Rokita’s Debate Dodge Angers Prominent Conservative Indiana Radio Hosts

Congressman Todd Rokita continues to face criticism for refusing to participate in a debate with two other GOP candidates in the Indiana primary– this time from Indiana conservative radio hosts Tony Katz and Abdul Hakim-Shabazz.

Katz blasted Rokita on his show today saying Rokita’s reasoning for not appearing in a debate because of “questions from liberal media figures” simply does not ring true since the debate will be hosted by a nonpartisan organization and moderated by a Republican.

Listen to the full clip.

Rokita’s excuse for not participating in the debate was “scheduling conflicts” and this statement: “The Rokita campaign believes debates in the Republican primary should be hosted by conservative and Republican organizations which get into issues Republicans care about, not leftist propaganda and gotcha questions from liberal media figures, liberal college professors, or other parties interested in attacking Republicans and re-electing Joe Donnelly.”

The moderator for the debate in […]

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Indiana Senate Candidate Todd Rokita Has Spent $3 Million In Taxpayer-Paid Self-Promotion   

A new report reveals that career politician Todd Rokita has a long history of using taxpayer money for political gain, spending millions on radio ads and mailers promoting himself — shattering his image as a fiscal conservative and raising serious ethical questions.

“Todd Rokita has a taxpayer-paid chauffeur who has to follow humiliatingly precise instructions or be berated by the congressman — and now Hoosiers are learning he has spent over $3 million in taxpayer dollars to further his political career,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Todd Rokita sees his taxpayer-paid job as nothing more than a slush fund for him to use to reach even higher office. Count on Hoosiers to stop this self-interested political climber at the ballot box.”

AP: Public money fuels Indiana Senate candidate Todd Rokita’s publicity bid

By Brian Slodysko | February 15, 2018

“Throughout his career in elected office, Indiana Senate candidate Todd Rokita has used […]

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Lou Barletta STILL Defends Congressman Who Says Staffer “Invited” Sexual Harassment

As Republicans run as fast as they can from creepy Congressman Pat Meehan — who told the New York Times today that his staffer “invited” his sexual harassment —  his friend and colleague from Pennsylvania Rep. Lou Barletta is still sticking with him.

On Chris Stigal’s radio show Monday, Barletta praised his colleague as “a very good member” and criticized the bipartisan consensus that Meehan should face severe consequences, saying, “We should not just rush off to judgement until we have all of the facts.”

In fact, Barletta was so defensive of his buddy, he said four times during the interview that Pennsylvanians should wait until they have “all the facts.” He’s remained silent on Meehan since.

Meanwhile, Meehan continues his press tour defending his behavior, saying that the woman was his “soul mate” and telling the New York Times Tuesday that the woman he settled a sexual harassment case with ” […]

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Reps. Todd Rokita and Luke Messer Have A Record Of Keeping Pay During Gov’t Shutdowns

The federal government shut down last night after the Republican-led Congress failed to pass a bill to fund the government — and federal workers and contractors across Indiana face the specter of missing paychecks. But Hoosiers already know what Congressmen Todd Rokita and Luke Messer will do: they’re going to keep their taxpayer-funded paychecks, no matter what.

In 2013, the last time their party caused a shutdown, Rokita and Messer took their pay even though many other members of Congress chose to forgo or donate theirs.

“Our federal government shut down last night and Republicans like Todd Rokita and Luke Messer, who control all the levers of power in Washington, are the reason why,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “Rokita and Messer work for the people of Indiana, and if they aren’t doing their jobs, they shouldn’t get paid. Hooisers deserve to know if their representatives will keep their hard-earned tax dollars while […]

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Messer & Rokita Help Congress Pass Sham Bill That Raises Taxes on Middle Class

American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah released the following statement after Reps. Luke Messer and Todd Rokita voted to pass the GOP tax scam that hurts the middle class:

“Luke Messer and Todd Rokita just sold out middle class Hoosiers to give big corporations and their wealthy campaign donors a Christmas gift. They helped pass this sham bill that will raise taxes on millions of middle class families, make health care more expensive, cut Medicare, and skyrocket our deficit, all to give the super-wealthy huge tax breaks. Put simply, it’s a complete betrayal of working Hoosiers, and they will hold Messer and Rokita accountable for breaking their promises.”

