Martha McSally Is Silent As Trump Slashes Pay for Over 32,000 Arizona Workers

The Trump Administration announced executive action yesterday that would rob over 2 million federal civilian employees of a built-in pay raise next year — and cited the federal deficit as an excuse.

But Congresswoman Martha McSally — the ultimate Trump rubber stamp — has refused to stand up for the over 32,000 Arizonan federal civilian employees who stand to lose their hard-earned raise. 

The workers not getting a built-in pay raise include Customs and Border Patrol agents keeping our border secure, and over 8,000 Arizonan VA workers fighting for our veterans. As of 2016, approximately one-third of federal employees were veterans.

“Martha McSally endorsed a tax bill that gave massive handouts to the ultra-wealthy and will add trillions of dollars to the national debt,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Now, she’s silent as Donald Trump cuts workers’ wages — including Customs and Border Patrol and VA employees — in the name of fiscal responsibility. We don’t know who crunched those numbers for you, Congresswoman, but to us, it doesn’t add up.”

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