We Deserve Better: Michigan

Trump Administration Blocked a Study on Dangers of PFAS As Their Levels Rise in Battle Creek’s Drinking Water

In an emotional congressional hearing in September 2018, members of Congress pressed a Department of Defense official as to why test results showing high levels of PFAS in the groundwater at the Battle Creek Air National Guard Base in Calhoun County, Michigan, were held up in bureaucracy for months. 


Calhoun County Suffering from Opioid Crisis, Trump Admin. Offers No Additional Funding

Beginning in the 1990s, pharmaceutical companies—such as Purdue Pharma—assured doctors, patients and families that their new medication to relieve pain was non-addictive. 

They lied. 


Former GM Employee Blasts Trump For Broken Promise to Autoworkers

(Beacon Journal) In August 2019, in Cincinnati, President Trump said, “Ohio is the most successful it’s ever been in the history of our country.” I could not help but laugh. I worked for General Motors for 12 years and a few months ago, I was making more than $30 per hour at GM’s Lordstown plant. Now, I am going to school to be an HVAC technician where I will make $15 per hour.