SIREN: Arizona Governor Green-Lights Graham-Cassidy-Heller Plan To Strip Care From 32 Million Americans

“Graham-Cassidy-Heller is the worst Republican healthcare plan yet, and any politician who supports this plan is going to have to answer to their voters for putting partisan politics above their health. This plan a disaster that could strip health care from 32 million Americans, end Medicaidas we know it, and gut protections for pre-existing conditions. That’s why nearly twenty patient and healthcare provider organizations are opposing this plan. In fact, it’s hard to find anyone who supports this plan, except Republican politicians desperate to score partisan points to appease their right-wing base — at the expense of all Americans’ health care,” said American Bridge spokesman Joshua Karp.




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Don’t Be Fooled. Ducey Has No Backbone.

We already know Governor Ducey’s record on DACA, so don’t let his statement fool you. Ducey has had many chances to stand up for DACA recipients, but he’s refused to do so at every turn. Ducey refused to overturn an executive order that kept DACA participants from getting driver’s licenses. And although he claimed he wasn’t involved with the ensuing legal battle, the Attorney General’s office claimed Ducey left the Attorney General out of the matter altogether, instead hiring outside counsel to litigate the issue. Ducey was asked to remove Arizona as one of the plaintiffs challenging DACA in federal court – he passed. And when the Arizona Board of Regents voted to extend in-state tuition to DACA participants, Ducey, an ex officio member, did not participate in the vote.

While Ducey refuses to stand up for the thousands of Arizonans that are working and going to school, a […]

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Jeff Flake is Paying the Penalty for Standing for Nothing But His Own Political Advancement

Following news that a top Republican donor and Trump supporter will be spending heavily to defeat Sen. Jeff Flake, American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp made this statement:

“As if Senate Republicans didn’t have enough problems with nasty, self-destructive primaries across the country, a top GOP donor is now declaring war against one of their own. Jeff Flake is paying the penalty for  standing for nothing but his own political advancement. He voted for all of Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees — has voted with the president over 93% of the time in fact — but trashed Trump’s agenda in his new book. You can’t have it both ways, Senator — and this is what happens to politicians who try to be all things to all people.”

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QUICK CLIP: KTVK: Jeff Flake “All Talk, No Action” on Trump

KTVK in Arizona called out Senator Jeff Flake today, after he criticized President Trump in his new book, for being “all talk, no action.”

Political reporter Dennis Welch blasts Flake’s hypocrisy: “We decided to go back and look at Flake’s voting record…despite all that talk about standing up to Trump, he actually votes with the president over 93% of the time.”

Watch the clip from KTVK in Arizona here:

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Jeff Flake Will Still Have to Answer for Trumpcare

The effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act — resulting in worse health care for hundreds of thousands of Arizonans — might be collapsing in Congress, but back home in Arizona, Jeff Flake won’t be able to escape his record.

“Whether it’s Trumpcare or repealing the Affordable Care Act without a replacement, Jeff Flake is stuck with a cruel plan to take away health care from millions — like gum stuck to a shoe,”said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “Despite Trumpcare’s collapse in the Senate, Flake supported the most extreme version of the bill and championed numerous disastrous ACA repeal bills that all rip away coverage from Americans who desperately need it, and Arizona voters will hold him responsible.”

Jeff Flake supported the ACHA bill and the Cruz amendment which made the bill even worse and especially jeopardized people with pre-existing conditions. He also  Read more after the jump.

Jeff Flake’s healthcare plan is cruel, plain and simple

“Jeff Flake wants to throw hundreds of thousands of Arizonans under the bus to score partisan political points. Flake’s healthcare plan would punish anyone who is sick, stripping hundreds of thousands of their health care and sending costs skyrocketing for many more. It’s cruel, plain and simple,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

12 News: Flake says he backs most conservative Obamacare repeal
By Brahm Resnick | July 12, 2017

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake has come under intense pressure from voters to break with Republicans and protect Obamacare.

In a statement to 12 News Wednesday, Flake confirmed that the plan — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s “Consumer Freedom Amendment” — is the most conservative response to repealing Obamacare:

“If you define the most conservative Obamacare repeal plan as the plan that restores Arizonans’ freedom to purchase more affordable health insurance of their choosing – rather than the federal government mandating what exactly […]

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Will McCain and Flake repeal Obamacare and abandon … you?

The Senate healthcare plan will be disastrous to Arizonans, especially those who gained their healthcare through Arizona’s Medicaid expansion, yet Senators Flake and McCain are playing partisan politics. Senator Flake has even remained silent about the new plan of some Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act before having a new plan in place, which would irresponsibly rip care from hundreds of thousands of Arizonans and leave them without the most basic safety net. But of course, Senators Flake and McCain have voted over and over again to repeal the Affordable Care Act — so Arizonans know exactly where they stand.

The Arizona Republic: Montini: Will McCain and Flake repeal Obamacare and abandon … you?
By EJ Montini | July 6, 2017

“Sen. John McCain and Sen. Jeff Flake are in a bind. Particularly Flake, who’s up for reelection next year, has challengers from both parties […]

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FACT SHEET: How Trumpcare Would Harm Arizona

The Senate’s July 4th recess is beginning just after the Republican leadership was forced to delay voting to even begin debate on the Trumpcare bill they wrote for weeks behind closed doors.

Senator Jeff Flake will be pivotal in whether or not the Affordable Care Act is repealed with Trumpcare in its place, and below is key information about how the Trumpcare bill would be disastrous for Arizonans.

This week, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released a report indicating that Trumpcare would cost 22 million Americans their health insurance, make healthcare costs skyrocket, gut the Affordable Care Act’s protections for Americans suffering from a preexisting condition like Alzheimer’s, and cause unprecedented cuts to Medicaid. The Wall Street Journal reports that the plan would also severely undermine employer-based health insurance plans.

At the same time, Trumpcare would cut taxes for the rich by nearly half a trillion dollars.

The country has overwhelmingly rejected this […]

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Jeff Flake Hangs Out with Koch Brothers, Ducks Constituents

On the heels of the Senate healthcare bill’s release last week, Jeff Flake didn’t spend the weekend hearing from his constituents about health care.

Instead, Jeff Flake spent his weekend with the billionaire Koch brothers and other GOP donors.

Even worse, the Koch officials Flake was hobnobbing with thought Trumpcare, which would strip away health care coverage from millions, make deep cuts to Medicaid, and cause healthcare costs to skyrocket, all to cut taxes for the rich, “didn’t go far enough.”

“It’s outrageous that instead of listening to the concerns of the people he represents, Jeff Flake spent his weekend schmoozing with billionaire Big Oil donors who are pushing for legislation that will spell disaster for Arizona working families,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “The Senate version of Trumpcare would gut Medicaid and cut millions of Americans off from lifesaving care in order to give the wealthiest Americans like the […]

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THEN VS. NOW: Jeff Flake Abandons Arizonans on opioids crisis as Senate health care bill aid for addiction

Earlier this month, Jeff Flake praised Arizona’s governor for addressing the opioid crisis in their state.

That was then.

“Now, Jeff Flake is poised to vote yes for the disastrous Senate health care bill, making it clear he was lying to Arizonans when he promised he’d fight to end the opioid epidemic,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “A vote for this shameful bill means tearing away life-saving treatment from millions of Americans who need it.”

THEN: “Kudos to @dougducey for taking action to address the growing number of opioid deaths in #Arizona”-Jeff Flake Twitter 6/5/17

NOW: The Senate’s Trumpcare bill “would place coverage out of reach and weaken patient protections for millions struggling with addiction. This means more lives lost, more communities torn apart.” – Former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, 6/22/17

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