Iowa caucuses. Again and again, the Republicans made it clear that even without him on stage that Trump is still driving the conversation, doubling and tripling down on policies in lock step with The Donald’s as they struggle for oxygen …and as we struggled to stay awake.

Watch our re-cap here:

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“Meet Marco Rubio, Donald Trump’s Echo”

Marco Rubio’s spent the last six months trying to prove he’s just like Donald Trump. Rubio’s promoting Trump’s aggressive anti-immigrant policies and borrowing from his hawkish and unsophisticated foreign policy rhetoric. Rubio’s even reshaped the tone of his campaign to echo Trump’s doom-and-gloom negativity.

Marco Rubio’s already pledged to support Trump as the GOP nominee. Today he was out praising Trump on stump: “[S]ome of the thing he’s pointed to are important.”

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WATCH: The Rumble Of Grumbles: Debate Edition

Rock bottom just keeps getting lower and lower.

When they weren’t throwing punches last night, the Republicans were stumbling through Fox Business’s softball (at best) questions.

Every candidate made sure to fly their Trump flag high, pushing discriminatory and xenophobic policies. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio attempted to lead on foreign policy, only to show the GOP’s shallow understanding of ISIS and Iran. In the end, with only backwards and failed ideas on earned benefits or taxes, the field once again made it clear the Republicans are the party of the one-percent.

Last night’s debate was exactly what we expected: policy-light, fearmongering and infighting-heavy.

Watch American Bridge’s re-cap here:

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GOP Fight Club: More Punches, Less Policy

The Republicans’ days of avoiding picking fights are long over, and tonight’s GOP debate in North Charleston will be no different. As predicted, the fight for the Republican nomination has devolved into a political blood bath. When candidates aren’t slinging red meat to please their party’s extreme base, they’re ripping each other to shreds.

Donald Trump is attacking Ted Cruz’s citizenship and immigration record. Cruz is suggesting Trump is following Democrats’ orders. Jeb Bush and Cruz are attacking Marco Rubio’s immigration flip-flopping. Rubio is attacking Cruz’s foreign policy and Chris Christie’s dismal record as governor of New Jersey. Everyone is laughing at Rubio’s high-heeled booties. This is no one-on-one fight.

The obsessive infighting, which has ignited to a new level this cycle, is damaging to the national party and down-ballot candidates, but none of the presidential candidates seem to care. No one thought these debates could get less substantive, but as candidates ramp […]

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Rubio Takes Cues On Attending Hearing From Media, Not Constituents

Marco Rubio made it known that his priority today was fundraising in Florida rather than attending a classified Foreign Relations hearing on North Korea…until the public pressure from a series of articles forced him to change his plans and book it back to the Capitol.

Not even a disillusioned constituent who questioned his shoddy attendance at his event today in Sarasota, FL could change his mind:

“Quite frankly, I feel like you’ve given up doing it as a senator so how can you do it as a president?”

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WATCH: Fear & Loathing At The GOP Debate

Last night’s GOP debate saw eight candidates afraid to forcefully condemn Donald Trump and none who revoked their support of him if he’s the nominee. Rather than push him away, they continued to embrace Trump by co-opting his fearmongering foreign policy and parroting his dangerous, extreme rhetoric. Doing their best to make Trump’s style their own, Rubio, Cruz, and the rest repeated old lies, resorted to petty name-calling, and dismissed concerns about civilian casualties. It was Trump’s party — and everyone in attendance proved themselves unfit for the presidency.

Watch American Bridge’s recap video, “Fear & Loathing At The GOP Debate,” here:

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Not-So-Happy Hour Debaters Renew Support For Trump Nomination

All four happy hour debaters set the bar for the prime time debate when they renewed their support for Donald Trump if he wins the Republican nomination. Wolf Blitzer put Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and the rest of the prime time wolf pack on notice that they will have to defend their pledge to support Trump.

We can’t say we’re surprised by Huckabee, Santorum, or Pataki (who?), but Graham’s fire-breathing had us hoping for something more from the little league debate.

Take a look at their promises to support the xenophobic demagogue and get ready for more of the same at the main debate:

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WATCH: Middle East Ground War — A Bush Family Tradition

In a shock to no one, we’ve got a third Bush calling for another large-scale ground invasion in the Middle East.

You might expect Jeb Bush to show some restraint, in light of his brother’s ill-advised 2003 invasion of Iraq that’s cost hundreds of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars — and counting. But Jeb called George W.’s war a “pretty good deal” in August, so it isn’t all too surprising that he wants to carry on the old family legacy.

Jeb Bush wants a full-fledged, boots-on-the-ground invasion — a show of “overwhelming force” — against ISIS. Hey, say what you will about the Five-Percent Firebrand, he does have respect for the Bush family tradition.

Watch American Bridge’s latest video here:

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