Rick Scott’s Own Anti-Opioid Panel “Mystified” Why Scott Ignores Opioid Solutions

Rick Scott’s Drug Policy Advisory Council is “mystified” why Rick Scott isn’t paying closer attention to their report “outlining clear steps to fight the opioid crisis.”

The Council is almost entirely made of people elevated to high office in Florida by Rick Scott himself. People like Peggy Sapp, who asked: “My question would be to all of us, ‘Who is going to deliver that message to the governor?’”

Apparently, no one has. Rick Scott’s spokesperson has been refusing to answer whether Rick Scott even knows his own Council’s anti-opioid report exists.

Maybe it’s because Scott’s Council says the best step he can take is undoing his disastrous 2011 decision to eliminate the Office of Drug Control.

“Rick Scott’s inaction and carelessness when it comes to Florida’s opioid crisis have life and death consequences for Floridians. Now, his office refuses to even confirm he is interested in his own commission’s recommendations for resolving the opioid crisis,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Scott might dismiss […]

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American Bridge Report: Rick Scott’s Offshore Oil Drilling Hypocrisy

Gov. Rick Scott has supported drilling in and around Florida throughout his political career — repeatedly endorsing offshore drilling and drilling in the Everglades.

Today, American Bridge is releasing a new report detailing Rick Scott’s drilling hypocrisy, a record eight years in the making. Read American Bridge’s research report on Rick Scott’s Offshore Oil Drilling Hypocrisy here.

As Scott considers a bid for U.S. Senate, his cronies in the Washington Swamp are pulling out all the stops. On Tuesday, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke made an unannounced trip to Florida to announce the Trump administration’s sudden reversal on their offshore drilling policy — just for Florida, and just as Rick Scott is reportedly making his final decision on running for Senate.

“Rick Scott does whatever is best for his wealthy cronies and big corporations, and that’s why he’s spent his entire political career fighting to expand oil drilling off Florida’s coast. Rick […]

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The Real State of Florida: Rick Scott Left The Middle Class Behind

In response to Rick Scott’s final state of the state speech, American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp made the following statement:

“For seven years under Rick Scott, Florida families have been stretched to the breaking point, as basic costs — for health care, storm insurance, and college tuition — have risen, but paychecks keep falling short. From Pensacola to the Keys, Floridians are struggling to reach and stay in the middle class, but for seven years Rick Scott has only done what is best for his wealthy cronies and political donors. While schools are suffering from inadequate funding, Rick Scott focuses on giving massive handouts to big corporations. If Rick Scott runs for U.S. Senate, count on Floridians to hold him accountable for his lies and his abysmal record of always putting them last.”

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VIDEO: Rick Scott Admits He’s “Not An Expert On FEMA”

In a round-table on Puerto Rico last week, Rick Scott deflected a question by saying he’s “not an expert on FEMA.”

Yep. That’s right. The governor of Florida. Not an expert on federal emergency management. After four major hurricanes have hit Florida during his tenure.

Even worse for Floridians, the man Rick Scott appointed to be the “expert” on FEMA, Florida Department of Emergency Management head Wes Maul, is vastly underqualified.

Wes Maul, just 29-years-old, has only been with Florida Department of Emergency Management since 2016.

Yep. That’s right. Rick “Not An Expert” Scott appointed a kid with less than 2 years of emergency management experience to run emergency management.

“In the midst of the costliest U.S. disaster year on record, Rick Scott appointed a young, unqualified, former campaign aide to head Florida’s Department of Emergency Management,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Now Rick Scott claims he is not […]

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Miami’s Local 10 Blasts Scott for Lax Nursing Home Regulation

In the latest turn in Rick Scott’s growing nursing home scandal, WPLG Miami has aired an explosive investigation into Gov. Scott for his lax regulation of nursing homes.

This lax regulation has persisted even in the wake of the deaths of 14 seniors at a nursing home following Hurricane Irma, WPLG reveals. And WPLG’s Bob Norman has the answer for Scott’s unconscionable deregulation of nursing homes: campaign cash.

Watch the special report from WPLG:

“Rick Scott’s deregulation of the nursing home industry was driven by his desire for campaign cash, not the health and safety of Florida seniors,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “For seven years Rick Scott’s has been putting what is best for him and his wealthy cronies first, and putting Floridians last — and 14 Florida seniors tragically paid the price.”

