Bridge President Brad Woodhouse on GOP Rebrand: New year, same old party

Following the shellacking Republicans took in 2012, the party conducted a much-hyped autopsy in the hopes of identifying the cause of the GOP’s recent demise. One year later, Republicans are congratulating themselves on the “progress” they’ve made. Who are they kidding? Back in reality, nothing has changed. The autopsy depicted a Republican Party whose policies and rhetoric were anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-immigrant, and anti-middle class. One year later, the Republican Party is still anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-immigrant, and anti-middle class.

The lessons of the GOP autopsy remain unlearned, as the italicized quotes from the GOP “Growth & Opportunity Project” report from March 18, 2013 emphasize.

“Young voters are increasingly rolling their eyes at what the party represents.”

While the American people, and especially younger voters, have made great strides in accepting and promoting equality for LGBT Americans, Republican leaders have desperately clung to their record of intolerance and homophobic bigotry. In his first gubernatorial debate last summer, then-Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli called homosexuality a “personal challenge.” Instead of applauding the courts that have defended the constitutional rights of LGBT Americans to equal protection under the laws, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) said that these judges “need some basic plumbing lessons.” Perhaps Republicans could use a history lesson on our nation’s progress on civil rights.

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NEWS: American Bridge Launches GOTV Ad Campaign in Support of McAuliffe

American Bridge 21st Century today announced a new digital campaign to help Virginia  voters locate their polling place and learn about the Republican ticket’s history of fighting to restrict voting rights.

Earlier this year, Republicans in Virginia passed a restrictive new law to change voting requirements in the Commonwealth. The law limits the list of permissible forms of identification and severely restricts voters’ ability to cast a provisional ballot in the event they can only provide non-photo identification as proof of identity. The law hasn’t yet gone into effect and can only be stopped by electing Democrats like Terry McAuliffe, who will fight to uphold voters’ rights.

“Like many Republicans across the country, Ken Cuccinelli and Republicans in Virginia are trying to change the law to make it harder for minorities to vote. These desperate and cynical plans to gain the upper hand on Election Day are nothing more than an attack on democracy and our values as a nation,” said American Bridge president Rodell Mollineau. “Virginia deserves leaders who seek to inspire more people to make their voices heard, not craven politicians who gleefully suppress the rights of others for political gain. That’s why it’s crucial for Virginians who supports the right to vote for all Americans to find their polling place and vote for Terry McAuliffe and the Democrats.”

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Cuccinelli clings to Tea Party extremism in final debate

At tonight’s debate, Ken Cuccinelli returned to his roots by embracing the extreme agenda of the Tea Party at every turn.
Virginians are seeking a mainstream leader to boost the Commonwealth’s economy and create jobs, so it’s no surprise that voters are rejecting a candidate who made a name for himself by waging unpopular fights to further his extreme agenda.

After three debates, voters know who Cuccinelli is and what he stands for:

When you stack up that extreme record next to the mainstream, bipartisan approach of Terry McAuliffe, it’s easy to see why Virginians are rejecting Ken Cuccinelli.

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MEMO: Cuccinelli’s “All In” Debate Strategy Backfires

To: Interested Parties
From: Chris Harris, American Bridge Communications Director
Date: October 24, 2013
Re: Cuccinelli’s “All In” Debate Strategy Backfires

Earlier this year, Ken Cuccinelli issued forth a challenge: wherever two or more Virginians gathered, there he would debate Terry McAuliffe. It was exactly the strategy one would expect from a campaign bold enough to release fake polls and featuring a day-to-day messaging strategy with the focus of that dog from Up.

From the beginning of the campaign, Cuccinelli’s strategy hinged on definitive debate victories. Debates are where they would win the hearts and minds of Virginians. They went “all in,” so to speak.

Cuccinelli’s campaign has reassured supporters and the press that debates would be where he would turn it all around. In their minds, the debates would serve as the Republican’s big moment, where millions of Virginians would instantly fawn over the once-in-a-lifetime leader that is Ken Cuccinelli.

Unfortunately, the campaign forgot one little detail: the more voters learn about Cuccinelli, the less they like him.

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VIDEO: Whose side is Cuccinelli on?

What if out-of-state companies siphoned natural gas from your property, but refused to pay you the money you were due.

Now imagine how you’d feel if the Attorney General’s office, who you thought would be on your side, was secretly helping those companies fight your claims in court. Searching for answers, you open the newspaper to find out that one of the companies in question had donated more than $100,000 to the campaign of that same Attorney General — who still claimed there was “nothing wrong” with with secretly aiding those out-of-state firms. And on top of all that, the AG fought to keep the whole episode a secret and refused to let a state investigator take a look at his personal involvement. 

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We already know that if you’re a fan of public pools, birth control, or oral sex, you’re not welcome in Ken Cuccinelli’s Virginia. So who does that leave?

Meet Ken Cuccinelli’s cabinet.

These are the extreme voices that support and advise Cuccinelli, the Tea Partiers he looks up to in nearby Washington, and the guy Ken turns to when he wants to vacation at a lake house. Look at his closest allies, and you see Cuccinelli’s vision for a radically different Virginia.


Let’s get real: Cuccinelli opposes abortion even in cases of rape or incest

Tonight at the University of Richmond, a flailing Ken Cuccinelli once again attempted to deceive voters about his extreme social views. During the forum, Cuccinelli claimed to have supported public funding of abortions “in the case of rape, incest or life of the mother.”

That’s simply not true. In fact, regardless of whether publicly funded or not, Cuccinelli has opposed any abortion in all instances — including rape, incest and health of the mother — that “are not for the purpose of saving the mother’s life.”

Don’t take our word for it, though. Look at the 2002 version of


PETITION: Tell Cuccinelli to cancel his appearance with Ted Cruz

The responsibility of the government is to govern.

It’s not for one person to impose their political ideology on the rest of us. But that’s what Ted Cruz has done by persuading his Republican colleagues to shut down the government as a bargaining chip to drive their extreme agenda.

Ken Cuccinelli thinks the Senate needs “more Ted Cruzes in there. The last thing the Senate needs is more Ted Cruzes. And Virginia definitely doesn’t need one of Cruz’s biggest fans as its next governor.

Shutting down the government is bad for all Americans, but especially for a Virginia economy that will bear a disproportionate share of the burden. That’s why even Republican governor Bob McDonnell criticized Republicans in Congress: “You don’t shut down government and have the people that depend on government suffer because that’s really what will happen.”

And while the people of Virginia suffer because of Cruz’s antics in Congress, Ken Cuccinelli has invited Cruz to Virginia to campaign together Saturday. Instead of showing leadership to find bipartisan solutions to our problems, Cuccinelli has chosen to stand with fellow extreme Tea Partiers in Congress who are creating new problems that hurt middle class families.

Ken Cuccinelli should side with the Virginian people and reject the shutdown tactics of Ted Cruz and Congressional Republicans.

Click here to sign our petition calling on Ken Cuccinelli to cancel his Saturday appearance with Ted Cruz.

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