American Bridge Launches “Bully” ad Targeting Rauner Veto

Governor Bruce Rauner’s disastrous veto of a school funding bill that would have re-worked a school funding formula currently considered to be the most inequitable in the country also leaves schools with no certainty of funding for the upcoming school year.

Rauner’s veto leaves schools administrators and teachers in the lurch, wondering how long before jobs are threatened. Rauner’s veto leaves Illinois schoolchildren unsure how long their school year might last – and what opportunities they’ll miss out on. Rauner’s veto leaves parents desperately concerned about what will happen if their school shuts down mid-year.

In response, American Bridge launched an online ad campaign that clarifies who really suffers from Governor Rauner’s bullying tactics – Illinois’ children.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement: 

“Governor Rauner is the definition of a bully – he’s abused his veto power to intimidate and harm children and entire communities to make a political point. No […]

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REMINDER: WEDC Has a Terrible Record of Mishandling Taxpayer Dollars

Following last week’s seven-hour long public hearing on Wisconsin’s deal with Foxconn which is being managed by Scott Walker’s scandal-ridden faux jobs agency, WEDC, we just wanted to send a quick reminder of all the trouble WEDC has gotten themselves into into thanks to failed promises of job creation and bad accounting… not to mention how Scott Walker thanked his own campaign donors with taxpayer funds through WEDC.

2011-2016: WEDC handed out contracts that without requiring companies to create jobs.

2012: WEDC broke federal law by handing out federal block grants without authority, giving out too much money to companies, failing to investigate companies, and unaccounted funds.

2012-2014: Several companies that received WEDC awards outsourced jobs.

2013: Companies that received WEDC awards didn’t follow through on their promises of job creation.

2014: WEDC failed to deliver on 250,000 new jobs promised during his first term.

2014-2015: WEDC came under […]

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American Bridge Launches Ads Against Trump and his Biggest Cheerleader, Sununu

American Bridge launched ads today following Trump’s heinous comments, calling the state of New Hampshire a “drug-infested den.” As it turns out, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu has a long history of defending Donald Trump for the indefensible.

October 10, 2016: Union Leader: Chris Sununu, running for governor, stands by Trump as others bail

June 2, 2017: NHPR: Gov. Sununu Says He ‘Stands By’ Trump’s Decision To Withdraw From Paris Accord

January 30, 2017: AP: Gov. Sununu backs strengthening immigrant vetting

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following comment:

“Don’t be fooled – Chris Sununu has always been Trump’s biggest cheerleader, sticking by him time and time again. Sununu’s favorite President may have insulted his own state and trivialized the opioid epidemic, but he will always be on Team Trump.”

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Rauner Bullies, Illinois Schools To Open Without State Funding

Yesterday, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed a school funding bill that would not only fund schools for the upcoming school year, but was also aimed to re-work a school funding formula that is considered the most inequitable in the country. In fact, the Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board said the bill is “a historic chance to reform education funding, easing decades of financial inequities between rich and poor school districts.”

So Rauner could have signed it, assuring that Illinois schools would be funded for the entire year that begins in a matter of weeks.

But we all know that Governor Rauner doesn’t compromise… with anyone. It’s why he vetoed the budget again this year, putting Illinois at the brink of becoming the only state with a “junk bond” rating. And it’s why the state comptroller compared him to a “check-bouncer.” And, of course, Rauner’s […]

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Ed Gillespie’s Real Record On Agriculture Issues

In anticipation of Friday’s Agriculture and Forestry Gubernatorial Candidate Forum, American Bridge released the latest installment in its Ed The Swamp Creature campaign, which highlights Ed Gillespie’s long history of putting profits over Virginia families.

Gillespie’s Washington lobbying firm received $240,000 to lobby for MF Global, a brokerage firm that Reuters described as having a “checkered history.” When the firm filed for bankruptcy it wrecked havoc on farmers around the country. One Virginia farmer wrote, “When the dust settled, there was over $1 billion missing from customer accounts. That money belonged not to Wall Street, but to farmers, local grain elevators, and livestock feedlots. The MF Global bankruptcy was a disaster for the farm economy.”

More details are available at

“Ed Gillespie’s record of rigging the system on behalf of a New York company that left Virginia’s farming families high and dry speaks for itself. He’ll undoubtedly talk a big game about […]

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American Bridge Launches Digital Ad To Highlight Guadagno Calling Chris Christie A Godsend

Kim Guadagno finally told the truth: behind closed doors, she and Chris Christie form New Jersey’s least-electable mutual admiration society. According to a Politico report, Guadagno “heaped praise” on Christie at a Republican Governor Association event, saying people “just don’t understand what a great job he’s done” and calling him a “godsend.”

