Colorado Republican Senate Candidate Joe O’Dea Says He’d Support Cuts to Social Security and Medicare

The Colorado Times Recorder headline says it all: “GOP Sen. Candidate O’Dea Indicates Support for Reducing Medicare, Social Security.”

During a radio interview last week, the Colorado Republican U.S. Senate candidate said that “he supported limiting the size of the federal government and reducing funding for ‘some’ programs like Medicare and Social Security.”

While O’Dea has previously plugged broad cuts to “entitlement spending,” this is the first time he has more specifically targeted Social Security and Medicare by name, echoing other GOP Senate candidates who’ve collectively made clear that cuts to Americans’ retirement security may well be on the table if Republicans win control of the U.S. Senate. 

In recent years, Republican leaders have repeatedly floated cuts and changes to programs like Medicare and Social Security — with Mitch McConnell even going so far as to admit NRSC Chair Rick Scott’s policy roadmap would “sunset” the programs “within five years.

If O’Dea makes it out of his ugly, contentious primary and wins in November, it is guaranteed that he will be one more Republican vote to gut the retirement security programs millions of Coloradans rely on.

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