American Bridge Releases New Gillespie Video: A Voice For Donald Trump

Tuesday’s Virginia gubernatorial debate, American Bridge released a new video highlighting the many ways Ed Gillespie has made clear he will be a voice for Donald Trump, not Virginians.

The video is the latest installment in American Bridge’s campaign showcasing Gillespie as Trump’s favorite swamp creature. More background can be found at

Lizzy Price, American Bridge spokesperson, made the following statement:

“Ed Gillespie cannot claim to be a voice for all Virginians while parroting Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric and backward policies. Virginians need a governor who will stand up to Trump, but Gillespie will only be his puppet.”

[Watch here]

Narrator script: “Ed Gillespie said he’d be a voice for all Virginians, but it’s clear the only voice Ed Gillespie’s representing is Donald Trump’s. Gillespie even talks like Trump. He actually hired Trump’s former staff. And Gillespie is even […]

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Tales From The Swamp: Gillespie Lobbied for Company that Polluted VA Waterways

Today, Ed Gillespie participated in a “Clean Water” forum in a feeble attempt to cover up his own record working for a company that lobbied on waste regulation and was fined thousands for major environmental violations in Virginia and elsewhere. In 2005 and 2006 the Virginia Environmental Quality fined Tyson tens of thousands for water violations along Virginia’s Eastern Shore and in Henrico County for illegal wastewater seeping into a local stream and for causing two fish kills in the Chickahominy River.

Learn more about Ed the Swamp Creature at

Lizzy Price, American Bridge spokesperson, made the following statement:
“Ed Gillespie will say anything to further his own political career, including greenwashing his own lobbying record. The truth is that Gillespie is the ultimate Swamp Creature – he made millions at the expense of Virginians and the health of Virginia’s waterways – […]

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MEMO: Gillespie, Trump, and Stewart: Three Divisive Peas in a Pod

MEMO: Gillespie, Trump, and Stewart: Three Divisive Peas in a Pod

TO: Interested Parties

FROM: Jessica Mackler, American Bridge President

DATE: August 23, 2017

Ed Gillespie’s campaign slogan may be “For All Virginians,” but it is clear that his campaign is anything but. While the entire country is reeling from Donald Trump’s recent defense of white supremacists, it’s important to take a closer look at politicians – like Gillespie – who refuse to stand up against Trump. Although Gillespie has been accused of both hiding from and sucking up to the Trump administration, the truth is that his language is strikingly similar to the rhetoric of both Corey Stewart, who nearly toppled him in the primary, and Donald Trump.

Take for example, last week’s terrible events in Charlottesville. While Donald Trump continues to be blasted for blaming the violence during the “Unite the Right” rally on two sides, Ed Gillespie echoed Trump’s […]

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Ed Gillespie’s Real Record On Agriculture Issues

In anticipation of Friday’s Agriculture and Forestry Gubernatorial Candidate Forum, American Bridge released the latest installment in its Ed The Swamp Creature campaign, which highlights Ed Gillespie’s long history of putting profits over Virginia families.

Gillespie’s Washington lobbying firm received $240,000 to lobby for MF Global, a brokerage firm that Reuters described as having a “checkered history.” When the firm filed for bankruptcy it wrecked havoc on farmers around the country. One Virginia farmer wrote, “When the dust settled, there was over $1 billion missing from customer accounts. That money belonged not to Wall Street, but to farmers, local grain elevators, and livestock feedlots. The MF Global bankruptcy was a disaster for the farm economy.”

More details are available at

“Ed Gillespie’s record of rigging the system on behalf of a New York company that left Virginia’s farming families high and dry speaks for itself. He’ll undoubtedly talk a big game about […]

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24 Times Ed Gillespie Called For Repeal Of The Affordable Care Act

For years, Ed Gillespie has advocated for repealing the Affordable Care Act — kicking millions off their insurance to pay for tax cuts for millionaires like Ed Gillespie.

Now that Trumpcare has made clear the cost of repealing the ACA, Gillespie is refusing to take a position. But we already know what he really thinks about ripping away the protections in the Affordable Care Act: he’s for it. Don’t take our word for it. Here’s Gillespie himself saying it — 24 times.

