Adam Laxalt Coordinating Outside Groups To Challenge 2022 Election

More than 200 days ahead of the 2022 election, a new report from Salon documents that Nevada Republican U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt remains fixated on coordinating allied outside groups to mount preemptive 2022 election legal challenges — all while continuing to focus on spreading Trump’s Big Lie about his 2020 election loss.

Last week, the New York Times highlighted new audio of Laxalt telling supporters he’s coordinating with outside groups to challenge the results of the 2022 election.

Salon builds upon the Times’ reporting from last week by noting that Laxalt has been telegraphing his strategy of launching a coordinated effort to overturn the 2022 election for months — including in interviews with the likes of Steve Bannon (“My job… is to figure out which is the best group to work with…”) and Sebastian Gorka (“I’m working with a few other groups now.”). Laxalt has broadly hinted at such legal efforts to overturn his (apparently) expected 2022 loss since last summer, as the AP reported in September. 

Of course, as Salon reports, “Federal law prohibits candidates from coordinating directly with independent expenditure groups, so it’s unclear who Laxalt might be ‘working with.’”

Salon further notes that Laxalt is actively saying that he will launch spurious investigations into the 2020 election — and seeking to give further credibility to Trump’s Big Lie — if he’s elected to the Senatetelling OAN, “You know, it’s funny because I’m always getting pushed to kind of drop what happened in the elections … and I simply refuse to move.” 

Read the full report from Salon here

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