Chris Sununu’s Executive Council Blocks Reproductive Health Care Funding

Councilmembers that Sununu helped to elect followed his lead on making it harder to access abortion care in New Hampshire

Gov. Chris Sununu is fully on the hook as New Hampshire’s GOP-controlled executive council today voted to block funding for reproductive health care and clinics that provide abortion services.

Sure, Sununu did some performative hand-wringing in response. But this is the same Governor who claims to be “pro-choice” AND just a few months ago enthusiastically signed into law a budget that includes mandatory ultrasound requirements and a strict abortion ban that includes punishment for doctors. Sununu called that budget “phenomenal” and “rock solid,” despite vocal opposition from Granite State medical providers.

Perhaps even more importantly: Sununu can’t escape the simple reality that he vocally supported and campaigned for the executive council members who made the decision to vote down the funding for these reproductive health care clinics, including: Joe Kenney, Janet Stevens, Ted Gatsas, and David Wheeler

Sununu’s Susan Collins-esque “disappointing” response is meaningless when he’s the top-elected Republican in New Hampshire; when he’s the one who campaigned for these executive council members; and when he’s the governor, who, earlier this year, set an example of making it harder to access abortion health care in New Hampshire.