Senate Brief: Rick Scott’s Toxic Algae Nightmare

Week of Monday, July 16, 2018

IN BRIEF: Rick Scott’s policies are poisoning Florida’s waterways with toxic algae, forcing businesses to close and families to evacuate — and even stopping one church from performing baptisms

The blue-green algae grows in Central Florida’s Lake Okeechobee because of years of Rick Scott’s negligent environmental policies that put special interest polluters first. The algae releases dangerous, foul-smelling vapors, is dangerous to touch and is toxic to ingest. Commerce along the affected waterways is brought to a standstill.
Rick Scott has a seven-year record of putting special interests ahead of Florida’s environment. He’s kicked the can down the road on toxic algae for seven years, kowtowing to his wealthy financial backers; he’s advocated for drilling off the Florida coast; he’s banned state government from even uttering the words “climate change”; and he’s weakened oversight of polluters.
That’s why Florida newspapers are blaming Rick Scott for the crisis. Sun-Sentinel says Scott is “to […]

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Running Scared: Rosendale’s First Two Weeks as Nominee

We know one GOP Senate candidate who’s saying TGIF today. Matt Rosendale has been on the ballot in Montana less than ten days — and he’s managed to rack up dozens of bad headlines that have tarnished his nascent general election campaign.

First, Rosendale barely escaped a nasty primary that branded him as an out of state carpetbagger and fake rancher:

Missoula Current: Fagg: Rosendale is “all hat and no cattle”
AP: Rosendale not the “first choice” for Republicans
Vox: “Rosendale lacks something important that can’t be bought: He isn’t originally from Montana.”
Washington Post: “GOP operatives fear the Maryland-born Rosendale could be vulnerable to charges that he is not Montanan enough.”
Politico: “Rosendale moved to Montana in 2002 and still speaks with an accent from his native Maryland.”

Then, Rosendale backed out of a scheduled debate with Sen. Jon Tester in […]

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VIDEO: Maryland Developer Matt Rosendale Runs Away From Questions About His Rancher Lies

Maryland developer Matt Rosendale fled Montana to escape reports of his fake ranching — and ran straight into the arms of Washington’s wealthy political elite. We caught up with him at his DC fundraiser to ask a few questions about his record of lies. Spoiler alert — he didn’t answer a single one.

Here are some of the questions Matt Rosendale refused to answer as he was headed to his Washington fundraiser:

How many cattle do you own?
Have you ever owned cattle in your life?
Your horses, do they work or do you just show them?
Are you a rancher, or do you just own land?

Unfortunately for Rosendale, the door to his fundraiser was locked, so he had extra time to answer questions about his life as a fake rancher. Instead, he ran away.

Watch Maryland Developer Matt Rosendale run away from questions about his lies about being a Montana rancher:

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QUICK CLIP: Matt Rosendale Steps In It Again

Matt Rosendale really can’t keep his facts straight. He already got caught posing as a rancher. Then he lied about his first debate with Sen. Jon Tester. Now, after he bailed on the same debate, he’s been caught lying again — this time about his excuse that he’d never planned to attend the debate in the first place.

Montana’s KECI reports:

     Reporter: “Just last week, Rosendale told us he’d make the Broadcasters debate.” 

     Rosendale: “You’ll see me in Whitefish.”

     Reporter: “Now, just days later, Rosendale’s campaign sticks with the decision to not participate Sunday. In the statement Rosendale says he’s spending Father’s Day with his wife and sons.”

Watch KECI call out Rosendale’s flip-flop here:

Watch the full report here.

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Fake Ranchin’ Rosendale Caught in a Lie…Again

Rosendale will say anything to distract from his weak primary results


Matt Rosendale just can’t seem to stop lying. Fresh off a primary race in which he was branded as a phony rancher, Rosendale got caught telling another falsehood — this time about the upcoming debate between himself and Sen. Jon Tester.

Montana’s KECI reported:

“Rosendale wants third party candidates at that debate, and claims Tester is keeping them from participating. We called the Montana Broadcasters Association which is hosting the debate. They say that’s not true.”