“Ed Gillespie has practically gone into the witness protection program to avoid answering questions about Trumpcare, but now Virginia voters can see exactly what he’s been calling for all these years: kicking millions of Americans off their their insurance to pay for tax cuts for the rich,”said American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price. “Not even political hack Ed Gillespie will be able to spin his way out of […]

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American Bridge Calls On Ed Gillespie To Apologize For Lying About His Cynical Political Attacks on Virginia’s Bipartisan Transportation Bill

Ed Gillespie got caught attacking Virginia’s historic, bipartisan transportation bill – and now he’s lying about it. First, Gillespie criticized his opponent for supporting the transportation bill, which provided critical funding for Virginia’s transportation system and was signed by Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell, whose campaign Gillespie once chaired.

After facing sharp criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike, Gillespie denied ever launching the attack – turning a dishonest talking point into a flat-out lie.

“Partisan Hack Ed Gillespie got caught being himself – a political opportunist who will say or do anything to advance his own career – and now he’s lying about it,” said American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price. “Virginians deserve better, and Gillespie owes them an apology.”

Gillespie Attacked Northam For Supporting Bipartisan Transportation Bill. According to Richmond Times-Dispatch, “Gillespie wants you to know that Democrat Ralph S. Northam voted for ‘the largest tax increase in Virginia history.’ But Gillespie is conveniently leaving out a big […]

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ALL (LITTLE) HANDS ON DECK: Gillespie Would “Absolutely” Welcome Trump to Campaign With Him

It’s official. Ed Gillespie has wrapped his arms around Donald Trump saying he “absolutely” would welcome the President to campaign for him in Virginia. Gillespie is desperately trying to win over the most extreme right-wing in his party by cozying up to Donald Trump. It’s what he’s done his whole career: put his party and personal ambition first, and Virginia families last.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Ed Gillespie cannot be elected governor because he’d never stand up to Trump. Even as the president campaigns to rip away health care coverage from over half a million Virginians, including 14,500 veterans, Gillespie is laying out the red carpet for him on the campaign trail. Virginians need a governor who will put Virginians first–Gillespie will always put Trump first.”


JOHN FREDERICKS: It’s the middle of the campaign and I do not like […]

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Corey Stewart: Still Out of Touch with Virginia — and Reality

Today, Corey Stewart announced his candidacy for U.S. Senate by pledging multiple times to run a “vicious, ruthless” campaign and promising to support and stand with President Trump.

“Corey Stewart is completely out of step with both Virginia values — and reality,” said American Bridge spokesperson Allison Teixeira Sulier. “His backwards, racist agenda puts supporting Donald Trump first and helping Virginia middle class families last. They rejected him once, and they will reject his far-right nastiness once again.”

This is far from the first time Stewart has said outlandish things that are completely out of line with Virginia values.

Check out some of Corey Stewart’s lowlights below:

Stewart: “I was disgusted at the phrase ‘a kinder gentler nation’…I’m gonna run the most ruthless, vicious campaign. [Senate campaign announcement, 7/13/17]
Stewart: Newspapers are just like ISIS,” [Corey Stewart campaign video, Liberal Celebrities are […]

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Gillespie Denies The TrumpCare Facts

In a radio call-in show this morning, Ed Gillespie refused to take a position on TrumpCare… AGAIN. In fact, he denied the fact that the Senate even had a TrumpCare bill at all. But we already know that Gillespie wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, no matter the cost to Virginia.
Here’s a few facts for Ed Gillespie on the Senate TrumpCare bill:

The Senate TrumpCare bill would rip away insurance from over half a million Virginians.
At least 14,500 veterans in Virginia could lose their insurance under the Senate plan by 2026.
The plan would leave fewer seniors covered by health insurance and make coverage more expensive.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Ed Gillespie has turned his back on Virginians concerned about their health care being ripped away. […]

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Gillespie Dodges on TrumpCare, Voters Unimpressed

After rubbing elbows in D.C. to pad his campaign coffers, Gillespie went to Main Street Alexandria to visit some small businesses.

What he must not have expected was getting questioned repeatedly by Virginia voters over his stalling on the dangerously destructive TrumpCare bill that would rip away insurance from over half a million Virginians.

American Bridge spokesperson Lizzy Price made the following statement:

“Ed Gillespie is once again stalling on TrumpCare, a life and death issue for many, and voters are not impressed. Lobbyist Ed can’t lead a state if he doesn’t understand the real issues that Virginia families face and recognize that this cruel bill would be a disaster for Virginians’ pocketbooks and their health.”

Check out one of those conversations below… she doesn’t look too thrilled with Gillespie’s response.

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