Donald Trump Violates The Constitution On Day One

Donald Trump Violates The Constitution On Day One

Trump’s refusal to sell his stake in his business is causing a constitutional crisis

It has only been a few minutes since Donald Trump raised his right hand and swore to uphold the Constitution, but he has already violated his oath of office. By failing to sell his business and separate himself from innumerable foreign conflicts of interest, Trump is breaking the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause which bars payments from foreign leaders to government officials.

“Donald Trump started Day One of his presidency with a giant target on his back for foreign leaders looking to bribe their way into the Oval Office or dictate national security decisions,” said American Bridge President Jessica Mackler. “But he does not seem to care that this is against the law because it can mean billions for his bottom line.”

The Constitution’s Emoluments Clause is not an outdated relic from another era. […]

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American Bridge Statement On Trump’s Latest Pam Bondi Kickback

Donald Trump today signaled that he’s gifting Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi a White House job as his latest payback for her dropping her investigation into his sham Trump University.

Trump’s previous Bondi kickback consisted of a $25,000 campaign donation that was disbursed from his charitable foundation and resulted in Bondi dropping her Trump University probe. Trump’s foundation is currently under investigation for that donation as well as for other pay to plays and instances of self-dealing.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement on Trump’s latest Pam Bondi kickback:

“Trump’s hiring of Pam Bondi is just the latest example of Trump trading shady political favors and proceeding down a path toward open corruption.

“Trump’s flagrantly unethical behavior before he’s even taken the oath of office is a travesty and sure sign that Trump intends to do everything he can to profit off the presidency while enriching himself and his family at the […]

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Senate Holds Hearing On Russia Hacks As Trump Defends Putin (Bring The Mother Russia Trumpus)

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement on the Senate Armed Services hearing on the Russian hacks:

“Donald Trump’s relentless support for and defense of Vladimir Putin and Russia’s work to hijack America’s democratic process is dangerous for America and very clearly aimed at protecting Trump’s own self-interest.

“Whether Trump’s pandering to Putin is a result of Trump’s potential ties to Russian investors, impending business deals, or simply gratitude for Russia’s hacking on his behalf  — it’s clear that Trump for some reason feels beholden to Putin. It’s a disgrace that Republicans are capitulating to Trump and standing by Trump’s attacks on the U.S. intelligence community and defense of Putin.”


It’s no surprise Donald Trump is on a daily basis siding with Vladimir Putin over the U.S. intelligence community. Trump praised Putin throughout the presidential primary and general election. And his Putin admiration stretches back even further: remember when […]

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American Bridge Statement on Trump Capitulating to Vladimir Putin

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement on Trump’s nomination of multimillionaire Vladimir Putin ally and ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson to be his Secretary of State:

“As he shrugs off CIA reports that Russia tried to influence the election, Donald Trump is adding a Big Oil multimillionaire who’s buddies with Vladimir Putin to his cabinet of Wall Street executives.

“Rex Tillerson’s boosters include the KremlinRepublicans who are paid consultants for Exxon, and even conspiracy theorist Alex Jones; those are the types of people Trump wants to impress. Tillerson’s critics: Republicans like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Marco Rubio. Even they admit that Tillerson can’t be trusted.

“As president, Trump plans to sell out to the highest bidder, whether American or foreign. That’s why he’s surrounding himself with special interest shills who bring conflicts of interest and Russia ties to rival his own.”

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Trump Keeps the Con Going, Postpones Cutting Off Business Ties

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement on Donald Trump’s continued plans to profit off the presidency:

“Donald Trump is a corrupt liar. He promised to release his tax returns; then didn’t. And after pledging to eliminate his ability to profit off the presidency, he’s now refusing to even talk about it.

“Trump knows his only option is to totally divest, but he can’t bring himself to do it, because he wants to profit off the presidency. So like a con man, Trump is offering bait and switch after bait and switch, playing the American people for suckers as he gets ready to take office and rob us blind.”

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