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This afternoon, Gov. Rick Scott made his first remarks on gun violence following the shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas. It didn’t go well.

Scott was asked: “Can you tell us what specific actions you’ll be doing to prevent mass shootings like this?”

Rick Scott couldn’t even name one. All he could do was stammer the word “evil” nine times in two minutes, which is probably what his pollster told to say if he ever got flustered.

Watch the video of Rick Scott’s abysmal press gaggle:


“Rick Scott has no answer to Floridians who are crying out for solutions to the gun violence that is ravaging our communities. From Pulse in Orlando to the First Baptist Church in Sutherland, the problem of mass gun violence demands specific solutions, not pablum. Politicians like Rick Scott who fail to put the lives of Floridians — and all Americans — ahead of […]

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Rick Scott’s Lobbyist Crony Kept Deadly Nursing Home Open

An explosive new report Friday by CBS Miami reveals that in 2014, the State of Florida wanted to close down the nursing home where 14 people died during Hurricane Irma.

After the previous owners were convicted for Medicare fraud, the state planned to shut down the nursing home. However, lobbyist Bill Rubin, a close crony of Rick Scott, kept the troubled nursing home open for a client.

This is the latest twist in the ongoing nursing home scandal involving Rick Scott. After the tragic — and likely preventable — deaths following Hurricane Irma, Scott came under fire for deleting voicemails from the nursing home asking him for immediate help, a key piece of evidence in the investigation into the tragedy.

“This is just another example of Rick Scott putting what’s good for him and his wealthy friends above what’s good for regular Floridians,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Yet again a wealthy […]

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Questions Pile Up As Rick Scott And Mike Pence Stump Together For Tax Plan in Orlando

Today, Vice President Mike Pence is coming to Orlando to campaign with Gov. Rick Scott for the GOP tax plan that would raise taxes on middle class Floridians and encourage jobs to be shipped overseas.

So it’s no wonder Rick Scott keeps avoiding questions about the GOP tax plan. But as he gets ready to campaign for the passage of this plan that would benefit millionaires like himself, Scott can’t dodge any more.

Here are the key questions Rick Scott needs to answer as he campaigns for the GOP tax plan Pence today:

1. Do you support reducing the tax break for 401(k) retirement plans, which tens of millions of Americans depend on to secure their retirement?

2. How can you support his plan when economic experts — including a former White House adviser for Republican President George H.W. Bush — are sounding the alarm that the GOP tax […]

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Florida Times-Union Editorial: Finally, Word Is Getting Out On The Opioid Crisis

The Florida Times-Union called out Governor Rick Scott in an editorial Friday for putting partisan ideology above Floridians suffering from the escalating opioid crisis.

As detailed in a new five-minute documentary and a 30-page research report released yesterday by American Bridge, Rick Scott’s response to the epidemic has been inadequate and indifferent.

Florida Times Union Editorial: Finally, word is getting out on the opioid crisis
October 12, 2017

The deaths arising from opioid overdoses continue in Jacksonville
Unfortunately, the ideological opposition to Medicaid among many Republicans, including Scott, have denied many Floridians the help they need.
[T]he state Agency for Health Care Administration has proposed budget cuts that would reduce Medicaid payments to hospitals by nearly $1 billion. This would be on top of nearly $500 million in cuts for hospitals during the 2017 legislative session.
A hospital lobbyist called the cuts “devastating” and ‘mind blowing,” as quoted in Sunshine State News.
The state’s approach that uses […]

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A Year After Hurricane Matthew, Counties Ask Rick Scott: Where’s Our Money?

“If you’re not a wealthy insider, Rick Scott just doesn’t care about you. It’s clear that helping North Florida counties recover from catastrophic storms isn’t a priority for Rick Scott — he’s busy helping the wealthy and big corporations get special treatment. After all, he doesn’t have to deal with flooded roads or busted local budgets. He can fly over all that in his private jet,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

Tampa Bay Times: A year after Hurricane Matthew, counties ask Rick Scott: Where’s our money?
By Steve Bousquet, October 12, 2017

“After Hurricane Irma ravaged Florida, an impatient Gov. Rick Scott insisted that all counties remove debris, reopen roads.”
“As the costs of Irma’s Category 4 fury are still being calculated, several North Florida counties hammered by Hurricane Matthew — one year ago — are still waiting to be repaid for the cost of debris removal, road repair and police overtime from […]

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