Christie Jumps On Jeb’s “Work Longer Hours” Wagon

Look no further than Chris Christie in a Davenport, IA, town hall this afternoon for proof that Republicans really do believe that the problem isn’t income inequality, it’s that all those workers just don’t put in enough effort.

Christie said medical advances are going to “allow us to even have manual laborers who will be able to work longer, much longer than they’re able to work now.”

The GOP rebrand now includes wanting workers to “work longer hours,” as Jeb Bush put it. The millions of Americans who already work longer hours than anyone else in the developed world except for South Korea are no doubt thrilled at this prospect.

Watch here:

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WATCH: Jeb’s Backwards Ideas For 21st Century Workers

These days, Jeb Bush’s been talking a whole lot about “disruption” and shaking things up.

Well, his avant-garde vision for today’s workers would sure do that — but would take us all back a couple of centuries in the process.

Jeb thinks “people need to work longer hours” — but doesn’t support rules to ensure they’re fairly compensated for it. And today, we learned that he’s not too keen on “benefits and stuff,” either.

Well, where exactly does that leave us, Jeb? Because one thing’s for certain: it’s not the 21st century.

Watch the video, for more on “Jeb’s Backwards Ideas for 21st Century Workers.”

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WATCH: Jeb Bush’s Idea Of The 21st Century

Jeb Bush stepped in it again. After telling American workers they need to “work longer hours,” he just told a town hall in South Carolina his ideas on workers’ benefits…and stuff:

“And so Hillary Clinton is saying, ‘Well, we’ve got to figure out a way to regulate this, so that — so that the workers get these benefits and stuff.”

Watch here:

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Jeb Bush Doubles Down On Hypocritical Swift Boat Support

Jeb Bush just doubled down on his criticism of John Kerry’s war record from 2004. When asked today about his comments on the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ad against the then-presidential candidate, Jeb still stood by the ad.

According to The Guardian, “In a radio interview with Sean Hannity, Bush said that he didn’t think the group’s attack on Kerry was “a smear.””

Meanwhile when Donald Trump insulted John McCain’s war record, Jeb and the rest of the Republican field were outraged. Jeb’s hypocrisy on the 2004 ad is a reminder that their outrage doesn’t cross party lines.

Watch the full clip of Jeb talking about his support of Swift Boat below:

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It’s #NotJustTrump — 70% Of Republicans Agree With Him On Immigration

Fox News poll yesterday made it very clear that, despite Donald Trump’s demagoguery — or, perhaps more accurately because of it — today’s Republican Party is very much the Party of Trump:

36. Recently, presidential candidate Donald Trump called for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. He said Mexico is quote, “sending people that have lots of problems…They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” Setting aside how Trump worded his comments, do you think he’s basically right on this, or not?

Here’s what Republican respondents had to say:

Yes, he is:         70%
No, he isn’t:      27%
(Don’t know):    3%

70% of Republicans think Donald Trump is “basically right” on immigration.

All to say, paraphrasing Miley Cyrus: It’s the Donald’s Party, he can do what he wants.

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Trump For Prez: First Place! — New Web Video

In a thrilling turn of events, Donald Trump has majestically surged to first place in the Republican field, with a lead in two national polls just this past week.

Even more impressive: The Donald’s “favorable numbers have soared,” too.

In a celebratory tip of the hat to Donald Trump, American Bridge today released a web video, “Trump for Prez: First Place!,” commemorating the Donald’s impressive climb in the polls, and congratulating him on his leadership in shaping the Republican brand.

The video is available here.

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Jeb! Opposes Overtime Pay Expansion For 5 Million Americans

At a Council Bluffs, Iowa, townhall event today, Jeb! Bush denounced the recently proposed Department of Labor overtime rule that, once implemented, would expand overtime pay eligibility for nearly 5 million workers.

Here’s what happened: Jeb! Bush said he opposes the rule because he’s concerned it would block employers from paying out bonuses to managers.

Because we all know managerial bonuses should take priority over making five million more Americans eligible for a level of pay that’s reflective of their hard work.

Here’s the clip.

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Say What? After Calling Social Security A Pyramid Scheme, Mealy Mouthed Heck Has No Answer

Congressman Joe Heck’s Senate campaign got off to a rough start with Jon Ralston last night when he put on a Dodgeball-grade display of dodges, ducks, dips, dives, and dodges when asked about Social Security.

Not only does Heck refuse to say he regretted calling Social Security a pyramid scheme, but he lists off a litany of bad ideas like raising the retirement age… all the while insisting that he doesn’t necessarily support any of them. Riiiiight. Joe Heck wants you to think he’s different, but he’s just like the rest of the DC GOP: Ready to break the promise to our seniors.

Take a look as Joe Heck rattles off the same damaging Republican rhetoric on Social Security — and listen to what he’s not not saying:

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