Heller: “America Will Be Better Off” With Justice Kavanaugh

Last Friday Dean Heller doubled down on his blind support of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, praising Kavanaugh’s credentials hours after a sexual assault allegation against the judge surfaced.

In a radio interview with KKOH’s Dan Mason Show, Heller called public confirmation hearings “unfortunate,” said Kavanaugh’s confirmation was a no brainer,” predicted “America will be better off” because of Judge Kavanaugh, and agreed that Kavanaugh’s qualifications were “just not questionable.”

Listen to Heller go all in for Brett Kavanaugh: Part 1, Part 2.

Part 1:

HOST: “Is the debate on the floor going to be as silly as some of the stuff we’ve already seen?”

HELLER: “Well my prediction hasn’t changed. By the end of the month we’ll have a Justice Kavanaugh, and America will be better off because of it.

HOST: “We would be better off if we stopped showing Congressional hearings on TV, in my opinion, because then they wouldn’t be so much of a circus.”

HELLER: “Yeah, it’s unfortunate that that’s what the American people have to go through, but that’s where both parties are today.”

Part 2:

HOST: “In your mind Kavanaugh is a no brainer?”

HELLER: “Absolutely.”

HOST: “The qualifications are just not questionable?”

HELLER: “He will be good. Very, very good.”

HOST: “So we’re gonna get that done, right?”

HELLER: “By the end of the month.”