Senate Brief: Rick Scott’s Toxic Algae Nightmare

Week of Monday, July 16, 2018

IN BRIEF: Rick Scott’s policies are poisoning Florida’s waterways with toxic algae, forcing businesses to close and families to evacuate — and even stopping one church from performing baptisms

The blue-green algae grows in Central Florida’s Lake Okeechobee because of years of Rick Scott’s negligent environmental policies that put special interest polluters first. The algae releases dangerous, foul-smelling vapors, is dangerous to touch and is toxic to ingest. Commerce along the affected waterways is brought to a standstill.
Rick Scott has a seven-year record of putting special interests ahead of Florida’s environment. He’s kicked the can down the road on toxic algae for seven years, kowtowing to his wealthy financial backers; he’s advocated for drilling off the Florida coast; he’s banned state government from even uttering the words “climate change”; and he’s weakened oversight of polluters.
That’s why Florida newspapers are blaming Rick Scott for the crisis. Sun-Sentinel says Scott is “to […]

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Blistering Missouri Editorial Exposes Josh Hawley’s Shameless Self Promotion

“Missouri voters asking themselves ‘who is Josh Hawley?’ need look no further than this editorial: Hawley is a ladder-climbing, work-neglecting, self-promoting politician, who will always put his own political ambitions ahead of Missourians,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.”


St. Louis Post Dispatch: Editorial: Missourians searching for a GOP Senate candidate of substance aren’t finding it in Hawley

By the Editorial Board | July 11, 2018

“Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, the likely GOP U.S. Senate nominee, miscalculates by focusing his campaign strategy on attacking incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill…McCaskill’s voting record is about as centrist as it gets, and Hawley knows it.”
Hawley’s exaggerations “mask a much more profound weakness in the young attorney general’s background: his own lack of experience.”
Hawley “has minimal credentials with which to convince voters that he can be more effective as a senator than McCaskill. So his only option is […]

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Conservative Radio Host Tells Hawley He’s Not “Brave Enough To Have A Primary Debate”

On Annie Frey’s radio show on Friday, the conservative radio host took Attorney General Josh Hawley to task for refusing to participate in primary debates with his Republican opponents. Hawley — surprise, surprise, ducked the question:

Host: “Are you brave enough to have a primary debate. That’s the question I keep getting the most and how do you feel about having that conversation with your primary Republican candidates before August 7th vote?”

Hawley: ” Well, I tell ya who I would like to have a debate is Claire McCaskill and I’ve challenged her, Annie, to a debate on the United States Supreme Court, the defining issue of this election. I’ve said I’ll debate you any time, anywhere…”

Host: “I think people would love love to hear that as well. I do know that they would love to hear you debate those primary candidates as well.”

[The Annie Frey […]

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GOP Senate Candidates Pick Trump’s Team in Trade War — Leaving Behind Their Voters

“Republicans’ blind loyalty to Trump is directly harming farmers, workers, and small businesses across the country, and they’re fooling themselves if they think voters aren’t taking note,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Siding with Trump at the expense of their states will cost each and every single one of these Republicans come November.”

Washington Post: The Finance 202: Republican candidates in key Senate races struggle with Trump tariffs
By Tory Newmyer | July 5, 2018

“The imminent trade war and its tariffs on everything from soybeans to pork threatens to emerge as a critical issue in Senate battlegroundraces the GOP needs to protect its majority this fall.”
“Nowhere is the squeeze between Trump and his trade policies more evident than in North Dakota…’We’re not starting a trade war, but we’ll finish it,’ Trump said last week at a rally in Fargo, as…Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), looked on. The next […]

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Senate Brief: GOP Senate Candidates Are (Almost) Nowhere To Be Found. What Are They Hiding?

Week of Monday, July 2

IN BRIEF: Recess? What recess? Rather than use the July 4th recess to campaign across their states, Republican Senate challengers are hiding from voters. While every Democratic Senate incumbent has held multiple town hall meetings this year, GOP Senate candidates’ schedules have been shockingly thin — and once again this recess, public events are practically nonexistent.

Over the next seven days, not a single top-tier Republican Senate candidate will be holding an in-person town hall or any public event at which citizens can ask questions.
In fact, Republican candidates across the country have only announced 5 events total over the coming week. GOP Senate candidates are hiding from voters — further evidence that they’re terrified of being confronted about their healthcare sabotage, their failed tax bill, or their brutal and botched immigration policies.
Republican candidates claim the newly open Supreme Court seat is a boost for their campaigns, but they’re even too scared to broach […]

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QUICK CLIP: Here’s Josh Hawley, Lying Through His Teeth About Pre-Existing Conditions

Hawley Wants to Take Away Healthcare from 2.5 Million Missourians

With Pre-Existing Conditions. He’s Telling Voters the Opposite.


