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1 Year Ago: Ernst Calls to Cut Social Security “Behind Closed Doors”

Watch Ernst’s infamous comments here

One year ago today, Joni Ernst made her now infamous announcement that she wanted to cut Social Security “behind closed doors” to avoid media scrutiny. The comments, first reported by Iowa Starting Line, set off a media firestorm and highlighted how high the stakes were for Iowa seniors in the 2020 elections. If they win re-election, Donald Trump and Joni Ernst have made clear they will cut Social Security. 

“Joni Ernst has had a year to walk back her comments about cutting Social Security behind closed doors, and she’s refused every time because it’s what Washington Republicans plan to do if they hold on to power,” said American  Bridge 21st Century spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Joni Ernst has spent her entire career attacking Social Security, and if she wins re-election it’s clear Iowans’ retirement security is on the chopping block.”