Donald Trump Doesn’t Respect Working Families

Yesterday, the National Labor Relations Board ordered Donald Trump to sit down with the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 workers at his Las Vegas hotel. His employees voted to join the Culinary Union in December of 2015, but Trump has since stalled nearly a year, refusing to recognize the workers’ rights and bargain with them.

Even worse, Trump intimidated his workers as they sought to unionize, threatening their jobs.

That contempt is representative of Donald Trump’s career of stiffing small business owners and disrespecting working families. “I fight the unions very hard,” Donald Trump brags. And on that, if nothing else, the Republican nominee practices what he preaches.

Trump says he and Mike Pence will bring back jobs, but when you get past the empty rhetoric, Trump-Pence’s anti-working families record and agenda speaks for itself:

Outsourcing and Boosting Outsourcing Companies

Trump: Trump has styled himself as an opponent of outsourcing, but he’s hypocritically  Read more after the jump.

Equal Pay Opponent Pence’s Indiana Has 10th Largest Gender Pay Gap Nationally

With Governor Mike Pence in charge, it’s no surprise that Indiana women aren’t receiving equal pay for equal work. Pence has been a longtime opponent of equal pay, voting three times against the Paycheck Fairness act and three time against the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act while in Congress.

Here’s Pence’s impact after four years as governor: a recent study from The American Association of University Women has found that Indiana has “one of the largest gender pay gaps” in the country, according to the IndyStar. In the Hoosier state, “women earn just 76 percent of what men earn,” the 10th largest gender pay gap across the 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Pence had an opportunity to support legislation that would guarantee women receive fair wages in Congress, or at the very least guarantee due process to fight back against employer discrimination. But apparently Pence — who’s said working mothers cause their kids […]

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Trump’s History Of Trashing Working Moms

Donald Trump’s taken heat during his presidential run for launching openly sexist attacks against journalists (e.g., calling Megyn Kelly a “bimbo”), defending past remarks calling women “dogs” and “disgusting animals,” and insisting that women have an easier path through life than men.

But that’s just the beginning of Donald Trump’s decades of following through of his own advice on women: “you have to treat ’em like shit” — and he’s been particularly outspoken on his apparent view that mothers should stay out of the workplace, at least where he’s in charge.

By the way, Trump’s running mate is no slouch in the misogyny department, either. Mike Pence once forcefully assorted with all the authority of a non-expert with no idea what he’s talking about that “day-care kids get the short end of the emotional stick” and suggested that working mothers’ induce “stunted emotional growth” among their children.

Here’s a taste of Donald Trump’s […]

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Pence To Plug Anti-Working Families Ticket At Non-Union Manufacturer

It’s fitting that Mike Pence is today campaigning at a non-union, Pipersville, PA, manufacturer, because Pence and Donald Trump have a decidedly anti-working families agenda.

For starters, there’s Trump’s baffling hypocrisy on outsourcing. The self-styled “opponent” of outsourcing has not only profited off outsourcing companies that he’s criticized, but also outsourced the production of his own Trump-branded products and imported foreign workers at prolific levels.

And then there’s the Trump-Pence tax plan, which would add $10 trillion in debt and disproportionately boot top income-earners. Donald Trump’s tax proposal would also, among other things, deliver “extremely large and unprecedented tax-cut windfalls for people with incomes exceeding $1 million a year, almost certainly at the expense of low- and middle-income households.”

Here’s where else the Trump-Pence ticket stands:

Anti-Minimum Wage

Trump: Trump has said “wages [are] too high” and, even worse, has  Read more after the jump.

Trump’s Real Record On Equal Pay and Working Families

At the RNC convention in Cleveland last month, Ivanka Trump claimed that Donald Trump would be fantastic for women and working families. Following in the footsteps of her father, Ivanka distorted the reality of Donald Trump’s record.

Last November Trump absolutely trashed pay equality, calling it socialism. He also described pregnant women as an “inconvenience” for employers and called a woman “disgusting” for breastfeeding.

Asked last August about paid family leave and equal pay on Morning Joe, Donald Trump said, “It’s early in the morning,” and provided no direction on the issues, claiming simply, “We’re going to do very well with women.” If Trump can’t handle a phone-in interview on cable news because he’s sleepy, how can we expect him to handle actual issues that affect millions of working Americans.


