NEW AD: Gillespie Calls Northern Virginia “Enemy Territory”

Following leaked audio of Ed Gillespie claiming Northern Virginia was “enemy territory” that was released yesterday, American Bridge today launched an online ad buy that highlighted the comment to Northern Virginia voters, noting that behind closed doors, Gillespie demonized one third of Virginia voters.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Ed Gillespie’s campaign has been one of the most divisive in history – from his hateful, bigoted campaign advertisements to his policies that would strip away health care from Virginians. Virginians deserves a governor who unites Virginia, not divides it like Ed Gillespie.”

Narrator: Ed Gillespie has run one of the most divisive campaigns for governor in history. Now, behind closed doors, he demonizes one third of Virginia voters, labeling Northern Virginia as “enemy territory.” We need a governor who unites Virginia, not divides it.

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Obama, Clinton Voices Featured In New American Bridge GOTV Digital Ad

Just days away from the Virginia gubernatorial election American Bridge released a second Get-Out-The-Vote digital ad encouraging progressive voters to vote.

The latest ad highlights the days following Election Day one year ago, urging voters to turn out to vote on Tuesday, noting that a drop in turnout is what swayed the election in the end. The ad includes footage from Hillary Clinton’s concession speech and President Obama’s recent campaign event with Ralph Northam in Virginia.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:
“The stakes could not be higher in the Virginia governor’s race, where Ed Gillespie has fully embraced Donald Trump’s hateful, bigoted campaign playbook. Don’t let this happen again.”

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LEAKED AUDIO: Gillespie Calls Northern Virginia “Enemy Territory”

In a newly released audio recording obtained by American Bridge, Republican nominee Ed Gillespie calls Northern Virginia, which contains nearly a third of the state’s diverse population, “enemy territory.”

During a Gillespie fundraiser on September 14 at the home of Suzanne and Mark Obenshain, Mr. Obenshain notes that he’d seen Gillespie campaigning at a Metro stop in the area, at which point Gillespie jumps in, calling the area “enemy territory.”

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Ed Gillespie has divided Virginians during his entire campaign for Governor – from his hateful campaign advertisements to his policies that would take away health care from Virginians — this is just the latest example of his divisive campaign.”


Gillespie Calls Northern Virginia “Enemy Territory”


Mark Obenshain: And they are prepared to take Virginia on a hard-left turn, and we have a great opportunity this year. It’s why […]

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American Bridge Rolls out Series of GOTV Digital Ads

Today, American Bridge launched a series of Get-Out-The-Vote ads in Virginia. Targeting democratic and progressive voters, these ads will encourage Virginia voters to show up at their polls and vote for the Democratic ticket on November 7th.

The first ad, focused on women’s health, calls out Republican nominee Ed Gillespie for wanting to “turn back the clock for women.” During this campaign, Ed Gillespie has admitted he wanted to ban abortion, sounding more like his friend Trump’s plan to punish women for having an abortion. In 2012, Ed Gillespie was the “brain child” behind Conscious Cause, a group that aimed to strip away the birth control mandate from the Affordable Care Act.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“From wanting to ban abortion to weakening birth control access, Gillespie doesn’t trust women to make their own decisions about their body. Northam trusts women. The […]

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WATCH: Corey Stewart speaks for Trump: “We Want Ed To Win”

Just a week from the general election, Stewart said today that he thought it was a mistake for Ed Gillespie to distance himself from Trump. But regardless of Gillespie’s ghosting on both Stewart and Trump during his campaign, Stewart also said that he and Trump were unified in their steadfast support for Gillespie.
American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:
“Make no mistake-Trump and Stewart are on the Gillespie team because Gillespie has adopted their disgusting racist rhetoric and policies throughout this campaign. A vote for Gillespie is a vote for Trump, plain and simple.”

Question: “What is your feeling that Mr. Gillespie has not invited you to appear with him?”
Corey Stewart: “That’s fine. Look, he sees me as the extension of the President. You know, their position is we need to try to reach out to more independent voters and that’s their decision. […]

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#EnronEd Disrupts Maro Rubio-Ed Gillespie Rally

Just 8 days out from the Virginia gubernatorial election, American Bridge spokespeople appeared outside a joint Marco Rubio-Ed Gillespie rally to hand out Enron Ed’s résumé– highlighting Gillespie’s long career as a Washington lobbyist. Lowlights from Gillespie’s sorted past include serving as a student loan industry lobbyist, an asbestos lobbyist, a social security privatization lobbyist, and, of course, an Enron lobbyist.