On Wednesday, American Bridge launched a digital ad campaign showing New Jersey voters what Guadagno really thinks of America’s least popular governor.

“Kim Guadagno is running for Chris Christie’s third term, and her comments on Tuesday should put an end to her sad, desperate attempts to pretend otherwise,” said American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price. “The real godsend for New Jersey will come the day Guadagno and Christie leave office — together.”

Politico: Guadagno praises Christie at RGA, despite keeping her distance at home
By Josh Dawsey and Ryan Hutchins | July 25, 2017

In New Jersey, Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno keeps crawling away […]

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24 Times Ed Gillespie Called For Repeal Of The Affordable Care Act

For years, Ed Gillespie has advocated for repealing the Affordable Care Act — kicking millions off their insurance to pay for tax cuts for millionaires like Ed Gillespie.

Now that Trumpcare has made clear the cost of repealing the ACA, Gillespie is refusing to take a position. But we already know what he really thinks about ripping away the protections in the Affordable Care Act: he’s for it. Don’t take our word for it. Here’s Gillespie himself saying it — 24 times.

“Ed Gillespie has practically gone into the witness protection program to avoid answering questions about Trumpcare, but now Virginia voters can see exactly what he’s been calling for all these years: kicking millions of Americans off their their insurance to pay for tax cuts for the rich,”said American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price. “Not even political hack Ed Gillespie will be able to spin his way out of […]

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American Bridge Calls On Ed Gillespie To Apologize For Lying About His Cynical Political Attacks on Virginia’s Bipartisan Transportation Bill

Ed Gillespie got caught attacking Virginia’s historic, bipartisan transportation bill – and now he’s lying about it. First, Gillespie criticized his opponent for supporting the transportation bill, which provided critical funding for Virginia’s transportation system and was signed by Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell, whose campaign Gillespie once chaired.

After facing sharp criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike, Gillespie denied ever launching the attack – turning a dishonest talking point into a flat-out lie.

“Partisan Hack Ed Gillespie got caught being himself – a political opportunist who will say or do anything to advance his own career – and now he’s lying about it,” said American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price. “Virginians deserve better, and Gillespie owes them an apology.”

Gillespie Attacked Northam For Supporting Bipartisan Transportation Bill. According to Richmond Times-Dispatch, “Gillespie wants you to know that Democrat Ralph S. Northam voted for ‘the largest tax increase in Virginia history.’ But Gillespie is conveniently leaving out a big […]

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Bruce Rauner’s Shift to the Far Right

Bruce Rauner tries to paint himself as a moderate, but his recent staff shakeup reveals his true colors. He’s replaced key leadership staff with people from the far-right Illinois Policy Institute, a group that advocates for the repeal of the state income tax, which would gut essential public services and put lives at risk.

Illinois voters see through Gov. Rauner’s charades. He can’t claim to be a moderate if he surrounds himself with extremists who are out to hurt Illinois’ families.


Politico: New hires create minefield for Illinois governor

POLITICO: Rauner fires staffer with history of homophobic tweets

Chicago Sun-Times: Rauner staffers ‘dropping like flies’ in wave of firings, resignations

Crain’s Chicago Business: Rauner loses top political aide, capping a week of chaos

Crain’s Chicago Business: Has Bruce Rauner lost it?

Politico: Illinois governor cleans house after budget showdown

Chicago Sun-Times: Rauner interviews ‘body man’ Friday, fires him Monday

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ALL (LITTLE) HANDS ON DECK: Gillespie Would “Absolutely” Welcome Trump to Campaign With Him

It’s official. Ed Gillespie has wrapped his arms around Donald Trump saying he “absolutely” would welcome the President to campaign for him in Virginia. Gillespie is desperately trying to win over the most extreme right-wing in his party by cozying up to Donald Trump. It’s what he’s done his whole career: put his party and personal ambition first, and Virginia families last.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Ed Gillespie cannot be elected governor because he’d never stand up to Trump. Even as the president campaigns to rip away health care coverage from over half a million Virginians, including 14,500 veterans, Gillespie is laying out the red carpet for him on the campaign trail. Virginians need a governor who will put Virginians first–Gillespie will always put Trump first.”


JOHN FREDERICKS: It’s the middle of the campaign and I do not like […]

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