Dean Heller Has Already Sold Out Nevadans’ Health Care, Over and Over Again


Following Dean Heller’s statement on the Senate GOP’s health care bill, American Bridge President Jessica Mackler made the following statement:

“Nevadans will see through Dean Heller’s cowardly attempt to save his political hide. After months of promising to “get to a yes” and repeal Obamacare, Heller has been given a last-minute pass by his party bosses in Washington. But Nevadans know Dean Heller’s record. Heller has voted over 20 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which millions of Nevadans depend on. Just as bad, has voted repeatedly to gut Medicaid and has voted eight times to defund Planned Parenthood. Dean Heller has already sold out Nevadans’ health care, over and over again. Next November, trust Nevadans to hold Heller accountable.”


Heller’s Opposition To ACHA Is A Craven Attempt To Save His Political Career
Heller’s Career Is On The Line With ACHA Vote
Heller Is In A Political Bind With The ACHA Vote

The Hill: Heller, […]

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Dean Heller’s Hellish Healthcare Week

It’s been a hellish week for Dean Heller. After years of Heller’s empty promises to Nevadans about improving their healthcare, it turns out the Senate health care bill, developed in secrecy and released earlier this week, was even worse than the House version. It makes deep cuts to Medicaid, guts critical funding for opioid addiction treatment, and tears health care coverage away from millions of Americans. Experts from around the country have condemned the bill and Heller is feeling the heat nationally and at home.

“The devastating health care bill that Dean Heller is poised to vote for would strip lifesaving treatment from hundreds of thousands of Nevadans and raise costs on countless more,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “It’s no surprise he’s had a disastrous week, and he’ll continue to be […]

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THEN VS. NOW: Dean Heller abandons Nevadans on opioids crisis as Senate health care bill guts aid for addiction

Last year, Dean Heller called opioid abuse “a major public health concern” and called for immediate steps to help afflicted communities.

That was then. Now, driven by partisan politics that put partisan point-scoring first and Nevadans last, Heller is racing to get to a yes on the Senate’s health care bill that will gut aid for addiction.

“Dean Heller is poised to vote yes for the disastrous Senate health care bill, making it clear he was lying to Nevadans when he promised he’d fight to end the opioid epidemic,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “A vote for this shameful bill means tearing away life-saving treatment from millions of Americans who need it.”

THEN: “The unfortunate reality is opioid abuse has become a major public health concern – and something needs to be done. We know […]

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BREAKING: New Poll Shows Dean Heller Crumbling Over Trumpcare

A new PPP poll out this morning shows Dean Heller’s support in Nevada crumbling as voters learn more about the Republican health care plan. Nevada’s least effective politician is busy selling out his constituents’ health care — and the numbers prove they will hold Heller accountable in 2018.


Heller is 13 points underwater on job approval and 7 points underwater against a generic Democrat.
Nevadans disapprove of the House-passed health care bill by a 20-point margin. Only 31% of Nevadans approve.
59% of Nevadans have very serious concerns about ending Medicaid expansion — which Heller has decided to support.
57% of Nevadans have very serious concerns about the secretive process Senate Republicans like Dean Heller are using to try to pass their health care bill.
62% of Nevadans have very serious concerns that the bill would be a massive tax break for corporations and the wealthy.
No wonder 45% of Nevadans would […]

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Over 420,000 Nevadans Could Be Hit By New Annual & Lifetime Limits

A new analysis this morning takes a hard look at what the Senate’s health care bill will do to insurance plans across the country — and the results are terrifying for Nevadans.

In Nevada alone, the bill Dean Heller is helping craft could hit over 240,000 people with annual limits and over 180,000 with lifetime limits. Nevadans could be forced to pay out-of-pocket for maternity care, mental health, prescription drugs — even treatment for cancer, reports the Center for American Progress.

