WATCH: Middle East Ground War — A Bush Family Tradition

In a shock to no one, we’ve got a third Bush calling for another large-scale ground invasion in the Middle East.

You might expect Jeb Bush to show some restraint, in light of his brother’s ill-advised 2003 invasion of Iraq that’s cost hundreds of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars — and counting. But Jeb called George W.’s war a “pretty good deal” in August, so it isn’t all too surprising that he wants to carry on the old family legacy.

Jeb Bush wants a full-fledged, boots-on-the-ground invasion — a show of “overwhelming force” — against ISIS. Hey, say what you will about the Five-Percent Firebrand, he does have respect for the Bush family tradition.

Watch American Bridge’s latest video here:

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WATCH: Spanish-Language Media Hits Carson, Trump, And Rubio On Minimum Wage

Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and Donald Trump are getting hit by Spanish-language media for their opposition to raising the minimum wage at Tuesday night’s debate. The three candidate’s extreme immigration policies will already make the Republican Party’s fight to win the Latino vote even more difficult. If that wasn’t enough to send voters running, more than 80 percent of Latino and Hispanic voters support increasing the minimum wage.

To add fuel to the fire, today Marco Rubio’s camp is pushing an online campaign against raising the wage in hopes of winning more far-right conservatives’ emails. Rubio, Carson, and Trump’s position shows just how out-of-touch the GOP is on tough economic issues facing Americans.

Watch American Bridge’s new Spanish-language video:

Carson, Trump y Rubio Estan Contra Subir El Salario Mínimo En El Quarto Debate

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WATCH: American Bridge Debate Preview — The GOP’s Regressive Tax Plans

Since the last debate the GOP field’s stressed it wants to have a substantive dialogue about “pocketbook issues.” With that in mind, and tonight’s debate on Fox Business, we’re hoping the candidates will be ready to get into the details of their regressive tax plans that disproportionately benefit the wealthy few.

In our latest debate preview video, “War Room Huddle: The GOP’s Regressive Tax Plans,” American Bridge’s Jessica Mackler and Eddie Vale break down Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and the rest of the field’s tax proposals that are a boon to the after-tax incomes of billionaire donors like the Koch brothers, but leave American middle class families high and dry.

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Univision: DACA Will Die Under Rubio

“DACA va a morir” or “DACA will die” is what influential Univision anchor Jorge Ramos told his more than 2 million viewers last night in a segment about Marco Rubio’s immigration policies. Yesterday, Rubio said he would end the important protection for children of immigrants whether or not Congress passed immigration reform if he’s elected president. Even then, Rubio has said he doesn’t believe immigration reform will happen for 10-12 years. This latest development proves Rubio is as extreme and out of touch on immigration policy as the rest of the Republican Party.


Watch the full segment:

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NEW VIDEO: Rip Off Rubio

Marco “Rip Off” Rubio is getting hit hard today by a major newspaper in his home state. The Florida Sun Sentinel is calling for the senator they endorsed in 2010 to either show up for work or resign. Rubio has missed 34 percent of votes this year and more than a quarter of those came before he even started running for president. Not exactly the headlines you want to be reading during debate prep. 

Take a look at American Bridge’s video on some of the worst coverage Rubio is getting heading into tonight’s debate:

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American Bridge President Statement On Vitter’s Bizarre Encounter

American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on David Vitter’s desperate attempts to distract from his scandals:


“David Vitter still hasn’t come clean on his ‘serious sin’ so it’s no wonder he’s trying to lie and cheat his way out of his spying scandal, too. We’re releasing the video of his bizarre encounter with our tracker last night to show just how desperate he is to do anything other than own up to his spying scandal.”

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Rubio May Have Violated Ethics Rules & Broke Federal Law

Marco Rubio yesterday in an interview with Fox News from a senate office building urged viewers to “chip in” to his presidential campaign. As noted by The Huffington Post and various news outlets, Rubio may have violated ethics rules that prohibits such action, but he also potentially broke federal law, which states it is, “unlawful for any person to solicit or receive a donation of money or other thing of value in connection with a Federal, State, or local election from a person who is located in a room or building occupied in the discharge of official duties by an officer or employee of the United States.”

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“Being Like Romney Is A Good Thing, Right?” — Jeb Bush, Probably

Yesterday morning, Marco Rubio joined his mentor Jeb Bush in criticizing the “free stuff” strategy. Apparently Jeb saw that as an opening to double-down on his “free stuff” rhetoric last night. After being asked by Fox News’s Sean Hanity about the Affordable Care Act, Social Security, and Medicare, Jeb told Hanity that “offering free things to people [is] not working.”

Unfortunately for Jeb, not only are the ACA, Social Security, and Medicare important programs that provide necessary safety nets for millions of Americans, they’re also a whole lot more popular than the former front-runner.


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