Gillespie Cozies Up to Trump, Endorses A Year Out From VA Gov’s Race

Everyone is getting brought into the fold of the #EventuallyTrump Party…and among them, Ed Gillespie, former RNC Chair and Virginia gubernatorial candidate.

While other GOP candidates in tough races this year are avoiding endorsing their presumptive party nominee, Gillespie thinks he’s getting a head start for his governor’s race in 2017 by embracing Trump now.

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The New Tea Party Cavalry Riding Into Washington

The Republican Party rode a Koch-fuelled wave to victory in elections around the country this week, but don’t let them fool you: nothing about their extreme, Tea Party agenda has changed. The GOP has not moderated itself. It has not rid itself of “gaffe-prone” candidates. It has not adopted a milder, more palatable stance on key policy issues that impact the lives of women, immigrants, or working families. And the proof is in the pudding. A quick scan of some of the newest members of the House shows just how extreme this latest crop of Tea Party Republican members of Congress truly are.

From Georgia to Maine, Virginia to Wisconsin, Illinois to Iowa, extreme Tea Party Republicans have been elected to seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. Take Glenn Grothman in Wisconsin’s 6th District to start. We’ve already detailed the long list of Grothman’s greatest extreme hits, but as a quick refresher, the Congressman-elect has: proselytized about the “war on men,” fought for a seven-day workweek, and proposed a law to formally consider single parenthood a contributing factor to child abuse.

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Breaking: Koch Industries’ Outsourcing and Job Loss

In a recent television advertisement Koch Industries touted the growth of the company to create “60,000 American jobs.” The true story paints a picture of Koch Industries’ long history of job losses and outsourcing, resulting in nearly 3,000 American jobs sent overseas.


Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) is a federal job training program that provides assistance to workers who lose their jobs as a result of competing foreign imports or direct outsourcing.  An analysis of TAA cases, news articles, shipping records, and layoff notices revealed examples of outsourcing at 13 Koch Industries facilities, and potential outsourcing at additional facilities.

  • In 2003, Koch laid off 150 employees at a KoSa plant in Shelby, North Carolina.  In 2004, the Department of Labor certified that a portion of 150 employees who had been laid off at a plant in Shelby, NC, were eligible for TAA as a result of outsourcing to Mexico.  Former employees at the Shelby facility later filed suit against Koch claiming that the company pushed workers to, according to a former worker, “leave gracefully” or “be victims of downsizing.” (Source)
  • In 2004, Koch outsourced 175 jobs from an Invista plant to Mexico, less than a month after purchasing the plant. Koch Industries had promised to retain all employees.  In late 2006 and early 2007 more workers jobs were outsourced to Mexico, as detailed by the US Court of International Trade. (Sources 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • In 2004, some 35 workers were laid off at an Invista plant in Athens, Georgia.  In 2006, they were certified eligible for TAA because of outsourcing to Mexico. In 2008, the plant laid off an additional, 50 employees. (Source)
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Dave “No Questions” Brat to Hold “News Conference”

Since Tea Party prince Dave Brat did the unthinkable and dethroned Majority Leader Eric Cantor, he’s been hard to get a hold of. In fact, he actually shot a text message to the Associated Press saying he wasn’t doing any public appearances. That might cut it for a teenager who isn’t coming home for dinner, but Dave Brat is running for the United States Congress.

Well Brat is putting an end to his disappearing act this morning. He’s putting on what his campaign is calling a “news conference.” We’re just trying to figure out what makes something a news conference when you announce in advance you won’t take any questions…

Then again, it’s understandable. The last time Brat tried to take a question, the economics professor didn’t “have a well-formed response” to whether we should abolish the minimum wage, though as Chuck Todd pointed out, getting rid of the minimum wage certainly seemed to be the argument Brat was making.

So the world will have to wait for Dave Brat to answer questions on his plans to slash social security and education funding. But hey, he’s answered one important question already: Is the Tea Party dead? Far from it. Watch:

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Dave Brat’s Grand Old TEA Party

The Republican establishment was dealt a shocking blow last week when Eric Cantor, an ardent conservative and supposed young star of the GOP, was defeated by little-known Tea Party candidate Dave Brat.

The upset sent shockwaves through the Republican Party, and Brat wasted no time in demonstrating his extreme views. In an interview with Chuck Todd the day after winning his primary, Brat, an economics professor, appeared to lay out a case for abolishing the minimum wage, before backpedaling and claiming that he didn’t have a “well-crafted response on that one.”

But the real story isn’t Brat’s bumbling, or even Cantor’s fall from grace. The real story is that the positions of Dave Brat and his Tea Party friends and the positions of today’s “Republican establishment” aren’t any different. Whether you ask overnight Tea Party sensation Dave Brat, or longtime Washington elite Speaker Boehner, they’ll tell you the same thing. There ain’t any difference between the Tea Party and the GOP.

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Seven Things You Should Know About Tea Party Radical David Brat

Here’s what you should know about David Brat, the Tea Party radical who blindsided House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) in a primary challenge on Tuesday: He is a right-wing candidate who opposes a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, supports radically reshaping our heath care system, and event wants to scale back the regulatory powers of the FDA.

