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COVID-19 Mistakes > Hollow Hot Air

“Donald Trump can try to sound tough and distract, but that doesn’t change his early praise of China, his repeated downplaying of coronavirus, and complete failure to prepare our country during the crucial first months of the outbreak,”

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Trump Calls For Violence As A Nation Mourns

“More than 100,000 Americans are dead largely due to this President’s incompetence, and yet during a time of national mourning, Donald Trump is choosing to openly incite vigilante violence against black Americans from the white nationalists Trump openly

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Trump’s Taxpayer-Funded COVID Truthers

“In February, Donald Trump stunned the world by crying ‘hoax’ while the coronavirus spread like wildfire across the United States. Now, Donald Trump and his Administration are using taxpayer dollars to fund the very misinformation he can no

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What we do


Research is the foundation upon which a political narrative is built. Diving into publicly available information is the key for electoral success.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can be worth an election. At our peak last cycle, American Bridge deployed trackers in over 31 states, covering virtually every contested election.

Rapid Response

Over the past few years, American Bridge has assembled an extensive media monitoring communications team that is ready to respond to Republicans in real time.