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Joe Biden

Families Receive Third Check Thanks To President Biden’s Expanded Child Tax Credit

As Democrats fight to make President Biden’s expanded Child Tax Credit permanent, families celebrate more money for child care and back-to-school shopping Today, parents across the country will receive a third check after the latest installment of President Biden and congressional Democrats’ expanded Child Tax Credit. This middle-class tax cut for […]

A.B. in the News

American Bridge Joins Pro-White House Groups in August Recess Push

A new report from the Associated Press details how progressive pro-White House groups – including American Bridge 21st Century – are planning to spend nearly $100 million dollars during the August recess to amplify the accomplishments of the Biden-Harris administration and Democratic majorities amid the economic and health crisis posed by COVID-19.  Most recently, […]


NEW VIDEO: NC GOP Candidates Oppose Tax Cut

American Bridge 21st Century today released a new video highlighting that North Carolina’s GOP U.S. Senate candidates oppose Democrats’ expanded child tax credit — a middle-class tax cut that last week began lifting up families as a part of President Biden and congressional Democrats’ American Rescue Plan.  Republican candidates Ted Budd, Mark Walker, and Pat McCrory, have […]