BREAKING: McSally votes to raise taxes on middle class Americans, cut Medicare, and send jobs overseas 

American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp released the following statement in response to Rep. Martha McSally’s vote to pass the House Republican tax plan:

“Putting her party over what is best for Arizonans, Rep. Martha McSally just voted to raise taxes on 36 million middle class Americans — including 426,000 Arizonans — cut Medicare by $25 billion, and outsource American jobs — all to cut taxes for the very rich and big business. This is a disastrous plan that sells-out hardworking, average Americans who are counting on jobs and a better economic future. Voters deserve better, and they will hold her accountable.”

Yesterday, American Bridge’s Bridge Project released a new digital ad running nationally on Facebook, “Trumps Tax Plan Sells You Out,” which highlights warnings that the Republican tax plan would break Donald Trump’s #1 promise and help outsource American jobs he said […]

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NEW AD: McSally Refuses to Condemn Moore’s History of Sexual Assault

In the days since news broke that Alabama enate candidate Roy Moore sexually molested two teenage girls and made advances on three others between the ages of 16 and 18, Congresswoman Matha McSally has been shockingly silent.

A new ad from American Bridge holds McSally accountable for his cowardly silence, which enables a predator like Roy Moore to seek public office.The ad shows Arizonans that McSally has failed to even simply condemn Moore’s horrific actions.

“Martha McSally’s silence is a disgraceful and gutless response to the serious reports of Roy Moore’s sexual assault,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “By remaining silent, McSally is putting blind partisan loyalty first and enabling a sexual predator. Arizonans are going to hold Martha McSally accountable for the company she keeps — count on it.”

The digital ad is targeted at persuadable Arizona voters. As vulnerable Republicans around the country fail to speak out against Moore, American Bridge plans to replicate […]

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#TBT: That Time Martha McSally Admitted She’d Lose Because of Trump

Throwback Thursday: Just a few months ago, Martha McSally was caught worrying aloud about Donald Trump’s impact on her reelection to her swing House seat, saying “right now this environment would have me not prevail.” Now, she’s contemplating failing up and wading into the messy Arizona Senate GOP primary.

But if she decides to get in, she’ll face the same GOP dysfunction that forced Jeff Flake to give up on reelection. Although she votes with Donald Trump 96 percent of the time, she’s been a vocal critic in the past. Trump and his allies already don’t like her and are even trying to scare her out of the race.

“In Arizona, Martha McSally criticizes Trump, but in Washington, D.C. she votes with him 96 percent of the time,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “Sound familiar? Meet Martha McSally: just as likely […]

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What’s the GOP’s Arizona Recruitment Strategy? (Hint: It’s About $$$)

If you thought the Republican establishment might listen to the people of Arizona and let them decide who their nominees for U.S. Senate should be, you’re wrong. Politico has the story:

“Senate Leadership Fund has already begun touching base with benefactors in Arizona to take their temperature on possible Flake alternatives.”

You read that right: the Republican establishment is already reaching out to wealthy special interests to handpick his replacement.

Of course, whoever Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and GOP establishment donors picks is going to be an instant pariah among grassroots Republicans. From Luther Strange to Matt Rosendale to Josh Hawley, Republican candidates are in hot water over their establishment ties. And don’t forget Jeff Flake had the public support of McConnell and the Senate Leadership Fund before he gave up on reelection.

“The Republican establishment hasn’t learned a thing from their defeats in Alabama and […]

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American Bridge Statement on Jeff Flake Giving Up on Reelection

In response to the news that Senator Jeff Flake is giving up on reelection, American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp made the following statement:

“Arizona’s Senate seat just took a giant step toward turning blue in 2018. Jeff Flake is giving up on his reelection bid for one reason: despite supporting almost every aspect of the Trump agenda, he lost the support of the Republican grassroots who are furious at their own leaders. From Roy Moore to Kelli Ward, Republican voters are eager to nominate extreme candidates who create serious openings for Democrats to win in Arizona and across the country.”

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QUICK CLIPS: Morning Joe: Flake Admits New Disastrous Health Care Bill He Supports Will Hurt Arizonans…. And He Hasn’t Even Completely Read the Bill

Today in a Morning Joe interview about the new, disastrous Graham-Cassidy-Heller health care bill, Senator Jeff Flake, who supports the legislation, admitted it would leave some of his constituents worse off:

Mark Halperin: “Be honest with your constituents, some will be worse off, right?
Sen. Flake: “That’s right.”

And then, Flake conceded he hadn’t even read the entire thing:


Mike Barnicle: “Have you read the current bill that you’re going to be voting on?”
Sen. Flake: stammering “oh..ah..we’re…I’ve read a lot of it. We’re all looking at it.”
Mike Barnicle: “How long is it? 2-3 pages?”
Sen. Flake: “I don’t know the..the.. number of pages.”

“By Jeff Flake’s own admission, many of his constituents would be worse off if this disastrous bill was passed, yet still he supports it,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “That’s the height of negligence. If Flake read the entire bill, he […]

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SIREN: Arizona Governor Green-Lights Graham-Cassidy-Heller Plan To Strip Care From 32 Million Americans

“Graham-Cassidy-Heller is the worst Republican healthcare plan yet, and any politician who supports this plan is going to have to answer to their voters for putting partisan politics above their health. This plan a disaster that could strip health care from 32 million Americans, end Medicaidas we know it, and gut protections for pre-existing conditions. That’s why nearly twenty patient and healthcare provider organizations are opposing this plan. In fact, it’s hard to find anyone who supports this plan, except Republican politicians desperate to score partisan points to appease their right-wing base — at the expense of all Americans’ health care,” said American Bridge spokesman Joshua Karp.




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Don’t Be Fooled. Ducey Has No Backbone.

We already know Governor Ducey’s record on DACA, so don’t let his statement fool you. Ducey has had many chances to stand up for DACA recipients, but he’s refused to do so at every turn. Ducey refused to overturn an executive order that kept DACA participants from getting driver’s licenses. And although he claimed he wasn’t involved with the ensuing legal battle, the Attorney General’s office claimed Ducey left the Attorney General out of the matter altogether, instead hiring outside counsel to litigate the issue. Ducey was asked to remove Arizona as one of the plaintiffs challenging DACA in federal court – he passed. And when the Arizona Board of Regents voted to extend in-state tuition to DACA participants, Ducey, an ex officio member, did not participate in the vote.

While Ducey refuses to stand up for the thousands of Arizonans that are working and going to school, a […]

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Jeff Flake is Paying the Penalty for Standing for Nothing But His Own Political Advancement

Following news that a top Republican donor and Trump supporter will be spending heavily to defeat Sen. Jeff Flake, American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp made this statement:

“As if Senate Republicans didn’t have enough problems with nasty, self-destructive primaries across the country, a top GOP donor is now declaring war against one of their own. Jeff Flake is paying the penalty for  standing for nothing but his own political advancement. He voted for all of Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees — has voted with the president over 93% of the time in fact — but trashed Trump’s agenda in his new book. You can’t have it both ways, Senator — and this is what happens to politicians who try to be all things to all people.”

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QUICK CLIP: KTVK: Jeff Flake “All Talk, No Action” on Trump

KTVK in Arizona called out Senator Jeff Flake today, after he criticized President Trump in his new book, for being “all talk, no action.”

Political reporter Dennis Welch blasts Flake’s hypocrisy: “We decided to go back and look at Flake’s voting record…despite all that talk about standing up to Trump, he actually votes with the president over 93% of the time.”

Watch the clip from KTVK in Arizona here:

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