Scott Wagner Didn’t Show Up to Vote on Opioid Crisis, Now Hypocritically Attacks Wolf

If 80% of life is showing up…

Harrisburg insider Scott Wagner criticized Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf today on opioids. While Wagner making nasty personal attacks against his opponents is nothing new, this was a particularly odd issue for him to try to claim some moral high ground.

Because when it was time for Wagner to do something to address the opioid crisis in the legislature, Wagner wasn’t there.  In 2016, Wagner missed key votes on four pieces of legislation aimed at tackling Pennsylvania’s opioid epidemic.

“Scott Wagner is a world-class hypocrite,” said American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson.“Wagner should take a look in the mirror before he criticizes anyone else since he couldn’t even bother to show up to work to vote on addressing the opioid crisis. When Pennsylvania families needed him to do his job as a legislator and take action to combat the opioid epidemic, Scott Wagner apparently had other priorities.”


Among the […]

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VIDEO: Watch Scott Wagner Dismissively Tell a Woman She’s “Young and Naive”

Watch Wagner here


Yesterday in Glenside, Harrisburg Insider Scott Wagner dismissively told a woman who asked him if his financial support from the oil and gas industry is related to his denial of climate change, “you’re young and naïve.” While Wagner’s comments are offensive, they’re unfortunately what we’ve come to expect from Wagner as his campaign struggles to gain traction with Pennsylvania voters. Wagner has a history of anger problems, and has even been called “violent” by other Republicans. Last week, he became increasingly flustered when a voter asked Wagner about his campaigning with a cult that teaches women to obey their husbands or face death. Wagner previously told the cult members he agreed with them on “98% of the issues.”

“Since he said last week he agrees on 98% of the issues with a misogynistic cult that teaches […]

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WATCH: Flustered Scott Wagner Confronted by Voter Over His Campaigning With a Fringe Cult Leader

Watch here: A clearly rattled Scott Wagner struggling to defend

his campaigning with the leader of a fringe cult


Last night, Harrisburg insider Scott Wagner was confronted by a voter at a campaign event in Greensburg over Wagner campaigning with the leader of a fringe cult. The cult leader, Sean Moon, gave the invocation at Wagner’s event on Sunday. While Wagner is now trying to distance himself from the cult after he got caught courting their support, the audio doesn’t lie. Wagner told a member of Moon’s cult at the event “ninety-eight percent of what you believe in, I believe in.”

So what does the cult believe in, ninety-eight percent of which Wagner says he also believes? Well, it teaches that women should obey their husbands or face death, conducts mass weddings where participants hit each other with sticks and […]

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COUNT THE LIES: Scott Wagner Courts Fringe Cult, Then Lies After He Gets Caught

Yesterday, Harrisburg insider Scott Wagner repeatedly lied to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in a desperate attempt at damage control. On Sunday, July 8, 2018, leader of the “Sanctuary Church” cult Sean Moon gave the invocation at a Wagner campaign event shortly before Wagner spoke. He even endorsed Wagner in the invocation. Moon’s cult teaches that women should obey their husbands or face death, conducts mass weddings where participants hit each other with sticks and attendees carry AR-15 rifles, and wear “crowns of bullets.” Moon himself has been labeled an “anti-LGBT cult leader” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and his father, the cult’s founder, spent time in prison for tax evasion and faced charges of anti-Semitism. Charming group.

After American Bridge released the audio of Wagner courting the cult’s endorsement,Wagner’s campaign made an amateurish attempt at damage control more reminiscent of a student council race than a campaign for Pennsylvania Governor.

“Scott Wagner was courting […]

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AUDIO: Scott Wagner Campaigns With Fringe Cult Leader Who Orders Women to Obey Husbands or Face Death

Does Wagner agree with homophobic, misogynistic teachings of his supporter?

Listen to the full event audio here


Yesterday, Harrisburg insider Scott Wagner campaigned with the leader of a fringe cult who wears “crowns of bullets,” teaches that women should practice “full obedience” to their husbands at the threat of “doom and death,” says “women’s defiance is more frightening than Lucifer,” and has been labeled an “anti-LGBT cult leader” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Hyung Jin Sean Moon, who gave the invocation at a Wagner event yesterday in Pike County, is the leader of the “Sanctuary Church.” The cult is perhaps best known for conducting mass weddings where couples hit each other with sticks and attendees carry AR-15 rifles. Its founder was also jailed for tax evasion and accused of anti-semitism.

