VIDEO: Watch Scott Wagner Dismissively Tell a Woman She’s “Young and Naive”

Watch Wagner here


Yesterday in Glenside, Harrisburg Insider Scott Wagner dismissively told a woman who asked him if his financial support from the oil and gas industry is related to his denial of climate change, “you’re young and naïve.” While Wagner’s comments are offensive, they’re unfortunately what we’ve come to expect from Wagner as his campaign struggles to gain traction with Pennsylvania voters. Wagner has a history of anger problems, and has even been called “violent” by other Republicans. Last week, he became increasingly flustered when a voter asked Wagner about his campaigning with a cult that teaches women to obey their husbands or face death. Wagner previously told the cult members he agreed with them on “98% of the issues.”

“Since he said last week he agrees on 98% of the issues with a misogynistic cult that teaches […]

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MEMO: STATE OF THE RACE: Summer of Scandal Sinks Adam Putnam

To: Interested Parties

From: American Bridge 21st Century

Date: 7/18/18

Subject: MEMO: STATE OF THE RACE: Summer of Scandal Sinks Adam Putnam

In May, American Bridge predicted that Fox News Contributor Ron DeSantis “looks like the new-frontrunner in the Republican primary” for Florida Governor. Two months later, that prediction has rung true.

Whether you believe DeSantis’s internal polling showing him ahead of former frontrunner Adam Putnam by 19 points, or other polling that gives DeSantis a more modest 6 point lead, it is undeniable that Putnam’s once massive lead for the Republican nomination has eroded.

If you look at Putnam’s news coverage this summer, it isn’t hard to understand why this happened. While DeSantis has seen his support among likely Republican primary voters surge following President Trump’s “re-endorsement” of his primary campaign, Putnam’s own self-inflicted wounds have left him exposed. Putnam has spent years planning his campaign for Governor. But while he was plotting the next steps of his political career, he wasn’t focused on the job he had. It seems a […]

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WATCH: Flustered Scott Wagner Confronted by Voter Over His Campaigning With a Fringe Cult Leader

Watch here: A clearly rattled Scott Wagner struggling to defend

his campaigning with the leader of a fringe cult


Last night, Harrisburg insider Scott Wagner was confronted by a voter at a campaign event in Greensburg over Wagner campaigning with the leader of a fringe cult. The cult leader, Sean Moon, gave the invocation at Wagner’s event on Sunday. While Wagner is now trying to distance himself from the cult after he got caught courting their support, the audio doesn’t lie. Wagner told a member of Moon’s cult at the event “ninety-eight percent of what you believe in, I believe in.”

So what does the cult believe in, ninety-eight percent of which Wagner says he also believes? Well, it teaches that women should obey their husbands or face death, conducts mass weddings where participants hit each other with sticks and […]

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Schuette Again Gives Lip Service to Flint Victims While Working to Deny Them Justice

Possible FBI suspect and GOP candidate for Michigan Governor Bill Schuette went on a radio show yesterday to say the Flint investigation “is all about justice.” But while Schuette pays lip service to Flint victims and their families, his record as Attorney General tells a different story.

Schuette sought to exclude the state from class action lawsuits seeking damages for thousands of Flint residents. Schuette and his cronies attempted to have the suits dismissed by claiming that the state had immunity under the constitution, the plaintiffs missed the statute of limitations, Flint’s emergency managers were not state employees, and by claiming there is no constitutional right to clean water. In other words: Schuette tried to find every excuse under the sun to deny Flint victims justice.

“When he isn’t using state employees as his own personal real estate agents, Bill Schuette is actively trying to stop Flint victims from […]

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COUNT THE LIES: Scott Wagner Courts Fringe Cult, Then Lies After He Gets Caught

Yesterday, Harrisburg insider Scott Wagner repeatedly lied to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in a desperate attempt at damage control. On Sunday, July 8, 2018, leader of the “Sanctuary Church” cult Sean Moon gave the invocation at a Wagner campaign event shortly before Wagner spoke. He even endorsed Wagner in the invocation. Moon’s cult teaches that women should obey their husbands or face death, conducts mass weddings where participants hit each other with sticks and attendees carry AR-15 rifles, and wear “crowns of bullets.” Moon himself has been labeled an “anti-LGBT cult leader” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and his father, the cult’s founder, spent time in prison for tax evasion and faced charges of anti-Semitism. Charming group.

After American Bridge released the audio of Wagner courting the cult’s endorsement,Wagner’s campaign made an amateurish attempt at damage control more reminiscent of a student council race than a campaign for Pennsylvania Governor.

