QUICK CLIP: Hawley-Endorsed Steel Tariff Nails Missouri Workers

Mid-Continent Nail manager Chris Pratt to politicians: “Save our jobs. Save Poplar Bluff jobs. Save American manufacturing jobs.”

MSNBC’s Vaughn Hillyard paints a picture of a Missouri nail company that was thriving just months ago — and a town of 17,000 that depends on the industry.

Now, thanks to the steel tariff Josh Hawley has championed, the company has had 50% of its orders cancelled — forcing them to lay off 60 workers, and possibly shutter the doors permanently by Labor Day.

“Josh Hawley’s blind loyalty to President Trump is hurting Missouri industries and the towns that rely on them,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Missouri families deserve a senator who will put them first. Hawley is content to bet his own political ambitions against Missourians’ futures. That’s transparent, cynical, and harmful to families across his state.”

WATCH MSNBC’s interview with Mid-Continent Nail employees:

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NEW AD: Mandel Refuses to Condemn Moore’s History of Sexual Assault

In the days since news broke that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore sexually molested two teenage girls and made advances on three others between the ages of 16 and 18, Josh Mandel has been shockingly silent.

A new ad from American Bridge holds Mandel accountable for his cowardly silence, which enables a predator like Roy Moore to seek public office.The ad shows Ohioans that Mandel has failed to even simply condemn Moore’s horrific actions.

“Josh Mandel’s silence is a disgraceful and gutless response to the serious reports of Roy Moore’s sexual assault,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “By remaining silent, Mandel is putting blind partisan loyalty first and enabling a sexual predator. Ohioans are going to hold Josh Mandel accountable for the company he keeps — count on it.”

The digital ad is targeted at persuadable Ohio voters. As vulnerable Republicans around the country fail to speak out against Moore, American Bridge […]

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Mandel Wants To Run Again??

Josh Mandel is at it again. Less than 20 days in to 2016, Mandel is considering a run for the Senate seat he failed to win in 2012. Let’s recap Mandel’s ridiculous un-qualifications for the U.S. Senate:

Mandel tried to intimidate a tracker in an elevator (and lied about it). VIDEO

On the rare occasions he actually shows up to work, it appears he may have broken the lawor used taxpayer dollarsfor political purposes.

Cronyism: “Days after being accused of hiring young, inexperienced staffers for key positions in the state Treasury, new evidence shows that Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, the Republican nominee for the state Senate race, dispatched a top aide to a beginner’s course in the subject he was overseeing.”

“Josh Mandel really wants to run for Senate again? Josh Mandel’s absenteeism is only rivaled by Marco Rubio’s — and that’s not the kind of work ethic the people of Ohio look for […]

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VIDEO: Watch Mandel Argue with a Video Tape

After grabbing an American Bridge tracker’s camera in an elevator, Josh Mandel has repeatedly attempted to accuse our tracker of initiating contact. The only problem is, witnesses and a video recording of the incident tell a very different story. Despite clear proof to the contrary, Mandel continues to inexplicably lie every chance he gets.

But he can’t shove the truth into a corner.

NEW VIDEO: Josh Mandel, The No-Show Treasurer

WASHINGTON – On the heels of a report yesterday showing that Josh Mandel has skipped every meeting in his first year in office of eight boards on which he sits, American Bridge today is releasing a new video entitled “Josh Mandel, the No-Show Treasurer.” In Mandel’s second year in office, he has attended a grand total of seven Board of Deposit meetings, which he only started attending after the AP noted his absence. He has still not attended a single meeting of any of the other seven boards.

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Josh Mandel Refusing to Comply with Ohio Open Records Law

WASHINGTON – American Bridge 21st Century is calling on Ohio Treasurer and Senate candidate Josh Mandel to comply with Ohio open records law after our requests have gone ignored for months. American Bridge has submitted two simple requests nine and ten weeks ago for which we have received no information or even an acknowledgment. We contend that Mandel is now in violation of the law for failing to respond in a reasonable amount of time.

Mandel’s office has been in the news lately for his failure to comply with these types of requests despite claiming in the press to support transparency and compliance with the federal Freedom of Information Act.

“This is yet another example of Josh Mandel making verifiably false statements to the press while failing to comply with the simplest of duties,” said Matt Thornton, spokesman for American Bridge 21st Century. “Mandel’s entire justification for running for Senate is his supposed expert management of the Treasurer’s office — a job he is obviously neglecting.”

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Josh Mandel’s Integrity

Today, American Bridge released this web video highlighting the lack of integrity displayed in Josh Mandel’s Senate campaign. Despite repeated fact checks contradicting claims he makes on the stump and numerous columns and editorials calling for him to clean up his campaign, Mandel stubbornly refuses to stop using verifiably false campaign rhetoric. Perhaps his claim of running his campaign with integrity is just another example of his pants-on-fire lies.

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VIDEO: Josh Mandel: Ohio’s Artful Dodger

Washington DC – Josh Mandel has been developing quite the reputation for dodging questions, refusing to take positions, and flat-out lying as he campaigns for the Senate. In addition to our previously released video highlighting Mandel’s refusal to comment on the FBI investigation into his campaign contributions, American Bridge is releasing a video of Mandel dodging yet another question: why did he start running for the Senate just after taking office as Ohio Treasurer?

Spoiler alert: despite talking for a very long time, he never answers the question.

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MEMO: Josh Mandel FBI Investigation

When Josh Mandel became Ohio’s Treasurer barely a year ago, he was entrusted to act as a responsible steward of the state’s funds. Mandel quickly violated that trust by failing to fulfill the responsibilities of his job so he could campaign for a Senate seat instead.

Mandel has also acted irresponsibly by flouting campaign finance rules. Questionable contributions made to his Senate campaign by employees of Suarez Corporation are now under investigation by the FBI. The suspicious nature of the donations was raised by the press to Mandel last year, as it was noted how unusual it was for multiple employees (and their spouses) of the same company, many whom have never before given to federal campaigns, to each make maximum donations to the same candidates. Yet Mandel refused to investigate the donations, and returned them only after the press reported on the existence of an FBI investigation.

And though he has now returned $105,000 in tainted donations, Mandel has yet to come clean. He refuses to identify when he became aware of the FBI investigation, how he learned of the investigation, and how long he waited before returning the donations. This is to say nothing of whether he knew that the contributions were illegal before they were made, and still chose to accept them anyway.

With the FBI investigating these contributions to Mandel’s campaign, Ohio voters are asking the same question: what is Josh Mandel hiding?

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