Liar, Liar, Pence on Fire. And We Have The Proof On Video.

Donald Trump’s policies are so dangerous and reckless that Mike Pence’s only defense intonight’s debate was to lie over and over again:

PENCE LIE: Trump never said that more nations should get nuclear weapons.

Trump said it at least three times.

PENCE LIE: Trump hasn’t broken his promise to release his tax returns.

Trump said repeatedly in 2014 and 2015 that he would release his returns if he were to run for President. He still has not released his tax returns.

PENCE LIE: Trump did not say that Vladimir Putin was a better leader than President Obama.

Trump has repeatedly praised Putin, and did indeed say he was a better leader than President Obama.

PENCE LIE: It’s nonsense to say that Trump and Pence are for mass deportation.

Trump has called for a deportation force, and mass deportation is the centerpiece of his immigration “plan.”

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“Call Sean Hannity”

Pence claims to have the authority to talk foreign policy. But look at the top of his ticket, headlined by a total foreign policy amateur with an erratic, unpresidential temperament.

Better call Sean Hannity, because he’s the only person plausibly convinced by Mike Pence’s argument that Donald Trump can be trusted on foreign policy and counted on as an even-keeled commander in chief.

Donald Trump falls to pieces over mere tweets, and he’s been feuding with Rosie O’Donnell for 10 years because she made fun of his hair once.

This vindictive man-child who loves torture, “nuclear,” and dictators, cannot be trusted with leading the country and guiding its foreign policy doctrine. There’s no credible argument otherwise.

Here’s a taste of the absurdly alarming Trump Doctrine that no amount of Mike Pence clean-up can paper over:


Celebrating World Dictators. From Saddam Hussein to Kim Jong-Un, Trump has repeatedly expressed his admiration for world dictators, […]

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Trump’s Terrifying Approach To North Korea

Last night, news broke that North Korea has likely conducted a successful nuclear test — this would be the fifth test by the country and the second one in just 8 months.

That’s concerning enough on it’s own. Now, add to it that the GOP presidential nominee has said “you’ve got to give [Kim Jong Un] credit” and believes our policy on North Korea should be to tell China,“you solve the problem,” and it’s down right terrifying. Just like he’s praised Vladimir Putin, Trump has admired dictators Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong Un.

Today on CBS This Morning, Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway refused to explain how he would handle the situation because “he’s not going to reveal all of his plans.” But the few foreign policy “plans” Trump has revealed — such as saying Japan and South Korea should have their own nuclear weapons — show a complete lack […]

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Statement from American Bridge 21st Century Vice President Eddie Vale on Trump’s Admiration for Vladimir Putin

At tonight’s NBC Commander in Chief forum, Donald Trump has ONCE AGAIN expressed his support for Russia’s Vladimir Putin. His overt admiration for Putin’s reckless leadership is disqualifying, to say the least.



Statement from American Bridge 21st Century Vice President Eddie Vale on Trump’s admiration for Vladimir Putin: “Aside from his complete lack of knowledge on most important issues and his erratic temperament, Donald Trump’s explicit admiration for former KGB agent Vladimir Putin is disqualifying. To repeatedly express admiration for Putin while attacking our own military and suggesting that the Russian leader is better than the current American President is a shameful and dangerous position. Donald Trump has proven time and time again — he’s a danger to our economic and national security.”


And don’t just take it from us. Here are the main takeaways from Trump’s interview tonight:


Trump lies…


@timkmak: How do I find that emoji with the guy throwing the bench


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Trump’s “Very Beautiful” Plan To Defeat ISIS Is Nothing But A Con

For the second night in a row, Donald Trump proved tonight that he has no plan to defeat ISIS.

Since before he officially launched his campaign, Donald Trump has claimed to have “an absolute way of defeating ISIS” that would “be very beautiful,” but he has made a game of refusing to tell the American people what it is. 

While evading specifics of his plan to combat ISIS, Trump has also repeatedly suggested that he doesn’t actually have a plan — rationalizing that it’s “other people’s fight,” not ours.

Trump has no foreign policy know-how, is blinded by his own hubris, and lacks any semblance of a plan for dealing with ISIS. 

Here’s a sampling of Trump’s incoherent ramblings on how he’d take on ISIS — or wouldn’t?

Trump in May, 2015: “I do know what to do and I would now how to bring ISIS to the table, or beyond that defeat ISIS very […]

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Presumptive GOP Nominee Donald Trump Still Unfit To Be Commander In Chief

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s wins tonight:

“Even as the GOP establishment has rallied behind Donald Trump over the last week, he’s continued to prove himself a danger to our country. Trump is as unfit as ever to be commander in chief and his candidacy continues to be a national embarrassment.”

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