Thiel Looks To Elect Literal Employee in Arizona

A new report from KPNX-TV highlights tech billionaire and Facebook board member Peter Thiel’s overt efforts to buy Arizona’s Republican U.S. Senate primary for his current employee Blake Masters, who appears to have a vested interest in the long-term performance of Thiel’s assets, via an “executive bonus plan” that’s “based on Thiel Capital investments.” […]


Walker Defends “Very Offensive” Swastika

Just hours after his campaign defended a fundraising event host’s use of swastika iconography, Herschel Walker this afternoon announced that the fundraiser is now canceled. This morning, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Walker was set to attend a weekend fundraising event in Parker, Texas, hosted by an individual who “has a history of controversial media posts, […]

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Must-Read Report Calls Out Big Pharma’s Big Lie on Medicare Drug Price Negotiation

A new report from Kaiser Family Foundation highlights that Big Pharma, GOP members of Congress and 2022 candidates, and outside groups pushing Pharma’s agenda have been misrepresenting the impact of President Biden and Congress’ Build Back Better plan giving Medicare the authority to lower prescription drug prices. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, […]


Glenn Youngkin Can’t Shake Off History of Failed Leadership

Today, a report from The Verge details new ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google highlighting Republican Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin’s role, “in the controversial purchase of Taylor Swift’s master recording in 2019,” while serving as the chief executive officer of the Carlyle Group.  According to The Verge: “At Carlyle, Youngkin worked with the […]


Thiel Employee Blake Masters Breaks Federal Financial Disclosure Law

As highlighted this morning by Insider, Peter Thiel employee and Arizona U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters is “more than seven weeks late in filing a federally mandated personal financial disclosure” — documents that “could help illuminate any financial relationships Masters has with Peter Thiel, the billionaire investor, PayPal founder, and Republican megadonor […]