QUICK CLIP: Heller flip flops on health care yet AGAIN… in span of three days

“Pleased” with health care outcome on Friday, “Disappointed” by it on Monday

You just can’t make this stuff up. Last night, Dean Heller flip flopped for the gazillionth time on health care. 

Friday, Heller told a Nevada TV station that he was “real pleased” with the outcome of the health care debate, even though he’d voted to repeal the ACA and that measure failed.

But last night, just three days later, Heller indicated the exact opposite during a radio interview on the Dan Mason Show, saying “no one was more disappointed than myself that we didn’t repeal and replace Obamacare.”

What changed? Just the person he was talking to. 

LISTEN to Dean Heller’s latest flip-flop on KOH-AM 780 here.

“It’s not even surprising anymore when Dean Heller flips his position on health care– he changes his mind with whatever direction the wind is blowing,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “It couldn’t be clearer that Dean Heller has no actual convictions […]

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QUICK CLIP: News 4 Nevada: Spineless Dean Heller Says He’s “Pleased” with Health Care Outcome After Supporting Failed ACA Repeal

Dean Heller’s ever changing position on health care continues to mystify and anger Nevadans. After promising he’d vote against Trumpcare, and flip flopping multiple times on his stance with whichever way the political winds were blowing, Heller ended up casting the deciding vote to move forward with the ACA repeal and then voted for the “skinny repeal” bill, a measure that ultimately failed to pass the Senate.

But now he says he’s “pleased” with that outcome.


Heller told News 4 Nevada, “Obviously I got in the middle of this – this health care battle, and I feel real pleased with the way this thing turned out.”

That’s a strange comment from a guy who met with Donald Trump right after the repeal vote failed to strategize about getting to a repeal that could pass, and who’s been pushing […]

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What They’re Saying… About the Nevada GOP Primary

Just 11 days after Dean Heller “completely botched” the health care votes in the Senate, enraging voters from the right, left, and center, Heller has drawn a conservative primary opponent. The upcoming nasty and costly primary is sure to brutally damage the eventual nominee.

Take a look at just a sample of the coverage today…

NBC News: “The most endangered Republican in the Senate will now have to fend off a primary challenger before attempting to win back his seat in one of the most important contests of the 2018 midterm elections.”

Business Insider: Republican Launches Primary Challenge to One of the Most Vulnerable GOP Senators on Trump’s Favorite Morning Show

Las Vegas Review Journal: “The announcement sets up a tough GOP primary battle between Heller, considered a vulnerable incumbent who has faced recent pressure from both Democrat and Republican groups, […]

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Heller’s Desperate Pandering Draws Primary Opponent

This morning, Danny Tarkanian announced that he will challenge Sen. Dean Heller in the Republican Senate primary in Nevada, making a tough race even tougher for the flip-flopping senator.

“Dean Heller is unmistakably a career politician trying desperately to hang on to power by constantly changing his stance on health care, and even Nevada Republicans are sick of his pandering,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “Heller sold out Nevadans’ health care because the only person he serves is himself. Now, he’s being rewarded with a primary challenger who is just as outside the mainstream as he is and will make this a nasty, costly campaign. Republicans just saw their path to holding on to his seat become even narrower.”

Read more on Heller’s constantly shifting health care positons.

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Trump’s Sabotage of the Affordable Care Act Costs the People of Nevada

Donald Trump is overtly sabotaging insurance markets as he pushes Trumpcare on the country, and it’s now costing Nevada.

Today, as a result of Trump destabilizing insurance markets, Anthem announced they will withdraw from Nevada’s Affordable Care Act exchanges, costing Nevadan’s health insurance options across the entire state. This comes a month after Anthem announced they would be withdrawing from 14 Nevada counties.

This news comes after Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to unilaterally cut-off Affordable Care Act funding that is critical to seven million working Americans having health insurance, which is roiling markets.

“Dean Heller has been complicit in Donald Trump’s politically motivated sabotage of the Affordable Care Act marketplaces. This sabotage will hurt Nevadans, particularly those in rural areas,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Donald Trump is sabotaging the ACA out of spite for the bipartisan opposition the led to the collapse of Trumpcare, including from Governor […]

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NEW REPORT: Heller’s “Radical” Plan to End Medicaid Expansion and Kick Millions off their Insurance

A new report by Vox explains that Heller’s health care plan is “the most radical one yet.” Graham-Cassidy-Heller would decimate insurance markets, kick millions off their insurance, hike premiums, remove Obamacare protections, and end Medicaid expansion.