“Scott Wagner was courting […]

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AUDIO: Scott Wagner Campaigns With Fringe Cult Leader Who Orders Women to Obey Husbands or Face Death

Does Wagner agree with homophobic, misogynistic teachings of his supporter?

Listen to the full event audio here


Yesterday, Harrisburg insider Scott Wagner campaigned with the leader of a fringe cult who wears “crowns of bullets,” teaches that women should practice “full obedience” to their husbands at the threat of “doom and death,” says “women’s defiance is more frightening than Lucifer,” and has been labeled an “anti-LGBT cult leader” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Hyung Jin Sean Moon, who gave the invocation at a Wagner event yesterday in Pike County, is the leader of the “Sanctuary Church.” The cult is perhaps best known for conducting mass weddings where couples hit each other with sticks and attendees carry AR-15 rifles. Its founder was also jailed for tax evasion and accused of anti-semitism.

“Scott Wagner is propping up an extremist cult […]

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LATEST PUTNAM SCANDAL: Keeps Employees Who Sexually Harass Women on the Job

Another day, another scandal for Tallahassee insider Adam Putnam. Politico Florida broke the news today that Putnam’s office looked the other way and gave slaps on the wrists to numerous employees accused of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior. Read the story here. Despite the allegations, Putnam kept the employees on the job. Two are still employed by his office, and another left for different reasons.

Unfortunately, this is only the latest in a series of scandals that have upended the Republican Primary for Florida Governor. Weeks ago, the Tampa Bay Times reported that Putnam’s office failed to perform FBI background checks on people applying for concealed carry permits because they forgot their login information. Then, two weeks ago, a roller coaster that had been inspected by Putnam’s employees only hours before crashed and sent nine people to the hospital.

“A week can’t go by without […]

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New American Bridge Video: Lyin’ Walker Stapleton Can’t Be Trusted

How do you know he’s lying? His lips are moving. Tonight occasional State Treasurer Walker Stapleton became the Republican nominee for Colorado Governor. But in winning the nomination, Stapleton lost his credibility with Colorado families. From basic lies about his background, to easily provable falsehoods and gross exaggerations about his record as Treasurer, Walker Stapleton has tried to mislead Colorado voters at almost every turn.

“Walker Stapleton lies so often that if he ever showed up to work, he’d find Pinocchio waiting for him in the lobby hoping to get some tips,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Lying may have won Walker Stapleton the Republican nomination, but it cost him his credibility. His lousy record as Treasurer will lose him the Governor’s office.”

Watch American Bridge’s new video on Stapleton lying about his record here.

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VIDEO: Unlike Jeb and Laura Bush, Bush Cousin Walker Stapleton Supports Trump Family Separation

Watch: Stapleton on separating families at the border: “What the President has done, which I agree with…”

Last night, part-time Colorado State Treasurer Walker Stapleton broke rank with the Bush Family and said in a debate he supports the Trump Administration’s policy of separating young immigrant children from their parents. Earlier this week, Stapleton’s family members, former First Lady Laura Bush, and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, both came out against the Administration’s policy of family separation. Then, in a move Walker Stapleton clearly noticed, Donald Trump Jr. canceled a fundraiser with Jeb Bush’s son, Texas Agriculture Commissioner George P. Bush, in response to the Bush Family’s criticism of the family separation policy. In contrast, their cousin, Walker Stapleton, is fully on board Trump’s policy. When asked last night by a debate moderator if he supported the Administration’s policy, Stapleton said he agreed with it.

“Apparently, images of crying […]

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American Bridge Launches First General Election Ad Against Pay-to-Play Adam Laxalt

Laxalt was secretly recorded last year pressuring a gaming regulator on behalf of one of his biggest campaign donors

Watch the ad, “Bought and Paid For,” here

Tomorrow, American Bridge will launch its first general election ad against Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt. The ad, called “Bought and Paid For,” details the scandal that rocked Nevada politics last year when Laxalt was caught trying to pressure a Nevada gaming regulator to help his top campaign donor, Sheldon Adelson. The regulator was so uncomfortable with Laxalt’s behavior that he secretly recorded his conversation with Laxalt and turned it over to the F.B.I..Republican Governor Brian Sandoval distanced himself from Laxalt’s behavior, and the Nevada Gaming Control Board asked Laxalt to recuse himself from the case because of his conflicts of interest. Adelson has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Laxalt and spent millions […]

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