Trump Opposed Equal Pay Legislation
2011: Trump Suggested Mothers Did Not Deserve To Be Paid As Much As Men

2011: When Asked About Paying Mothers Less Than Men In The Same Jobs, Trump Said: […]

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Ayotte Pushes Sham Bill To Cover Up Her 4 Votes Against Equal Pay

Senator Kelly Ayotte has spent the past week calling for an end to income inequality between men and women, but the efforts are nothing more than political stunts. Ayotte has voted against the Paycheck Fairness Act four times since taking office.

In an obvious attempt to obscure her record, today, Ayotte co-authored an op-ed calling for the passage of the Gender Advancement in Pay (GAP) Act. The senator claims that her legislation will help close the wage gap, but in reality, it is a sham bill that creates loopholes, allowing employers to get away with unequal pay. This isn’t the first time Ayotte has pushed bogus equal pay legislation. Previously, Ayotte also introduced the Workplace Advancement Act a bill that suggested that pay discrimination doesn’t actually exist, women simply feel that it does. 

Senator Ayotte can continue her routine of twisting the truth, but Granite State women won’t be fooled — she and her fellow Washington Republicans are standing […]

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GOP Senators Stand In The Way Of Equal Pay For Equal Work

Women in the U.S. still earn less than men on average for the same work. Today — Equal Pay Day — recognizes the extra 103 days it takes for women to earn the same as men earned in 2015.

Equal pay for equal work is common sense for most Americans, but the GOP has voted again and again to obstruct common sense measures that would help make equal pay for equal work a reality. Senators Kelly Ayotte, Roy Blunt, Richard Burr, Ron Johnson, Mark Kirk, John McCain, Rand Paul, Rob Portman, Pat Toomey, and Congressman Joe Heck all continue to stand in the way of closing the wage gap between women and men.

These Republicans have actively blocked legislation that prevents wage discrimination, putting corporate special interests ahead of working women. By preventing women from realizing their full earning potential, they are holding back economic growth for families across America.


Kelly Ayotte
Ayotte Voted […]

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Rob Portman’s Votes Show Where He Really Stands On Equal Pay

Last week, Ann Romney attempted to help Ohio Senator Rob Portman rally Ohio women by launching “Women for Portman.” Speaking at the event Portman said, “Equal pay for equal work is critically important and I think all the women in this room probably agree with that, and that’s something that we as Republicans should support and strongly support.”

“Sen. Portman is right about one thing: Republicans like him should support equal pay for equal work. But he has repeatedly voted against the Equal Pay Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act,” said American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Mackler. “Ohio women deserve a senator who fights for women and equal pay for equal work.  As long as Rob Portman refuses to support legislation that provides women equal pay, he’s just another man in a suit making empty statements to win votes.”

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Women’s Equality Day Reminder: These Senators Voted Down Equal Pay

Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Scott Walker, and Marco Rubio have all proven more than a few times that they’re on board for the GOP’s war on women. But it’s not just the presidential candidates who are bad for women.

Ms. Ayotte? “Nay.”

Mr. Burr? “Nay.”

Mr. Blunt? “Nay.”

Mr. Boozman? “Nay.”

Mr. Kirk? “Nay.”

Mr. Johnson? “Nay.”

Mr. McCain? “Nay.”

Mr. Paul? “Nay.”

Mr. Portman? “Nay.”

Mr. Toomey? “Nay.”

Kelly Ayotte, Richard Burr, Roy Blunt, John Boozman, Mark Kirk, Ron Johnson, John McCain, Rand Paul, Rob Portman, and Pat Toomey all voted against equal pay legislation.

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What WASN’T In Rick Scott’s Budget Speaks Volumes

Rick Scott signed his record-breaking budget today, packed with taxpayer handouts to special interests. But perhaps what is even worse than what’s in his budget is what isn’t.

The Scott budget did nothing to increase Florida’s minimum wage and give a raise to hardworking Florida families trying to get by. Not surprising, considering even the thought of raising the minimum wage makes Rick Scott cringe. His budget did nothing to expand Medicaid, as over 750,000 Floridians, including 41,000 veterans, continue to be denied health care. And his budget did nothing to guarantee equal pay for women in the Sunshine State.

Budgets are an embodiment of priorities, and Rick Scott’s priorities are clear: Special interests first. Florida last. Check out the graphics below:


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