Missouri Attorney General and GOP Senate candidate Josh Hawley is co-counsel on a lawsuit that seeks to strip coverage from Americans with pre-existing conditions — but he’s lying through his teeth to voters about it.

Hawley knows ending pre-existing condition protections is universally unpopular. So, backed into a corner by Missouri’s KOZL, Hawley blatantly lied: “I support coverage for pre-existing conditions. I think insurance companies should be forced to cover pre-existing conditions.”

That’s a lie. Hawley’s lawsuit could strip healthcare from 2.5 million Missourians with pre-existing conditions.

“Josh Hawley will say or do anything to climb the political ladder — even lie about his own lawsuit to strip healthcare from Missourians,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman.“Missouri voters are seeing — yet again — that Josh Hawley is just another partisan politician who […]

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QUICK CLIP: Hawley-Endorsed Steel Tariff Nails Missouri Workers

Mid-Continent Nail manager Chris Pratt to politicians: “Save our jobs. Save Poplar Bluff jobs. Save American manufacturing jobs.”

MSNBC’s Vaughn Hillyard paints a picture of a Missouri nail company that was thriving just months ago — and a town of 17,000 that depends on the industry.

Now, thanks to the steel tariff Josh Hawley has championed, the company has had 50% of its orders cancelled — forcing them to lay off 60 workers, and possibly shutter the doors permanently by Labor Day.

“Josh Hawley’s blind loyalty to President Trump is hurting Missouri industries and the towns that rely on them,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Missouri families deserve a senator who will put them first. Hawley is content to bet his own political ambitions against Missourians’ futures. That’s transparent, cynical, and harmful to families across his state.”

WATCH MSNBC’s interview with Mid-Continent Nail employees:

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Josh Hawley’s Blind Support for Reckless Tariffs Is Already Hurting Missouri Workers

“Josh Hawley’s unflagging support of the Trump administration’s reckless tariffs is directly harming Missouri workers,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “Again and again, Hawley has proven he prioritizes his blind loyalty to Trump — and to his own political ambitions — over Missouri families.”

Washington Post: The first layoffs from Trump’s tariffs are here
By Heather Long | June 25, 2018

“The first casualties of President Trump’s trade war are 60 workers at [Missouri’s] Mid-Continent Nail, America’s largest nail manufacturer.”
“They lost their jobs on June 15…The whole company could be out of business by Labor Day.”
“The Trump administration has argued that these tariffs will save jobs and that the cost to America will be minor. But now there are real job losses. Now there is a human face to the pain that so many trade experts have been warning about.”
“Mid-Continent Nail blames the layoffs on Trump’s tariffs, and the […]

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QUICK CLIP: Josh Hawley Paid DC Legal Team to Screen Mizzou Emails Before Public Release

A devastating report out today reveals that Missouri GOP Senate candidate Josh Hawley used nearly $100,000 in campaign money to pay DC lawyers to comb through the emails he sent while employed at Mizzou, before releasing them under Missouri’s Sunshine Law. A Mizzou spokesperson called Hawley’s thorough legal screen of his emails “very rare,” noting it hadn’t happened in recent memory.

“What is Josh Hawley so desperate to hide that he spent nearly six figures on an elite Washington law firm to hide his emails from Missourians? This is yet another reason Missourians don’t trust Hawley, who campaigns on transparency but hides public business from the public — just like a typical, ladder-climbing politician,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

WATCH Missouri’s KOMU air Josh Hawley’s dirty laundry to voters:


Watch the full clip here.

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Hawley campaign paid attorneys to screen Mizzou emails for public release

“What is Josh Hawley so desperate to hide that he spent nearly six figures on an elite Washington law firm to hide his emails from Missourians? This is yet another reason Missourians don’t trust Hawley, who campaigns on transparency but hides public business from the public — just like a typical, ladder-climbing politician,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp.

Kansas City Star: Hawley campaign paid attorneys to screen Mizzou emails for public release

By Lindsay Wise | June 25, 2018

“Republican Senate hopeful Josh Hawley paid lawyers tens of thousands of dollars from his campaign funds to review emails and other documents from his time as a University of Missouri law professor before those records could be released under the state’s Sunshine Law, according to documents obtained by The Star through an open records request.”
“A Mizzou spokesman described Hawley’s use of outside attorneys to review the emails as ‘very rare.’ […]

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