American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp made the following statement:

“Make no mistake about it: Dean Heller wants to vote ‘yes’ on Trumpcare and he’s helping to draft the Senate’s bill. Heller and Senate Republicans are planning to decimate care for millions if just one or two states waive essential health benefits. The specter of lifetime and annual limits means hundreds of thousands of Nevadans could face a devastating […]

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Getting to “Yes”: Heller Admits He Supports Ending Medicaid Expansion

Heller Flips on His Promise and His Only Condition to Supporting Trumpcare

Dean Heller promised that he would not “pull the rug out from under states like Nevada that expanded Medicaid” — but he told a closed-door meeting that he was determined to “get to a yes” and support Trumpcare. 

He got to “yes.”

Just how devastating is Dean Heller’s decision to support ending Medicaid expansion? It jeopardizes the health care of over 200,000 Nevadans.

It’s so devastating that after Heller told Capitol Hill reporters this, his office spent 24 hours trying furiously to backpedal, before finally admitting the truth: Dean Heller supports ripping health care away from Nevadans.

Just as bad, Heller could be giving Senate Republicans the vote they need to pass Trumpcare. The Hill calls Heller’s support for the Senate bill “critically” important, and Vox […]

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Flippin’ Dean Heller: Heller Endorses Medicaid Cuts He Called “Anti-Nevada”

Just three weeks ago, Sen. Dean Heller condemned cuts to Medicaid as “anti-Nevada” and promised to “stand up for Nevada’s priorities.” Heller’s pandering didn’t fool anyone — after all, Heller has voted repeatedly to cut Medicaid and end Medicaid Expansion.

So no one should be surprised that this morning Flippin’ Dean Heller flipped yet again, and came out in support of ending Medicaid Expansion, which over 200,000 Nevadans use for essential health care. This two-faced hypocrisy is exactly what Nevadans have come to expect from their laziest politician, who’s only looking out for one person: himself.

Watch the flip…

May: Cuts to Medicaid are “Anti-Nevada,” and “We cannot pull the rug out from under states like Nevada that expanded Medicaid.”

Today: “Dean […]

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Will Dean Heller “Get To A Yes” In Today’s Senate Healthcare Meeting?

Today, Senate Republicans are meeting in secret to decide what disastrous ideas to include in their healthcare bill. In response, American Bridge President Jessica Mackler made the following statement:

“Washington Republicans like Dean Heller — who has voted over 20 times to repeal and undermine the Affordable Care Act — are desperate to roll back health care coverage for hardworking Americans. Today’s meeting is sure to feature a parade of ideas that would devastate health care for millions. Under Trumpcare, more than 125,000 Nevadans will lose coverage and Medicaid expansion will be eliminated. And yet Dean Heller wants to ‘get to a yes.’ Next November, count on Nevadans to hold Dean Heller accountable.”

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Flippin’ Heller: Heller Voted for Trump’s Budget Priorities

Dean Heller says Donald Trump’s budget would be “anti-Nevada” because it cuts Medicaid by billions and funds the Yucca Mountain project.

But Dean Heller voted to cut $1.35 trillion from Medicaid in 2015 and he voted to cut federal funding for Medicaid in half in 2011 despite the fact that Medicaid provides care for over 625,00 Nevadans.

Just as bad, Heller has voted to eliminate and undermine Medicaid expansion dozens of times — despite the fact that it provides essential care to over 200,000 Nevadans.

Heller has even voted for a spending plan that funded the Yucca Mountain project, because he was too weak and lazy to get the funding removed.

“How dumb does Dean Heller think Nevadans are? After voting […]

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Heller can’t spin his way out of his failure to protect Nevada

In response to Senator Dean Heller’s attempt to excuse his failure to protect Nevadans from the Trump budget, American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp released the following statement: 

“Just how weak is Dean Heller? Despite voting with Donald Trump over 97% of the time, he has failed once again to stand up for Nevada. Donald Trump’s budget funds Yucca Mountain and cuts important land programs — not to mention blowing a hole in the Medicaid that many Nevadans depend on.

“Dean Heller can try to run away from this budget, but Nevadans know the truth: this is a failure to effectively stand up for them, and they deserve better.”

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