Joe Heck Sold Out To The Gun Lobby And It’s Costing Him Big League (New Audio)

According to Public Policy Polling, Joe Heck’s opposition to prohibiting terror suspects from purchasing firearms, as well as his opposition to background check legislation, is costing the congressman major support in Nevada. Heck won’t abandon these unpopular positions, however, because the gun lobby is pumping big dollars into his campaign (voters don’t like that either.)

(Full polling memo from PPP here)

The NRA is propping up Heck with a major investment:

And they know what they’re getting in return.

Days after this infusion of cash, Heck visited the NRA-ILA in Reno and thanked the NRA for opposing Nevada’s popular Question 1.

“So thank you, thank you for what you’re doing for the election, for this country, on behalf of the NRA, to defeat Question 1. Uh, I appreciate it. I look forward to coming back up here…”

Heck is putting his own electoral prospects ahead of the will of […]

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Flip-Flop-Flip, Joe Heck Thinks Trump Would Be A “Good Commander In Chief”

Joe Heck will not be remembered for displaying bold leadership after next Tuesday. In a desperate bid to court spurned Donald Trump voters, Heck — in a stunning flip (to add to his previous flop) — described Trump as “qualified to be president” and added he thinks that Trump will make “a good commander in chief.”

“If you meet the constitutional qualifications and you’re selected by the Republican party then you’re qualified to be president.

“I think that Donald Trump will be a good commander in chief.

During Nevada’s only senatorial debate, Heck described his decision to cut ties with Trump as “extremely personal.”  If Heck was so deeply offended by Trump’s description of his proclivity for sexual assault, why is he now returned to praising Trump as qualified to be President and a promising prospect as commander in chief? What happened to Heck’s claim that a […]

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Heck And Trump: From “Completely Supporting” To Secretly Completely Supporting

If the Trump endorsement was too hot, and the disavowal was too cold, Joe Heck is hoping his latest strategy of “I’m not telling” is just right to placate and dupe Nevada voters. But whatever strategy he attempts, Heck can’t shake his months-long embrace of Donald Trump.

Despite his desperate effort to distance himself from Trump (but not too far) two weeks from Election Day, nothing changes the fact that Heck “looked past” Donald Trump’s hateful comments–including Trump’s constant attacks on women, vilification of a Gold Star family, and suggestions that veterans who suffer from PTSD aren’t mentally strong.  Heck was able to “look past” Trump’s portrayal of Mexicans as rapist and criminals, his call to ban all Muslims from the country, and his nonchalant approach to nuclear proliferation for the majority of their respective campaigns. Heck punched his ticket for the Trump Train long ago and that’s a ride […]

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Congressman Joe Heck Must Answer For Trump’s Threats to Democracy

After spending the better part of the week lying about widespread voter fraud, encouraging violence to suppress voter turnout, fearmongering through conspiracy theories and indicating to his supporters that it’s okay to incite violence at polling sites if necessary, Donald Trump continued to threaten the legitimacy of our elections and the stability of our democracy last night when he disgracefully refused to commit to accepting the outcome of the election.

Congressman Joe Heck has no choice but to respond to and condemn Trump’s threats. 

Trump’s threats to incite chaos are beyond the pale, and they aren’t new. Trump has been claiming the election is rigged for months, and Congressman Heck has stuck with him. That a major party nominee is willing to threaten the stability of our democracy because he’s a sore loser is shocking and unprecedented. They can’t be ignored, and Congressman Heck will be complicit in Trump’s threats […]

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Joe Heck Calls For Voter Fraud

Joe Heck–still hiding from the public–made a series of objectionable comments at a private Las Vegas fundraiser last week. While Heck’s “I really want to support Donald Trump” comment was revealing, his condescension of Democratic voters and flippant encouragement of voter fraud are even more objectionable.

Audience: I plan on voting twice for you, Joe.

Heck: I appreciate that. If you get away with it a second time, try for a third.

Heck’s long embrace of Donald Trump is unforgivable, and his dismissive attitude to Nevada voters and laughing encouragement of voter fraud further disqualifies him from representing Nevada in the United States Senate.

Listen to Joe Heck insult Nevada voters and joke about voter fraud.

