BREAKING: Scott Wagner Says He Won’t Rule Out Stripping Away Rights for Same-Sex Couples

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Harrisburg insider Scott Wagner said last night at a campaign event in Erie that he wouldn’t rule out stripping away rights from same-sex couples as Governor. When asked if he would sign legislation stripping away LGBTQ rights, Wagner said “I’ll have to see when it gets to my desk.”

“Last night Scott Wagner revealed his true colors when he refused to rule out stripping away rights of same-sex couples,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Considering he was caught earlier this summer courting the support of a rabid anti-LGBT cult leader, we unfortunately shouldn’t be surprised Wagner opened the door to stripping same-sex couples of their rights.”

Watch the clip here.

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Sexual Assault Hypocrite Adam Laxalt Failed to Meet Deadline for Rape Kit Backlog

Washington, D.C. native Adam Laxalt released a desperate new ad today on Nevada’s sexual assault kit backlog. Laxalt, who has spent the last few months avoiding questions about an alleged rapist supporter of his, has based his campaign on his office’s supposed efforts at reducing Nevada’s sexual assault kit backlog. But what you don’t hear in Laxalt’s latest special interest-bankrolled attack ad is Laxalt’s office has incompetently struggled to meet their own deadlines for ending the rape kit backlog.

Laxalt’s office quietly pushed back the deadline by months because they weren’t able to meet it. In 2016, Laxalt’s office said testing of the rape kits would be completed by December 2018. A January 2018 report, however, noted that all kits collected prior to 2015 would be tested by the end of 2019. This significant delay was confirmed in an August 2018 report from Laxalt’s office. Since […]

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American Bridge Calls for Putnam’s Resignation In Light of Latest Scandal Involving Donors Who Poisoned Florida Workers With Pesticides

The Tampa Bay Times published a devastating new story on yet another scandal for former Republican primary frontrunner Adam Putnam. According to the Times, on multiple occasions Putnam’s Department of Agriculture looked the other way or gave slaps on the wrist to companies that donated to Putnam’s campaigns after they poisoned workers with pesticides. One of the poisoning instances was called “one of the worst pesticide exposure cases in more than a decade.” The pesticide came from a plane hired by Duda Farms, one of Putnam’s largest donors. According to the Times, a day after the poisoning, Duda wrote Putnam a check. Putnam’s office gave a small fine to the pilot, not the company that bankrolled Putnam’s campaigns.

“The culture of corruption coming from Putnam’s office is stunning and could have gotten people killed,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Workers were poisoned, but because the company that poisoned them bankrolled […]

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Scott Wagner Didn’t Show Up to Vote on Opioid Crisis, Now Hypocritically Attacks Wolf

If 80% of life is showing up…

Harrisburg insider Scott Wagner criticized Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf today on opioids. While Wagner making nasty personal attacks against his opponents is nothing new, this was a particularly odd issue for him to try to claim some moral high ground.

Because when it was time for Wagner to do something to address the opioid crisis in the legislature, Wagner wasn’t there.  In 2016, Wagner missed key votes on four pieces of legislation aimed at tackling Pennsylvania’s opioid epidemic.

“Scott Wagner is a world-class hypocrite,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson.“Wagner should take a look in the mirror before he criticizes anyone else since he couldn’t even bother to show up to work to vote on addressing the opioid crisis. When Pennsylvania families needed him to do his job as a legislator and take action to combat the opioid epidemic, Scott Wagner apparently had other priorities.”


Among the […]

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American Bridge Sends Possible FBI Suspect Bill Schuette a $456,400 Invoice For Money Owed To Taxpayers For Not Doing His Job

American Bridge sent possible FBI suspect Bill Schuette a $456,400 invoice today for wages he has collected for work he didn’t do. In the Republican primary, Schuette ran television ads criticizing his opponent for collecting a taxpayer funded salary while pursuing a Harvard degree. But an analysis reveals that Schuette’s charges were stunningly hypocritical given his own record of collecting tax dollars for work he did not appear to do.

