MEMO: The Record George Allen Wants You To Forget

To: Interested Parties
From: Matt Thornton, Senior Communications Adviser, American Bridge 21st Century
Date: 6/12/2012
RE: The record George Allen wants you to forget

In 2006, Virginia voters unceremoniously ousted George Allen from office. Six years later, Allen has portrayed himself as a Tea Party proselyte in his bid to return to the Senate. But even a cursory look at his record as senator and governor should be enough to convince voters that Allen is a big spender who can’t be trusted to address our nation’s budget problems responsibly.

Despite his rhetoric about “reigning in” state spending, Allen increased Virginia’s budget by billions, contributing to unprecedented deficits. As senator, he supported the budget-busting policies of the Bush administration which are among the primary drivers of our annual deficits. Though Allen is responsible for helping create the nation’s budget woes, he now supports policies that would exacerbate the problem by cutting taxes for the nation’s wealthiest citizens and most profitable corporations.

And while Allen has been an unabashed advocate of spending, deficits, and earmarks, he can’t seem to take a tangible position on important issues like paycheck fairness.

George Allen may have convinced Republican primary voters that he deserves another shot, but come November he’ll receive a message from independents in terms that he can understand: when you drop the ball that many times, you don’t get to go back in the game.

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Washington Post: George Allen Hires Minister Joseph Ellison For Senate Campaign

On February 16, 2012, the Washington Post reported:

The information on Ellison was provided by American Bridge 21st Century, a liberal-leaning group that formed last year to combat conservative outside organizations in elections.

“Twenty five thousand dollars is a huge chunk of campaign cash, and George Allen needs to explain exactly what that money paid for,’’ said Matt Thornton, spokesman for American Bridge 21st Century. “But with his long history of not answering even the most basic questions like who his consulting clients are, Virginians shouldn’t hold their breath waiting.”

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ProgressVA: After Vehemently Opposing Stimulus, Allen Touts The Success Of Firms That Received Millions Of Dollars In Stimulus Grants

On January 27, 2012, ProgressVA posted the following:

Paying no heed to his months of criticism of a “failed stimulus”, George Allen has spent the past two weeks touring and touting the economic successes of two Virginia firms that received millions of dollars in stimulus grants. January 21st, Allen visited Ennis Electric Company, an “admirably managed” business in Manassas. Left out of Allen’s praise for Ennis was the fact the firm has benefitted from nearly $14 million in stimulus funding.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Allen’s hypocrisy has caught up with him on the campaign trail. Earlier this month, Allen hosted a town hall meeting at Micron Technology, a firm that solicited and received $5 million in stimulus funds. Micron CEO Steve Appleton certainly didn’t seem to agree with Allen’s assessment of the stimulus program–he met with President Obama to show his support for the legislation in 2009.

Additional background information below.

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Washington Post: Allen Opposes Stimulus, But Backs Company That Received Stimulus

On January 16, 2012, the Washington Post reported:

George Allen, the likely Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, recently headlined a town hall at Micron Technology, a semiconductor company with a facility in Manassas.

It’s the same company that received $5 million in stimulus money. And the same company whose CEO, Steve Appleton, met with President Obama to show his support for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

But, as you may recall, Allen doesn’t support the recovery act.

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George Allen on the Ryan Plan

In this clip, former Senator George Allen discusses Congressman Paul Ryan’s plan to revamp Medicare by replacing it with a voucher program.

Allen says the Ryan plan is a “thoughtful proposal,” particularly in terms of how it would remodel the tax code and turn Medicaid into a block grant program to the states, but Allen thinks “we should do much better than that.”

This video was captured by an American Bridge tracker in Virginia on June 14, 2011.

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George Allen: “Big Spender”

In this web video, we take issue with former Senator George Allen’s claim that government spending needs to be scaled back. During his time in Congress, Allen voted four times to raise the debt ceiling for George Bush and three times to raise his own pay — that’s not the record of the fiscal conservative he’s making himself out to be these days.

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Huffington Post: Democrats Target Big Oil Profits In Latest Attack On GOP Senate Candidates

On October 27, 2011 The Huffington Post wrote:

 “The Democrats’ Senate campaign committee is making good Thursday on its promise to try to tar several GOP contenders with their votes protecting tax breaks for oil companies.

A Democratic source said an online campaign will use targeted Google and Facebook ads that coincide with oil companies announcing their latest round of mega profits. The ads, launching in four states, target Nevada Sen. Dean Heller, former Virginia Sen. George Allen, Arizona Rep. Jeff Flake and Montana Rep. Dennis Rehberg, all of whom have opposed ending tax subsidies for oil companies…”

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Huffington Post: George Allen Campaign Pays Finance Expert Linked To RNC Money Woes

On October 20, 2011, the Huffington Post reported:

A former Republican National Committee finance official who was forced to resign last year following allegations that she had spent party money at a jewelry store has found a new home in the free-spending campaign of Virginia GOP Senate candidate George Allen.

Debbie LeHardy departed the RNC, where she was the deputy finance director, after reports emerged that she was reimbursed $450 for a purchase at a Manhattan jewelry store that she listed as a meal.


Those problems apparently did not discourage Allen from hiring LeHardy as a consultant and paying her well. According to Federal Election Commission records, her firm has received more than $75,000 for advice since February.

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