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BREAKING: Todd Rokita and Luke Messer vote to raise taxes on middle class Americans, cut Medicare, and send jobs overseas 

American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp released the following statement in response to Rep Todd Rokita and Rep. Luke Messer’s votes to pass the House Republican tax plan:

“Putting their party over what is best for Hoosiers, Todd Rokita and Luke Messer just voted to raise taxes on 36 million middle class Americans — including 358,000 Hoosiers — cut Medicare by $25 billion, and outsource American jobs — all to cut taxes for the very rich and big business.  This is a disastrous plan that sells-out hardworking, average Americans who are counting on jobs and a better economic future. Voters deserve better, and they will hold these politicians accountable.”

Yesterday, American Bridge’s Bridge Project released a new digital ad running nationally on Facebook, “Trumps Tax Plan Sells You Out,” which highlights warnings that the Republican tax plan would break Donald Trump’s #1 promise and help […]

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Indiana GOP Primary Gets Uglier by the Day

“Rokita and Messer have already been sniping at each other for months and have turned the Indiana primary into a petty and divisive squabble between two career politicians who only care about themselves,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “Now, Republicans at the highest levels are getting dragged into the mudslinging in Indiana, and top GOP operatives are rightly worried how damaged their nominee will be next year, because this primary promises to only get nastier.”

IndyStar: Trump and Pence camps at odds over best choice for U.S.Senate: Messer or Rokita?
By Kaitlin Lange | July 27, 2017

Associates of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence appear to be at odds over the best candidate to run for a hotly-contested U.S. Senate seat in Indiana.

For months, multiple people close to Pence, along with his brother Greg Pence, have thrown their support to Rep. Luke Messer  as the Republican choice […]

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Messer and Rokita Will Still Have to Answer for the AHCA

The effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act — resulting in worse health care for hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers — might be collapsing in Congress, but back home in Indiana, Republicans hoping to run for U.S. Senate won’t be able to escape their record.

“Whether it’s Republicans’ latest health bill, or repealing the Affordable Care Act without a replacement, Todd Rokita and Luke Messer are stuck with their cruel plan to take away health care from millions — like gum stuck to a shoe,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “Despite the health care bill’s collapse in the Senate, they voted for it in the House, and championed numerous disastrous ACA repeal bills that all rip away coverage from Americans who desperately need it, and Hoosiers will hold them responsible.”

Both Luke Messer and Todd Rokita  voted for ACHA in the House, and have  Read more after the jump.

Over 270,000 Hoosiers Could Lose Healthcare With #Trumpcare

“GOP leaders delayed the vote on Trumpcare today because they’re already feeling the backlash from their constituents. But it will only get worse,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

“Trumpcare would decimate health care across the country, kicking millions off their insurance and raising costs for millions more. In Indiana, the Senate Republican bill would kick over 200,000 people off of Medicaid and strip over 60,000 of their private insurance. No family in America should have to choose between essential health care and bankruptcy, but if this bill becomes law, tens of thousands of Indiana families might. Hoosiers deserve better.”

CAP: Coverage Losses by State for the Senate Health Care Repeal Bill
By Emily Gee | June 27, 2017

The Center for American Progress has estimated how many Americans would lose coverage by state and congressional district based on the CBO’s projections. By 2026, on average, about 50,500 fewer people will […]

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Trump’s sabotage of the Affordable Care Act costs the people of ​Indiana

Donald Trump is overtly sabotaging insurance markets as he pushes Trumpcare on the country, and it’s now costing ​Hoosiers. Today,Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield announced that as a result of Trump destabilizing the market, it would withdraw from the Affordable Care Act marketplace in the​ state of  Indiana.

This news comes after Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to unilaterally cut-off ​Affordable Care Act funding that ​is critical to 7 million working Americans having health insurance, which is roiling markets.​”Donald Trump is sabotaging the Affordable Care Act marketplaces and the people of ​Indiana  are going to pay the price. Trump’s efforts to deliberately undermine the insurance markets are hurting people right now, and his reckless behavior is unconscionable,” said American Bridge spokesperson Shripal Shah. “​Hoosiers deserve far better. It’s time for Donald Trump and Republicans in ​Indiana to side with the majority of the American people who want […]

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