Failure to Lead: Gillespie on TrumpCare

Ed Gillespie has previously called for the full repeal of the Affordable Care Act, but today he’s hiding his position on this disastrous bill. The Senate bill would strip away Medicaid funding that Virginia relies on to fight the growing Opioid epidemic in Virginia. Not only that, but Virginia voters reject the plan 2 to 1 according to recent polling, concerned that increased health care costs and deep cuts to Medicaid would leave them with nowhere to turn.

Opioid Facts in Virginia:

At least 40,000 Virginians with substance abuse issues rely on Medicaid. [VCU School Of Medicine, January 2016]

At least 2 Virginians die per day from prescription opioid and heroin overdoses. [VCU School Of Medicine, January 2016]

More than 800 died from opioid overdoses in 2015. [Kaiser Family […]

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Ed Gillespie and His Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad First Week as Republican Nominee

It’s been a rough week for Ed Gillespie. In a primary contest where he was “expected to cruise” to victory, Gillespie “just barely survived…in a shockingly tight contest.” Articles across the state and around the country pegged the tight contest as showing the “sharp fault lines” in a “deeply fractured” Republican party. Corey Stewart came within just over a point within besting Ed Gillespie. To make matters worse for Ed, he couldn’t excite Republicans to get out and vote for him in the first place–Republican turnout was a mere 40%, while Democratic turnout was 60%, almost 200,000 more votes.

That’s not all: Gillespie strongly supports Trump, whose popularity in Virginia is in free-fall, andlatest polling shows Gillespie trailing Democratic […]

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Backgrounder: Gillespie’s Career of Siding With Big Business Over Workers

It should be no surprise that Gillespie is getting help from one of the most anti-worker politicians in the country – Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. When asked about Walker’s war on public employee workers’ rights, Gillespie said the move was “democracy” and “we ought to have more of it.”

Beyond cheering on Walker’s assault against the workers of his state, Gillespie has a long history of enriching himself at the expense of workers’ interests. Gillespie pushed for a bill that cut benefits for early retirees – a bill that workers were concerned would hurt their retirement security. He also worked to protect the bank accounts of corporations instead of the workers whose health and livelihoods were at stake.

Just take a look.


Gillespie Lobbied For Legislation That Allowed Companies To Cut Benefits For Early Retirees

2005-2006: Yellow Roadway Corp Paid Quinn, Gillespie For Lobbying The Federal Government On Its […]

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AUDIO: Gillespie Brags About Trump Ties As Trump Hits Rock-Bottom in VA

Just as a new Washington Post-Schar School poll shows just 36 percent of Virginia voters approve of Donald Trump – and a majority strongly disapprove – Ed Gillespie has been busy further aligning himself with Trump.

In a recent interview on conservative radio, former lobbyist Gillespie bragged about his close ties to the Trump administration, claiming he has “a lot of friends, obviously, working in this administration – in the White House.”  He also came out in favor of a Trump-like hard line immigration policy, pledging to deny DREAMers access to in-state tuition, making it harder for Virginia students to get ahead.


American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Ed Gillespie has closely tied himself to the Trump administration, supporting him at nearly every turn. But Gillespie’s lobbyist friends in the White House can’t save him from Donald Trump’s sinking ship of collusion, chaos, and backwards policies that will hurt Virginians’ pocketbooks. […]

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Gillespie in Panic Mode

Following the Virginia Republican Gubernatorial Debate at Liberty University, American Bridge President Jessica Mackler made the following statement:

“Ed Gillespie was in panic mode as he was pummeled by his opponents for his swampy lobbying career. But despite his desperation, he offered up the same disastrous ideas as President Trump: huge tax cuts for the wealthy and cruel policies to young Virginians seeking an education. Clearly, the campaign trail is getting to him.”

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Gillespie’s No Good, Very Bad Week in Review

What a week it’s been for Ed Gillespie.

Gillespie finally admitted that he’d support any of the Republican candidates for Governor, even if it’s Corey Stewart – who calls himself the “Trump before Trump.” The same Corey Stewart who recently used a pejorative term in a public forum that leaders in his own party condemned as “racist” and only used by white supremacists. Last week, he admitted they share the same values.

But it didn’t end there. Gillespie was praised by a known hate group. Tony Perkins of The Family Research Council applauded Gillespie’s inflammatory comments supporting the discriminatory, so-called bathroom bill in North Carolina, a bill which could cost North Carolina more than $3.76 billion over the next dozen years, according to the AP. Gillespie said he’d support […]

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Ed Gillespie Admits He Shares Principles With Corey Stewart

This week, when asked how he’d unify his party in the wake of political attacks from his Republican primary opponents, Ed Gillespie said, “I’m running on conservative principles that we share.” Ed Gillespie knows exactly what he’s doing. From opposing women’s control over their own health care to supporting laws that violate civil liberties and encourage racial profiling, Gillespie and Corey Stewart are two peas in a pod.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement, “Ed Gillespie is fooling no one. Gillespie and Stewart shares the same dangerously divisive policies that would pit Virginians against each other. Virginians deserve a governor that will work on behalf of everyone, not promote hateful policies that will make their lives harder.”

GILLESPIE: “Well I think people realize the stakes of this election are very, very high. I have not, uh, you know launched any of the kinds of attacks against my opponents […]

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Gillespie Cozies Up to Trump, Endorses A Year Out From VA Gov’s Race

Everyone is getting brought into the fold of the #EventuallyTrump Party…and among them, Ed Gillespie, former RNC Chair and Virginia gubernatorial candidate.

While other GOP candidates in tough races this year are avoiding endorsing their presumptive party nominee, Gillespie thinks he’s getting a head start for his governor’s race in 2017 by embracing Trump now.

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Unequal Pay Day

It’s 2014. Paying women the same as men for the same work should be a no-brainer, right? Not for many right-wing Republicans. The extreme conservatives highlighted in American Bridge’s new website have gone to absurd lengths to block and even undo equal pay protections for women: voting against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, paying female employees less than their male counterparts, and arguing that women don’t really want equal pay anyway, so what’s all the fuss about? The list of these shameful tactics and faulty arguments goes on and on.

In honor of this year’s Equal Pay Day, check out American Bridge’s new website and read below for a few highlights of Republican office holders and candidates whose opposition to equal pay protections should give female voters serious pause at the ballot box.

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Ed Gillespie & Mitt Romney’s 47% Problem

As Ed Gillespie prepares to campaign with Mitt Romney in New York City this evening, Virginia voters should take a look at Gillespie’s record as a surrogate for Romney’s losing presidential campaign in 2012. When Romney’s infamous “47 percent” comments came to light, disparaging millions of Americans like seniors who rely on Social Security and veterans who receive benefits from their service to the country, Ed Gillespie came to Romney’s defense. Gillespie backed up Romney’s comments when asked about it during an appearance on the Today Show, saying: “that’s political analysis, that’s not a governing philosophy.”

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