New March Madness Ads: Kentucky & Louisville Fans Unite in Booing Matt Bevin

Watch the new ad here


American Bridge is launching new ads this weekend ahead of the start of March Madness. The ads will run statewide in Kentucky and are targeted to University of Kentucky and University of Louisville basketball fans. The ads highlight that there is virtually nowhere in Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin can go without being booed out of the room.


Watch the ad below.

“Matt Bevin is so unpopular he can’t leave his mansion without being booed,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “America’s most corrupt Governor is clearly also the most unpopular one. If there’s one thing that can unite Kentucky and Louisville fans, it’s that it’s time to boot Matt Bevin from the Governor’s office.”

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TOP LA GOP Official Says Women Are Too Emotional to Run for Office

Yesterday, former longtime Louisiana Republican Party Chair Roger Villere said in an interview that Louisiana Republicans struggled to recruit women candidates for office because women were too emotional. No, really that’s what he said. See for yourself:

“Villere also said female candidates sometimes get tied up in rhetoric and take political attacks more personally than male candidates.”

““The guys, for the most part, let a lot of the vitriol bounce off of them,” Villere said. “You’ll see them attack one another in the morning and then they’re out at a party, kidding around with one another. Whereas the ladies tend to hold a grudge a little longer.””

“Still, Villere said he feels the party is making progress.”

““My whole thought process was: ‘Let’s elect Republicans,’” he said. “And I would like to have a woman, but if I can’t then we’ll go with the men. I’m not going to go with a weak Republican woman who doesn’t […]

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New Ads Launch as Rep. John Fleming Considers Run for Louisiana Governor

Watch the new statewide ad here

Ad previews what Fleming can expect should he decide to run

Fleming: “By the time I feed my family, I have $400,000 left over”

American Bridge is launching a statewide digital ad campaign this weekend against former Congressman and failed Senate candidate John Fleming. Fleming, a multi-millionaire who spent eight years in Congress before coming in 5th place in his failed Senate run, is reportedly considering a run for Louisiana Governor.

The ads feature Fleming in his own words bemoaning the fact that after he feeds his family, he only has $400,000 left over. They begin running statewide starting today, and give Fleming a preview of what he can expect should he run for Governor this fall.

“It’s unfortunate that $400,000 can’t buy John Fleming a clue,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Only a millionaire who has spent too much […]

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With Campaign in Freefall, Ralph Abraham Once Again Misses Votes

If it’s Monday…or any day… it means Lyin’ Ralph Abraham isn’t doing his job. Yet again, Abraham missed votes last night in the House of Representatives (see here and here.) This couldn’t come at a worse time for Abraham after countless Louisiana Republicans spent last week bashing the campaigns of Abraham and Bobby Jindal cheerleader Eddie Rispone.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what conservative columnist Tim Morris, former Louisiana GOP official Jeff Crouere, the Advocate columnist Stephanie Grace, and right-wing columnist and activist Sam Hanna Jr. all had to say.  To top it off, Louisiana Republican Party official Scott Wilfong said in a radio interview that Republicans are trying to recruit a new candidate to run for Governor because of Abraham and Rispone’s floundering campaigns.

“It’s no wonder every Louisiana Republican […]

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NEW ADS: Eddie Rispone ❤️’s Bobby Jindal

Valentine’s Day-Themed Ads Urge Louisianans to Break Up With Bobby Jindal by Saying “No” to Eddie Rispone

Watch the new ad here

Love is in the air. Today American Bridge is launching new ads in Louisiana highlighting just how much candidate for Governor Eddie Rispone loves unpopular former Governor Bobby Jindal.

“If Louisiana voters want to truly break up with Bobby Jindal and his failed policies, they need to say ‘no’ to Eddie Rispone,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Bobby Jindal left Louisiana with record deficits and massive cuts to education, and Eddie Rispone cheered him on every step of the way. Unfortunately for Rispone, Louisiana voters just aren’t into him or Bobby Jindal anymore.”

