For Shame: Hogan Empowering And Enriching Trump By Staying At His Miami Resort

Governor Hogan can’t have it both ways: align himself with Trump when it’s politically convenient and stay silent when it’s not. His silence on TrumpCare shows he’s complicit with Trump kicking over 300,000 Marylanders off of their health care coverage (at last count). And now, he’s spending time at President Trump’s property in Miami for the RGA conference. He’s embracing the unpopular President, plain and simple.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Instead of defending Maryland’s families against Trump’s disastrous agenda that would slash their health care coverage and could devastate the state’s economy, Governor Hogan is empowering and helping to enrich Trump and his agenda by staying at the president’s resort. Hogan is selling out Marylanders and voters simply won’t stand for it.”


“The AHCA…jeopardizes Medicaid’s guarantee of health care to low-income people of all ages. Among those most at risk are the 40 percent of Marylanders with disabilities […]

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AUDIO: Gillespie Brags About Trump Ties As Trump Hits Rock-Bottom in VA

Just as a new Washington Post-Schar School poll shows just 36 percent of Virginia voters approve of Donald Trump – and a majority strongly disapprove – Ed Gillespie has been busy further aligning himself with Trump.

In a recent interview on conservative radio, former lobbyist Gillespie bragged about his close ties to the Trump administration, claiming he has “a lot of friends, obviously, working in this administration – in the White House.”  He also came out in favor of a Trump-like hard line immigration policy, pledging to deny DREAMers access to in-state tuition, making it harder for Virginia students to get ahead.


American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Ed Gillespie has closely tied himself to the Trump administration, supporting him at nearly every turn. But Gillespie’s lobbyist friends in the White House can’t save him from Donald Trump’s sinking ship of collusion, chaos, and backwards policies that will hurt Virginians’ pocketbooks. […]

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NEW VIDEO: Scott Wagner: Dishonest, Angry, Unhinged

After being caught on tape assaulting a tracker this week, State Sen. Scott Wagner repeatedly lied to get out of the mess, claiming that he was being pushed around and the tracker was in his face. From the original video, there’s only one person playing the role of the bully in those tapes, and it wasn’t the man behind the camera. And we’re still missing our memory card. Watch the video.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement: 

“Actions speak louder than words and Scott Wagner’s actions prove he’s an unhinged bully who isn’t fit for office. Scott Wagner, we know you’re angry, but we demand you return our stolen property immediately or we’ll press charges.”

[Watch American Bridge’s Video here]


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GOP MELTDOWN: GOP Frontrunner for PA Governor Assaults American Bridge Tracker

Things just keep getting worse for the Republican Party. Yesterday, the Republican frontrunner for governor (both in poll numbers and in fundraising) revealed just how unhinged he truly is when he assaulted an American Bridge tracker and stole his camera. As reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer, state Senator Wagner said, “You’re about to see your senator in action,” before approaching the tracker, a Pennsylvania resident, and taking his camera. Wagner then approached the tracker a second time and physically assaulted him.

[See video here and full footage below]

“If Scott Wagner can’t handle the pressure of the campaign trail, what makes him think he can handle leading the state of Pennsylvania?” said Lizzy Price, American Bridge spokeswoman. “Assault is not acceptable. Period. What’s his […]

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Gillespie in Panic Mode

Following the Virginia Republican Gubernatorial Debate at Liberty University, American Bridge President Jessica Mackler made the following statement:

“Ed Gillespie was in panic mode as he was pummeled by his opponents for his swampy lobbying career. But despite his desperation, he offered up the same disastrous ideas as President Trump: huge tax cuts for the wealthy and cruel policies to young Virginians seeking an education. Clearly, the campaign trail is getting to him.”

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Bruce Rauner is taking Illinois down with him

In Morning Consult’s new rankings of governors, Governor Rauner ranks in the top ten of governors with the highest disapproval rating, adding yet another poll to the heap that show voters are unhappy with his failed leadership.

“It’s no wonder Gov. Rauner’s popularity is tanking as badly as Illinois’ credit ratings,” said American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price. “While Rauner is taking Illinois down with him, Illinois voters are stuck with the results of his failed record: lost jobs and a public school funding disaster. ”

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Good luck, Scott Walker

In Morning Consult’s new rankings of governors, Governor Walker ranks in the top ten of governors with the highest disapproval rating, adding yet another poll to the heap that show voters are unhappy with his failed leadership.

“Walker has to convince those covered by the Affordable Care Act that he continues to rail against and the parents of children who have seen severe cuts in their schools that he’s earned another term. Good luck with that.” – American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price

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Gillespie’s No Good, Very Bad Week in Review

What a week it’s been for Ed Gillespie.

Gillespie finally admitted that he’d support any of the Republican candidates for Governor, even if it’s Corey Stewart – who calls himself the “Trump before Trump.” The same Corey Stewart who recently used a pejorative term in a public forum that leaders in his own party condemned as “racist” and only used by white supremacists. Last week, he admitted they share the same values.

But it didn’t end there. Gillespie was praised by a known hate group. Tony Perkins of The Family Research Council applauded Gillespie’s inflammatory comments supporting the discriminatory, so-called bathroom bill in North Carolina, a bill which could cost North Carolina more than $3.76 billion over the next dozen years, according to the AP. Gillespie said he’d support […]

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Ed Gillespie Admits He Shares Principles With Corey Stewart

This week, when asked how he’d unify his party in the wake of political attacks from his Republican primary opponents, Ed Gillespie said, “I’m running on conservative principles that we share.” Ed Gillespie knows exactly what he’s doing. From opposing women’s control over their own health care to supporting laws that violate civil liberties and encourage racial profiling, Gillespie and Corey Stewart are two peas in a pod.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement, “Ed Gillespie is fooling no one. Gillespie and Stewart shares the same dangerously divisive policies that would pit Virginians against each other. Virginians deserve a governor that will work on behalf of everyone, not promote hateful policies that will make their lives harder.”

GILLESPIE: “Well I think people realize the stakes of this election are very, very high. I have not, uh, you know launched any of the kinds of attacks against my opponents […]

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Pat McCrory Calls Donald Trump “The Best Of America”

That’s right, at the Trump rally in Wilmington, Governor Pat McCrory said that the GOP nominee who has attacked Gold Star families, made fun of a disabled reporter, and bragged about sexual assault, is “the best of America.” Hardly surprising from a governor who torpedoed North Carolina’s economy with the discriminatory HB2 law.

See for yourself:

Trump: Come here, Governor. He’s been loyal to Trump from day one.

McCrory: We need an outsider to clean up Washington, D.C. Just like we had an outsider to clean up Raleigh, North Carolina. This is the best of America. God bless y’all. Thank you very much.

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