Enron Ed was joined by protesters from CASA In Action protesting Gillespie’s bigoted, anti-immigrant campaign ads.

Here’s the local Fox News Coverage:

A copy of the résumé and photos of the event are attached.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Ed Gillespie has shown his true colors during this campaign — by adopting  Donald Trump’s horrifying bigoted attacks in the hopes they will help his flailing campaign. Virginians know the truth: Ed Gillespie will sell them out for a buck or for a political […]

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SCARY: Ed Gillespie has become Trump’s Puppet in Virginia

With one week left in the Virginia gubernatorial race, Gillespie is doing everything he can to align himself with Donald Trump. It’s now clear that Ed Gillespie is no longer the ventriloquist (one of his lifelong hobbies) – he’s actually Donald Trump’s puppet. Today, American Bridge released a video highlighting the many times Ed Gillespie has fallen in line with his puppet-master.

American Bridge Spokesperson Lizzy Price said:

“Gillespie’s embrace of Trump’s ghoulish impulses isn’t a costume he can take off on Wednesday; it’s how he’ll govern if elected. If Ed Gillespie is governor, Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric and backwards policies will haunt Virginia families for the next four years. Terrifying indeed.”

Ed Gillespie is nothing but a puppet for Donald Trump.

Narrator Script:

Ed Gillespie has been a ventriloquist for years. Now, Ed Gillespie is nothing but a puppet for Donald Trump. […]

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Enron Ed To Attend Marco Rubio/Ed Gillespie Rally

American Bridge 21st Century to send spokespeople to highlight Gillespie’s career lobbying for special interests’ profit over people

WHO:              Enron Ed and Ed the Swamp Creature

WHEN:            Monday, October 30th at 6 PM EST

WHERE:          42669 Trade West Drive Sterling VA 20166

Today at 6pm, American Bridge will have spokespeople stationed outside Ed Gillespie GOTV rally with Marco Rubio to highlight Gillespie’s career making millions at the expense of Virginians.

Rubio, like Gillespie, has fallen in line with Trump’s agenda after once musing on the trail, “Can this country afford to have a President under investigation by the FBI?” Imagine no more, Senator. And now Rubio is aiding and abetting Trump’s puppet, Ed Gillespie, who has launched an anti-immigrant, fear-mongering, bigoted campaign just like Trump’s. Gillespie is also doing what he’s always done–abandoned Virginians in order to profit for himself.

From lobbying for the privatization of Social Security and putting […]

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Conservatives Condemn Gillespie ‘Covering Himself In Filth,’ Breitbart Endorses Him

Less than two weeks away from election day, Ed Gillespie’s racist campaign is earning condemnation — even in conservative circles. On Twitter, one former Gillespie colleague called him out for “covering himself in filth” and another Republican said, “the dog whistle is a little loud.” Conservative columnist George Will called one of Gillespie’s ads “dishonest” and wrote, “If Gillespie wins, Republicans elsewhere will conclude that the derangement of their party does not hinder its prospering.”

On Friday, Gillespie’s campaign sunk even further into the filth — winning the support of white nationalist website Breitbart, which published an article praising his campaign. Earlier this month, BuzzFeed reported that Breitbart has collaborated with white nationalists and neo-Nazi sympathizers.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“With less than two weeks left in the election, some of Gillespie’s former strong supporters have turned […]

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Gillespie-Martinez Bleak Economic Plan for Virginia

Today, Ed Gillespie is holding two business roundtables with New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez. Gillespie must really be asking for any help he can get in Virginia, because Gov. Martinez’s economic record is bleak. Here’s a peek:

 New Mexico ranked 47th in job creation in 2016.
New Mexico was ranked 47th in economic growth in 2017.
Among young adults, the state ranked dead last in economic growth.
In 2017, New Mexico’s unemployment rate was the second highest in the nation, at 6.7%
Between 2013 and 2017, New Mexico dropped 9 spots in quality of life measures.
In 2017, New Mexico was ranked the 9th worst state to live in.
New Mexico lagged in infrastructure, ranked 38th in the country

And if the data weren’t enough, Donald Trump, Gillespie’s biggest fan, even called out Gov. Susana Martinez for “not doing […]

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