“Scott Wagner is propping up an extremist cult […]

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Senate Brief: Mike Braun is Shamefully Silent on the Sexual Assault Scandal Rocking Indiana Politics

Week of Monday, July 9, 2018

IN BRIEF: Mike Braun is staying shamefully silent in the face of multiple accusations against Indiana’s Attorney General Curtis Hill of sexual assault and harassment. Numerous prominent Hoosier Republicans have called for his resignation, but despite the allegations, Mike Braun has remained conspicuously silent. To recap:

Attorney General Hill is facing an Indiana inspector general investigation after four women accused him of inappropriately touching them at an Indianapolis bar in March.
Gov. Eric Holcomb, House Speaker Brian Bosma, and Senate leader David Long — all Republicans — have called for Hill’s resignation.
But all the while, Rep. Mike Braun, the top Republican on Indiana’s ballot this year, has said nothing — showing voters that when push comes to shove, he’ll stand with his fellow political insiders rather than doing the right thing.  

ON THE HILL: When will Reps. Kevin Cramer, Martha McSally, Lou Barletta, Marsha Blackburn, and Jim […]

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Senate Brief: GOP Gone Wild

Week of Monday, May 21

IN BRIEF: Dysfunction reigns supreme across Republican Senate campaigns. From lackluster performances by party leadership’s hand-picked candidates to infighting still plaguing GOP ranks, the prospect of a strong Senate map isn’t looking so assured for national Republicans.

A week after the Pennsylvania Senate primary, GOP candidate Rep. Lou Barletta’s campaign came under fire – from fellow Republicans –  as “lackadaisical” and “disorganized.”

According to the Washington Examiner, senior Republicans raised red flags about Barletta, even after he won the GOP primary with the last minute addition of a robocall from President Trump.
One Republican strategist said of Barletta: “the sense is, nobody knows what the fuck he’s doing.”

Meanwhile, Nevada’s Dean Heller just can’t seem to do anything right.

Reporting from the Nevada Independent found that in spite of bragging about the bacon he’d bring home to Nevada as chairman of two Senate subcommittees, Heller never convened a single […]

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Lou Barletta’s Bad Week 1

Fresh off his primary win, Lou Barletta is bending over backward to alienate, bore, or confound every Republican in Pennsylvania. Check out some of the press coverage Barletta’s winning strategy has received in his first week as Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

Washington Examiner: Pennsylvania Republicans hit the panic button over Senate nominee Lou Barletta
Al Weaver & David M. Drucker | May 17, 2018

“Senior Republicans are sounding the alarm about Rep. Lou Barletta’s, R-Pa., struggling Senate campaign in Pennsylvania, fretting that his lackadaisical, disorganized effort will hand a third term to incumbent Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa.”
“The congressman is taking fire from Republicans at home and in Washingtonwho worried that he is relying too much on the president to boost his flagging Senate bid.”
“Barletta has been a disappointing fundraiser and been too slow to ramp up a capable statewide campaign operation, his critics charge.”
“’The sense is, nobody knows what the fuck […]

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NEW ADS: Pennsylvania Primary Winners Barletta & Wagner Head Into General Tarnished by Opponent Attacks

Paul Mango: If Scott Wagner’s the nominee, “this election is going to be over before Memorial Day — not Labor Day — Memorial Day”

Today, immediately following the Pennsylvania Senate and gubernatorial primary elections, American Bridge released new digital ads targeting newly minted Republican Senate candidate Lou Barletta and gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner. The ads ask Pennsylvania voters – if their nominees’ fellow Republicans have so thoroughly denounced them, how can any Republican voter have confidence in their candidacies?

The 30-second ads will play this week on social media in Pennsylvania, targeted to Republican midterm voters.

American Bridge spokesperson Zach Hudson said, “While a primary defined by personal character attacks, violent assaults on trackers, and a race to the bottom on who is a bigger cheerleader for Donald Trump has finally come to an end, the bad news is just beginning for Lou Barletta and Scott Wagner. Even Republicans say Barletta and […]

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NEW AD: Why Won’t Lou Barletta Stand Up To Scott Pruitt?

Today, American Bridge is launching a new digital ad that exposes Pennsylvania Senate candidate Rep. Lou Barletta’s (R-PA) failure to protect his constituents from Scott Pruitt’s corruption.

The ad will run on social media in Pennsylvania, targeted to midterm voters. The 30-second video asks: “Why is Congressman Lou Barletta afraid to fight for us?” and urges voters to call Barletta’s Capitol Hill office to de

“In his brief tenure as EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt has undertaken a relentless and unprecedented campaign of corruption,” said American Bridge spokesperson Joshua Karp. “Lou Barletta has refused to stand up to him — at the expense of millions in taxpayer dollars. Pennsylvania voters deserve to know why Barletta stands with Swamp Creature Pruitt over Pennsylvania.”

WATCH the ad below:

Watch the full ad here.

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