This disastrous plan is what Heller endorsed and said would “increase choice” and “lower costs” by “supporting programs that are currently working in our state.”

Turns out, that was just another lie by Dean Heller. Here are the facts on what Heller’s favorite health care plan would do:

End Medicaid expansion that serves 200,000 Nevadans: “The proposal would eliminate the health care law’s subsidies for private insurance and end the Medicaid expansion.”
Take money from expansion states like Nevada and give it to non-expansion states: “Cassidy-Graham would also take the current Medicaid expansion spending from the 30 states that participate in the program and divvy it up among all 50 states.”
End the state marketplaces that serve tens of […]

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Heller at the White House, Plotting to Dismantle Medicaid Expansion

Dean Heller can’t stop fighting to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, despite promising Nevadans he’d fight for their health care.

On Friday, following the defeat of Heller’s “skinny” plan which would have kicked 16 million Americans off their health care — and hiked premiums for Nevadans by $995 on average next year — Heller went to the White House with Sen. Lindsey Graham to find a path forward.

But the Graham-Cassidy-Heller proposal, which Heller enthusiastically endorsed last week, would actually break Heller’s promises. Heller’s hypocrisy is galling…

MAY: “We cannot pull the rug out from under states like Nevada that expanded Medicaid,” Heller said.

NOW: “Sharply cut federal funding for Medicaid expansion…with funding ending altogether after 2026,” and implementing a “damaging per capita cap on federal funding for the rest of Medicaid,” according to the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.

Heller’s new proposal, which he is negotiating in conjunction […]

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Loser of the Week: Dean Heller

Heller’s Lying & Constantly Shifting Stances on Health Care This Week Will Cost Him His Seat

Last night, Dean Heller showed Nevadans exactly who he is: a career politician desperate to hang on to power, a weak partisan hack without the courage of his convictions — or any convictions at all.

Statement by American Bridge President Jessica Mackler on Dean Heller and healthcare:

“Dean Heller lied to the people of Nevada, plain and simple. Last month, Heller promised that he would oppose efforts to strip health care from thousands of Nevadans. Last night, Heller betrayed every single one of them.

“It is clearer than ever that Heller is nothing more than a weak, partisan politician who only cares about himself. While Nevada families were counting on him, Heller secretly negotiated with Trump and Republicans to destroy the American health care system. After promising to defend gains in health coverage under Obamacare, Heller voted for […]

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Dean Heller finds his 2395123799576th health care position

“Wow. Trying to follow Dean Heller’s position on health care is like staring into carnival hall of mirrors,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Unfortunately for Dean Heller, he looks like the clown.”

Nevada Independent: Heller signs onto Graham-Cassidy amendment to keep in place most ACA taxes, send money to states
By Riley Snyder and Megan Messerly | July 27th, 2017

Nevada Sen. Dean Heller — considered one of a handful of Republican swing votes that will make or break efforts to pass a measure substantially overhauling the Affordable Care Act — has signed on to an alternative plan designed to shift federal funding and more decision-making authority to individual states.

The amendment, originally proposed by South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy, would keep most of the taxes from the ACA in place but send the money raised from those taxes to the states in the form of block grants. […]

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QUICK CLIP: Fox 5: Nevadans Furious with Dean Heller’s Healthcare Vote

Angry Nevadans who are furious with Dean Heller’s recent health care vote called into Fox 5’s  “The Rant” to air their complaints earlier this week. “Viewers are questioning if they can trust him,” said reporter John Huck.

A brief sample of Nevadans’ complaints for Dean Heller:

“We need to vote him out. You can’t trust him. He’s a politician. He can’t keep his word.”
“You just lost my vote. You kept saying…you were going to vote no, but you voted yes.”
“Really, Dean Heller? You could have made a difference. You could have been that one no that we needed for Nevada. You are scared as hell of the president.”

Watch the full news segment here.

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