Skipping Cleveland Or Not, These GOPers Are Still In The #PartyOfTrump

Republicans like Jeb Bush, Kelly Ayotte, and Richard Burr are already chickening out of attending the Republican National Convention in July, fearing they’ll be tainted by the inevitable bloodbath and association with Donald Trump. Unfortunately for them, it’s already too late to disassociate with their party’s extremism. The pressure on vulnerable GOP incumbents like Pat Toomey, Ron Johnson, Mark Kirk and others will only grow, but a friendly reminder that whether they make it to Cleveland or not, there’s no doubt they are already card carrying members of the #PartyOfTrump:

Former presidential candidate Jeb Bush signed a pledge to support the Republican nominee even if it’s Donald Trump.
Richard Burr (NC): praised Donald Trump saying, “Donald Trump has done a tremendous job,” and that he’s “brought a level of passion to running for office that I’m delighted to see.”

Kelly Ayotte (NH): recently promised to support the Republican nominee even if it’s Donald […]

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Months Later, Rubio & Cruz Still Chasing Trump Rightward On Immigration

Donald Trump at tonight’s CNN debate made sure everyone knows that the far-right swing for every Republican running for president, opposing a path to citizenship and ending President Obama’s protections for DREAMers, came because of him.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have for months worked to prove that they’re as anti-immigrant as Donald Trump. They’ve co-opted Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric and policy positions, and on some issues have bafflingly even sought to run to his right. And when they do it, Trump comes right back and says, “No, I’m worse than they are.” Don’t bother trying to distinguish between these xenophobic clowns on immigration, it’s a waste of time.

In the last ten days alone, Ted Cruz has pledged to use Immigration and Customs Enforcement to forcibly deport 11 million undocumented immigrants, and Marco Rubio has promised to end DACA on day one. After months of the same xenophobic talking points, it’s become dangerously […]

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Another Trump Victory, Another Loss For Establishment Republicans

With Donald Trump’s easy win tonight in South Carolina, the Republican establishment’s chances of doing anything to halt his momentum are quickly dwindling.

Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and John Kasich’s race to the right — a futile effort to siphon votes away from Trump — has left irreversible damage. Whether it’s tax giveaways to millionaires that blow multi-trillion dollar holes in the deficitanti-immigrant platforms that refuse a pathway to citizenship, or backwards and dangerous rhetoric on women’s health, there is little difference between the far right and extreme far right Republican presidential candidates.

At each step of the way, GOP insiders attempted to explain away the significance of Trump winning. In Iowa, it was Midwestern evangelicals who didn’t represent the country at large. In New Hampshire, it was independents who don’t have as much sway as in other states.

Now, after South Carolina handed a commanding victory to […]

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WATCH: South Carolina GOP Voters Speak Out (And It’s Not Looking Good For The Establishment)

American Bridge is on the ground in South Carolina, talking to Republican voters to see how they’re feeling ahead of tomorrow’s GOP primary. Let’s just say that — as in Iowa and New Hampshire — things are not looking great for the GOP establishment. Voters are unhappy with the likes of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, but they’re even colder on the GOP establishment’s last-ditch hopes for a contested convention. As one Trump supporter put it: “I think it’d be the demise of the Republican Party.”

Here are some other highlights:

On Marco Rubio…

“You’ve got to go and do you job.”

“The robo answers…”

“And he just keeps repeating himself over and over again.”

On Jeb Bush…

“We don’t want another Bush.”

On Trump, a third-party run, and a contested convention…

“The GOP would sink itself if it’d do [a contested convention]…”

“Obviously, [a contested convention] wouldn’t be fair.”

“If Trump were a third-party candidate, I’d vote for him…”

“I […]

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Jeb Bush’s Tax Plan Is A Giveaway To His Wall Street Buddies

At CNN’s town hall, Jeb Bush talked about growing small businesses, but his tax proposal is a big giveaway to Wall Street, with disproportionate boosts in after-tax income for top earners like the Kochs brothers. While Jeb has misleadingly claimed that the middle class would benefit most from his proposal with a $2,000 increase in after-tax income, that just isn’t true.

Here are the facts about Jeb’s plan:

Middle-class Americans would get a 2.9 increase in after-tax income under Bush’s plan. But that cut is dwarfed by the top 1%’s 11.6% increase;
Jeb would “save $3 million” under his own proposal;
When called on his proposal’s disproportionate boosts for him and his Wall Street donors, Jeb simply said: “[T]hat’s just the way it is“; and,
Jeb’s proposal has a big price tag: It would add $8.1 to the deficit.

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Jeb Bush’s Conservative Colors Fly On Slashing Earned Benefits

Tonight at CNN’s town hall, Jeb Bush told viewers who want to have a quote “policy wonkathon” about earned benefits to visit his website. Again, we’ll save you a click.

Jeb Bush is as extreme as they come on slashing earned benefits. One to always ask “How high?” when the Koch brothers say “Jump,” Bush toes the line on cutting benefits for seniors.

He wants to raise the retirement age, while punishing seniors who retire earlier than he wants them to.
He supports means-testing Medicare — which would limit eligibility for the program — and he wants to shift the program toward private plans. He’s even hinted at a “phase out.”

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Jeb Bush’s Model Supreme Court: Extreme, Right-Wing

At tonight’s CNN town hall, Jeb Bush said that he would nominate a Supreme Court justice in his last year as president. But at the same time, he’s arguing that President Obama should shirk his constitutional duty to fill the Supreme Court vacancy because he wouldn’t have a consensus pick.

But what’s Jeb Bush’s idea of a consensus pick? He’s made it clear that should he become president, he’d nominate the most extreme, far-right justices to the Supreme Court.

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Jeb Bush’s America

Anderson Cooper described in great detail the tweet Jeb Bush’s team sent with a picture of a gun inscribed with Jeb Bush’s name. Jeb, in turn, mentioned his belief that we should protect the second amendment.

Yet, between his infamous “stuff happens” comment regarding mass shootings, and this week’s cryptic tweet, we can safely say that should Bush become president, he’ll continue to refuse to take meaningful action to curb gun violence.

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American Bridge President’s Statement On Tonight’s Debate

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement in response to tonight’s Republican debate:

“The Republican Party’s disarray was on full display as tonight’s debate degenerated into chaos. On immigration, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio relentlessly attacked each other in their race to equal Donald Trump’s radicalism. Instead of talking meaningful policy, the candidates spent their night desperately throwing punches, ensuring the eventual nominee will be bruised and bloodied with extremism. The Republican candidates have all failed the commander in chief test, but there’s no end in sight to the messy bloodbath that is damaging down-ballot candidates and the entire party.”

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GOP Field Continues to Tout Out-Of-Touch Positions On Minimum Wage

From opposing an increase to the $7.25 minimum wage to opposing a federal minimum wage altogether, every single GOP candidate on stage tonight takes the most extreme, out-of-touch position when it comes to standing up for working families. The Republican field has demonstrated time and time again that they’ll side with shadowy special interests and the billionaire Koch brothers over hardworking families — their opposition to an increase in the minimum wage is no exception.

Here’s what the GOP presidential candidates had to say to hardworking South Carolina families tonight:

Ted Cruz has twice voted against raising the minimum wage. Inexplicably, Cruz has gone so far as to claim that increasing the minimum wage would actually be detrimental to workers, saying, “I think [a wage hike] hurts the most vulnerable.”

Marco Rubio’s admitted that “you can’t live on $11 an hour,” but that didn’t stop him from opposing raising it to $9 an hour and voting against increasing it to $10.10. Don’t […]

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