ICYMI: Ingraham and Brat Trash Gillespie Hours Before Brat To Appear With Gillespie

Just hours before Ed Gillespie is scheduled to campaign with Rep. Dave Brat in Goochland, Brat appeared on Laura Ingraham’s radio show to discuss Gillespie’s failing campaign.

As Brat murmured in agreement, Ingraham trashed Gillespie’s campaign, calling his high-dollar fundraising appearance with George Bush a “huge mistake” and saying, “Ed Gillespie is seen as a strong member of the establishment GOP. The establishment GOP has approval ratings up in the high teens.”

She goes on to complain, “He never picked up the phone and contacted me. We’ve invited [Gillespie] on this radio show. He refuses to come on the radio show despite its popularity throughout the commonwealth — and that tells you everything you need to know. You know who else didn’t come on this show? Eric Cantor. John Boehner.” She concludes, “the track record for people who haven’t come on our show is not very good.”

Brat himself admits Gillespie […]

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After Pence Touts Gillespie’s Loyalty to Trump, Gillespie Claims He Doesn’t Know Trump

Someone should tell Ed Gillespie that he isn’t fooling anyone. In an interview with The New York Times, Gillespie claimed he didn’t know Donald Trump and therefore could not attest to his ethics, a line that no one in their right mind should believe, especially considering the events of this weekend. Just days ago Vice President Mike Pence campaigned for Gillespie, during which time Pence touted Gillespie’s loyalty to the Republican Party and to the Trump-Pence team.

At that event, Pence also said that “Trump is going to be working tirelessly with Ed Gillespie to pave the way for health care reform.” That same reform would undoubtedly rip away access to health care for thousands of Virginians and take away protections that ensure women don’t pay more than men for their health care.

Pence also claimed that Trump’s policies were “turning America around,” and that “ Read more after the jump.

Ed Gillespie’s support for bigotry on full display this afternoon in NOVA

This afternoon the same Ed Gillespie who has been accused of “stoking racial fears” by launching “super-racist, anti-immigrant” attack ads plans to attend a Dulles-area Muslim society meeting, a move that will put his previous support for bigotry on full display.

This year, Gillespie has refused to criticize Trump’s Muslim Ban, tacitly approving an effort that was effectively “government-sanctioned discrimination” of Muslims. And just days before his primary, Gillespie refused to denounce an anti-Muslim activist who touted the need to preserve Judeo-Christian culture. The group he worked for was labeled an extremist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Virginia voters won’t be deceived by Ed Gillespie – he has stood by Trump at every turn and has approved of his racist Muslim ban and divisive and disgusting […]

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Ed Gillespie: “Lifestyles of the Rich and Political”

In advance of the final Virginia gubernatorial debate before the election, American Bridge released a flyer highlighting Ed Gillespie’s tax plan, under which he’d get a huge tax break – up to $20,000. The flyer will be promoted across social media channels.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Ed Gillespie’s tax plan illustrates exactly where his priorities lie. Instead of helping Virginia’s working families, Gillespie would give himself a tax break of $20,000 a year to support his lavish lifestyle. Virginians deserve a governor with a record of service – not a DC lobbyist like Ed Gillespie who is only out for himself.”

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Trump-Gillespie Mind Meld: Stripping Access To Birth Control

Last night, Trump made his support for Ed Gillespie official. But we already knew they shared the same backward and divisive agenda. Today, President Trump ended the birth control mandate in Obamacare, a move Gillespie suggested back in 2012.

In 2012, Conscious Cause was formed as an effort to rescind or revise the birth control mandate, described by Republican Strategist Mary Matalin as Ed Gillespie’s “brain child.”

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Make no mistake: Donald Trump and Ed Gillespie have reached complete mind meld – they both want to take away women’s access to birth control. Virginia women deserve to make their own health care choices–without comment from Donald Trump or Ed Gillespie.”