The Valentine’s Day-themed ads are the first ads to be run against Rispone and are targeted to undecided voters. They begin today on Facebook and will run through the weekend across Louisiana. American Bridge previously launched a  Read more after the jump.

Ethics Violations, Missed Votes, & Brutal Stories: Ralph Abraham’s Awful Week — And It’s Only Tuesday

It’s been a rough week for Congressman Ralph Abraham – and it’s only Tuesday. Abraham’s week began with a brutal story in the Advocate detailing how Abraham has essentially abandoned his responsibilities as a Congressman to campaign for Governor. The Advocate noted that Abraham missed almost two-dozen votes since announcing his gubernatorial campaign. Abraham missed votes during the government shutdown nearly every week to raise money for himself.

Then, later on Monday, American Ledger reported that Abraham violated House ethics rules at least 20 different times by posting campaign content on his taxpayer funded website.

Now, Abraham is facing a possible investigation into his unethical conduct after the American Democracy Legal Fund filed a formal complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Then to top it off, there’s more chatter about Republicans recruiting former Congressman John Fleming (who came in 5th place in his last statewide […]

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New Social Media Ads Target Bobby Jindal Superfan Eddie Rispone



American Bridge is launching a new social media campaign today targeting Bobby Jindal’s biggest superfan, out-of-touch millionaire Eddie Rispone. Rispone was Jindal’s biggest cheerleader throughout his eight years as Governor. He raised money for Jindal, introduced him in speeches, and effusively praised his “leadership.” Now, Rispone is running for Governor on a platform of taking Louisiana back to the deeply unpopular Jindal days.

“Bobby Jindal nearly drove Louisiana into the ground while pursuing his vanity presidential ambitions, and Eddie Rispone was cheering him on every step of the way,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “Under Bobby Jindal, Louisiana saw record deficits, massive cuts to education, and the possibility of LSU declaring bankruptcy. Louisiana can’t afford to go back to those days, and that’s exactly what a Governor Rispone would mean.”

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New Ad Urges Ralph Abraham to Show Up to Work

Watch the new ad here

American Bridge is launching new digital ads in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans, Shreveport, Alexandria, Lake Charles, and Monroe to urge Congressman Ralph Abraham to show up to work. The ads are targeted to federal government employees affected by the recent government shutdown, and encourage viewers to call Abraham’s office to urge him to show up to work. The ad follows a petition and social media ad campaign American Bridge launched last week challenging Abraham to show up to work for the entire month of February. As of now, Abraham has declined to accept the offer.

While some members of Congress spent the last few weeks working to end the shutdown, Congressman Abraham had other priorities. Abraham skipped votes nearly every week of the shutdown to fundraise for his campaign for Governor.

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New Ads Urge Kentucky Voters to Boot Matt Bevin

Watch the ad, Boot Bevin, here

American Bridge launched its first ad buy in the 2019 Kentucky Governor’s race today with a statewide digital buy urging Kentucky voters to boot Matt Bevin out of office. The ad, called “Boot Bevin,” highlights how even Republicans are fed up with 4 years of blatant corruption and incompetence from Matt Bevin. The adbegins running today across Kentucky and will be targeted to swing voters.

“Matt Bevin is one of the most corrupt and unpopular politicians in America and Kentucky voters are ready to show him the door,”said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson. “If there’s one thing Republicans and Democrats can find common ground on, it’s that it is time to boot Matt Bevin.”

Watch the ad below:

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American Bridge Statement on Matt Bevin’s Announcement

American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson released the following statement on Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin’s announcement that he is switching running mates:

“Matt Bevin’s Lieutenant Governor isn’t why he’s unpopular – he is. Bevin is the most corrupt Governor in America and switching running mates won’t change that. Kentucky voters are sick and tired of Bevin’s corruption and incompetence which is why his days occupying the Governor’s office are numbered. Should he emerge from his competitive primary, we look forward to defeating him in the general election.”


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