Watch KECI expose Rosendale’s lie:

Watch the full video here.

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SHOT/CHASER: Matt Rosendale Keeps Lying, Tries To Sound Like A Rancher (Again)

In his victory speech after barely scraping through his party’s primary, Matt Rosendale debuted some brand new awkward rancher metaphors in a desperate attempt to distract from his career as a Maryland real estate developer…


SHOT: “Folks, I am not running in this race to bring home the bacon. I am running this race to slaughter the hog of big government.” – Matt Rosendale, 6/6/18


CHASER:  “The longtime real estate developer never actually ranched his land himself…It appears that he’s never owned any cattle.” – TPM, 5/29/18

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NEW AD: Matt Rosendale Is Damaged Goods Following Deeply Divisive Montana Senate Primary

Russell Fagg: Rosendale “running for five offices in eight years just looks like he came to Montana to start his political career”

Today, immediately following the Montana Senate primary elections, American Bridge released a digital ad targeting newly minted Republican Senate candidate Matt Rosendale. The ad asks Montana voters — if Rosendale’s fellow Republicans have so thoroughly denounced him, how can any voter have confidence in his candidacy?

The 30-second ad will play this week on social media in Montana, targeted to Republican midterm voters.

American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman said, “The primary may be over, but the months-long onslaught of political attacks against Matt Rosendale have taken their toll. Rosendaleheads into the general election deeply tarnished by his Republican opponents’ accusations of carpetbagging and fake ranching. Montana voters watching at home will be forced to ask themselves whether they can really trust a candidate whose own party labeled him a liar.”

WATCH Rosendale’s fellow Republicans tell Montanans exactly why they […]

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Senate Brief: Montana Republicans Pick From Self-Destructing Candidates Tomorrow

Week of Monday, June 4, 2018

IN BRIEF: Montana Republicans head to the polls tomorrow to choose between three abysmal candidates who have launched bitter attacks against each other.

Matt Rosendale, a Maryland real estate developer who has been dogged by attacks from his fellow Republicans and news reports that he claims to be a rancherbut never owned any cattle; that he signed two documents under penalty of perjury claiming to be a Maryland resident in 2015; and that he is backed by out-of-state special interests, not Montanans.
Troy Downing, a California millionaire who has only lived in Montana for three years and is in legal jeopardy for pretending to be a Montana resident to buy discounted resident hunting licenses. “Downing is facing seven misdemeanors for unlawful purchase of or applying for a resident license by a nonresident,” reports the  Read more after the jump.

QUICK CLIP: Fake Ranchin’ Rosendale Waxes Poetic About Sugar Beets to FOX News

“After months of overuse on the campaign trail, Matt Rosendale’s ranching anecdotes are sounding a little tired,” said American Bridge spokesperson Amelia Penniman. “But two days after reports exposed Rosendale for the fake rancher he is, he’s still going whole hog on his folksy schtick. If it looks like a politicians and sounds like a politician, it’s probably not a rancher.”

WATCH Montana Senate candidate Matt Rosendale attempt to embellish his ranching credentials to FOX News:

Watch the full clip here.

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American Bridge Video: Seven Times Matt Rosendale Lied About Being A Rancher

Today, following reporting by TPM that wealthy Maryland real estate developer Matt Rosendale has been misleading Montanans about being a cattle rancher, American Bridge released a video of seven times Matt Rosendale repeated this lie on the campaign trail.

TPM’s explosive report exposes Matt Rosendale as a liar who has been falsely telling voters for years that he is a rancher. “His rancher claim appears to be all hat, no cattle,” reports TPM.  But public records and his own past statements indicate the longtime real estate developer never actually ranched.”

Just as damning, Rosendale’s claims have gotten more outrageous with his run for U.S. Senate: “The higher the office he’s run for, the more he’s talked up his supposed ranching experience… [But] it appears that he’s never owned any cattle.”

“When the cornerstone of your campaign biography turns out to be a lie, why should voters trust a single thing you […]

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