Rubio’s Words On His Political Ambitions Mean Nothing

Representing the people of Florida has long taken a back seat to Marco Rubio’s political ambitions. While unsuccessfully pursuing the GOP presidential nomination, Marco Rubio’s disregard and disdain for his day job resulted in chronic absenteeism and an inability to show up for committee hearings and votes. It should come as no surprise as a “longtime friend”  of the senator revealed that Rubio hates the Senate

Rubio denied reports of running for re-election to his Senate seat, but when tragedy struck Orlando, the failed presidential candidate exploited the tragedy to protect his political future and entered the Florida Senate race

Yesterday, Rubio was questioned about his plans for presidential runs down the road. Rubio gave a non-answer, but even if he had denied interest in a run, would anyone have any reason to take him at his word?


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WATCH: Chaos And Extremism Take Over RNC Day 1

From claims that only white people “contribute to civilization,” that being transgender is “the height of absurdity,” doubling down on calling President Obama a Muslim, and referring to Hillary Clinton in dispicable terms, the nation got a full frontal of how extreme and out of touch the Republican Party really is. When they aren’t squashing the small sane part of the GOP that’s left, the RNC and Donald Trump are touting a divisive and un-inclusive party platform. It’s only day 2 of the convention, but the GOP’s ship has already slammed straight into the iceberg.

WATCH: Chaos And Extremism: Quick Takes from Day One 

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Of course you want the Commander in Chief to “emotionally react”

Donald Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort confirmed that Trump “emotionally reacted” by postponing his vice presidential announcement today.

Can’t imagine anything would go wrong, especially given what we already know about his dangerous temperament, if Trump “emotionally reacted” when he had access to the nuclear codes…


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Trump Supports Pat McCrory’s Job-Killing, Anti-LGBT Law

Governor Pat McCrory is receiving another pat on the back for his “fantastic record” from Donald Trump.

Trump says that he supports the HB2 law passed by North Carolina Republicans and the governor. The anti-LGBT law cost the state millions in economic revenue, threatens federal education funding, and killed thousands of new jobs from coming to North Carolina. Apparently, that doesn’t concern Trump though, whose own policies would “reduce employment by 3.5 million jobs.”

Trump has built his campaign on hateful, extreme right wing rhetoric; he gets excited about financial trouble such as the housing market and Brexit. It’s unsurprising he’s all in for Party of Trump member McCrory’s signature law and the economic and social consequences that come with it.


Watch Trump say he supports HB2: 

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WATCH: Trump’s Trade Hypocrisy

Donald Trump says there shouldn’t be a federal minimum wage, but tries to portray himself as a champion of working families. Trump’s latest pro-working families charade is his claim that a “trade war” would be good for working Americans. The truth is Trump’s trade proposals could lead to a “lengthy recession,” according to Moody’s Analytics.

Trump’s put on a show of railing against companies that outsource and ship jobs out of the U.S. Trump says he opposes outsourcing, but his Trump-branded clothing, “as well as eye­glasses, perfume, cuff links and suits,” are all manufactured overseas, in “Bangladesh, China, Honduras and other low-wage countries.” Just as bad, Trump invests in and profits off those very same companies that he criticizes for outsourcing.

Donald Trump’s only ever been in it for himself. He’s a lying con man, who’s consistently put his own interests and profits first, no matter who has to get hurt.


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WATCH: Trump says stock market crash is good for his business

Throughout his career, Donald Trump has looked to profit at the expense of others — whether it’s scamming people with Trump University, profiting off the housing crisis, or stiffing contractors. Now Trump is bragging that the global stock market free fall is good because it’s good for his business:

“If the pound goes down, more people are coming to Turnberry.”


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Trump In 1989: I Would Love To Be A Well-Educated Black…They Have a Tremendous Advantage

MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes tonight aired a 1989 interview in which Donald Trump says he “would love to be a well-educated black, because I really believe they do have” a “tremendous advantage over a well-educated white, in terms of the job market.”

Fittingly, it’s apparently the appointed time for Paul Manafort to try to clean up Donald Trump’s messy history of racist comments. But if Trump’s interviewtonight with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly was any indication, Manafort’s in for a challenge, because Trump “left little indication he’s prepared to abandon his divisive rhetoric.”

Watch Trump’s 1989 interview here:

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Senator McCain’s Party Of Trump Colors Are Clearer Than Ever

Today, Senator John McCain said that President Obama was “directly responsible” for the terrorist attacks in Orlando:

“Senator McCain’s comments on the president and Orlando are inexcusable and dangerous. Instead of uniting to work against terrorism, the senator is choosing to follow in Donald Trump’s footsteps of blame and fear-mongering,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “Today, Senator McCain showed his true Party of Trump colors.”


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WATCH: 12 Minutes Of Trump Insinuating The President Is A Terrorist Sympathizer

Two days ago, Birther-in-Chief Donald Trump implied President Obama was complicit in this past weekend’s massacre in Orlando. Angry that the Washington Post called him on it, Trump summarily banned the news organization from covering his events as credentialed media. Then yesterday, Donald Trump explicitly said that President Obama puts the interests of our enemies over those of the American people, calling the President’s integrity and loyalty into question.

This morning, Trump tripled-down on his offensive and baseless conspiracy theory, making it clear he believes that the President is a Muslim with ISIS sympathies.

None of this is anything new, though. For over a year, Donald Trump has insinuated that President Obama is a terrorist sympathizer and — for even longer — a Muslim. Here’s a 12 minute supercut of Trump’s opportunistic and un-American conspiracy-mongering and questioning of the President’s loyalty:

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