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More on The Trump-Gillespie Mutual Admiration Society

Thursday night, Donald Trump upended the Virginia gubernatorial race by endorsing Ed Gillespie and his race-baiting campaign. Trump’s racist rhetoric is always shocking, but the fact that he’s all in for Ed Gillespie is no surprise. Gillespie’s spent his whole life rigging the system for rich guys like Donald Trump, and in this race he’s fully embraced Trump’s outright racism.

Gillespie is all in on Donald Trump’s race to the racist bottom.

American Bridge has been documenting the Trump-Gillespie mutual admiration society for months. Here’s the backstory:

In recent weeks, Gillespie has abandoned his pledge to be ‘a voice for all Virginians’ and made it clear he’d only be a voice for Trump. He’s hired Trump’s former campaign staff, said he wants Trump’s help in the race, and bragged about his relationship with the Trump White House. Watch our video to see for yourself.
After racist violence in Charlottesville, Gillespie failed to stand […]

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A Day in the Life of Ed Gillespie

PART 1: Host near empty event after using a lottery system to keep opponents out

PART 2: Don’t answer questions from voters

Mom in Richmond asks Gillespie about his NRA Scorecard, “You would have answered yes to every question to earn an A.” When faced with the important question, Ed Gillespie doesn’t address the issue – at all.

PART 3: Hope no one notices overtly racist ads

*cough* courting Corey Stewart voters *cough*

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Gov. Rauner’s Politically Convenient Decision Means Nothing For Illinois Women

Today, Governor Rauner announced he would sign HB40, a decision he made after vowing to anti-choice groups that he would veto the legislation. This isn’t the first time he’s made the politically convenient choice… and he certainly has refused to stand up for Illinois women before.

Just last week, Rauner refused to stand up to the Graham-Cassidy plan, which would have rolled back Medicaid support, particularly disrupting states like Illinois that expanded Medicaid.  Rauner wouldn’t even sign on to a letter from a group of bipartisan governors opposing the plan, fearing political backlash from conservative donors.

In Illinois, more than 3 million residents were enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP programs, and the eligibility levels were highest for pregnant women and children. Additionally, 71% of public fundingfor family planning in the state came from Medicaid in 2010 and those services provided a […]

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REPORT: Walker’s Dismal Economic Record in Wisconsin

Today, Vice President Mike Pence and Governor Scott Walker are campaigning together – to tour a manufacturing company before attending a fundraiser in Milwaukee.

Although the events are not open to the public or press, Pence is sure to tout the tax reform plan that would raise taxes on millions of middle class Americans to pay for a tax cut for the rich. The Republicans claim doing so would create jobs, but standing next to Walker while making that case is laughable — Walker’s record of creating jobs in Wisconsin is atrocious.

A few highlights from the report:

Scott Walker promised to create 250,000 Wisconsin jobs in his first term. Not only did he fail to do that, he has still – 6 years in – failed.

Scott Walker promised to create 10,000 new businesses in Wisconsin in his first term. Walker claimed he met his goal, but 80% […]

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American Bridge Memo Corrects Wagner Pollster’s Claim He Has “No Negatives”

This morning, American Bridge sent an open memo to Scott Wagner’s campaign pollster Rob Schmidt, correcting his recent claim that Wagner has “virtually no negatives.” In the same statement, Schmidt also calls Wagner the “clear frontrunner in the Republican primary for Governor,” which makes him something like the head clown of the circus into which this primary has devolved.

American Bridge Spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Scott Wagner’s campaign staff are either delusional or afraid to tell their temperental boss the truth. We’re betting it’s the latter.”

TO: Rob Schmidt, McLaughlin & Associates
CC: Scott Wagner for Governor Campaign Team
FROM: Lizzy Price, American Bridge 21st Century
RE: Scott Wagner’s Negatives

I am writing to correct an error in your September 22 memo to the Wagner campaign, in which you write that Sen. Wagner has “virtually no negatives.” In fact, he has many.

For the sake of brevity I have included only five:

Using Anti-Semitic […]

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