New Web Ad: ​WEDC: Walker’s Extravagant Donor Charity

American Bridge is hitting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker with targeted web ads wrapping up the latest in a series of ongoing scandals at the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation…or is it Walker’s Extravagant Donor Charity?

The ads are targeting the Southern Republican Leadership Forum in Oklahoma City, and have been running since yesterday.

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VIDEO: ‘Misoverestimated': Jeb Bush’s Terrible Week

Jeb Bush isn’t even a candidate for president but he’s already close to ruining his chances. His week could be best described as a series of amateur, unforced errors and stark revelations about the former governor’s views on foreign policy and the Iraq War. What’s clear is that Jeb isn’t his “own man.” More worrisome, his failures on the campaign trail makes one wonder: Will he be an even worse president than his brother?

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No, Jeb Heard the Iraq Question Loud & Clear, Stands by His Answer

Jeb Bush is doubling down on comments that he would still authorize the Iraq War, even after knowing what his top foreign policy adviser, George W. Bush, described as “false” intelligence information. Bush is refusing to walk back on that answer, given in a Fox News interview that aired yesterday. Earlier today, former aide Anna Navarro said that Jeb misunderstood the question. In response, Bush’s camp said that Navarro is not a spokesperson for the former governor, confirming Jeb’s response that he would not change his brother’s wildly unpopular 2003 decision.

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Denial Is No Longer Just a River in Egypt: Johnson Gets Chippy with Constituent on Climate Change

Renowned climate skeptic Ron Johnson brought us a full plate of irrationality Saturday in Sherwood, Wisconsin, arguing with a constituent that we shouldn’t combat climate change because “our limited resources are better spent elsewhere.”

“We just shouldn’t spend a dime addressing it,” Johnson said in response to a question about why the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs — which Johnson chairs — isn’t focused on addressing climate change. It’s a ridiculous notion on its face, but is even more distressing considering the national security and intelligence communities agree that climate change “poses immediate risks to” America’s safety.

Ignorance is bliss and it probably helps Ron Johnson sleep at night. But the fact that the chairman of Homeland Security thinks the risks of climate change are irrelevant sure doesn’t help the rest of us.

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Multimillionaire, Political Savant Ron Johnson is on a Warpath Against College Kids

Multimillionaire Senator Ron Johnson thinks we’re helping too many young, aspiring Americans go to college. At a recent event in Wisconsin, Johnson said, “What’s wrong? Well partly, student loans are available and kids are using them.” Students are taking 5 and 6 years to graduate simply because loans are too easy to access and “college is a lot of fun,” he went on to say.

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Will Governor McCrory Break His Promise…Again?

Governor Pat McCrory has a big decision to make: Will he betray North Carolina women once again?

In his 2012 gubernatorial campaign, McCrory unequivocally promised that he wouldn’t sign new restrictions on a woman’s right to choose. But in 2013 he broke that promise, signing dangerous restrictions on women’s health choices into law.

He’s now faced with that dilemma again; North Carolina state House lawmakers just voted to extend the waiting period for an abortion in North Carolina from 24 to 72 hours, moving North Carolina one step closer to becoming just the fourth state with that law.

So the question is, who shows up to work — the Pat McCrory that promised his constituents no further restrictions on choice, or the one that caved to the legislature and and ruined his credibility?

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Rarely Is the Question Asked: Is Our Children Learning?

The right-wing attack dogs have it out for Jeb on education, and the governor is running for the hills. Once seen as a part of his platform he would highlight, Jeb’s support for Common Core has provided fertile ground for conservatives to sully his record. But instead of taking the principled position and arguing his case, Bush has caved completely.

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VIDEO: El Sueño de Marco Rubio es una Pesadilla para los Hispanos

Marco Rubio’s “New American Century” is premised on his ability, as a young Latino legislator, to expand the shrinking GOP electorate. But 15 years in, this country and its Hispanic community have clearly left Rubio behind. As American Bridge highlighted on Monday, Rubio is stuck between a rock and a hard place with two constituencies he needs to win: Latinos and Tea Party conservatives. And as only a pandering politician like Rubio could, he’s somehow managed to alienate them both.

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