As Michigan’s current Attorney General, Schuette receives an annual salary of $112,410. Between January 1, 2011, and July 5, 2018, Schuette would have been expected to have made $844,460.90 for his salary as Attorney General. According to an analysis by Michigan’s Republican Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley, of the 1,950 work days since Schuette took office, his calendar reveals 1,054 lax work days where either no items were listed on Schuette’s public calendar or only a handful of meetings/interviews/phone calls were listed. According to American Bridge calculations, this accounts […]

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American Bridge Launches First General Election Ad Against Possible FBI Suspect Bill Schuette

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GOP Lt. Governor Brian Calley: “I don’t think there is any question whatsoever that the Attorney General has broken the law for political purposes.”

American Bridge will launch its first ad of the general election tomorrow against new Republican nominee and possible FBI suspect Bill Schuette. The ad highlights how even Michigan Republicans believe voters can’t trust Bill Schuette.

Schuette has faced multiple scandals over his use of taxpayer resources for personal and political purposes. In May 2018, Crain’s Detroit reported that Schuette sold $7.2 million in Virgin Islands real estate while in office and used his Attorney General staff to notarize documents related to that sale. The reports prompted Republican Governor Rick Snyder to call the issue a serious matter and lead Ingham Country Prosecutor Carol Sieman to refer a request for a grand jury investigation to the FBI.
Then, last week, the Detroit Free Press reported that emails revealed that Schuette asked staffers to talk “presidential politics” on state time and […]

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#NannyGate: American Bridge Statement on Inspector Clouseau…er… Walker Stapleton’s Nanny Scandal

American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson released the following statement on news that Connecticut blueblood Walker Stapleton tried to frame one of his nannies for stealing his underwear and a child’s sippy cup:

“‘Treasurer’ Stapleton is supposed to be a watchdog of Colorado tax dollars, but he misplaced cash in his own house in some harebrained scheme to frame his nanny for stealing his underwear. This scandal is creepy, but more importantly calls into question yet again Walker Stapleton’s basic competence. If he can’t keep track of his own cash, he has no business being Colorado’s State Treasurer, much less its next Governor.”


Read the Colorado Times Recorder story that broke the Stapleton nanny scandal here.

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Ahead of Trump-DeSantis Rally, American Bridge Launches New Ad on DeSantis’s Failure to Keep Guns From Criminals

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American Bridge launched a new ad ahead of President Trump’s rally with Fox News contributor Ron DeSantis in Florida tonight. The ad, called “Runs Away,” highlights DeSantis’s failure to do anything to keep guns from criminals and the mentally ill. Even after the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida, DeSantis has failed to propose or support any policies that would keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

The ad begins running this afternoon on Instagram and Facebook. It is geotargeted to reach young voters in the zip codes surrounding Trump’s rally with DeSantis.

“Young voters across Florida are standing up and demanding politicians actually do something to prevent gun violence, but Ron DeSantis isn’t listening,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Ron DeSantis wants to be Governor, but when Floridians demand action to prevent their friends and family from being murdered, he just runs away.”


Watch the ad, “Runs Away,” below.

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Both Florida GOP Candidates for Governor Have Problems Talking To/About Women

SHOT: TODAY:  Huffington Post: Ron DeSantis calls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ’this girl…Or Whatever She Is’
CHASER: LAST WEEK: Adam Putnam shouts down a woman, with a child in a wheelchair, asking about health coverage for preexisting conditions.

“Last week Adam Putnam shouted down a woman who was asking him about health care coverage for people with preexisting conditions, and now, Ron DeSantis is belittling a major party’s nominee for Congress as ‘that girl,’” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “From the misogynistic way they talk to women, to their mutual records of looking the other way on sexual harassment, to their opposition to paycheck fairness and a woman’s right to choose, Ron DeSantis and Adam Putnam have records that should alarm Florida women.”

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VIDEO: Watch Scott Wagner Dismissively Tell a Woman She’s “Young and Naive”

Watch Wagner here


Yesterday in Glenside, Harrisburg Insider Scott Wagner dismissively told a woman who asked him if his financial support from the oil and gas industry is related to his denial of climate change, “you’re young and naïve.” While Wagner’s comments are offensive, they’re unfortunately what we’ve come to expect from Wagner as his campaign struggles to gain traction with Pennsylvania voters. Wagner has a history of anger problems, and has even been called “violent” by other Republicans. Last week, he became increasingly flustered when a voter asked Wagner about his campaigning with a cult that teaches women to obey their husbands or face death. Wagner previously told the cult members he agreed with them on “98% of the issues.”

“Since he said last week he agrees on 98% of the issues with a misogynistic cult that teaches […]

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