VIDEO: Senator Collins Wants Republicans To Hold Hearings And Vote On Supreme Court Nominee

Take it from Republican Senator Susan Collins: Meetings with Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland simply aren’t enough. Republicans need to do their jobs by holding a hearing in the Judiciary Committee and voting on his nomination.

And as Senator Collins points out, incumbent Republicans are feeling the pressure from their constituents — but constituents aren’t satisfied with a perfunctory meeting. They want action from their senators, not faux politeness.

Kelly Ayotte, Pat Toomey, Ron Johnson, Mark Kirk, Chuck Grassley, Roy Blunt, Richard Burr, John McCain, and Rob Portman are all slipping in their re-election prospects and will face disaster in November if they continue their unprecedented stall of President Obama’s nominee in hopes that Donald Trump would nominate a better justice.

Senator Collins: “What I think should happen next is the customary step, which would be after the courtesy meetings are completed, there should be hearings before the Judiciary Committee to allow for […]

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WATCH: McCrory Uses Trumpian Excuse For Discriminatory LGBT Law

Facing increasing criticism for signing HB2, a discriminatory anti-LGBT law that eliminates local nondiscrimination laws North Carolina, Governor Pat McCrory has decided to re-up his credentials with the #PartyOfTrump. In an interview with NBC News, McCrory used Donald Trump’s favorite crutch, awkwardly laughing through his claim that Americans are suffering from being too politically correct:

“We are too much politically correct. We have this political correctness in our nation that’s taking over common sense.”

Gov. McCrory can’t stop coming up with ludicrous excuses for the job-killing and discriminatory bill he signed in the dark of the night. What will he come up with next?


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Listen: #PartyOfTrump Member Ron Johnson Casts “Secret” Ballot

Yesterday, Senator Ron Johnson refused to name who he voted for in the Wisconsin primary and said that he cast his ballot “secretly.”

In the past, Johnson has praised Donald Trump’s candidacy, saying, “I think what’s resonating about Donald Trump… is appealing about my candidacy.” The vulnerable senator is no friend to the new “establishment favorite” Ted Cruz either. Earlier this year, Johnson agreed with Trump that Cruz should “go to the court” to see if he’s eligible to run for president

Senator Johnson’s attempt at ambiguity is laughable. There’s nothing secret about it: Johnson is a card-carrying member of the #PartyOfTrump.


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WATCH: Paul Ryan Gets Trump’d

The Republican establishment appears to be pulling out all the stops against Donald Trump. But the desperate attempts are laughable — the Republicans’ moral voices are Mitt “self deportation” Romney and Paul Ryan, the guy who’s budget has been called “Robin Hood in reverse.” And that’s not even the biggest issue.

Despite his “condemnation” of Trump earlier this week, Ryan says he still plans to support the eventual Republican nominee, pledging his support no matter who it is. Trump’s popularity among the GOP base continues to grow, and he’s not moving away from his xenophobic and hateful policies. Watch below — Paul Ryan and the Republican establishment are getting Trump’d:

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WATCH: Ted Cruz Throws The GOP Rebrand Out The Door #PartyOfTrump

Hindsight is not 20/20 for the 2016 Republican Party. With Ted Cruz calling for the forced deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants, the GOP has become more extreme than ever — fully embracing Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric.

It’s clear any attempts at rebranding have been abandoned for the Party of Trump.

WATCH: Ted Cruz Throws The GOP Rebrand Out The Door #PartyOfTrump

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WATCH: South Carolina GOP Voters Speak Out (And It’s Not Looking Good For The Establishment)

American Bridge is on the ground in South Carolina, talking to Republican voters to see how they’re feeling ahead of tomorrow’s GOP primary. Let’s just say that — as in Iowa and New Hampshire — things are not looking great for the GOP establishment. Voters are unhappy with the likes of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, but they’re even colder on the GOP establishment’s last-ditch hopes for a contested convention. As one Trump supporter put it: “I think it’d be the demise of the Republican Party.”

Here are some other highlights:

On Marco Rubio…

“You’ve got to go and do you job.”

“The robo answers…”

“And he just keeps repeating himself over and over again.”

On Jeb Bush…

“We don’t want another Bush.”

On Trump, a third-party run, and a contested convention…

“The GOP would sink itself if it’d do [a contested convention]…”

“Obviously, [a contested convention] wouldn’t be fair.”

“If Trump were a third-party candidate, I’d vote for him…”

“I […]

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WATCH: GOP Establishment’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, VERY BAD NIGHT

Marco Rubio’s terrible showing in New Hampshire wasn’t just a defeat for artificial intelligence — it was a disaster for the GOP establishment. Up until Tuesday night, Marco Rubio was the establishment’s last bright, shining hope of knocking down outsiders Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Without a clear establishment choice going into South Carolina, the GOP establishment and Reince Priebus are left reeling from a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad night in New Hampshire.


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VIDEO: Domo Arigato, Marco Roboto

With all the anti-robot hate Marco Rub.10 started getting after the shocking revelation that he’s more machine than man, American Bridge sent two robots, Marco Roboto and the Rubio Talking Point 3000, to New Hampshire to help their glitching, automated brother stay on message.

To no avail, RubioBot had another embarrassing looped-talking-points incident at a Monday night rally, awkwardly echoing the same prepared line multiple times within two paragraphs of the same speech.

So far, Marco Roboto and the Rubio Talking Point 3000 have been unable to help Rubio come up with any career accomplishments or excuses for his absenteeism — and he’s is still unable to convincingly emulate human spontaneity or emotion — but our two robots on the ground aren’t giving up.

Watch “Domo Arigato, Marco Roboto” here:

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