Don’t take our word for it? See the research below.

1. Brat supported radically altering the American health care system.

Brat Supported Radically Altering The American Health Care System, Said “‘We Need To Also Scrap Employer-Based Health Insurance.” According to Culpeper Star-Exponent “Of course, the first question I asked him was what should be done with Obamacare? ‘It needs to be scrapped,’ he replied without hesitation. ‘Completely.’ So I asked him what should take Obamacare’s place, and to understand his answer, you have to know some history… When I asked him what should take Obamacare’s place, his answer was, ‘We need to also scrap employer-based health insurance, and give those incentives to individuals to carry their own portable health insurance.’ He went on to say, ‘If we did that, the issue of pre-existing conditions largely goes away.’” [Culpeper Star-Exponent, 3/31/14]

2. Brat called bankers “the solution, not the problem” in regards to the financial crisis.

Brat On The Financial Crisis: ‘Bankers Are The Solution, Not The Problem,’ According to The News & Advance “David Brat says that’s the state of today’s economy, and says everything we know about what is being termed a recession is wrong… The global economy is overleveraged. Ultimately, he said, pointing to the European debt crisis, the country’s economy is headed for disaster if changes aren’t quickly made. And the answer, he said, is not in economics, but ethics. ‘Bankers are the solution, not the problem,’ he said, adding, ‘[Washington] D.C. knows this.’” [The News & Advance, 1/25/13]

3. Brat is radical on immigration.

Brat Opposed Any Kind Of Immigration Reform; Ran To The Right On Eric Cantor On Border Security. According to, “Cantor, in Brat’s view, is flunking badly on border security. Indeed, the congressman even applauded President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address outlining a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. On Friday, Cantor said on the House floor that ‘immigration reform could be an economic boon to this country.’ Brat is having none of it. He calls the imminent GOP cave-in on immigration an exercise in ‘crony capitalism.’” [, 2/6/14]

  • Brat: “A Change In Immigration Policy Means Amnesty.” According to “‘At every turn, the GOP establishment is favoring the elites,’ Brat declares. ‘A change in immigration policy means amnesty.’” [, 2/6/14]
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MEMO: Tea For Everyone

Memo: Tea For Everyone
To: Interested Parties
From: Brad Woodhouse, President of American Bridge
Date: Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This primary season has had the “Republican establishment” giddy as they have thus far managed to stave off embarrassing defeats from “Tea Party” challengers. Of course the reality is that GOP hasn’t squelched the Tea Party at all–they’ve just embraced it. When you look at the “establishment” candidates of 2014, and their stances on key issues, they ARE the Tea Party of 2010.

Opposition to minimum wage hikes and equal pay legislation. Support for personhood amendments to outlaw a woman’s right to choose without exception and limit some forms of contraception. Support for Paul Ryan’s plans to end Medicare as we know it and privatize Social Security. Denial of scientific fact on climate change. Massive tax cuts for the wealthy, shifting more of the tax burden to working families. These are the the platforms on which today’s so-called “establishment” Republicans are running.

But for those who have still fallen in the trap of believing that the GOP has somehow suppressed the Tea Party, tonight should put that little theory to rest.

Could there be a clearer rejection of the establishment from the Republican base than the primary defeat of Majority Leader Eric Cantor? Keep in mind, not only has he legislated as anything but a moderate, Cantor actually spent over $1 million against a drastically underfunded opponent trying to convince primary voters of his extremism. He distributed mailers and emails tacking way to the right and bragging that he was blocking common-sense immigration reform–or as he now calls it, amnesty. And still, Cantor, with all his sprints to the right, with help from his powerful friends, and with a resume that would have been considered staunchly conservative just a few years ago, could not pass the “true conservative” test that today’s GOP requires.

The Tea Party is alive and well. And now, it goes by the name “GOP.”

Unequal Pay Day

It’s 2014. Paying women the same as men for the same work should be a no-brainer, right? Not for many right-wing Republicans. The extreme conservatives highlighted in American Bridge’s new website have gone to absurd lengths to block and even undo equal pay protections for women: voting against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, paying female employees less than their male counterparts, and arguing that women don’t really want equal pay anyway, so what’s all the fuss about? The list of these shameful tactics and faulty arguments goes on and on.

In honor of this year’s Equal Pay Day, check out American Bridge’s new website and read below for a few highlights of Republican office holders and candidates whose opposition to equal pay protections should give female voters serious pause at the ballot box.

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Ed Gillespie & Mitt Romney’s 47% Problem

As Ed Gillespie prepares to campaign with Mitt Romney in New York City this evening, Virginia voters should take a look at Gillespie’s record as a surrogate for Romney’s losing presidential campaign in 2012. When Romney’s infamous “47 percent” comments came to light, disparaging millions of Americans like seniors who rely on Social Security and veterans who receive benefits from their service to the country, Ed Gillespie came to Romney’s defense. Gillespie backed up Romney’s comments when asked about it during an appearance on the Today Show, saying: “that’s political analysis, that’s not a governing philosophy.”

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