Kochs Spend Over $10 Million On Their Pennsylvania Senator

Senator Pat Toomey has voted with the Koch agenda 100% of the time this Congress.

In return, Charles and David Koch have used their network to drop over $10 million into the Pennsylvania Senate race on Toomey’s behalf.

The billionaire Kochs’ policy agenda is grounded in nothing but pure self-interest — they couldn’t care less about what’s best for Pennsylvania families.

So it’s telling that Pat Toomey has taken the Koch agenda and made it his own. And so long as Toomey keeps putting the Kochs first at the expense of Pennsylvania, Charles and David will spend whatever it takes to keep him in Washington.

Pennsylvanians deserve a senator who will put them first, and spineless Koch lackey Pat Toomey just doesn’t meet that description.


PA-Sen Koch Spending

In An Independent Expenditure Report Filing From November 3rd, Americans For Prosperity Reported Spending $2,540,644 On The Pennsylvania Senate Race. According to an FEC Schedule 5-E filing, Americans for […]

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Toomey’s Bank Wouldn’t Lend To Low-Income PA Families — But Toomey’s Plane Company Got A Loan

Pat Toomey’s bank wouldn’t loan money to low- and moderate-income Pennsylvania families — but it was happy to give Toomey a loan for his private airplane-leasing company.

Team Capital Bank — the bank Pat Toomey founded and owned — was profitable for Pat Toomey, even as he tried to repeal consumer protection regulations on the Banking Committee. But Team Capital hasn’t similarly been a positive for Pennsylvania families. Case in point: Team Capital used a controversial foreclosure tactic banned in a number of states to try to foreclose on at least 20 Pennsylvanians’ homes.

And that isn’t all, Team Capital also got in trouble with regulators when it from 2006 to 2009 “failed to lend to low-and moderate-income borrowers.”

Meanwhile, during that same period Team Capital gave Pat Toomey a loan worth between $100,001 To 250,000 for his private plane-leasing company.

Low- and middle-income families in Philadelphia weren’t able to secure loans from […]

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VoteVets and American Bridge Digital Ad Hits Pat Toomey’s Trump Cowardice

Philadelphia Veteran Criticizes Toomey’s Craven Refusal to Stand Up to Trump

VoteVets and American Bridge are today releasing a new 60-second digital ad highlighting Senator Pat Toomey’s cowardly refusal to disavow Donald Trump as his party’s nominee.

“Pat Toomey: Too Weak to Stand Up for Pennsylvania” features Dave Henderson of Philadelphia, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and is concerned by Toomey’s craven lack of leadership in standing by Trump, who lacks the leadership, knowledge, and temperament to be commander in chief.

Statement from Hazel Diaz, Pennsylvania outreach coordinator for VoteVets and a Marine Corps veteran:
“Pat Toomey puts politics above all else. His gutless fear of standing up to Donald Trump, because it might cost him Trump voters, is no profile in courage. Unlike principled Republicans who have stood up to Trump, Pat Toomey appears all too ready to stand by and do nothing as Trump insults and endangers our troops. If […]

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Voters Already Rejected Republican Policies In Trump’s Speech

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on Donald Trump’s GOP policy speech in Gettysburg, PA:

“Donald Trump must not have been paying attention to what he’s proposed over the last year because his Gettysburg speech only rehashes the old, tired Republican policies that voters are already rejecting. It can’t be more clear that Donald Trump and the Republican Party are one in the same — before, during, and after this election. Trump is simply putting a new bow on old Republican ideas from the very DC insiders he campaigns against — Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Washington Republicans — that will hurt our middle class and working families.

“The only new policy Trump announced today is that he’s going to sue the women he sexually assaulted, something Ryan, McConnell, and Washington Republicans support as long as they blindly support him to be president.”

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Toomey Doesn’t Think Trump Has Done ANYTHING Disqualifying?

In a meeting with the PennLive Editorial board, Pat Toomey this morning effectively said he supports everything that Donald Trump has done and said.

Again: Toomey doesn’t think that Trump — a racist birther who brags about sexually assaulting women — has done anything disqualifying.

Watch here.

And that wasn’t all. Toomey also found time to lie about his support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership; which is quite simply untrue — he did.

Watch here.

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American Bridge Statement On Pennsylvania Senate Debate

“After an hour of Trump-ducking, it’s clear that Pat Toomey isn’t backing away from his endorsement of Donald Trump’s racist, sexist judgment.

“Be it out of political cowardice and expediency or genuine ideological alignment, Pat Toomey’s continued decision to tie himself to Trump speaks volumes about Toomey’s values — and it’s a disqualifying indictment of his judgment.”

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Pat Toomey Endorses Trump’s Judgment

In a radio interview yesterday, Pat Toomey outright endorsed Donald Trump’s judgment with respect to selecting and nominating Supreme Court justices.

The indisputable truth is that Pat Toomey supports Donald Trump and trusts his judgment, and this is just the latest proof that Toomey believes that Trump — a racist birther who brags about sexually assaulting women — has what it takes to be commander in chief.

Listen here.

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At “Women’s” Event, Toomey Won’t Call Trump Sexual Assault Disqualifying

This morning, Pat Toomey held a “Women for Toomey” event, but quickly exposed with the charade when he once again refused to stand up to his party’s sexist nominee who brags about sexually assaulting women.

Even worse, Toomey wouldn’t even call the 2005 video of Trump bragging about forcing himself upon women “disqualifying.”

Trump has spent his entire adult life harassing and demeaning women and believes “you can do anything” to women “when you’re a star,” and Pat Toomey has no qualms about voting an unrepentant misogynist like Donald Trump into the White House.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement on Toomey’s latest political cowardice:

“Another day, another example of Pat Toomey too scared to stand up for Pennsylvania women because he’s only looking out for his political career. Toomey is a coward and his silent refusal to stand up to Trump on behalf of women — at a “women’s” event no less — is […]

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Toomey Doesn’t Think It’s Disqualifying For Trump To Brag About Sexual Assault

Today, Pat Toomey yet again cowardly refused to rule out supporting Donald Trump, despite learning last week that Trump brags about sexually assaulting women.

Over the past year, Trump has viciously attacked women, veterans, a reporter with a disability, prisoners of war, a respected federal judge, and immigrants and Muslim Americans across the country, but Pat Toomey has cravenly continued to put his political prospects first, refusing to do the right thing and promise Pennsylvania families that he won’t cast his vote for Trump.

What will it take for Toomey to rule out supporting Trump, if learning that Trump boasts about sexually assaulting women hasn’t gotten him there?

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement on Pat Toomey’s cowardly hedging on supporting his party’s racist and sexist nominee:

“How is Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women — on top of his months of racism and bigotry, misogyny, and repeated demonstrations of his erratic and vindictive […]

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A Plan That Wasn’t: Trump’s Paid-Leave Proposal Leaves Many Mysteries

In another con from Donald Trump, the Republican nominee rolled out a paid maternity leave program last night in Pennsylvania with as much promise as a diploma from Trump University. Like any good conman, Trump has again over-promised and is certain to under-deliver. As with so many of his proposals, Trump has yet to provide a realistic mechanism to pay for his latest promise. Additionally, Trump’s focus on maternity rather than parental leave could harm women as economists argue that only offering leave to women can lower their chances of being hired, promoted, or receiving raises.

Of course any plan must be also considered in light of the fact that Trump has described women are ‘fat pigs‘ who should stay home and make him dinner and change diapers–because he doesn’t think men do that.

Donald credited his daughter Ivanka with pushing him to release the proposal. In his words, […]

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