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American Bridge Statement On Joe Heck’s Disastrous Debate

In the first and only Nevada Senate debate, Joe Heck demonstrated that he’s unfit and unqualified to represent all Nevadans in the United States Senate. Heck was handily defeated tonight, and it’s clear why: he can’t escape the wrath of the Party of Trump that he wrapped himself in so tightly for so long.

Below are remarks by American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Mackler:

“Joe Heck tried to flee from Donald Trump in a desperate attempt to save his political career, but his policy positions are identical to Trump’s. Whether it’s taking away women’s reproductive rights, opposing universal background checks that save lives, overturning the Affordable Care Act that has provided health insurance for tens of thousands of Nevadans, or failing to pass comprehensive immigration reform, Joe Heck seems to only be able to parrot his party nominee.”

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American Bridge 21st Century and Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada Release “Heck Trumps Nevada”

This week, American Bridge 21st Century and the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada Action (PLAN Action) are releasing a new digital ad highlighting Joe Heck’s spineless silence in the face of Donald Trump’s broadsides against Asian Pacific Americans.

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has viciously attacked immigrants and made disparaging remarks against both US-born citizens and immigrants from Asia. From calling US citizens “anchor babies,” to imitating and mocking stereotypical Asian accents — “We want deal” to insulting a Gold Star mother because of her religion, Heck never once condemned Trump.

Trump proposed capping the number of Filipino immigrants to the United States, claiming that the country had been compromised by terrorism and going so far as to call Filipino immigrants “animals.” Joe Heck has aggressively courted Asian American and Pacific Islander voters in Nevada, but he chose to stand by silently while […]

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Does Tea Party Extremist Joe Heck Carry His Koch Cash In A Wallet Or A Money Clip?

Joe Heck is trying to buy a Nevada Senate seat with the help of millions in outside spending from the Koch brothers’ political network. The only hiccup in this scheme is that Heck has to take the debate stage tonight and actually defend his congressional record . Unfortunately for Heck, money can’t change the fact that he’s been an unmitigated disaster in Congress for the Silver State.

Heck will try to portray himself as a “thousand points of light” moderate tonight, but Heck rode into Congress on the Tea Party wave and hasn’t strayed from the extremism that got him elected in 2010.

Heck’s anti-choice extremism cannot be overstated. In 2012, Heck voted for a 20-week abortion ban that didn’t include exceptions for rape or incest. Heck also voted to deny women access to emergency reproductive care–even if an abortion were necessary to save their life–if hospitals objected on moral grounds. Heck […]

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Panicked Puppet Protection: Kochs’ Concerned Veterans Endorse Heck

This morning the Koch network took another extraordinary step on behalf of Joe Heck. Concerned Veterans for America, soon to consolidate under the Americans for Prosperity banner, directly endorsed Joe Heck. In a panic to protect Heck, the Kochs are moving from issue-based advocacy to directly supporting their hand-selected minions.

Heck’s campaign has already received an unprecedented level of support from the Koch brothers’ political machine, including over $7 million in negative advertising from Freedom Partners Action Fund and the first instance of the Kochs’ LIBRE Initiative “explicitly backing” a candidate.

American Bridge Vice President Eddie Vale issued the following statement on CVA’s endorsement of Joe Heck:

“This isn’t about veterans issues. The Kochs are nervous that they stand to lose a loyal puppet who’ll promote not just VA privatization but also the rest of the Kochs’ self-serving, anti-working families agenda.

“That’s why the billionaire brothers have been spending […]

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Joe Heck’s Big Oil Koch Cash

Joe Heck’s Senate campaign has received an unprecedented level of support from the Koch brothers’ political machine, including over $7 million in negative advertising from Freedom Partners Action Fund and the first instance of the Kochs’ LIBRE Initiative “explicitly backing” a candidate. In return, Heck has been a loyal puppet, consistently supporting the Kochs’ interests at the expense of environmental protections and the development of clean energy jobs in Nevada. While preaching steadfast opposition to “crony capitalism,” the Kochs have an interest in preserving tax breaks for big oil, an interest unsurprisingly protected by Heck.

Joe Heck, fearing backlash from his wealthy patrons, has taken every available opportunity to undermine clean energy in Nevada–arguing that the government should “get out of the business” of investing in renewables–while protecting government subsidies for fossil fuels. There’s no question that Heck would continue his fight against renewable energy in the United States Senate.


Koch Spending […]

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